Friday Night Office Fun

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Brea was overrun with anticipation as she awaited the office party she helped plan. She felt trickles of arousal stirring between her legs and she couldn’t wait to let her lioness out of her cage.

She passed the time by watching the cars zoom by on the highway from her office. The sun was going to be leaving for the day in a couple of hours and that’s when it was going to be party time!

Brea and a few of her coworker friends had some stress to relieve from a hard week’s work selling health insurance and answering questions from impatient and hostile customers. A little dance, making hot love, and getting down that night with six packs of Bud would be the perfect cure for workplace stress!

Brea texted Cameron. He excused himself from work with a fake cough to pick up some cold medicine. What he was picking up was cold and could act as medicine in a sense!

“Cameron, did you get the six packs?” she asked through text.

He replied, “I got three of them just in case and I bought some ice for the cooler I brought from home. I’m ready, baby!”

“I can’t wait!”

Cameron was a guy that everyone loved and would do anything for anybody. He also outworked everybody else. His spectacles hid the party animal within. Brea always had her emerald-eyed gaze on him and couldn’t wait to see him that night. They would often go to lunch together and became close and she wanted to get even closer.

Brea’s hair, which was light blonde and almost ashen, was clipped behind her head. She couldn’t wait to let it loose.

She let a shoe dangle off her foot as she tapped at the desktop looking at random things on the internet. Her phone buzzed and she looked down at it. Lennie was calling.

She walked into the corner so hopefully no one could see her on her phone. “Lennie, what’s going on?”

“I convinced Herbert to leave on time tonight so we’re good to go!”

Brea pumped her fist. “Yes! Alright! I’m ready for this.”

“But, can you talk Jade into staying? It wouldn’t be as fun without her.”

Brea stared at the cars outside as she went through her thoughts. “She will. She’s a little shy but I’ve talked to her. She has dirty secrets, too.”

“I’ll leave it you. She’s packing her things like she’s leaving so hurry.”

“Okay, I’ll do it. Get off the phone before Herbert sees you.”


Brea looked out into the office. There were a handful of workers running around but many had gone home. Seemed all was lining up for a hell of a night but she had to talk to Jade.

Lennie was the type that could scarf down or drink as much as he wanted and always kept model-esque looks. He had the dark skin, sandpaper beard, and thin mustache to go with it. He would always ask everyone else what they were getting into after work and was happy to tag along.

He really wanted Jade at the party. He was about the only one she opened up to though she was friendly if anyone spoke to her. She wouldn’t initiate conversation with anyone except Lennie. And she happened to be a little over two times taller than a fire hydrant with tits too big for her frame and from the Philippines. All things that got his beast raging.

Being the Assistant Manager, Brea figured she would stroll over to Jade’s cubicle and see if her charms would work on her.

She slipped back into her heels, opened her door, and swayed her hips over to Jade.

Brea didn’t have much trouble out of her—in fact most days, she didn’t know she was there. She wanted so much to draw out the bad girl buried in her. What did it look like? What kind of panties was she wearing under those jeans? What did her pussy taste like? What did her naked ass look like? Brea wanted to find out!

She eased next to Jade as she was clacking on the keyboard finishing up some notes. Her cube smelled of the oranges she was snacking on.

Brea asked, “How are things here? Excited for later?”

Jade, in her soft-spoken accented voice, said, “I don’t know. My family might worry if I don’t come straight home. Besides, I’m not really a party girl.”

Brea stroked Jade’s black tresses, which were soft and coated with coconut oil. “Lennie will be there and we’re going to have so much fun, it will blow your mind. You can just come and if you want to leave after a few minutes, you can.”

Jade slid her hands between her thighs and clinched up a bit. “Oh, I should go home but I’ll come for a few minutes.”

Brea brought her hands together and leapt in joy. “Yay! That would be awesome! See you there!”

When she walked out of her cube, Lennie was peeking over a partition and threw a thumbs up hoping she would return it—and Brea did! Lennie shook his fist with a massive, full-tooth smile.

When Brea neared her office, Herbert was at her door and looking around.

“Hey, boss. Are you looking for me?” Brea asked with a hand to his back.

He flipped around. “Oh, yes. I’m leaving now. Can you take care of things for me?”

Brea nodded. “Don’t worry about a thing, sir. Focus nişantaşı escort on having a great weekend.”

She put her arm around his back and even nudged him towards the door leading out of the office.

“Thanks, see you later,” Herbert said as he pushed on the door handle.

Brea was hopping on her heels and feeling anxious and excited as he left.

The foursome had to wait about 20 minutes for the rest of their coworkers to leave but once they did, Brea scooped up a pile of papers by the printer and tossed them up.

“Woohoo! Finally, pah-tay time!” Brea said as Lennie burst out from his cube.

He shook his shoulders and threw his arms into the air. “Yeah! Bout damn time!”

Brea pulled out her hair clip letting her locks flow freely. She kicked her shoes off and let the carpet massage her toes.

Lennie tuned the radio in his cell phone to some hard rock but kept it somewhat low in case anyone was still in the building.

He approached Brea and went after her lips. They pressed lips together hard with Lennie’s hand giving her ass a hard grope and rub. Brea purred as her pussy dampened and waves of sensual sensations resonated throughout her. The kiss seemed to burn and smoke.

Lennie disconnected and licked his lips. “Mmm, that’s sweet and tasty. Cherry lip gloss?”

Brea ran her fingers through her hair and giggled. “Hehe. Yeah, I thought you might like it.”

“Call Cameron. Tell him to bring up the booze! I need to taste some of that, too!”

“Okay, I can go for that!” Brea said as she slid onto a desk.

With her legs parted displaying her silky violet panties under her black skirt, she dialed while grinning at Lennie with a slow, sexy wink. Lennie plucked at his mustache with his gaze locked between her legs. Brea took the bottom of her skirt in her fingers and dragged it up bringing more of her thick, tanned legs into view little by little.

While she was flirting with Lennie, Cameron answered. “Hey, Brea! Am I clear?”

“The boss just left! Come on!”

“Alright, I’ll be up in a minute!”

Lennie fondled her legs and slid his hands beneath her skirt and rubbed Brea’s pussy through them. “Hey, where’s Jade?”

Brea caressed Lennie’s abs underneath his shirt. “You might have to go get her. I never saw her leave her cube.”

“Alright, I’ll be back.”

Lennie speed-walked to the corner where Jade was still checking her e-mail.

She smiled at him. “Hi, Lennie. Are you having fun?”

He massaged her back as he cozied up beside her. “It would be better if you would come out. I know you’re a little shy but Brea and Cam just want to have fun. You don’t have to worry about anything. And we all like you.”

“Hmm, okay. For a few minutes I guess I’ll party.”

Lennie took her hand, lifted her from the chair, and walked her into the middle of the room.

Brea and Cameron popped the tops on their beer cans, bumped them together, and guzzled them at the same time!

“Oh, yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!” Lennie said as he watched the waterfalls of beer spill from their mouths.

Cameron’s arms were a canvas with dragon and flame art and he had a skateboard and bike in his garage for extreme sports season.

He shuffled through the ice in the cooler to give Lennie a pair of cans. “Here you go.”

Lennie gave one to Jade and pulled the tab for her. They still had ice attached to sides of the cans and felt so cold going down.

Jade sipped on hers but Lennie downed his in ten seconds!

“Nice to see you join us, Jade!” Brea said as she caressed her hand.

Cameron gave her a full-on bear hug. “Me, too.”

Jade drank more of her beverage. “I said I wanted to have some fun so here I am.”

Lennie took her can and placed it on the desk. He smooched her one time to see how she would react. She pecked him back. Lennie grabbed her hips, pulled her closer, and kissed her with some steamy intensity and she matched it that time.

Lennie popped her onto the desk with their kiss still engaged. The more they kissed, the more she opened her shell.

He lifted her shirt and kissed all over her tummy. She chuckled and ran her fingertips over his hair.

Cameron lifted Brea onto the table next to them. He tore open her blouse, kissed her tits, and nibbled her nipples through her violet bra. She threw her neck back and ran a hand over Jade’s pussy through her jeans. Between Lennie’s kisses and Brea’s rubs, Jade was swinging her feet and moaning softly. Lennie smooched over the side of Jade’s neck and glided his tongue up, down, and behind her ear. Brea was fiddling with the button on Jade’s pants and it came open. She dragged her zipper down and took a peek. She could see the top of her green panties with navy blue lace trim. She thought it was so hot.

Cameron ripped off Brea’s blouse and pulled her bra away from her tits. He devoured much of her right tit while spinning his tongue over its flesh and the nipple with his other hand kneading the other şişli escort tit and twiddling and tugging its nipple. Brea laid on her back and was breathing heavy and drawing quick breaths.

Jade’s shirt was resting upon her tiny breasts and her bra was on the carpet. Her skin had a nice light brown complexion and her abs were a washboard. Lennie’s tongue was flying over her nipple, which had a sugar brown areola encircling it.

His hand dove in her pants at the same time he was sucking hard on her tit. He rubbed a couple of fingers over her pussy and she gave off more quiet moans.

Lennie pulled her to the floor. He gripped her jeans at the waist and pulled them down. Cameron slapped her ass a couple of times and she squirmed. With her jeans bunched at her ankles, Lennie kissed her some more and held it for a while. She hugged him and ran her nails over his back through his shirt.

Brea fondled Jade’s ass and took a cheek in her hand. It was so small and cute that she could hold that whole cheek in her palm.

Cameron laid kisses on Jade’s arms while Brea did the same to her neck with Lennie on her lips. Jade was shaking and cried in delight.

Lennie lowered Jade’s panties to her pants and, with a pair of digits, rubbed them over her clit and pussy back and forth a few times before slipping a finger and another inside. She was slippery with the smell of her arousal. He finger-fucked her while braced herself on him. Her knees were becoming melted butter and buckling.

Cameron leaned against the desk as Brea grabbed a handful of his cock through his pants. He had a handful of her blonde mat. She jerked his zipper down, pulled out his cock, which had a wide girth with thick vein, and sucked only on its swollen tip. Cameron growled from the depths of his chest and kicked his feet outward. She sucked harder and bobbed her head up and down while her tongue traveled along its shaft.

Jade was back on the table with her legs spread and Lennie was licking her pussy’s fold and pressing his tongue in and flicking his tongue inside. Jade’s knees were rumbling and Lennie slid his licker in and out of her and up to her clit where Cameron was running her fingers over it. Brea was still going fast on his cock and kneaded his daddy sac.

Lennie pushed his pants and red and black plaid boxers down to free his dark cock with trimmed hairs.

Cameron held Jade’s leg and Brea had the other and they held them open for Lennie.

Brea said, “Fuck her hard, Lennie! She wants it!”

Jade’s arms were sprawled out like her hair, which was spread over the desk behind her head. “Yes, give me your cock!”

Cameron looked over at Brea. “Ooh, she does have a bad side.”

“I knew it was in there, Cam. Now, she’s going to get it!”

“Um hum,” Lennie said as he eased into Jade. She was already screaming out as her pussy accommodated him. He wasted no time fucking her hard as her little back rubbed back and forth over the table.

Her eyelashes were flickering and her moans were quiet no longer.

Lennie held onto her thighs as he withdrew, pounded her, pulled away again, and dove into her. He pumped her with steady but intense thrusts while Brea was kissing her with a hand on her facial cheek. Jade’s skin was glimmering as the light settled upon it.

Cameron, with his cock still hanging out, maneuvered behind Brea. He fondled her ass and shoved up her skirt. Down her legs he dragged her panties. He pushed her tits to the table, lined his cock up with her pussy, and fucked her while he spanked her ass with spanks so hard, he was leaving white handprints upon it.

Both girls looked at each other and laughed in excitement as the men were fucking the shit out of them with the desk rocking on its legs.

Brea was hollering out as she stretched her arms forth and her ass sizzling. She had a slight buzz and that added to the fun!

Lennie leaned over and smooched Jade and she held his cheeks and rewarded him with a tongue tangling kiss. He powered his hips into her and she drew her legs in as they vibrated.

Cameron tapped Lennie’s back. He was trying to speak through his breaths. “Do you want some of Brea?”

“Yeah. Jade is nice and wet for you.”

“Good,” Cam said as he moved in front of Jade and started to let her have his cock. She held his arms as he balanced himself and he slid in and out of her.

Lennie was on the table and Brea was riding and grinding upon him with her hands on his chest. She rode just the tip for a while and Lennie got so hard that he was huffing, puffing, and rumbling like he was about to blast his cum.

She sat upon him and moved her hips around before riding hard and with speed with his hands squeezing and swatting her ass.

The office phone started ringing and everyone tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t quit.

“Damn, why now!” Brea said as she had to get off Lennie’s hardness. “I should answer it in case it’s the boss.”

Lennie looked sad as he rubbed his cock, which was coated by her pussy’s wetness. mecidiyeköy escort “Argh! I need a beer, now.”

Jade was dumping her beer down their throat as some trickled over her chin. “This is so good. Have some of mine.”

She held the can to his mouth and he absorbed the whole thing, which was a few drips. “Hey, come on! What’s this supposed to do?”

“Oh, you wanted a fresh one? Sorry!” Jade said as she scooped another pair of beers from the ice.

They shared them while Brea was on the phone and Cameron was peeking out of the window at the side of the door. He put away his manhood and straightened his shirt and hair in case anyone looked back at him.

Brea, with her skirt still up, snatched up the phone in her office. “Sigh, hello?”

Herbert said, “You’re still there?”

“I was, um, walking out when you called.”

“I forgot to tell to you to send the sales report to corporate before you go.”

Brea was rolling her eyes and thinking blah blah who cares about a damn sales report now! “Yeah, I got it. Please enjoy your weekend!”


Brea slammed the phone down and rejoined the others.

Cameron stood before them and said, “Rosa is here! She’s cleaning the offices leading this way. I thought they left early on Fridays?”

Brea, with her hair twirled around a finger, said, “Maybe she would join us, too? She’s been making eyes at you, Cam, and she is cute.”

Lennie sat up with his arms folded. “She could also tell her boss who would tell our boss…”

Cam said, “I’ll talk to her first. I’ll use my charm.”

Lennie nudged Brea’s elbow. “We’re all done for now!”

Cam patted his pecs as he headed for the door. “Have a little faith in me!”

He stepped into the hallway, took a breath, and approached the office next door. Rosa came out pushing a rolling can and Cam blocked it.

He couldn’t help but be nervous because of his intentions and how she was an attractive lady in her early 40’s.

She was about Jade’s height and Cameron had to lower his hazel irises to make eye contact. She was a little chubby—not a perfect figure but her breasts were tight against her dark blue Mac’s Cleaning Crew shirt and her ass was pushing her cotton black shorts out more than a few inches. Her smile and teeth surrounded by burgundy lipstick were perfect.

“Hello, Cameron, right?” Rosa said as she rolled the ‘R’ in his name hard in a raspy, Spanish accent.

“Yes, it is. How are you? I thought your group left at 5 on Fridays?”

“I wanted to work some overtime. What are you doing here?”

Cameron was finding it difficult to speak with the hard-on he still had in his pants. “I’m working, too. Kinda. Hey, do you like parties?”

“I’ve been to a few in my day. None lately, though. Why? You’re having a wild party in there later? Ha! Ha!”

Cameron scratched his scalp. “If we were, would you come? You would know everyone there but it’s not any kind of party.”

“Are you eating like chips, dip, and cookies?”

“Well, yeah, but we’re mostly eating each other. Would that offend you?”

Rosa stood motionless and looked like she was trying to decode that. “That kind of wild fiesta?”

“That kind. But,” Cameron said as he leaned near her ear and spoke at a whisper, “you can’t tell anyone!”

“Oh, okay…”

Cameron caressed the back of her hand while nudging the rolling can aside. “Come on. You’re beautiful and it will be fun.”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

She intertwined her fingers with his and he led her into the office. No one was visible but their garments were scattered all over. Rosa seemed to notice exactly the kind of party they were having but she didn’t make a move for the exit.

Cameron clutched Rosa’s shoulders and looked at her again. “Are you alright? My friends might be a little bare.”

“Naked? I’ve seen naked bodies before. Where are they? Can I see them?”

Cameron called out. “Hey guys! Rosa said you can start the party back up!”

Brea peeked over the corner cube and strolled out. Her blouse was still unbuttoned and barely covered her tits. Everyone else followed—Lennie with his cock hard and pushing against his shirt, which was hanging over it, and Jade wearing nothing but a top.

Brea embraced Rosa. “Hey, I’m glad you joined us. You’re looking awfully cute today.”

“Hi, Brea. So nice to see you like this,” Rosa said as she scanned Lennie and Jade. “And I’ve seen you two. All of you are good people and naughty, too, I see.”

Lennie gave her a hug, too. “We can show you how good and bad at the same time.”

Jade just waved.

Cameron put her arms around her. “I have an idea. Let’s go to the boss’s office!”

Brea’s jaws flew open. “That’s so bad of you to say that! Let’s do it!”

Lennie clapped once. “That’s awesome! Let’s go!”

Jade snatched a bag of caramel popcorn from the side of the cooler and Lennie dipped into the ice for another beer.

Brea had to grab her skirt and the keys from it to unlock their next place of play.

The sun left a yellow and orange glow over the horizon where it was disappearing for the day so much of the sky was fading to dark blue. There was some light shining in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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