Hooking the Hockey Player Ch. 04

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Usual disclaimers: Our main characters are consenting male adults who do not resemble to my knowledge any persons living or deceased. Sorry this chapter took a little longer… I’ve been sick with pneumonia. Don’t worry, this is not the final chapter. Do read the previous chapters before or you’ll be mighty confused. Thank you for all your kind words, Artie.


Waking up Monday morning, I was excited to get up. What a change. Last week I had rued the sunrise and now I could hardly wait for it. I had reason to be energized: I would get to see Owen. As I stretched and moved toward my shower, the slight soreness was welcome and exquisite. The slight ache in all the muscles below my waist just reminded me where Owen had been—and where I wanted him to be again.

Getting dressed for school, I decided not to go for my usual middle of the pack look. I carefully selected a pair of indigo jeans that hugged my body. I had never worn these pants before to school, they looked way too good on me for that. The cut formed perfectly over my ass and cock making both look pert and bigger while encasing my lean, strong legs. I slipped on a tighter pale blue chambray button down. In the past I had only worn this to church, when my mother deigned that we had to go. This only happened when one of the various committees that she was on made it necessary to go.

All in all, I looked far better than I had in years, stylish even. I knew that dressing apart from the norm would make people look at me. But I cared far more about how one person in particular looked at me. If Owen liked the outfit then it was worth it. Especially because if I was lucky enough to get naked with him today, he would need to be distracted: the bruise over my kidney had gotten a lot worse.

I wasn’t disappointed by his reaction to my new look. Owen’s eyes were wide but dilated with lust as he pulled into my driveway. Eyes locked on his, I turned up my sensuality as I walked to his truck. We had texted casually the day before. But I wanted to reward him after our almost fight where he had walked out.

I was barely into the car when Owen’s lips were on mine. The door hung open as Owen leaned across the console, devouring me. Despite the high ceilings of his monstrous vehicle, climbing across the gear shift to straddle him was difficult, but so worth it.

His hands were fiery brands as they grabbed my ass and pulled me flush against him. I would throw away all my ill-fitting clothing and dress this way all the time if it meant Owen and I were going to make out in his car, or really anywhere. His mouth slid hotly against mine, a sensuous dance.

I slipped my mouth down to his neck and lavished my affection, he had just put on cologne so the musky, clean scent pervaded my senses. My cock was hardening fast so with I slowly pushed off him, he groaned at my absence but opened his eyes, “You look great today, Jake.”

I warmed under his compliment, I had already known he enjoyed it but compliments weren’t something I was used to. The drive to school seemed short as I coached my erection down to manageable levels. A drawback of wearing well-fitting clothes seemed to be the bulge that it made, so in the most displeasing act to date, I flipped my dick up into my waistband. The time I spent manipulating my cock was not lost on Owen, “Are you playing with yourself?”

“Please, you wish.”

He turned toward me, all cheekbones and square jaw and said, “Yeah I do.” I had meant it lightly, jokingly. He turned it carnal, “Listening to you jerk off was one of the hottest things ever. One of these days, I’m going to want to watch you get yourself off.” He said it casually, with just the slightest hint of a sexual undertone but I was back to fully hard.

All semblance of a witty rejoinder was cast aside as I really absorbed his words. While I imagined that having sex with Owen would be better than anything else, I would love having his eyes on me while I jerked it. I was about to suggest we turn around and make the fantasy a reality when we pulled into the parking lot.

I sighed but adjusted my weeping, angry cock again making sure that the bulge was minimized. I wasn’t Owen who could proudly proclaim his boners.

“You ready to go?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you in English,” I said grabbing my bag and combing my hands through my hair.

“Or we could walk together.” I turned my gaze to him, he looked almost confused at my incredulous gaze. “I thought we were going to be more than sex.”

A sigh came from deep within me, “We are more than sex but we can’t be seen together at school Owen.”

For a moment I knew what it would be like if Owen was about to drop his gloves on me, his unblinking gaze, that bordered on a glare, boring into me. “Yes, we can Jake.”

I just shook my head, loathe to get into it, “I’ll see you in English.” As I closed the door, I blocked out his angry protestations. He just didn’t get it. Weaving through the cars, I emerged Cami Halısı on the other side of the lot and began my casual but hopefully inconspicuous walk to the school. The lawn was filled again, already it was starting to cool off outside. All reports stating that the winter would be colder and snowier than years previous, so students were getting in their time in the sun.

Once again the athletes, rich kids, and hangers on were sprawled over the steps of the school literally looking down upon everyone else. Head down to minimize the chance of being seen, I stealthily loped over to Matt who was chatting with several other burnouts. The combined smell of weed coming from the assembled trio was almost overwhelming. They melted away as I neared, they were not about to be associated with me. Matt, on the other hand, smiled warmly; I really can’t say how much he meant to me just accepting me as a friend. He could easily have been on the steps but chose to be the one person to effortlessly be friends with everyone.

“Hey Matt, think you’re going to run today?”

He chuckled at our ongoing joke, “Only gonna run from the cops man and probably not even then.” Just then a curtain of black hair walked past, Matt’s eyes glued on her.

“When are you going to ask Ellen out?” He cut a weak annoyed look at me. Matt had been in love with Ellen for the past four years. Ellen was everything Matt wasn’t, her dark features and statuesque height in contrast to his stocky build and pale blond hair. She also didn’t do or like drugs. She and Matt had an easy friendship but it had never gone anywhere.

“Probably right after I start running,” he said already shaking off his preoccupation. We continued talking but I noticed that he was not really paying much attention to me.

At first I thought Matt’s gaze was off course due to, using Matt’s terms, the totally dank hybrid he had smoked this morning but he wasn’t actually unfocused just gazing beyond my shoulder. Expecting Ellen to be behind me, I subtly glanced. My double take was far less subtle. With all eyes glued to him, Owen strode toward me with a slight grin touching his lips.

What the fuck did he think he was doing, I thought with disbelief and more than a touch of anger. Quickly I turned my back to him hoping he would get the message, no such luck. His presence was like the warmth of the sun.

Ignoring the iciest glare I could muster, Owen greeted me, “Hey Jake.”

“Owen.” He wasn’t dissuaded by my lack of enthusiasm to see him, almost grinning at my discomfort. He turned to Matt and introduced himself.

Matt for his part was his usual joyful, exuberant but also out of it, self. Right after enthusiastically executing a complex bro handshake just a beat too late, he pulled out a vape. A classic Matt maneuver: smoking on campus; I had once seen him pull a bong out of his locker. With the advent of sneakier ways than just rolling a j he was far more likely to both not get caught and to be high all the time.

I chanced a glance over to Owen to see how he would handle Matt’s lack of inhibition, even with a look of incredulousness: he looked hot. Owen raised an eyebrow as Matt inhaled deep into his chest, “Sorry man, you want some,” Matt said offering the pen to Owen.

Owen gripped his backpack tighter before declining, “No thanks.” He turned a questioning eye on me but I silently shook my head that I wasn’t interested in smoking before school. Casting an eye around, I noted that a majority of our peers were gawking at our unconventional grouping. Was Owen just completely fucking oblivious to the rubberneckers; make no mistake this was a wreck in progress. I could see the news rippling across the lawn.

My stomach clenched as I knew how fast gossip spread, this would be everywhere by homeroom. Matt would be the only saving grace of this situation, I slowly angled my body even further from Owen, hopefully making it appear as if Matt and Owen were having a conversation and not me.

Matt assisted the illusion by asking, “So how do you know Jake?”

“We’re in the same English class; speaking of which, do you want to walk over?”

“You can go ahead, I’ll meet you there.” I answered tersely, willing him to just walk away and end this nightmare.

His wry smile was goading, “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll wait for you.” In the five years I had spent being bullied, I had never been tempted to punch anyone. His gorgeous face was twisted into a smug grin and if I wasn’t a massive pacifist and didn’t want to hurt him or his looks I would have punched him. Such a bastard, he looked he kept his face placid but he loved my discomfort.

He wasn’t going to stop; internally sighing and recriminating myself for what I had gotten myself into, I told Matt I would see him later and set off for English. Owen was not thrown by my quick pace nor that I didn’t speak to him.

He kept up his shit-eating grin all the way through English class. He kept trying Cami Halıları to distract me with none too subtle shifts of his body, but I wasn’t having it. I strode off away from him as the bell tolled, not saying a word.

It wasn’t until late in German that I got a text from him. At least then the cocky tone was gone with him writing: Are we still on for lunch?

It might have been petty but I was pissed so I wrote back: I guess.

I took my sweet time waiting for all the students to clear out of the hallways, in the wake of Owen’s stunt I was sure that all of my usual tormentors would be on the prowl. Owen’s truck was one of only a few left in the lot.

“I wasn’t sure you were coming,” Owen said lowly as if talking someone off a ledge.

I kept my gaze forward, I was angry at him and I wasn’t going to be dissuaded by his face, “I’m here.”

Owen opened his mouth as if so say something but snapped it closed instead starting his car and driving to Whole Foods. I pettily wanted to ask him to stop at a fast food joint instead but I realized that he probably would and not get anything and still drive to his original destination: so stubborn.

He was waiting for me to check out, his usual salad and chicken breast enclosed in a to-go container. My pizza was already ready to go so I just followed him out to his car.

Once we were back in his car, I asked, “Any reason for the change of venue?”

He set his box down carefully, “Yeah I figured that if we were going to have a fight it shouldn’t be in public. I know how much you hate to be seen in public with me.” Jesus, apparently I wasn’t the only one who was going to be petty.

Rolling my eyes at his melodramatic interpretation, “You know that’s not what it is.”

His voice was low but full of anger as he answered, “So why don’t you tell me what it is?”

Owen’s anger opened the floodgates, where I had been pissy before; I was now furious, not with Owen but for the situation that was making both of us angry. “What do you want to know? That I’ve gotten beaten up for the better part of five years? That no one has ever done or said anything? That there’s no point to fighting back, I’d just get beaten up worse?”

“But—” Owen tried to break in but my tirade couldn’t be stemmed now that it was happening.

“No, you wanted to know so here it fucking is.” Owen’s eyebrows rose in shock, he hadn’t seen the cursing, pissed form before; I wasn’t going to be waylaid by his censure. “I’m not a bitch that needs someone to look out for them Owen. I don’t need you to fight my battles just because you’re big and popular. I am handling my own business; it’s only one more year that I have to deal with. And you aren’t going to help, by being seen with me your reputation is going to be hurt. Not only that, but I am the one that’s going to be hurt more because I’m going to be the fag who turned their friend.”

We sat in silence for several moments, Owen looked stricken. He reached out and opened his water bottle, taking a large sip; I watched angry tears forming at my eyelids.

“I’m not going to say sorry,” he said turning to me, “because I don’t want to have to pretend to not know you at school. Just because everyone else can just see a problem and not do anything about it, doesn’t mean I’m one of those people.” He ruffled his hair, a sign that he was frustrated. “I feel bad that you believe me talking to you today will put you in more danger, that wasn’t my intention. But you are worried that I’m going to get hurt: get real. I can handle myself against douchebags.”

“Those douchebags are going to be your teammates.”

“If I decide to play, yes. Don’t you think they would be scared to mess with a teammate? Especially one that is so talented”

I sighed, he said the cockiest thing with such little artifice, “That would still put me in the crossfire. I can handle the stuff I get now. Please don’t make it worse.”

“That sounds like the worst version of friends with benefits that I’ve ever heard: not even friends. I want more than that.” Owen had lost all his fire, now just sounding dejected. His crystalline blue eyes wide, looking scared.

“Why can’t we just be more outside of school?”

“Because we both deserve more than that, can’t we at least be friends in school?”

“No, they won’t see it that way. They’ll think we’re dating.” How in the world was he not getting this? And worse yet, they would be right.

He smiled, though it was strained, “We are and we’re fucking.”

“I don’t want them to know that,” I muttered. For a long moment it was quiet in the car. We had both said our pieces but nothing had been resolved.

Owen stared out the window before turning and grasping me by the back of the neck, pulling me toward him. His lips found mine unerringly, our heated discussion turned into an equally heated kiss. Our tongues wrestled, my hands pulling at his hair while his hands kept our faces locked together. His stubble scraped my lips and he bit my lips, my dick hardening under the rough assault.

“You were so mad at me,” Owen whispered against my lips.

His reminder only brought that thought to the forefront of my mind for a moment before adolescent horny brain reclaimed top position. “Yeah,” I breathed before sucking his bottom lip into my mouth.

He tore his mouth away from mine, “Can I make it up to you?” His words took on a carnal meaning as he ran his fingers over my growing bulge, showcased in my tight jeans.

I was about to split seams my cock was so hard, “We aren’t having sex in the Whole Foods parking lot.”

He chuckled pulling back our arm rests, “No, but I’m going to suck you off.” Owen unsnapped my jeans and though my rational brain was screaming at me that we had just fought, that we were going to be late for school, and that my mug shot would be terrible after getting booked for getting blown in a Whole Foods parking lot; my irrational head was leaping for joy at the prospect of Owen’s hot mouth covering it.

I had a moment of divine right, seeing the face of God as Owen’s mouth enveloped the head of my cock. There had to be nothing as good as this, and while I was almost sad that the peak moment of joy in my life would come so early… I also was loving every second of it.

His lips and tongue teased around the head eliciting moans from me as well as pre-cum that was already dribbling from the slit. Owen sank down my shaft and I resisted the urge to thrust deep in his throat. The wet heat was like nothing I had ever felt before and his smooth pace had me close to erupting quickly. I usually prided myself on not being a hair trigger but for a first time experience, I had been close on the suggestion of a blowjob.

I was moments from blowing my load, when Owen pulled his lips off me. His hand kept up pace to keep me on the edge of orgasm, “Promise me, you won’t be mad the next time I talk to you in school.”

I couldn’t believe he was using sex against me again and irritation at his request filled me. As if he could sense my annoyance, his thumb came up to rub the sensitive spot beneath the head of my cock. My hips spasmed into his hand, I was on the verge when he continued, “We don’t have to be out as dating but we will be friends at school.”

I was beyond arguing but I wasn’t about to agree yet. I set my jaw in stubbornness against his demand. His eyebrow raised in response to my defiant glare. His athletic competitive nature sprung to the forefront as his hand left my cock. I mourned the lack of friction for a moment before he slid my cock into his mouth again. Pure molten heat encased my dick and I realized, this was the best feeling there was. He swallowed and hummed and slurped along my length, teasing a moan from me as his tongue swept around my sensitive head. I felt my balls tighten, my breaths coming in short pants as my orgasm neared.

In an inexcusably weak moment, I whimpered as my cock popped out of his mouth, his voice was ragged as he demanded, “Agree to be friends at school Jake.” His breath was hot against my cock. I was so close.

His hand reached to my balls and cupped them, rolling them slightly. Hyper-sensitive, I could feel every indentation on his hand. Desperate to cum, I mindlessly pushed my hips forward. “Agree Jake!” He said before sucking hard on the head, the pressure was the end of my line. How could I resist him in that state? He could have asked anything from me and he would have gotten it.

“Yes, fine. Let me cum Owen. Please,” I gasped not above begging. I didn’t have time to notice his triumphant grin, though I can imagine his all too pleased with himself look. I was far too busy being overwhelmed with the sensation of him swallowing me down, his nose against my skin. This was heaven. The silken wetness, and his talented tongue brought me over the edge. I came apart with his name on my lips.

I might have passed out for a moment from the pleasure. Sure down the line, I would realize that a blow job wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but at eighteen, never having had one before: I was blown away. He swallowed every drop of my cum, having to lick around his lips for a few errant drops, before tucking me back into my pants.

I was still blissed out and breathing hard when Owen said, “Glad we could agree.”

“I only agreed under duress,” I reminded him still feeling replete.

Cocking his head, Owen turned toward me, “Are you going back on your promise?” Small wrinkles formed at the corners of his mouth, as a disappointed frown emerged.

I didn’t want to be the one to put a frown on his face. I sighed, fully knowing that Owen would be able to take care of himself. He was attractive, athletic, and as I had promised earlier: I couldn’t use him. I would be the one to bear the brunt of his peers’ displeasure; I could handle it. “No, but just friends at school, right?”

“You got it,” Owen leaned over kissing me on the lips before picking up his fork and opening his salad container. Following his lead, I opened the single slice box noting that our interlude had made the pizza lose its heat.

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