House Sitting

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It is summer in South Florida. College is over and I had more time to myself. I decided that I was going to find an easy job to make extra money for the next College year. On a local newspaper I read an ad. looking for a house sitter. I thought this should be an easy job. So, I answered the ad and went to an agency that was doing the hiring. After filling an application and a couple of interviews, not to mention background checks, I was informed that I got the job.

I went to meet with owner of the house. She was a very fine lady in her sixty’s. We spoke for at least a couple of hours she was nice and easy to get along with. She informed me that most of my duties would revolve on overseeing that the workers that maintain and clean the house are allowed in to do their jobs. To this end I had their phone numbers so I can coordinate as to when I was available to be there.

It is a very nice big house. Very well maintained. It had four big rooms plus the main bedroom which was immense the walk in closet is bigger than my small apt. It has a nice big yard with a pool. She asked that I visit the house as much as possible to make sure that all is alright. She also mentioned that I could spend the night just not to have parties or bring to many friends over and that I have full access to the house as long as clean after my self.

I visited with my new boss a few more times. We sat to talk and had coffee and our conversations always lasted for more than two hours. During these visits I met her husband, the maid, the pool man, the lawn maintenance man, etc. On my last visit she informed me that her and her husband were leaving up north to spend Bycasino the summer, must be nice.

She informed me that at some time ago while moving some furniture four floor tiles had broken in the kitchen. The kitchen is ample with a counter in the middle of it. It has a small dinning area with a table and chairs. Opposite the center counter and past the dinning area are two sliding glass doors that lead to the back yard and the pool. I was informed the she had hired a tile man to fix the floor tiles. I was told that my boss would be leaving soon and I had to make the arraignments for tile man to change the broken floor tiles.

The lady of the house and her husband left for their trip. I was left in charge of the house. I visited often and made an appointment with the tile man. By his name I could tell he was from a hispanic country, his name is Andres, he told me I could call him Andy.

A couple of weeks went by and I had settle in job quite nicely. Everything was going well. On this day I was waiting for the tile man to come and do his work. Andy the tile man came as agreed. He was a man in his late forties early fifties. Not too tall maybe 5’9″ kind of muscular, about 190+ lbs with a small beer gut. Looked like had been doing fiscal work for most of his life. I let him in he brought in his tools and we went to the kitchen and after some small talk he went to work. I found out he was originally from Brasil. He told me it would take a few hours for him to finish his work.

In the meantime I decided to go to the pool and take in some sunshine. After a couple of hours I went back in to check on Andy. I was wearing my swim suit and Bycasino giriş wrapped a towel around my waist. He was giving his work the finishing touches. As I watched him finish we made more small talk. He finished and we put a couple chairs with tape around the tiles as a reminder not to walk over the tiles for at least one day. I offered him a drink of water as I was going to get the check my boss had left for him. He sat by the table.

When I came back with the check I found Andy with his shorts off and jerking off. I was very surprised to see his at least 8″ thick cock. I was speechless. The only words that came out were “what are you doing.” I hurried to close the sliding glass doors and close the blinds. And again asked “what are you doing.”

He said, “Found this magazines on the table and got horny.”

I forgot that I had left a couple of magazines on the table. The magazines were of naked men they were not porn. I put the check on the table and told him to put his cock away. He stood up and put hands on my shoulder and said, “You know you like this, get down and suck my cock.”

He was pressing my shoulders. I’m 5’6″ and kind of skinny with very little body and facial hair. He will be able to over power me. At this time he had one hand on my shoulder and the other over my head. He kept pressing me to go down and I was kind of resisting. Kind of resisting is right I wanted that cock but, was playing hard to get. He started to press harder saying “come on get down and suck my cock.”

I finally relented and went down on my knees. I would not open my mouth. He started slapping my face with his cock it felt so good. Bycasino güncel giriş I opened my mouth and he put that nice cock in it and started face fucking me putting that big cock all the way in balls deep. After sucking his cock for a while he said “bend over I want to fuck your ass.”

I told him hold for a minute I’m going to get lube and condoms. When I came back he was sitting on a chair playing with his cock keeping it hard. I went down on my knees and started sucking his cock while playing with my ass hole. It felt so good wish I had a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. He stood up and bent me over the table. He put a condom and I told him, “grease it good I want all of it.”

He put his cock in my ass. It hurt a little as my ass was being stretched. He was going slow full strokes keeping his cock in my ass balls deep. At this point I was moaning and telling him to fuck me good. He slapped my ass which felt so good I was asking for more. “Yes…fuck me, give it to me good,” I said. He started fucking harder.

We got in to rhythm me pushing back to take all his cock in my ass. I stretched my arms and arched my back my ass taking that big cock. I put my hand back to feel his cock going in my ass he took my arm elbow high and told me to give him my other arm. With a hold on both arms he pulled back and he started to pound. It felt so good at this point I was more than moaning and begging for more cock. After what seemed like hours of pounding he stuck his cock and I could feel it pulsating inside me as gave me his cum.

We slowed down and he pulled his cock out of me. Carefully taking the condom off he poured all his cum in my mouth. He didn’t want kiss he just wanted to get dressed and leave. As we said good bye I told him that I have his number and maybe we could do it again maybe he said and left.

I never imagined that house sitting could be so much fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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