Hector Ch. 02

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Hector’s wife joins the fun. I’ve posted this to “Group Sex.” For those of you bothered by such things, the two men do kiss. This is more of a foreplay chapter. There is a bit of MF oral. So, if you’re straight and don’t want to read about two men kissing, this isn’t for you.

Likewise, if you’ve done me the honor of following the story from chapter one, in “Gay Male,” and a man going down on a woman bothers you, be forewarned.

My thanks again to HotandHollow for editing assistance.

Now, I hope you enjoy.



Jamie’s jaw unhinged. He looked so much like a cartoon character I nearly laughed. He was so gobsmacked I was afraid he would either pass out cold or take off running. Hector had told me how he’d freaked out yesterday. I love my husband more than life itself (hey, just because it’s a cliché doesn’t make it any less true), but he imagines everyone is as brave as he is. Most of us aren’t. I’m certainly not.

I suspect Jamie is braver than he realizes but a lot has happened in less than twenty-four hours. I’m sure his head was spinning. “Jamie, you want to sit down?” I asked.

His eyes were welded to my phone, even though the clip had finished.

I set the phone down on the countertop. “Jamie, you want to sit down? A glass of water? Talk to me.” I used my official librarian tone. I didn’t know if it was my tone that cut through the what-the-fuck fog surrounding him, but he blinked and closed his mouth.

He shook his head. “No, no thanks.” He looked at Hector, me, then back to Hector. “Did you guys set me up?”

“Set you up?” Hector responded, puzzled. “What does that mean? We both had noticed you, thought we’d liked you, if we could get past that leave-me-alone-I-am-a-rock-I-am-an-island persona. You’re kinda hot, in a nerdy sort of way. You know, librarian hot.” He turned and gave me one of those grins I could almost live on before turning back to Jamie. “Besides, I could tell you’ve been watching my brown ass.”

“Bullshit,” Jamie snapped but there was confusion in his eyes.

It was clear, to me at least, he wasn’t convinced Hector’s words were bullshit. I crossed my arms and leaned against the counter. “Jamie, we didn’t try to set you up, not in the sense of fucking with you or having something to hold over you. We were interested in you, as a possible friend and lover.”

“Lover? With the two of you?”

“Ay caramba, dude. For a smart guy you’re kinda dense,” Hector groaned. “Yes, the two of us. We rarely take lovers independently. I hate that stupid ‘open marriage’ phrase. I don’t know what that even means. Polyamory is worse. I don’t love anyone besides Prudence. I enjoy having sex with people other than Pru but I don’t love them. She doesn’t love them either.”

He stepped over to the counter and rested his forehead against mine. “I’m hers. She’s mine.” He turned and rested his hip against the counter. “That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy sex, together usually, but on occasion with highly selected others.” That grin blossomed on his face. “Mother fucker, you should be honored. ‘Set up?’ Fuck that. You’re part of an elite group, dumb shit.”

Someone was approaching the door. I said, “Okay, amigos. I have work to do. Jamie, I don’t know about you, but Hector has physics homework, so we’ll finish this discussion another time.”

Hector kissed me quickly. “No worries, mi amor. Jamie and I are going to our place to bang out the rest of the problems.” He grinned at his own cleverness, which made me not want to smile back, but I did. Jamie settled for a wince and furtive glance around the room, as if undercover agents were about to tackle him. Hector, as usual, laughed. “Come on, bro. Let’s go show those physics problems who’s boss. Once, that’s out of the way, I got cold beer, my friend.”

“Hey, don’t drink up all the beer,” I protested. “I’m the one working here. If you two drink up all the beer, there’ll be trouble when I get home.”

“Oh, shit,” Hector whispered, hunched over in faux fear. “We’re in trouble now, bro. She’s mad.”

“Beat it,” I smiled at my goofball of a husband.

Not surprisingly, he grabbed at his crotch. “Beat it? If you say so, mi amor, if you say so.”

“Jamie, you’re closer — smack him in the back of the head for me, would you?”

Jamie shook his head, looking lost. Hector smacked him on the back of the shoulder and turned toward the door, tossing me a kiss as he pushed the door open.


“Dude, relax, we got homework to do,” I tell Jamie, nudging him with my shoulder. “Bro, would it be easier if give you space?” We were sitting at the small table that served as desk and dining table for Pru and me. There wasn’t a lot of room. Our place was, in essence, a studio with the bedroom in a separate room. We had a bedroom, a bathroom and a great room. A small counter set the kitchen apart from the rest of the great room. I could move my stuff to the small coffee table in front to the couch but that was about it. The counter wasn’t big Bycasino enough to eat at, much less spread out a textbook, notebook, and laptop. I could move out to the small balcony but the WiFi out there sucked.

Jamie shook his head. “No,” he sighed, dropping his pencil. “I’m just kinda freakin’ out still. You know, about this whole…whatever this is, hook-up, or what?” He twisted in his chair to look at me. “I mean, dude, do you let other dudes have sex with Pru? I, uh, how does that…do you watch or…”

“Sometimes I watch, or I limit myself to helping pleasure Pru, if the guy is straight.”

“And she’s okay with what you did, earlier, you know…”

“Sucking your cock?” I couldn’t help but grin. He was so fucking cute when he was confused. I totally saw why Pru had pointed him out. Not that I hadn’t noticed him. I’d caught him looking at me a couple of times, well before the library incident. I’d also caught him scoping out other dudes. It’s really not that hard to tell when someone’s eyes are following another person’s crotch or ass, even if they imagine they’re being circumspect; they almost never are.

“She loves watching me suck another dude’s dick. One, because she knows I enjoy it and she wants me to live my life as completely as I can. Two, she says she thinks it’s hot and I believe her. But what she really likes is to help me suck cock.” I didn’t think it possible, but Jamie looked even more awestruck. “From the look on your face, I’d say you’re thinking you might like that too?” I asked him, trying not to laugh.

His mouth opened but he closed it without speaking. He cut his eyes away from mine and I had an epiphany. I punched him on the shoulder and laughed. “Dude, I can read you like a fucking book. You aren’t thinking about Pru and I sucking your cock — you want to help her suck mine, right?”

He nodded, cheeks burning, looking as if he’d been slapped.

“Bro, if, if we get these physics problems done, something like that might be possible.” I glanced at the clock on my laptop. “Pru gets off at two o’clock. That gives us a little over two hours to finish up this problem set. More than enough time, if we concentrate. How ’bout it?”

Jamie took a deep breath. “Yeah, sure. I can do that.”


I managed to answer in what sounded to my ears like a normal voice. Pushing aside visions of me licking up one side of Hector’s cock, only to meet Pru’s mouth as she licked up the other side, was nearly impossible, but I managed it. I was ruthless, bending my mind, time and time again, back to the problems, the equations.

After the next two, I began to pay more attention to how Hector approached a problem than how much I wanted to wrap my lips around his cock. My respect for the guy’s brainpower rose by the minute. He was fucking smart. An hour later, we only had three problems in the set left to finish, but the one we were working on was a total bitch. We took half-a-dozen stabs at it, individually and talking it over, and got nowhere.

I stood and stretched. “I need a break.”

Hector nodded and stretched out in his chair, tipping it back as he did so. “Yeah, I agree.” He stretched again, emitting a long low groan, then stood. “Hey, you want some water? Bottled, tap, or as we say in Spanish, ‘water with gas,’ or soda?”

“Plain water is fine. With ice.”

“You got it.” Hector moved behind the narrow counter that set the kitchen off from the rest of the room.

I absentmindedly tracked his progress by the sounds of cabinet doors opening and closing, ice clinking, and then the lovely sound of ice cracking as water poured over it. If you’ve lived where summer temperatures routinely top out over a hundred degrees, you’ll appreciate the satisfaction that sound brings to the heart. No longer distracted by physics, I forced myself to pay attention to the most innocent sounds and images I could find in Hector’s small apartment. I had difficulty imagining I’d be able to wrest my mind back to homework if I allowed thoughts of Hector or Pru to surface.

I tried, I really did, but when Hector handed me the glass, our fingers touched. Just a casual brush and I felt my heart lurch. The glass was cold, condensation already ran down its side. I focused on that and not the way my heart rate jumped up when Hector’s finger, his fucking finger, touched mine.

He turned and jerked his head toward the patio door. “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” He crossed the small room and slid open the door and stepped out onto a small balcony. I followed him. He stepped around a small bistro table and sat down.

I sat in the chair near the door. The balcony was shaded but the day had lived up to the morning’s promise. Just sitting I felt beads of sweat sprouting on my forehead. We sat quietly, sipping our water. “This is a nice spot, Hector. The breeze feels amazing.”

“Yeah, we spend so much time inside, air conditioned, it’s easy to forget how sweet a breeze feels when you’re hot. Shoot, it ain’t even hot yet.”

“It Bycasino giriş is compared to some parts of the world.” I glanced at my smartwatch. “Eighty-four. That’s hot in Michigan or Wisconsin.”

“You live there before?”

“No, but I have a cousin in Green Bay. She always brags about how cold it gets there.”

Hector leaned forward, elbows on knees, staring through the railing of the balcony. When he spoke I almost jumped. He sounded pissed. “You aren’t a Green Bay fan, are you?” he asked, teeth clenched.

“What? Hell no. Cowboys.”

“That’s worse,” he snapped, glaring at me. I started to stammer something, but he busted out laughing. “Bro, you should see your face. I don’t watch much American ‘football’. I’m just fucking with you. Though, if it came to it, I’d always go with a Texas team. The Cowboys are a Texas team, right?”

I started to answer but saw the glint in his eye. “Naw, man. The Cowboys are from Oklahoma.”

“Ha, fool me once, eh?” He set his glass down and pulled his tee shirt off, draping it over the railing. He leaned back and hooked his hands behind his head. “That’s better, but what happened to the breeze?”

I didn’t answer. I was too busy trying not to stare at the thick dark curls under his arm and the line of sweat that was beginning to run down his side. I forced myself to keep my eyes straight ahead and took a drink of water.

“You know, amigo, trying too hard not to look is as obvious as looking,” he murmured. “Why don’t you take your shirt off? Cool off? I won’t bite.” He laughed. “Yet, anyway.”

“Hector,” I started, then stopped, unsure of what it was exactly I wanted to say.

“Sorry, Jamie. I’ll cool it,” Hector replied. “Pru tells me I need to work on reining in my exuberance, as she puts it.” He shrugged. “I try but I love fucking. I love sucking. And I love it when Pru and I find someone who’s both fun and not a dolt. Like I told you, it’s rare.”

I nodded.

He sighed. “Cool, dude. Shall we see if we can figure out that bitch of a problem?” He stood up. I rose and stepped back inside the apartment.

It was my turn to grin. “No need. We can state y in terms of x. Use that to substitute for y and we only have one variable to solve for. Once we know x, we know y.”

“Awesome, bitch!” Hector cried, holding his hand up for a high five.

I smacked his hand, still grinning.

“Dude,” he said, “even if you won’t let me suck your dick again, can we still work on physics together?”

“Sure,” I snorted as I walked toward the table cluttered with the balled up remains of failed solutions. I didn’t think he saw me pause as I pulled off my tee shirt and let it rest on the back of my chair before sitting down. I hoped he hadn’t. I was tired of looking like a wuss.


The first thing I noticed as I pushed the door closed with my butt, was my husband and Jamie sitting on the couch, hunched over video game controllers. They were leaning forward enough I could see they while shirtless, they were not naked. If they’d been naked, I would have been a bit pissed. They’d already had some fun together. The library had been dead. I watched the clip of Jamie cumming onto Hector’s tongue a dozen times. I stopped because I was afraid if I watched it one more time, I’d break my promise not to sneak into the stacks and rub out a quick one. I wanted to save all that sexual energy for my man and our new friend.

I had worried Jamie might have bolted. I’d be more than happy with Hector alone but seeing Jamie on the couch caused something low in my belly to coil tighter. “I see you two are hard at it.” I tried not to sound snarky.

“Hang on, babe. I’m about to complete Jamie’s humiliation. We seriously just finished up the physics problem set. Motherfucker!” On the screen something tragic had evidently taken place.

“By ‘humiliate me,’ your husband meant ‘lose to me in record time,'” Jamie replied with a smile.

As much as I love Hector, my heart hiccupped. I had worried all day Jamie’s face would still be draped in that look of confusion and uncertainty. His smile wasn’t as nourishing as Hector’s, but it was an awfully lovely smile, nonetheless. “Can three play that game?”

“Aw, is Mrs. Hector Cortez thinking of joining the big boys,” Hector teased.

“No, but Ms. Prudence Goodman is planning on beating your ass so bad, all your machismo will flee in embarrassment.”

“Game on, mi amor, game on.”

“What are you boys wearing besides shorts? Shoes? Socks?”

Hector leaned back and raised his leg above his head, looking equal parts endearing and ridiculous. “Baby, you now I don’t wear shoes unless there’s snow on the ground. If it can’t be done in sandals, I don’t need to be doin’ it.”

“Great,” I sighed. “I should have asked about that before I married you.” I pitched my voice higher and added a whiff of mincing lilt. “Hector, honey, will you only be applying for jobs where you can wear sandals, or will you plan to support me one day?”

Hector Bycasino güncel giriş clutched his chest and fell to the floor. “Dude, don’t fall in love,” he gasped to Jamie. “They’ll rip your heart out.”

“Fine, fine,” I said with an exaggerated sigh. “I was just trying to play fair, since to make this game worth a lady’s time, it will be the video game version of strip poker.”

“Seriously?” Hector crowed, hopping up off the floor. “Hells yeah, girl. Get on in here. Jamie you heard my wife. Move your pale anglo ass over so she can sit down.” He looked over his shoulder at me. “As much as I want to see you out of those clothes, I will show you no mercy, mi amor. You have wounded my pride, insulted my manhood, I shall fight to the end.”

“Oh, brother,” I said, bending to pick up another controller and sitting down between Hector and Jamie.

Our sofa, in keeping with the diminutive dimensions of the apartment, was more an overgrown loveseat than a sofa. My legs pressed against the men to either side of me. I turned the controller over in my hand and examined it. “How does this work again?”


What Jamie didn’t know was that my wife wasn’t kidding. She didn’t play video games. Ever. She was playing a game, but it had nothing to do with what was on the screen. “Are you sure about this, babe?” I asked her.

“Yup,” she replied nodding. “Let the games begin.”

I shrugged and looked past her to Jamie. His eyes were riveted to the TV screen and I had to swallow a chuckle — he was clearly afraid to look at my wife. He was wise to be careful; it wouldn’t take much to fall head over heels for Pru. It had taken me, like, maybe ten seconds and three syllables before I was a goner. “You ready, bro?” He nodded. “Okay, then, if everyone is ready. Go!”

Pru’s first move was to hit the “home” button on the controller. I couldn’t help it. I

sagged over onto the arm of the couch, cracking up.

Pru turned to Jamie. “Pay no attention to Mr. Chuckles. I’m hustling you. Lulling you into a false sense of confidence, only to destroy you later and force you to take off your clothes.”

Even in the midst of my hysterics I could see Jamie’s Adam’s apple do a slow bob as he swallowed hard. I guessed he didn’t trust himself to speak since he only nodded.

I restarted the game and yelled, “Go!”

This time Pru just sat there. She never touched a button. Friggin’ Jamie, the dumb shit, kept going after me, instead of Pru. Even with having to feigned him off, it didn’t take me long to knock her out of the game.

“Well, shoot,” she sighed, standing. She pulled her shirt off over her head and sat back down. She wore a soft cotton bra of faded purple. I worshipped her boobs. Perfect, beautiful B cups that fit perfectly in the hollow of my hand. Or in my mouth. Her nipples were hard, almost visible through the old, well-worn cotton. I could feel my cock begin to twitch in my shorts.

Jamie did another gulping swallow.

“You ready to finish this round, bro?” He nodded and we went back to it, trying not to be too distracted by Pru. When it was clear he was trying to win, I let him. Losing was fine with me. “Nice,” I complimented him as I stood, grinning. All I was wearing was shorts. I pulled them off my hips, let them fall to the floor and kicked them away with one foot. “I guess I lost that round.”

Pru stood. “Well, doesn’t that mean I lost too, since I wasn’t even playing at the end? She stepped out of her shorts, folded them, and laid them beneath the coffee table. She stood there for a moment, in her thong, bra, and sandals. She turned around to face us. “Anyone need water? Soda? Beer?”

The front of her thong was soaked. I could smell her excitement. The fabric dipped into the cleft between her lips. I could see her clit through the semi-transparent material. “Beer please, babe,” I managed to croak.

She turned to Jamie. “You want anything?” she asked in a perfectly normal tone of voice. She’d always been more subtle than I was.

Jamie swallowed hard. “A beer sounds nice, thank you.”

“Three beers coming up. Hec, since you’re out of clothes, I guess it’s just me and Jamie, sweetie.”

“No way,” I protested.

“Sorry, lover. You’re broke.” She laughed. “All you got is skin in the game.”

I squeezed my half-hard cock. “But it’s nice skin, mi amor.”

“Yeah, it’s nice but, once more, you are out of clothes. What if you lose?”

“Then I’ll do whatever the winner demands. How about that?”

Pru shrugged. “That okay with you, Jamie?”

He nodded slowly. “Yeah, sure. Right on.”


After Pru brought us the beers, we each took a long drink. Hector started the next round. As with the previous round, Prudence didn’t even pretend to play. Between Hector and me, she was eliminated in thirty seconds.

“I’m not very good at this, I guess.” She sighed as she unhooked her bra and added it to her shorts. She took a drink of her beer.

Her breasts were beautiful. She didn’t have any tan lines. Her nipples were hard, rose-pink nubs afloat in a sea of softer pink areolas. Cindy had nice boobs but Pru’s were in a different category altogether. I was trying to keep my growing erection tucked down the leg of my shorts.

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