His First Touch

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She lay back in the old fashioned clawfoot tub, hair pinned up, bubbles up to her chin, and looked about the room.

It was a beautiful room at a quaint bed and breakfast. Big iron bed, fireplace, fainting couch. She was so glad he had thought of this place. As she relaxed, her mind played over what had brought her here.

They had known each other for some time, had met on an online bulletin board, as cliched as that sounded. It was pretty obvious from the onset, they were not only in similar situations in their lives, but their souls hungered for the same things.

Their bodies craved the same things. After many months of chatting, the calling began. Oh, those calls. They left her panting, wet and weak.

It was inevitable that it would happen. He suggested a weekend of loving together, and she knew she would go, that she had to go to him. And here she was.

Her flight arrived two hours before his. She thought she would make sure she was as she knew he wanted her. Light scent, fresh and smooth, so that he could “be just that much closer to her”, something he always purred to her on the phone.

She was nervous, and anxious, and oh how she needed to feel him deep inside her.

She got out of the tub, toweled off and dressed in a light skirt that swirled as she walked and a blouse. No underwear. What would be the point? She smiled as the thought came to her.

She went to the old fashioned dresser and was just about to pull the clip from her hair when she sensed the door opening, and she heard his voice say, “leave it, and let me.”

He could not wait to be with her. When the chance came for an earlier flight, he had jumped at the opportunity. If they were to get so little time together, every minute must count.

He could tell he had surprised and delighted her. At the sound of his low voice, the timbre she knew so well, he watched in the mirror as her eyes closed, and her mouth dropped slightly open.

He walked to her, standing behind her, placing his head at her shoulder.

He breathed deep and said, “I plan to love you all night long,” and with that he kissed her shoulder.

A soft sigh left her mouth. All this time – all the waiting and anticipating – and the first feel of his mouth on her skin was electric. Goosebumps rose on her flesh as he nibbled slowly to her ear and growled, “we’ve waited so long, l cannot wait to be inside you.”

She turned in his arms, looked up into his dark eyes and saw the reflection of her heat and passion. His arms drew her in, close, and he lowered his lips to hers. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and wet it with his tongue, and she felt that pull go from her lip to between her legs.

The kiss that followed was warm, wet, and very generous. It consumed her, and she felt his heart accelerate at her quiet moan. She placed her hands on either side of his face, broke the kiss and again looked into his eyes, now hooded and filled with something more than heat and wolf like me izle passion.

She placed small nipping kisses along his face and lips until he couldn’t take any more, and pulled her back for another long, drugging kiss.

He couldn’t believe that just kissing this woman would be so amazing. He wanted to feel her flesh so badly, and as he continued the kiss, he slipped his hands up under her blouse, bringing them up upon her breasts.

He broke the kiss as her head fell back, eyes closed, back arched.

He loved the feel of her nipples, so sensitive as they budded against his palms, begging for attention. He couldn’t take his hands off her breasts but he so wanted to taste her.

He dropped his head and pulled a nipple into his mouth through the blouse, wetting the blouse and the tight puckered flesh under it. Her hips started pressing, needing to be closer to him, but he stayed just out of her reach, as he moved to the other breast.

As he laved her nipples through her blouse, his hand made slow work of the buttons, sliding each one smoothly out of its hole, bringing him closer to the heat of her. Button after button he eased open, teasing her with his breath and his wet tongue.

When the last button open, she sighed in relief. He could feel the fire of her passion for him as he pulled the blouse back, then pulled it from her. He lowered his head and began kissing all around her breasts, never once stopping to take her nipple, but rather teasing and tempting.

“Please” she was thinking, and at last her passion found its voice.

“I need to feel your mouth on me, please,” she moaned, as he lowered his mouth to suck on her nipple.

Her hands dropped to hold his head to her. She could feel the wetness start between her legs, and the ache to have him within her built. She felt his hand at the button at the top of her wrap skirt, felt him pull it free, and the material of the skirt flutter to the ground.

She was standing before him naked. Smooth and shaved, her skin damp with the strain of the passion building. He looked up at her, as she smiled and extended her hand to him.

He took her hand, and she led him to the iron bed. She gazed into his eyes as he helped her remove his shirt. She laid her head against his chest, breathing in the scent of him, feeling his chest hair curl against her lips, hearing the low rumble of his moan as her hands went to his belt.

Undoing it, she brought his pants and underwear down his legs, and he slowly stepped out of them. His cock was hard, and pulsing. It was so hard with his need and ache he actually trembled when she took it in her hand and began a soft, slow pulling of it, as she looked in his eyes to gauge his reaction.

She knelt in front of him then, almost reverently, still staring into his eyes. He looked down and the sight of her, wanton and warm, nearly had him coming.

She lowered her eyes then and licked wolf pack izle the tip of his cock. It strained to be within her mouth, and she opened her mouth, tasting his precum.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned against his cock, and wet it some more, taking more of him within her mouth.

Her tongue was wetting him, as her mouth sucked and pulled him within. Her hand went between his legs, slowly tracing the seam in his ball sac, while her head took up a slow rhythm of pushing down upon him, and then slowly pulling up and rubbing the smooth underside of her tongue against him.

He thought he would die. The feel of her tongue, learning every facet of his cock, felt so good. He felt her release him, raining small kisses down the shaft, lowering her head to take his balls into her mouth, one at a time, slowly rolling them with her tongue, all the while letting him know that his taste and his texture pleased her.

He placed his hands at the side of her head, bringing her up to him. He was afraid much more of this would be his undoing.

“Mmmmm” she thought, “so nice,” as she felt his hands come to her chin and pull her up to him.

The look in his eyes took her breath away. No smile could be found this time, only a look of raw animal sensuality. She felt him take her hand as he led her to the couch, slowly he bending her over it.

Her head rested on the cushions of the seat as she felt his hands between her legs, pulling one leg up over the low back of the couch, exposing her to his view.

He could see how her juices were gathered on her lips and he smiled knowing they were wet for him. He knelt down, slowly bringing his hands up the inside of her thighs and he felt her quiver.

He pulled her outer lips open and just looked for a few moments before putting his tongue on her clit, just holding it there. He felt her hips buck and heard her groan. He teased in slow licks around her clit, knowing how sensitive it is at first, coaxing it out of its hood.

He placed his hands on her hips and held her still as he slowly loved her with his mouth, letting her know that he was anxious for her, that she tasted and felt good to him. He could feel her building toward release and he let go of her hips, inserting a finger into her. She was so wet, and so warm, he placed another finger within as he continued to love her with his mouth.

The combination of his desire, his tongue and his fingers made her feel as if she would split into a million fragments. She felt the ache and burn, she needed to come. Her body tensed as she felt it build.

“Oh, he feels so good” she thought, as she felt and anticipated the release that he was bringing closer. She felt him slowly pull away then, leaving her wet, hot and wild. She moaned in frustration and need.

He knew she loved the burn of desire and need. He knew she wanted him to slowly burn her with their need. He ran a hand up over her bottom and up her back woman of the dead izle to her neck.

“Shhhhh, be still,” he said. “Let me make this better.”

Unpinning the clip in her hair, he used her hair to turn her face so that she could see his eyes.

“Watch. Watch me love you”, he whispered, and he slowly entered her from behind. Her lids heavy, her eyes glowing, she watched him. Her moan was one of burning need. He heard it and knew she was ready, ready to submit to the pleasure he was about to give her.

Slowly he pushed into her, feeling her wet warmth surround him, feeling her inner walls shuddering around him, throbbing with her need. He fought the urge to push in and satisfy his own need. His cock ached so bad and now it was pulsing as it felt her warmth pull him deeper and welcome him in.

All warm and wet, he pulled out only to slowly push his way back in. He could see the evidence of her desire for him on his cock as he slowly pulled it back. He grabbed her hips as she was moaning, and pushing back against him.

“Shhhh, let it take you. Surrender to it, sweetheart,” he said softly said.

He pushed in fully then, and felt her sigh, signaling her surrender to the sensual side of herself. He felt he could not possibly get deep enough, and he began pushing into her hard, setting a rhythm that stunned her, taking her breath away.

They were as wild things now, their moans and sighs filling the room, and he held her thighs in his hands and could see her quivering as he pulled out.

She could feel the tickle of his pubic hair on her ass as he bottomed out within her, heightening the sensation. They were two sensual beings now – no inhibitions, no holding back, just heat and feelings.

She felt a heavy press of need building, taking her as she felt his long strokes brushing within her, and she gave herself to it. She could feel the liquid of her passion become heavier, her walls quivering around his cock. She heard his moan as he too sensed her body’s surrender to his thrusts.

Wildly pushing back, he held her tight in his hands, knowing she was going to come soon. He brought his finger into her wetness, as he searched for her clit. He found it and began pressing against it, as he pressed into her.

There were no light strokes, just pushing into it as he pushed into her. She moaned loudly and shuddered from head to toe, as she felt his hand upon her, his body within hers.

He felt her muscles contract around him, heard her panting moans, felt her thrusting back to get all of him she can within her warm depths.

As the walls within her began milking his cock, his head was thrown back, his mouth open, his balls pulled up tight and he pushed in, deep and firm. He could feel his body tense. A full, heavy tingling begin moving from low in his belly, to his cock. His hips surged forward as he came within her warm, wet body. To finally feel the release only she could give him, stole his breath. He moaned her name low as he felt her body shudder and clench around him.

His low groan of her name and his orgasm triggered her orgasm, her body trembled within his hands. Her body gripped him from within. He felt a warm rush of her liquids, her deep groan, and as he held her close, he heard her quietly murmur, “beautiful.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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