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I had just escaped being caught by my wife having a fling with our 19-year old babysitter. Tiffany was just leaving as my wife walked in. I almost choked on Tiffany’s double entendre about bringing me something to eat. She had and she was tasty! In the past, both my wife and I had affairs that we shared with each other, but I just wasn’t ready to share with her what had just happened. I wasn’t sure my wife would be pleased that I had just been intimate with someone 13 years my junior and I also did not know how she would react to my doing it with our baby’s caregiver. If telling her now might mean jeopardizing future fun with Tif, why tell her?

That decision seemed like a good one at the time and several days later proved it to be a good one. My wife had left the house several minutes earlier to take our toddler daughter to a baby gymnastics class. I had settled in at my desk when the door bell rang. I went to the door and opened it and Tiffany breezed in, brushing my crotch with her hand as she tossed her hair and sing-songed to me, “Good Morning Mr. R.” I wished her good morning and she went on to tell me that she knew that our daughter was at a class and that we had almost two-hours to ourselves.

As she told me this, she had turned towards me, and wrapped her arms around me and pushed her breasts against my chest. She stood up on her tippy toes and as I bent down she leaned to one side and whispered in my ear that, “I want a late breakfast and hoped you could provide more of that yummy stuff you fed me the other day”. I was more than happy to provide her with a breakfast sausage. I took her by the hand and as I led her to the bedroom told her that I would serve her breakfast in bed.

We entered the master bedroom, I stood behind her and undid the tie on her sweatpants. I loosened the rope and they fell quickly to the floor. Tiffany giggled as I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear; apparently she didn’t want to have anything slow us down. I stood behind her admiring her young, taut heart-shaped ass. It also went thru my mind, that even though my wife had a decade on her, my wife’s ass was every bit as tight and beautiful as Tiffany’s.

I pulled her close to me, my crotch fighting snugly into her ass-crack. I bent to nibble on her ear and neck and as I did Tif leaned to one side and pulled her hair back into a pony tail to allow me better access to her. One hand ran up under her sweatshirt to cup a braless breast. Her breasts were truly outstanding. My other hand went around her hip and sought out her snatch. I got my next surprise and Tif giggled again. She had shaved her pussy hairless.

“The other night when I saw Mrs. R’s was bald, I figured that you liked it that way. I have to tell you I came while shaving and thinking of you. Do you like it?” I loved her hairless pussy. I love eating at the “Y” but don’t like lots of hair getting in my way. I find that both my partner and I enjoy the extra stimulation that a bald beaver provides. She continued telling me, “I was lucky not to cut myself, but if I had, I knew you would kiss it and make it better.”

That sounded like a good idea so I pulled off her sweatshirt and gently pushed her back onto the bed. I pulled her to the edge so that her pussy was right at the edge. I got on my knees on the floor and started to kiss her toes. I sucked each one into my mouth, nibbled it and bathed it with my tongue. As I finished with one, I went to the next one and did the same. Finishing with one foot, I started with the other. Tiffany was moaning louder and louder, begging me to stop teasing her. But I didn’t. I kissed up her calf and down the other and back up the first calf. I kissed one inner thigh, giving it quick love bites as I moved slowly inch by inch to her luscious pussy.

As I did, Tiffany had begun to play with her nipples. She had been tugging at them and now they stood out on her bountiful breasts. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and her moans louder and longer. I had been crossing over from one thigh to the other and been giving her large, protruding clit quick licks as I did. I finally stopped at her slit and started to pay attention to it and her clit. When I did, Tiffany couldn’t hold back and had her first orgasm. My teasing of the past ten minutes had slowly brought her to the brink and just 15 seconds of continual attention to her clit had caused her to throw her hands to the sheets and as she gripped them she rolled her head from side to side as she moaned and exclaimed, “Yes, Yes”.

I hadn’t been with many vocal women and in fact always laughed at the actresses who emoted loudly on the porn videos my wife and I would watch. But seeing Tiffany react the way she did and knowing that I was the reason was a definite turn-on. Rather than being amused, I was aroused. My cock had grown to its full seven plus inches and throbbed in my pants. I stood up and loosened my pants and slid them and my boxers to the floor. I pulled my shirt off as I climbed on to the bed and mounted Tiffany.

I started slowly, thrusting altyazılı porno all the way in, waiting a moment and then pulling out so that the tip was just at her pulled back lips. Again I would wait and then thrust back til my balls were pressed up against her anus. Slow and steady. Again, Tiffany hated being teased. She grabbed my ass checks and started to dictate the rhythm by pulling on my ass and releasing it. We got into a quicker rhythm. I leaned down to kiss her and our lips met and parted as our tongues began to dance with each other. One of her hands left my ass and gripped the back of my head as she kissed me strongly and passionately.

Faster and faster our rhythm went. The hand that was on my ass reached down to cup my balls. She squeezed gently and tugged on them. Her hand then made its way to my shaft and she would stroke it every time it emerged from her wet hole. Her hands got slicker and she stroked harder. Her hand then left my shaft and I felt it start to part my ass checks. She worked one finger into my asshole. She wriggled it around. The feeling was great. I was close to coming and she sensed it. She pushed her finger all the way into my ass. I was getting so close. My mouth fell from hers and onto her shoulder. I bit gently it as I felt the cum begin to rise in my balls.

“Harder, harder” she panted. I thrust harder and she moaned again, “Harder, harder. Bite me harder”. I complied with her wishes and it was too much for me to take. I came, spurting copious amounts of cum into her cunt. She came simultaneously, her cunt exploding with juices as she did. Our mixed juices worked their way out of her onto my shaft and down onto my balls. As we both finished our orgasms, we began to relax. I stopped biting her but noticed the teeth marks that I had left. She pulled her finger out of my ass and I collapsed on top of her.

Our heavy breathing filled the room. After several minutes she told me that I was a great fuck. I had to return the compliment. I rolled over and off of her and we spooned for several minutes, me behind her with my limp cock again pressed into her ass checks. We stayed like this for 15 minutes before she asked, “Hey Mr. R, where’s that breakfast that you promised me. I know where you can find some protein to feed me.” With that she rolled onto her back. I leaned into her sloppy pussy and tongued and sucked until I had a mouth full of cum and juice. I raised my head from her snatch and she leaned down to kiss me. I opened my mouth to allow her tongue access to breakfast. Her tongue and mine shared the cum and after sharing it we both swallowed it down. Tif then kissed my lips and chin making sure she got all she could.

I kissed and fondled each other again. Again I made my way down to her pussy. Can you tell I love to eat pussy, particularly tasty, bald pussy. This time however, I had another reason in mind. So far Tif had done everything I wanted her to do and she surprised me with others; who would have thought that that sweet young girl would like it rough, but the biting certainly turned her on. I figured it was time to make a play for her beautiful ass. After licking her pussy for a minute or so, I licked the area between her holes. I then made my way to her ass. At first I sensed her tensing. I took it slowly, just flicking my tongue on and around her beautiful rosebud. As I felt her relaxing, I became more aggressive, swirling my tongue around her asshole. I finally rolled my tongue up and pushed it into her ass. She reacted again, but this time not by tensing but by encouraging me. “Eat my ass Mr. R. Yes, eat it”.

I wanted to please the young lady, so I did. As I tongued her, I licked one finger and introduced it into her ass. I wiggled it around, loosening up her sphincter. I continued to lick and loosen and after several minutes, introduced my next finger. After ten minutes I had three fingers up her ass and I had Tif begging me to fuck her ass. I was happy to oblige. I had her get on all fours and point her ass up into the air. I spat on my hands and rubbed it on my hard cock. I looked at her white, heart shaped ass sticking up in the air and I slapped it with one hand. That made her tremble. I then placed my cockhead at her rear door and pushed slowly while she adjusted to it. It slowly made its way in. I proceeded slowly but Tif wasn’t in the mood to wait. She pushed back until her ass was pressed up against my balls. She let out a small scream and then a satisfied moan.

“I never knew it would feel so good. You’re the first one to have me back there.” Oh god, the things she said added to the excitement of our illicit fucking. I thrust in and out, harder and harder and every couple of strokes I would swat her on her ass. When I did, she would yelp and then tremble. I kept at her and as I did, she reached under herself and started to play with her cunt. She started that familiar build up to orgasm and soon she hit it. When she did, her trembling, her clenching ass and her moaning and screaming were too much to take. I exploded in her ass and even though I türkçe altyazılı porno had come 45 minutes or so ago, it felt like that I emptied more cum than the first time into her.

She slumped onto the bed and I slumped down with her, my cock still buried in her ass. She looked over at the clock and quickly moved so that I fell off of her. “We better get dressed. Mrs. R. will be home soon”. This young girl was incredible. All she wanted was sex with me; she obviously didn’t want to ruin my marriage (obviously she didn’t know that my wife and I shared a fairly open marriage). Yep, I was going to keep this one quiet for awhile so as not to jeopardize things for the reasons I stated earlier.

Again, our timing was perfect. Just as we entered the kitchen, we heard the garage door closing and my wife walked in with a groggy little girl in her arms. She quietly said hello to Tif who said “hi and bye” in the same breath as she breezed out of the house as quickly and quietly as she had breezed in almost two hours previously.

My wife put our little girl down in her playroom and then came to talk with me. “Looks like Tiffany looks up to and likes your company”. I smiled and told her that Tif just likes to talk things over with me and that we share many of the same tastes. I laughed silently at my own little joke as I went back to my office, feeling secure that my little tryst and secret was safe.

As I learned several weeks later, I was mistaken in that thought. Two weeks later, my wife let me know about something that I wasn’t aware of. The day of my second tryst with Tif, she had come home after only 15 minutes. It turns out that the gymnastics teacher had come down ill and the class was cancelled. She had parked the car in the garage with our little girl sleeping in the back seat. She figured she would let her sleep there for 30 minutes and had come inside to surprise me with a quickie.

She had come down the hall and had easily heard Tiffany’s erotic sounds. She stopped outside the door and peered in. At first she was upset and jealous but then realized that we had always seized the moment when it came to sex and that I was probably doing just that. This rationalization and the fact that she felt her pussy get wet was all she needed to stop from pulling a women scorned scene. Instead she felt herself getting even more turned on. She watched as I ate Tiffany out, fucked her, ate her again and fucked her ass. Trish stood there watching for 90 minutes and later told me that she played with herself and had orgasms every time Tiffany did, just a lot quieter.

As we finished up, she quickly pulled her thongs and pants back up, made her way to the car and closed the garage door to make it appear she just arrived home. She wasn’t upset by what she saw – she was turned on and hoped to see more of it. She also realized that she hadn’t stepped out of our marriage since before our little girl was born. She figured it was time to do so again and she had just the person she wanted to do it with. She quickly conceived a plan.

I was planning on taking a day off and take the family out to the ocean, a 45 minute drive from the house, the Thursday of that week. That morning, Trish complained she was feeling ill but convinced me it was a great opportunity for me to spend quality time with our daughter. I was pretty easy to convince as she is the apple of my eye. Daddy and daughter left for the ocean after breakfast. Trish tells me that’s when her plan for her own extracurricular fun went into action.

Thursday is the day our pool man comes. When she told me this, I had to laugh as the cliché about the pool man was too funny to ignore. However, she quickly reminded me that our pool man Dan was a young, good looking stud. It was true. Dan had gone to college for two years but found that he had an entrepreneurial side that was itching to be scratched. At age 20 he had started his own company, catering to the thousands of new pool owners who were transplanted from the north and had never owned pools before. Four years later he owned seven vans and had 15 young men and women working for him. As the boss, he still liked getting out in the field when he could, and we saw him most Thursday’s as we were early, loyal customers of his and he liked to take care of that type of customer.

Working outside kept his body tanned, and working with heavy pails of chemicals and other equipment kept his body trimmed. He was 24, slightly over six feet, had thick, wavy sandy hair that just touched his neck and usually had several days of stubble on his face. He had the look of a male model without the pretension. Trish had always admired his body and enjoyed his company as he cleaned the pool. Often they would talk about the book Trish had by poolside or other light hearted fare. He was an all-around nice guy and handsome to boot. He was the one that Trish had her eyes on and she made it difficult for him to keep his eyes off of her.

Often Dan would come to clean the pool to find Trish reading a book while the baby slept hd altyazılı porno in a playpen under the lanai. This day however, found no baby as she was with me, and found Trish in the pool rather than on a lounge. Dan greeted her cheerfully as he came in. She swam to the ladder near where he was working and asked him to retrieve her towel for her. He turned to get it and Trish tells me that she started to climb out of the pool. Dan turned to give her the towel and stopped dead in his tracks. There Trish was with one foot out of the pool and the other on the top rung, hands clenching the ladder handle and not wearing a stitch of closing.

She slowed finished climbing out and took the towel from a dumbfounded Dan. She used it to dry her hair, leaving her body out for display. As I told you earlier, my wife is in great shape for 30 and for having had a baby. Her body was sleek and toned, her pussy was bare, and her breasts were terrific, a B-cup but a nice shape and very little sag. “Do I make you uncomfortable Dan?” she asked. Dan stammered out some sort of reply. “Don’t worry Dan, my husband isn’t home” she reassured him. “But you know, I’m a bit uncomfortable Dan. I’m naked and you’re not”. Trish tells me that Dan didn’t take long to correct that as he stripped out of his clothes.

Trish admired his body – muscular and toned, but not he-man big; working man muscles. A flat stomach with the faint outline of a six pack ab. A love trail of sun golden hair on his stomach leading to darker hair under his underwear line. All this led to a half-hard cock that was twitching in the morning air. Trish told me she figured him to be about my size and she tells me that later when he got hard, she found herself to be right. She took two steps to close the gap between them and reached out for his cock. She took it in her hand and tugged on it gently. She then kissed him ever so sweetly on the lips as she pulled on his cock as she stepped back. He followed her as she tumbled into the pool.

She tells me that as they emerged they swam to the shallower end until they both could stand with their heads out of the water. They kissed and groped. She raked her fingers over his chest as he picked her up under her ass checks and pulled her towards him. She wrapped her legs around him as he and the water supported her weight. He caressed her ass checks and the small of her back, Trish’s favorite “non-sexual” part to be touched.

She went on to tell me that she soon felt her wetness even though she was in the water. She also felt his hard cock standing tall and proud and pressing into her. He walked with her over to the very shallow end and put her on the side of the pool. She spread her legs to allow him to continue. She wanted to be fucked badly but he had other plans. He bent down and kissed her breasts and then her tummy. He ran his tongue into her belly button then down in a straight line to her clit. He licked her and sucked her to the brink of orgasm several times but always stopped just short of her gaining her release. She thought to herself, he’s just a big a tease as Peter was with Tiffany. That bought a smile to her face as she relived images of the tryst she spied on and as she realized that turn about was fair play.

Snapping back to the feelings at hand, she pulled Dan’s head from her crotch and told him that she wanted his cock in her. He stood up out of the water and leaned towards here. She grabbed his stiff dick and guided it into her eager snatch. They both exhaled as he slid slowly into her. She told me she thought about how it had been so long since someone other than I had been in her. She hadn’t been with more than a dozen men, was hopelessly and completely in love with me, but also realized that it was healthy for even married couples to have sex, not making love, with others than their spouses. Not only did it make you appreciate your spouse even more, but it was so true that variety is the spice of life.

She loved the feel of Dan’s dick in her. They varied movements – slow, hard, in and out, side to side even. She was first to come, trembling and holding her breath as she did. When she finished coming, Dan hit the wall and came to, unloading his spunk into her pussy. She tells me that Dan had some remorse after he came, worried that he may get her pregnant. I knew she wasn’t worried about pregnancy since she was on the pill. With that knowledge, Dan relaxed again. It dawned on me to be more careful with Tiffany next time; I had already left my deposits within her several times. I need to check with Tif on the birth control issue.

Trish told Dan to go inside to use the phone to call his employees to take over the rest of the customers as she planned on making use of his services for the rest of the day.

Trish tells me that after the fuck by the pool, she went inside with him where they had a sixty-nine on our bed. After he came in her mouth, she tried to kiss him and share his love juice but he pulled away. His loss she thought as she swallowed. And so tasty too! She went on telling me that after napping in each others arms for an hour, he woke her up by nuzzling her neck. She reached back and felt a hard dick. They lay spooning on their sides as he entered her. They had a very languid and leisurely screw in this position.

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