Harried Dicks Ch. 3

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They all pulled out their engorged pricks. John patted my bottom and walked over to the couch while Peter let go off me bringing my head completely off his cock and freeing it. He swung his legs over, and got up with a groan and moved behind me.

I needed no direction but wrapped my lips around John’s cock as best I could. The cock thrust into my throat, caused me to gag, but I forced myself to relax around it. My body once more allowed the man holding my hair to direct my head as the large cock in front of me fucked my mouth. Peter thrust into me suddenly, his cock slick with my saliva. I moaned, and pushed back against it, grinding my hips against his. Poor Bob had not changed his position. He was still examining the gleaming hair in my jet-black bushy armpits with his huge phallus.

I take out John’s massive dong and lick the entire shaft. I close my hand around his manhood. , John groans louder and lets go of his cock, leaving the whole shaft free for my hand “Stroke it,” he urges. Like in a dream my hand begins to move slowly up and down the full length of his shaft, sliding easily because of the cum lubrication. Peter is thrusting deep into my hairy asshole.

My hand begins to get used to the sensation of his silky skin moving over his hardness, and I begin to stroke faster. However I am enjoying watching him move his hips in unison with my stroking and didn’t want to stop. So I switch hands and grip his shaft overhand; it becomes much easier to go faster, but is still kind of awkward. There is only one thing to do. I lower myself until I am squatting before him, which put his magnificent rod in line with my face. I continue to pump Web Tools him, which is much easier and comfortable now, and with my free hand I cup his balls. I feel his nuts as they roll around in my hand, almost like separate beings with minds of their own. I hold, stroke, tickle and tug on his big beautiful nuts, enjoying feeling him respond to my hands. He smiles at me and reaches out and grabs my head and draws it towards his monster.

I stare at the large head as I approach it, it’s unblinking eye oozing precum. I close my eyes, open my mouth, and he guides the head to my lips. I let it push my lips apart as it slides in, and felt my lips come slightly together as the head moves into my mouth and I wrap my lips around the shaft. I lower my tongue in my mouth and am rewarded by the sensation of his shaft sliding up the length of it. My hand is still gripped around his cock about mid-shaft, and my lips bump against it. It is a good thing too, as I am already wondering if I can fit the whole thing in my mouth.
Even with only the first inch or two in my mouth I am in heaven! I can feel him throbbing, and the gentle pull of his hands on my head begs for more. I start up a slow rhythm, moving my head back and forth over the tip and first inch or two, my tongue caressing along the bottom softly. I make sure that I curl my lips over my teeth. I begin to move the hand I still have wrapped around his shaft in long strokes, from the base of his cock to my pursed lips. Just holding the tip in my mouth I begin to jerk him off, rolling my tongue around the head. I can feel him twitch as I pump him.

Both Peter and Bob stop seeing me loving Online Web Tools John’s dick. It was a blowjob worth watching as they slowly stroked their erect penis as I continued my sucking the throbbing member in my mouth. I begin to sink it deeper into my mouth. When I start to gag I pause and suck for a while, allowing myself time to get used to it. I use these pauses to stroke the bottom of his shaft with the tip of my tongue; After quite a bit of time I feel his tip reach the back of my throat, and I pause disappointed; there is still at least 3″ of his magnificent cock left still outside my mouth. I wrap my fist around it and squeeze it firmly, casting my eyes upwards to his face.

This is all the warning I get before he begins to push his cock deeper into me, and I felt it pop into my throat. I start to panic and began to push away from the monster intruding into me I can’t see anything from this angle, impaled on John’s shaft, except for the last few inches at the base of his shaft. He starts slowly moving his hips, sliding his cock deeper into my throat slightly before pulling back a bit. I frantically swallow and breathe through my nose… I can’t believe I can take more of him.

I have taken all of his cock into me, it resting deeply in my throat. My nose is buried in his soft pubic hair, and breathing deeply through my nose all I can smell is his man scent. The monster cock punches deep into me, making me gag my nose keeps banging against his crotch, stunning me with each thrust. I hear John groan with each penetration, and feel his balls tighten against my chin. Soon he began grunting and I knew what was coming. Frantically Çevrimiçi Web Araçları I began swallowing as he erupts inside my throat several shots also coated my mouth, providing yet more lubricant for thrusting. Even as I fought not to choke I marveled about how creamy and tasty his seed was. After what seemed like forever, and having swallowed what felt like a gallon of spunk, the thrusting slowed and he grabbed his cock and slowly withdrew it.

Peter and Bob burst into appreciate grins but their cocks were hard seeing my virtuoso performance. I took their erect penises into my hands and started masturbating them. My private dicks were so erect and full of cum that like a dam they ejaculated. “Raise your arms darling I want to see your hair underarms you hirsute bitch” Peter ranted. They were now masturbating as I raised my arms and tucked it behind my head. After all the fucking there was no cock within sight of me. I think they were afraid of my sex-starved state and they looked exhausted. My harried dicks were scared that I would coax them for more sex as they started shooting loads of cum all over my body. The first spurt jetted into the jet-black hair of my untrimmed shaggy armpit hair and then all over my body.

I loved the cum bath as streams of spunk fell all over. The pone rang. It was Lisa she was on her way home with her boyfriend Sam and my older brother Brad. My parents weren’t coming and I wondered if my night was still not over. I would fuck Sam even if sister Lisa liked it or not.

I asked the Superintendent Peter to leave but asked John and Bob to stay on and if they could take care of Lisa. I told them to question her in her room alone about the break in and leave the field alone for me to take on Sam.

Exhausted as they were, to stop me from fucking them further they had bought the extra hour to recuperate. I went in to my bathroom for a shower to freshen up for my next bout.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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