Hot Tub

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Well, Monday night football is over and the week moves on. Having the house to myself and nothing to do, well what a great time for hot tubing. I worked all day in the yard and sanded some walls for painting. I also went to the store and got some steaks, bourbon and fresh corn. I was set for a great evening.

Around 6PM, Larry showed up. He brought a bottle of red wine, a fifth of Chopin Vodka and a DVD. I told him I had seen Sahara so that ended the movie night. I told him I did have a copy of “Sin City’. Well, that was great. He had not seen it.

I made a couple of martini’s, heated up the grill and started fixing some salads. I put a “Everyone Loves Raymond” DVD in the kitchen TV and we watched it as I fixed dinner. As I fixed the salad, Larry talked about his choices in job location. I told him about what I knew about Tennessee and what he could do there. It would be nice of him to move there. I could visit and legally stay the night. However, his wife would still be there but I fantasized about the various sneaky things we could do.

After pulling the steaks off the grill, we ate on the back porch and listening to Jack Johnson CD. A great CD I picked up in Austin after I heard it at the Cedar Door bar on 4th Street. We finished the steaks and the bottle of wine. After clearing the table, filling the dishwasher, we went into the TV room and I put on Sin City. What a strange but interesting movie. We lay on the floor with a couple of vodkas. As we watched the movie, Larry was rubbing my crotch. It sort of made the movie better. At least to me. I finally pushed pause and we lay on the floor Resim Yükle and kissed. Larry ground his groin against mine. We lay side by side and I held his ass. He rolled away from me and I knew what that meant. I moved my hand from his ass and cupped his groin. He was hard and pushed against my hand. I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. I pushed my hand into his pants and found his hard cock.

I grasped him and stroked his cock. I moved my hand up and pushed under his underwear to his cock. He rolled further on his back giving me more access to his cock. I moved down and pushed his pants open and his underwear off his cock. I moved down and licked and sucked on the head of his cock. I moved my hand to his balls and sucked his cock into my mouth. He raised his hips to push himself into my mouth. He was really hot and ready. He began to thrust in and out as I sucked on him. I pulled him out of mouth and licked and sucked on the head of his cock.

Pushing his cock up, I licked down to his balls. He has one small and one large ball. I sucked one into my mouth while stroking his cock. His underwear and pants blocked my path to his ass. So I concentrated on his balls. I moved back up and slipped his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him, I grasped his shaft and stroked him. I knew he was going to cum. I stroked him up and down and sucked him deep into my mouth. His muscles tightened and he pushed into my mouth. His first cum ran down my throat, his second/third filled my mouth and I swallowed. I kept pumping him as he came. I licked and sucked his cock until he finished. I licked him clean and moved up to his face. We kissed and I shared a little of his cum. His cum tastes different each time. I have read that it changes depending on what he ate. I guess I will just have to get used to different cum.

We finished watching the movie and I got us some hot tub drinks in plastic glasses. I turned off all the house lights and we stripped, got into robes and went out into the hot tub. It was a wonderful night. Cool, clear. I put on some Beatles first albums in the CD player and we got into the hot tub. It was a great night.

After about a half hour of tub and music, Larry moved over to me. We were both nude and relaxed. Larry kissed me and we felt each other in the tub. He stroked my cock and moved his hand over my ass. He fingered my crack and pushed a finger into me. I was very hard by now. As he fingered me, he was kissing me. I have not really got used to his new beard. I hope he will shave it soon. I am not sure how much time we kissed, but he said, “let’s get out.” We got out, put on our robes and closed down the hot tub. We went into the house and I refreshed our drinks. Larry took his and headed down the hallway to my bedroom. I grabbed mine and followed.

We got to the bedroom and Larry took his robe off and dropped it on the floor. He came to me, took my drink and put it on the nightstand. We kissed and he moved us to the bed. My cat jumped off the bed and we fell on it. Larry kissed me, and moved and sucked on my nipples. He wasted on time to get down to my navel, cock and finally, pushing my legs up and kissing my ass. He licked my ass, balls and finally my cock. We have been in this position before, so he left me and went into the bathroom. He returned with a container of Vaseline, grabbed a glob and worked it into my crack and hole. He pulls on his condom and coats it with lube.

I pulled my legs up and he moved up between them. I reached down and grabbed his cock and pulled it to my ass. He moved a little and then pressed against me. I pushed my ass out and he pushed in. It always hurts a little….but I know it will feel good soon. I release my muscles and his cock moves in. Once that first half enters, the rest is easy and enjoyable. He pulls me forward and his cock is fully in my ass. Now, I just lay back and enjoy it. He begins to fuck me. First slowly and then his balls slap against my ass. As he fucks me, he stimulates my prostrate. My cock is hard. I know I can get him off by talking to him. “yes, fuck me. Fuck me.” I cannot figure out if that is for him or for me. I like it. I am getting close. I push my ass back to get more of him in and I cum. My cum covers my stomach and my chest. And we have not even touched my cock. It is the feeling from his cock filling my ass and massaging my prostate. I know the next move.

Larry pulls out of my ass and straddles my chest. He will pull his condom off and push his cock to my mouth or face. Then he will cum. He likes to cum on my face, stroking his cock and shooting his cum on my cheeks, lips, eyes and mouth. Then he will push his cock into my mouth and finish his orgasm. I don’t mind. I actually get off on being cummed on and satisfying him. He will rub himself on my face until he is soft. Once we both have cleaned my face, we lay on the bed panting. It’s just another Hot Tub night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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