Little Sister

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Candace’s eighteenth birthday was next week and her old sister, Angie, was concerned. She knew her sex life had just begun and she was worried about the inevitable fumbles, disappointing quick draws and date rapes she’d encounter with the boys in her school. She had gone through that period herself and she didn’t want her beloved sister to suffer the way she had.

Over the years she had accepted, and even begun to love sex despite her horrendous beginnings. She had gone away to school and learned it was not much different than high school. Boys still bragged like the did on the gym field and she was still treated as nothing more than a sexual outlet. Her peers in the dorm were as bad, trying to impress each other with the dirtiest story, daring each other to do more. They called each other the Bryant College Sluts and wore the label like a badge, impaling themselves on any cock lucky enough to get into their good graces.

By then Angie had learned enough to stay out of their inner circle. Since high school she had grown an appreciation of men and the male form. She desired its unyielding strength and the surprise of a soft pair of lips that actually knew how to kiss a woman.

Her Freshman year was filled with a burning crush on her Psychology 101 TA. She spent weeks fantasizing about him which grew to a healthy flirting after class. After a semester of pursuing him he caved in and dated her. It was a wonderful evening with a romantic dinner. That night they walked along the Charles River and admired the reflection of the moon on the water. She began to believe all she had hoped for, had dreamt about was beginning to come true. She felt awkward, like a schoolgirl with a crush, and she could hear her heart beating rapidly. The feeling was intense and lasted until he kissed her.

He was sloppy, ambling and groped her in ways that made her wince. Not wanting to appear the nescient lover she gave in. He took her to bed that night and though his appear was impressive, lined with gilded books and research papers stacked high, his lovemaking was juvenile. Twice he spilled uncontrollably, the first before entering her patient womanhood and the second soon after penetrating her following a long period of recuperation filled with encouragements. She closed her eyes after the disappointments and thanked the administration that planned her finals soon after this shaming experience.

She continued to date but held off on sex. She devised a series of secret auditions for those that chose to be close to her. Those that failed she didn’t see again, ending their misbegotten relationship with a sobbing phone call relating her mother’s death or an accusatory conversation of the Herpes she recently contracted. All were guaranteed to make a man disappear faster than dignity at a frat hazing.

The next two years passed and none of her dates made it past her auditions. One boy, a month from graduation and a year her senior, got to feel her breasts. She was optimistic and looked forward to finally making love again but as his lips reached her breast and teeth clamped down on her nipple she shrieked and pushed him away. He grew angry with this and, in a shouting match, tried to convince her it was her fault but she only grew angrier. Almost attacking him, she screamed until he ran out the door. That one didn’t even get the courtesy of a phone call; he was merely dropped from the list.

She met Neil a month after the encounter. The pain in her nipple had subsided but the memory was still potent in her mind. She didn’t even deign to consider a man since that fiasco. All those who noticed her were quickly dismissed without a return glance. She didn’t find it difficult. Hell, there were hundreds of women on campus more eager and less demanding than her. Why would they waste their time?

Neil was more determined than most. He was her lab partner for Biology and though he was very attractive, with a beauty that most women never saw, it wasn’t the first thing she noticed about him. The first thing that drew her attention was his attitude. Comfortable with himself and those around him, he never felt the need to show off or brag. He allowed his actions to do that for him. He was very intelligent and possessed a passion for learning that even she did not possess. His eyes were a deep blue and seemed to look upon her with a soft gaze that got her frustrated heart beating again. His beauty was one that seemed to grow on you. Most women would never notice him on the street but with a second look you realize how perfect his face seems- his deep eyes, soft lips that turned slightly up at the corners and dimples unseen until he broke into a wide smile. This was camouflaged underneath a quiet exterior focused on work on studying.

As the semester drew on they grew closer. She learned he worked two jobs to pay for his education and support his mother, who recently faced a cut in pay after a debilitating car accident. He had no time for fun and Cami Halısı rarely smiled. Because of this Angie made it her goal to get him to smile more and learn to enjoy life.

From what she learned of him she knew he would pass her first test. He was intelligent, with a good sense of humor and for him women were more than just something to bed. Somewhere along respect and a sense of wonderment of women was instilled in him. She came to him for a kiss and it took her breath away; soft, sensual and warm. He lingered as they kissed, in no rush to move on to anything else. He merely enjoyed her lips with his. Feeling his sincerity, she drew him closer and for once she was tempted to move forward. It was with difficulty that she ended the night with that. She walked away floating and found her mind returning to him until they next met in their Tuesday lab.

He was reluctant to discuss anything but their work in class and he avoided her casual flirting. It was a first for her, though admittedly she has been out of practice since her Freshman year. She found him calling him, and though they talked casually, she didn’t learn anymore about him than she already knew from class. Instead she found herself telling him about herself. Unlike most men she dated, he had no desire to manipulate the conversation back to him. He didn’t interrupt and only spoke to offer encouragement or honest, interested questions.

On the following dates he hurdled past her next tests. She considered granting him some leeway, so great was her want for him, but she learned he didn’t need her help. He knew his way around a woman’s breast, knew her lips and was very practiced in touching a woman with gentle, sensuous strokes. On their third date she allowed his fingers in her sex and she quickly shuddered to an orgasm faster than ever before, sooner than she would have even if it were her own graceful digits.

At this she expected him to take her, even wanted him too. She lay with him with the pair of sexy thong panties she wore in preparation and her bra. Her breasts, with turgid nipples like bullets, overlapped the soft cups of her bra. She opened her legs and encircled him, feeling his length against her dampened sex. Like a hungry snake she licked his ear and whispered exhortations of lust with words she never believed she would utter. His member was rigid against her vulva and she opened to him, sliding her slickness on the crotch of his jeans. She clawed at him, tearing off his clothes to forego any further unnecessary tests. He had proven himself to her beyond any other man and she wanted him now. Her body reacted to him as never before. She felt attuned to his every motion, his every kiss. As he touched her, her body flushed.

With a haphazard tug, she tore the panties from her body and enclosed him in her limbs. Barely able to reach his crotch, he managed to divest himself of all but his shirt and boxer briefs, which remained behind his knees. She took the lead that night, allowing him a reprieve from her examinations in the name of her pleasure. For once she enjoyed the feel of a man. He was large and filling yet was in no rush. He seemed to prefer to enjoy her. If it were not for her rush to a further climax, she was certain he would have spent more time lovingly stroking her canal with his shaft. That night she lay wrapped around him, ear to his chest, for the first time in her life. She had never before spent the night with a man in her bed. She relished the feeling; lean muscular legs, the soft hairiness, the unforgettable scent of man that she so missed.

They agreed to see each other exclusively and so began months of passionate nights with a man she is finally able to fall for. He surprised her as she never expected. He was a deep man and very intelligent. He had a soft sense of humor he never overused and though he was very guarded, she found him opening up to her just as she did. She found him to be an expert lover and she yielded to him gratefully. He learned her body well, taking her to greater heights with each evening they spent together. Though it surprised her, Angie began to daydream of him. Happily she imagined the bed they shared earning the title of woman for this man. She had never before thought of love as a rational feeling but in these moments she could not feel any other way. When they were together, all felt right. She was comforted physically and emotionally in ways she would never have known. Come fall she had taken him home to meet her parents at Thanksgiving. When Christmas time came her parents, noticing the affect he had on their eldest daughter, welcomed him into their home.

Her little sister Candace celebrated her eighteen birthday the month before and, because of the milestone, had been given free access to her father’s car, as well as permission to stay out the entire night. At any other time she would be overjoyed with the newfound freedom but now it just reminded her of her problem. The Cami Halıları boy she had been dating, the second string quarterback, had turned down her hints of the upcoming junior prom to go with Denise, a senior cheerleader he had been seeing casually since the beginning of the year.

Too ashamed to tell her family, she accepted the privileges with false gratitude. As she looked at the dress she had already custom made for the night she nearly cried. That night her older sister returned home while her classes were out and she found that, unlike her parents, her sister could easily see something was wrong. Knees tucked to her chest, almost pouting, she relayed her predicament to her trusted sibling. She listened intently, only interrupting to hug the young girl when it appeared she would start crying.

Candace half hoped to hear the vows of vengeance and threats against the boys manhood that would be expected of any woman whose younger sister was wronged in such a way though she did no such thing. Instead she made her feel better by relating stories of her teenage dating mishaps and the bad decisions she’d made. She found herself listening to stories she’d never heard before and ones she was sure her parents were unaware of. She blushed, she laughed and gaped in awe upon hearing of her older sister’s misadventures. Upon hearing Angie’s imitation of the sound her Psychology TA made when he kissed, she rolled back laughing, her tears of sadness turning to tears of happiness.

Angie had done her job as an older sister and felt much better. They just lay together on the bed breathing slowly, recovering from the laugh. Looking over at her younger sister, dressed ready for bed in her flannel pjs, Angie couldn’t help but wonder how far she’d gone with the jerk that left her just before the most important night of her high school life.

She sat up on her heels, “You mean have we slept together?”

“Of course,” Angie smiled. “And if you did, I hope it wasn’t in the backseat of a car.” She wagged her finger at her playfully.

The girl’s face blushed. “Oh no! I wouldn’t…I mean, I would. I’d like to maybe sometime. But NEVER with him! I just don’t think of him like that.” Her quick response slowed. “It would be my first time and he’s not the type of guy I want to share that with.”

Angie smiled, “How have you imagined it?”

Growing more comfortable, the younger girl searched for the words. “I don’t know. I just have always wanted it to mean something- to be more than just an urge in the basement rec room or a darkened closet. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

She sighed, “Sometimes what you want and what you get are two completely different things. I hoped for something more too. It didn’t end up as I’d hoped.” She stopped, feeling the conversation turning. “When I was around your age I always imagined it would be romantic and something memorable I could always look back to with pride but it turned out to be pointless, painful and embarrassing. I wouldn’t trust any of the boys I knew in high school to know how to wear the right shoes, much less know how to please a young woman.”

They both started laughing again and Candace broke out in a fit of giggling.

Angie got serious again, putting her arm around her sister. “But seriously sis, if you need any advice or want to talk to anyone, you know to look up the lady with all the answers.” She smiled and said she would.

As the older girl rose to leave Candace spoke out. “Ange? What’s it like? What does it feel like, I mean?”

She stifled a smile. “Sex? You mean how is it?”

A nod.

Looking to the ceiling, she searched for the right words. “Candy, it can be wonderful. It is, it’s wonderful- but it’s not always and never at first. It hurts. It’s painful and you ask yourself why you’re doing it. You wonder how all the women that talk about how great it is can really like such a thing. It feels too medical, like the doctor is examining you in a cold room but then…then it starts to feel good. Not all that good, mind you, but you feel something and at least it isn’t pain. It starts to tickle just so then it’s the tiniest bit warm. For most people the first time ends around then, if they’re lucky enough to get that far. You put it behind you and are just happy to have gotten through your first time with minimal discomfort.”

Her sister was silent, listening with rapt eyes.

“There are a lot of people that go through much worse their first time. You’re just happy you’re not one of them. You think about it a lot and, like the mind tends to do when thinking about the past, you forget all the bad things about it. You remember how freeing it felt to be naked with someone and how interesting and beautiful a naked boy can be. You remember how he kissed, the sweet words he said to you but most of all, you remember how he made you feel. You begin to look at boys differently now, you feel closer to them and you know their secrets. You feel like you’ve joined a club you’ve always spied on through the keyhole but never understood.”

“After that it gets better. You begin to really understand the pleasure of sex. That warmth inside you grows deeper, turning into a wetness that really gets things going. After the second or third time the feel of a man inside you is like nothing else. It’s filling, urgent and powerful. It can be a dangerous thing. You start to miss it, especially when you meet a guy that knows how to use it.”

She could see her younger sister’s mind imagining what she said. The idea of her having sex with someone bothered her. But, she wasn’t a little girl anymore and Angie knew it was bound to happen soon. She was very attractive. She wouldn’t even consider her cute. Candace had a slender face, pale skin and beautiful eyes that made her look vampy. She resembled those European models, though in her biased eyes, she was much more beautiful.

She left her cross legged on the bed contemplating their conversation but couldn’t shake her thoughts. As much as she tried to get the idea out of her head, she knew it was probably for the best. When she considered it, she wished someone had been there for her when she was her age. She was excited, ready, eager and totally unprepared. Sex seemed so glorious when talking about it in the lunch room or locker room at school, but when it finally came down to it on his big brother’s bed upstairs at a party, it was much less than she’d hoped. He was arrogant, unpracticed and acted like she wasn’t even there when she quickly speared her. It was a moment she’d replayed in her head hundreds of times and wished it had been different thousands.

Keith had changed all that. That had been dating for almost a year now and had grown from close friends to sex partners to passionate lovers. With him she realized how wonderful a man can feel and how great it feels to be a woman. She felt completely open with him and knew he felt the same. He was bound to her and would do most anything she’d ask of him. More than that, he was a good man, trustworthy, gentle and understanding. He was attractive and knew how to be a man. After tossing and turning for hours, all the while running the conversation through in her mind, she picked up the phone to call him.

The next morning Angie and Candace were walking along the nature trail behind their house. They rarely had time alone together when she was home and were thankful for the solitude. Though she didn’t want to bring up the topic again so soon she wanted to hear what she thought of the idea.

“Candy, remember I told you about my new guy Keith?”

The younger girl nodded.

“Remember I told you about all the bad choices I’ve made with men in the past and how it feels when you finally meet a guy that can handle a woman? Well that would be Keith.”

For once the older sister played the part of the giggling girl. “Ummm he’s the greatest thing to happen to me for a long, long time. I was really beginning to lose faith in guys but he fixed that. He treats me perfectly, knows how to kiss and, most importantly, knows just what I need and how I need it in bed.”

“I hate to say this, but older men are the best thing for a woman. Guys your age won’t know what to do with it. Hell, they hardly know what to do to themselves. Give me an older man any day. Every girl should spend her first time with a man that appreciates that and makes it something memorable.”

Candace was growing accustomed to her older sister talking so openly, a trait she’d never had before she went away to school. “That’s great for you but there’s not a whole lot of older men to choose from when you’re a junior in high school. That is unless, of course, you want to try it with a teacher and that’s just icky.”

They walked together silently for a few minutes, enjoying the fresh spring air. They were shoulder to shoulder but neither looked at the other. Finally Angie began. “I’ve been seeing this guy for a while now. His name’s Keith. He’s a couple of year older than I am; he just started grad school. I haven’t told mom and dad yet because you know how nosy they get but it’s pretty serious.”

“That’s great Ange.”

She smirked, “yeah, it’s pretty good. I was really anti-man for a while but he got me over all that. Took a while too, but I needed it. He’s very patient.”

“Have you? You haven’t?

She smirked at her younger sister. “Of course I have, sis. That’s the best thing about having a boyfriend. Well,” she hesitated. “That and his tongue.”

Candace blanched at this, her lips forming a tiny circle in shock.

Angie playfully batted her shoulder. “Oh, come now, I’m a big girl. It’s allowed.” Still her younger sister was speechless. “When you get older and you try it, you’ll see what I mean. If done right, it’s the best thing in the world.

“If done right?”

“Of course. You don’t think it’s something that everyone was born with? Some people were born with it and some weren’t. Some can learn and some never will.”

“I don’t think any boys I know would do something like that. I don’t think I’d want them to.”

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