Harvey’s Gay Free Use Morning

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Female Ejaculation

In this freeuse world, anyone over 18 can be used at any time, as long as they say yes. The older you are, the more times you get to use someone each week. Meaning young people only get one fuck a week, while older people get plenty more. Everyone in the story is over 18.


Sofie sees her best friend Harvey at the bus stop. He recently turned 18 and was given the Twink title, which he was so happy about. The two best friends ran up to each other and hugged tightly. She felt Harvey’s large flaccid cock nestle against her vagina when they hugged. “Your tits look amazing next to those orange fishnets!” exclaimed Harvey. “Your asscheeks look so round in that jockstrap,” Sarah offered. Just as the best friends were complimenting each other’s outfits, a large, broad-shouldered man in a business suit came over to them.

“Hello, girls,” said the man. “My cock needs attention; which one of you has the most time before school?”

“I do, sir,” said Harvey. He only had study hall during the first period, so he had plenty of time to service the cock.

“I can help too,” said Sarah, happy to help her friend make it to school sooner.

Harvey knelt down in front of the man while Sarah began undoing his buckle and pants. She pulled out his cock, which was fully erect, with çorum escort a round head and nudged it into Harvey’s mouth.

Harvey could be a bit of a diva and only took part of a cock, unless instructed to swallow it further. Sarah had a feeling this man would want Harvey to do better, so she made sure to jam it deep into his mouth on the first thrust.

Harvey took it like a champ and began bobbing up and down on the cock as the man started grunting and thrusting faster and faster. She knelt down beneath the man and began licking his balls while Harvey sucked. She noticed a few of her classmates approaching. They stood nearby like normal and watched the friends go town on the stranger. Sofie felt proud to set such an excellent example for her peers.

She wanted to show off to her classmates, so she walked behind Harvey and lifted him onto his fours. She began rimming his shiny clean asshole to warm it up for the businessman. She was such a good friend, she thought as she swirled her tongue against Harvey’s blossoming hole.

The businessman appreciated her efforts to help and told her to come over to him. He took his cock out of Harvey’s mouth and shoved it in her vagina, letting her get it nice and slick. Once it was covered with her cum, he had Harvey lean denizli escort over the bus bench to insert his cock into the plump, bubbly Twink ass.

It was a big cock by now, so it took a second for Harvey to open up enough for the hairy, broad-chested man. But once he was gaped open by just a single centimeter extra, the man rammed his cock deep into Harvey’s bowels. Harvey moaned so loud everyone turned to look.

One of Harvey’s crushes, the bisexual sports star Owen, walked over to the scene to start stroking his dick. Harvey was a bit embarrassed. He didn’t want his crush to think that he couldn’t handle a cock! So he started taking deep breaths and softly pushing out to open up more, so the man in the suit could really plow him.

Harvey looked back at his crush, who was now jerking off next to his other masculine friend. The two handsome men, underwear at their ankles, were laughing to themselves. Sarah saw what was happening and took action as a good friend. “Hey guys, why don’t you use him too? His mouth feels really good on cocks.”

“oh yeah?” said Owen. “let’s see.” He came over to put his cock in front of Harvey’s face so that every time he was filled with the businessman’s cock, his lips brushed the tip of Owen’s engorged head. Harvey was desperate diyarbakır escort for his crush’s load and began opening his mouth and stretching his neck out when he got close to the dick. His tongue would barely brush the underside of the cock, and each time they made contact, he felt his own dick pulsing more and more with blood.

Then, just as the businessman began moaning louder and louder, Owen started spurting his cum all over Harvey’s face. Stream after stream pumped out of his glorious shaft, falling on the Twink’s eyes until he couldn’t even open them. “If you don’t wipe the cum off of your eyes for the entire day, I’ll take you to prom,” said Owen, high-fiving his friend, who came over and dumped his load on Harvey’s face too.

As the businessman pulled out from his ass, he felt the cum leaking from his hole onto the sidewalk between his legs.

“Have a good day, baby,” said the man as he walked away. Harvey, unable to see with the cum covering his eyes, stood up and pulled his jockstrap back into place. There was no way he was touching the load on his face if it meant going to prom with Owen! As he heard the bus pull up, Owen leaned in and gently kissed his cum covered lips. Then, squatted down and slowly lapped up the cum dribbling down his leg with his tongue, stretched wide. When Owen had licked it all up, he slapped Harvey’s ass and ran onto the bus to catch up with his friend.

Sarah took her best friend by the arm and guided him onto the bus. The two friends spent the entire ride squealing in excitement at the romance around them.

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