Chasing the Fire

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Asa Akira

Sophie would never forget the day it started, how her step-son had caught her coming out of the shower and how it made her feel, wanted and attractive.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Thomas was a regular nineteen year old, he was going to college but living at home with his father Paul and step-mother Sophie to save on money. His mother had died in a car accident when he was eight and his father remarried six years later having met Sophie but because he often worked out of town on constructions Sophie became the main adult in Thomas’s teenage life and they grew very close.

Sophie prided herself in not being a nosy mother but she was a bit worried since Thomas had never brought a girl home. Nobody special or even a fling. She wasn’t even sure he had lost his virginity but anytime she asked about dating Thomas just brushed it off saying he hadn’t met the right girl yet.

Thomas really didn’t bother too much with girls. He was average looking, not fat but not thin either and he didn’t really work out, he just enjoyed the long walks with his step-mother on the weekends. And he wasn’t exactly shy either but he never knew what to talk about since all the girls he took a liking to usually was just to childish for his tastes. He was studying to become an architect since he had always loved to build and create and with his father being a construction supervisor it seemed only natural but that didn’t exactly scream stud.

In the end it was easier not to try too much and just stick to his friends. And if he ever needed a woman’s opinion on something he could always talk to Sophie. Even after starting college he still enjoyed their movie fridays where they ate pizza, ice cream and just forgot the world for the evening.

The movie fridays was the highlight of Sophie’s week as well. Working as a nurse always made her feel that she did her good deeds for a better world but it could really drain the energy out of her. And with Paul often being away for days and sometimes weeks at a time, having Thomas at home and actually wanting to spend time with her she felt liked and happy.

It was a normal thursday afternoon and Sophie was stepping out of the shower after a tough day thinking about what to make for dinner when suddenly the door opened and Thomas burst in only to freeze in his tracks staring at his naked step-mother. She just stood there for a second not realizing what had happened before quickly grabbing a towel which made Thomas break out of his trance and he ran out closing the door behind him.

He ran to his room closing the door and trying to catch his breath. He had just gotten home and really needed to use the bathroom and so he didn’t even think to call for Sophie letting her know he was home and just went straight for the toilet. But opening the door and standing face to face with a very naked and beautiful Sophie he froze and panicked.

A minute later he heard a knock on his door and Sophie told him the bathroom was free if he still needed to go but he didn’t dare to move until he heard her bedroom door close.

In her own bedroom Sophie’s feelings were mixed, her step-son had just seen her naked and not only that but he had stared at her. She knew she should feel angry and maybe disgusted but somewhere deep down she felt happy that she could still make someone younger freeze like that. She wasn’t bad looking for a 43 year old woman, she enjoyed long walks and with her work she kept in shape but the stress made her age a bit faster, she already had a few gray hairs and her body wasn’t as perky as it used to be but she had charisma and a very warm smile.

But she hadn’t thought of herself as sexy for a while. No matter what they tell you, real nurses aren’t using make-up and high heels when working and since she preferred to just take walks or stay home during the weekend she didn’t dress up often. And Paul often being away had led her to thinking less and less about sex. Not that they didn’t fool around every once in a while when he was home but there just wasn’t any passion the way it used to be.

After cooling her head for a while she dressed and went to start on dinner. She hadn’t heard Thomas come out of the bathroom but decided not to bother him right now. After all he had been as shocked as her and probably needed some time to come to terms with it as well.

Thomas was back in his room running it over and over how his step-mother had looked, thinking about her breasts jumping as she grabbed for the towel. They weren’t huge but looked big nonetheless. It was his first time seeing a woman naked with his own eyes, that the woman was Sophie didn’t matter at first but he soon realized what a terrible thing he had done and decided to apologize during dinner.

In the kitchen Sophie was cooking away and soon called for Thomas that dinner was ready.

As he slowly made his way into the kitchen, not daring to look at her he just sat down at the table.

“I’m so sorry I barged in on you before!” he said. “I should have called out first to let you know I was home”

“No Cami Halısı honey it was my fault, I forgot to lock the bathroom door!” she responded trying to comfort him. “Let’s just forget this happened and have a nice dinner”

Sophie didn’t really know what to feel about this. She hadn’t expected him to feel so strongly about it and just laugh it off as an accident and at the same time she almost hadn’t wanted him to apologize. The moment she thought that and realized how much she had enjoyed him watching her, she blushed. She quickly sat down and started eating, not wanting him to notice anything different.

Thomas was just relieved that she wasn’t angry at him and smiled while reaching for the food.

The next day they woke as usual and the day unfolded without any incidents for Thomas but Sophie couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. She hadn’t felt something like that in a long time and she really wanted more. But she needed to know if Thomas felt the same or if it really was just shock that kept him staring.

Later that day Paul got back from his business trip and looked forward to a fun movie night with the family. Sitting on their couch, Paul and Thomas on each end with Sophie in the middle, having had their fill of pizza and ice cream, Sophie got up to put everything away and pausing the movie Thomas offered to help while Paul took it easy.

In the kitchen Sophie decided to go for it, to test Thomas. She went up behind him as he put the ice cream in the freezer and as he stood and turned she hugged him close.

“Thank you for being such a wonderful boy”

Thomas was surprised but hugged her back nonetheless. It wasn’t uncommon for them to hug but it had gotten less often recently and he decided to tease her a bit.

“Oh I’m a boy, am I?” he said lifting her up of the ground and moving one of his hands over her sides where he knew she was very ticklish.

Giggling and gasping for air she quickly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you’re a man!”

Easing up and letting her down he hugged her close once more before going back to the couch where his father was laughing having heard the commotion.

Sophie was still panting as she returned to the couch and sat down between her men and started the movie again. She hadn’t gotten the response she was hoping for but still he had hugged her back and wasn’t afraid to get close. Definitely a good sign.

As the movie ended and they got up to go to bed Sophie pulled Thomas in for another close hug really pressing her breasts against his chest and just sighing into his neck. Surprised once again Thomas acted on reflex and just held her tight until she let go and followed Paul to their bedroom.

Later in bed Thomas kept thinking about what had happened. How Sophie had suddenly gotten clingy again. He had expected her to want some distance after the shower incident but now she acted like everything was back to normal. Even more so since they hadn’t really hugged much for a long time and now she had hugged him twice in the same evening.

“Maybe she just missed dad and he was too tired to bother” he thought before falling asleep.

Paul really was very tired and even though Sophie was feeling quite horny she couldn’t get Pauls attention and had to go to sleep without scratching that particular itch this evening.

The weekend passed though Sophie had gotten very clingy and surprised Thomas with hugs at every turn but after talking to his father Thomas figured his mother might just be having a mid life crisis and needed some extra affection which he of course would show her.

Sophie on the other hand did not know how to handle it. She knew she wanted something more from Thomas and with Paul being more and more distant to her needs that had resurfaced she needed to do something. But what could she do without scaring Thomas away. She valued their relationship and didn’t want him to think badly of her. But surely he must feel something as well. After all he spends every friday evening with her and he doesn’t have a girlfriend! He doesn’t even date!

Of course she knew this was silly and just a way to try and justify her feelings but in the end they weren’t blood related and she just wanted some fire back in her life.

The whole week goes by almost as usual, Sophie stealing hugs and sometimes pecking Thomas on the cheek while pressing her breasts against his arm trying to get a bigger reaction out of him, all the while he just wants her to be happy and hugs her back every time none the wiser.

On sunday evening Paul reminds them that he is going away on a big project and will be gone for the whole week. Sophie decides that it’s now or never and starts planning her next step.

Monday Early on monday morning Paul leaves for his trip kissing Sophie good bye. She is only wearing a black almost see-through nightie with matching panties and a white robe and as soon as the car is out of sight she hurries to Thomas’s door and listens closely to see if he is awake yet. Pleased to Cami Halıları hear his yawning as he is waking up she goes to the bathroom, hangs up her robe and starts applying her creams and has just started on her legs as Thomas walks through the door catching her rubbing her legs.

Thomas, half awake, had walked to the bathroom as he always does first thing in the morning but was suddenly fully awake as he was looking, no, staring at his step-mothers half naked body yet again. He couldn’t look away as she rubbed her long shaved legs up and down and up again. Watching the way her full breasts moved as she breathed or the way her nightie just barely covered her nipples that seemed to point straight out. And noticing her matching black see-through panties which didn’t do a good job of covering her bush he started to get very aroused.

Once again Sophie felt the burning heat of being watched and the intensity at which Thomas stared at her set a fire in her body she had not felt in years. She just couldn’t get enough and not wishing to disrupt the moment she said nothing and just kept rubbing her leg hoping he wouldn’t notice how wet her panties had gotten.

Seconds turned to minutes before Thomas realized what he was doing and just backed out and went to his room. His sudden movement made Sophie look up and before he left she saw him sporting an erection that strained against his boxers.

She practically flew to her bedroom, landed on the bed, kicking of her panties and opening the nightstand withdrawing her favourite toy which slid in without any resistance. Using her right hand to push in and out while her left hand worked on her breasts and teasing her nipples she quickly built up towards her release. She didn’t last long before she had to bite the pillow not to yell out loud as she climaxed harder than she had ever before.

With only one wall between them she could just as well have screamed because Thomas was furiously masturbating to her moans and the memories of capturing her naked out of the shower and now again in just a nightie. He wasn’t sure if he should feel ashamed or not but right now his mind was only on his beautiful step-mothers body.

Once they both had come down from their climaxes they let their minds wander to what the other might be thinking about, if this might happen again or maybe something else.

As soon as that thought crossed his mind Thomas felt ashamed and guilty. He had just masturbated to Sophie whom he had now not once but twice, caught in the bathroom in a state of undress.

His own step-mother who trusted him and had been there for him during his late childhood and teens. He decided he had to apologize right away and quickly put some clothes on and went to her bedroom door but as he raised his hand to knock, the door opened and there she was.

Wearing only the see-through nightie still and with a satisfied gleam in her eyes. She looked up and met his guilty eyes with a smile and hugged him close. Acting on reflex he put his arms around her whispering, “I’m sorry I keep bursting into the bathroom while you are there.”

She barely listened and just held him close, “Get yourself washed up and I’ll make some breakfast!”

Not believing what he just heard he couldn’t move. As she walked past him towards the kitchen he noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties and couldn’t help but stare at her bare bottom and loving every movement as she walked.

Once in the kitchen Sophie finally started to realize that not only had she gotten her wish but she might actually get something more. She had felt something poking her as she hugged Thomas this time. A wide smile appeared on her face and she almost started to giggle.

“He is not going to have an easy week” she thought to herself already planning what to do next.

In the bathroom Thomas was wrestling with his mind, not knowing what to make of it all. He had seen a new side to Sophie and he really liked it but on the other hand he really shouldn’t be thinking that way about her. He sat there for what felt like an eternity before realizing it was still monday and he had to hurry to school.

Grabbing his backpack and heading towards the kitchen for a quick breakfast he almost ran into Sophie who was practically glowing in the morning sun. Stunned he stopped and stared at the goddess in front of him before remembering he was in a hurry. Grabbing a sandwich and almost running for the door he just barely heard Sophie call out to him, “Don’t I even get a hug?”

Thomas stopped and turned around to embrace her and trying his hardest not to look down on her naked bottom. Sophie on the other hand wasn’t even close to done and pressed herself against him, holding him so tight she could actually feel him harden against her.

Thomas felt it as well and almost pushing her away he hurried out the door trying to think of anything but the beautiful woman he left behind.

The school day went by very slowly for Thomas who couldn’t stop thinking about what he might have to face when he got home. Being half afraid of having ruined their relationship and half hoping he would catch Sophie naked again. The images kept flooding his mind and he barely noticed anything during the day. On the way back home he got a message from Sophie saying she would work later than usual and to get some leftovers from the fridge. Once home he finally relaxed, got something to eat and sat down on the couch to watch some TV.

Later in the evening a very tired Sophie came home to find Thomas still watching TV and felt a spark ignite making her move towards him and practically fall down next to him. “I just had a terribly long day!” she sighed. “Would you mind giving me a shoulder rub before I hit the shower?”

Thomas of course didn’t need to be asked twice and turned towards Sophie whom had already turned away, loosed her top and let it slide down off her shoulders.

Thomas started kneading her neck and shoulders trying not to peek down her cleavage. After a few minutes Sophie stood up and said, “Thank you, I can always count on you!”

Bending forwards to give him a hug she gave him an eyeful of her breasts. She noticed his deeper breathing and smiled knowingly and held on a little longer before kissing his cheek and walking to the shower.

Behind her Thomas was watching intensely how she slowly walked away, swaying her hips and making her bottom hypnotize him. And as she entered the bathroom he noticed that the door didn’t fully close. She couldn’t have been that tired? Surely she would close the door any second now! Maybe she wouldn’t? Should he maybe close it for her? And accidentally take a peek inside!

He couldn’t believe he was actually thinking about peeking on purpose but before he could make up his mind, his body had gotten up and moved towards the door mesmerized by the light coming through the gap in the door. Once there he carefully looked inside and froze. Sophie was standing naked watching herself in the mirror giving him a perfect view of her back and side and what a gorgeous profile she had. He found himself with a raging hard on that demanded attention and as quietly as possible he dropped his pants and started jerking it hard.

Sophie had of course noticed Thomas by the door but enjoyed him watching, more than she first realized. Suddenly she felt something trickle down her leg and she couldn’t stand it anymore. Slowly she moved into the shower and was careful to position herself so that Thomas could still see what she was doing when she turned on the water and started soaping up, paying extra attention to her breasts and then rubbing herself while he was watching.

He couldn’t believe it, not only had she not noticed him but she was masturbating right in front of him. It only took another few seconds before he sprayed the bathroom door with his cum, panting heavily and trying hard to stay standing.

Having Thomas cum from watching her was one of the most erotic things Sophie had ever seen and furiously rubbed herself until only moments later she came as well with her legs giving out from under her and she fell down giving a loud gasp before hitting the floor with a thud.

Thomas had of course seen the whole event and rushed inside to check that she was okay, not realizing he still had his pants down he tripped and fell to the floor as well. Lying on the floor and lifting his head to see how Sophie was doing he found himself staring straight at her vagina that was still dribbling. He found himself immediately aroused and beginning to harden again and tried to get up and out before she would notice but having just crashed to the floor and with his pants around his knees it wasn’t as quick and easy as he would have liked.

Sophie was still recovering from her orgasm and hadn’t really felt the impact of the fall that much. Though watching Thomas run through the door and crash to the floor only to get up while getting harder and harder all the while watching intensely between her legs did kick it up a notch and she couldn’t stop herself before saying ” Do you need some help?”

Thomas didn’t even listen, he just wanted out of there but when he finally got to his feet and pulled up his pants he couldn’t help but see Sophie staring at his now very hard erection. Blushing and realizing what she just said he took off to his room, closing the door and spending the next hour jacking off to the memory of Sophie sitting naked in the shower.

Sophie didn’t even bother to close the door Thomas had left wide open, she didn’t care about anything at the moment and just kept imagining Thomas coming back and offering to help soap her up. She didn’t actually finish the shower, after about 30 minutes or rubbing herself to several more orgasms she just dried off and went to bed with a very happy gleam in her eyes.

Tuesday Waking up feeling very satisfied for the first time in over a year Sophie was bursting with happiness. Not bothering getting dressed she simply grabbed her robe and went to make breakfast expecting another short morning with a probably ashamed Thomas, oh how she had started to love seeing him uncomfortable but unable to look away as she put her body on display for him. Making sure to show plenty of cleavage she started humming in the kitchen.

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