Mid-Life in Crisis

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Author’s notes: Sorry it has taken me so long to post something new. After months of tearing out my flooded kitchen, I was finally able to sneak into to my office and get some writing done. To get this posted before the next big project comes up, I haven’t been able to send it to my usual editors for clean up. Only my loving wife has edited this. So, if there are mistakes, I take full responsibility. I hope you enjoy this little story, and please remember to vote. I appreciate any and all constructive comments.


The alarm blared in her ear again. She sighed, as she hit the snooze button, not looking forward to waking her husband to get him ready for work. She knew he had been drinking again and didn’t want to put up with his foul breath or mood again.

She started to doze again until she felt his hand reach over and roughly grab her breast and pull at her nipple. She wanted to cry but tried to put a good face on things. At least he was still interested. She felt his hard dick poke her in the ass as his hips trust at her.

“Come on Sheila; give me a quick fuck before I have to go home.” He mumbled and came all over her ass.

She shoved her elbow into his ribs, not caring anymore. “Get up Frank; it’s time to take your lazy ass to work!” She hissed shoving him to the edge of the bed.

“What the fuck? What’d I do this time?” He groggily asked as he put his feet down on the wood floor.

“It’s time to get up. If you’re late again, your boss will fire you and you’re too old to go back out on the job market again.” Stella Patten told her husband, as she hid her tears.

“No reason to be all bitchy about it. You going into the pause? All you do is bitch at me anymore. I know you’re getting too old for that PMS bullshit you used to pull.” The pudgy, balding, Frank said, as he scratched his cum coated balls and shuffled into the master bath.

Stella quietly cried into her pillow as she heard the shower come on. Deep down she knew the once love of her life, was having an affair. She even suspected who, but until that morning, she didn’t know it for a fact. Not that it changed anything. She knew she couldn’t get a divorce. She didn’t believe in divorce. She just didn’t know what she could do to make things better.

After getting up, she looked deep into her coffee cup, wishing for an answer, as Frank came in and gave her a perfunctory kiss and told her. “I’ll be late, so don’t hold dinner. I’ll grab a burger or something.” Then left without a backward glance.

“Yeah, I bet! Sheila’s fur burger and thighs… fucking asshole!” Stella said and ignored the tear sliding her cheek.

“Happy fucking birthday Stella, you’re forty two today. And what did your loving husband give you?” She asked the air bitterly. “Oh, not much; just proof he’s been fucking around and blowing the vacation money on his tramp assistant, the fat fucking slut Sheila.” She smiled bitterly and tossed her coffee into the sink, not caring as the cup shattered.


Later that day, Stella was working out her anger at the gym. It was her only extravagance. The rest of the money went into their children’s college funds and paying of the vacation rental Frank just had to have, to show what a success he was. It was where he took his clients for some down time. Hell, Stella hadn’t seen the inside of the place in over three years.

“Do you want to talk about it?” A voice said next to her, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Not really.” She said and added speed to the stationary bike she was riding.

“Sweetheart, if you don’t, they’ll make you pay for the bike your about to break in your anger. Come on, it’s me….” The tall brunette woman put her hand on Stella’s arm in a friendly manner.

“I’m sorry Karney, Just a bad day.” She slowed the bike back to something close to normal and sat up to wipe the sweat off her face.

“But it’s your birthday… what happened since yesterday when you found out they were planning a surprise party?” She offered her friend her bottle of water.

“Nothing much really…. Frank finally let it slip, while he was waking up, that he’s been fucking his assistant. I doubt he even remembers it’s my birthday, as he’s out fucking that bitch. He called off work today, saying he had an appointment. But he left early and told me he would be late and not to hold dinner.” If she didn’t smile, she would have bust out crying again.

“Fuck me!” Karney Scott said, as her eyes bulged out.

“Sweetie, that’s probably the best offer I’ve had in a long time…” Stella smiled sadly. “But you know I don’t swing that way. Besides I’m still married.” She looked at the tight body of her friend and wondered again what it would be like to succumb to her curiosity. She had to admit Karney looked great.

Karney’s nipples hardened at the frank appraisal from her friend. She felt the tingle all the way down her five foot ten frame. She, like so many others, had lived through izmir escort a very bad marriage before realizing she was a lesbian.

It almost killed her before she was able to do anything about it. She remembered the day she looked in the mirror and couldn’t see a way out. She remembered throwing the handful of pills against the mirror and deciding enough was enough.

After that and her messy divorce, she took the proceeds and bought herself a new attitude. After a year of therapy, a lot of hard work, and just a little bit of surgery, no one from her past would ever recognize her from the frumpy dowdy person she used to be.

“Are you going to divorce him?” Karney asked softly.

“I can’t; it’s against everythng I believe in.” She smiled again sadly. “When I said ‘I do’ it was for life….” She sighed and forced the tears back. “And, I don’t think he’s going to come up and tell me one day that he wants a divorce so he can marry her. So, I’m just stuck.” Stella got off the bike and handed Karney back her water bottle.

“Why don’t you just leave him? I know you make more money than he does. I’ve read some of your work. Just because you don’t have to go to the office every day doesn’t detract from your contribution to the earnings. Let him pay for that fucking lover’s nest he had to have. You know that where he’s at don’t you?” Karney said in instant defense of her friend.

Karney shut her mouth before she let the cat out of the bag. She didn’t think her friend would appreciate the interference. But she would offer the information her brother, the investigator, had collected. She had tried to let enough little slips happen so Stella knew what was going on, but she didn’t want to ruin her marriage just because she had the hots for the fiery Stella.

“Yeah, I know… but I promised, for better or worse. Until death do we part… you know the drill.” She started walking to the showers, Karney right behind her. As they entered, Karney pulled her her into the last stall. It was big enough for two.

“Here, let me relax you a bit before you have to face the kids.” Karney offered.

Stella didn’t hesitate and she stripped off her sweaty unitard and workout gear. They had shared showers before. She relaxed as her taller friend started washing her hair.

“God, it’s been forever since someone has washed my hair for me. I’ve been thinking about cutting it short like yours.”

“Never… perish the though. Keep it long. Short hair wouldn’t look right on you.” Karney said and she ran her hands through it. She wasn’t ready for the flash of passion as her innocent friend leaned back against her and made contact with her hardening nipples.

Yes, she had day and night dreams about making love to Stella. She has since she met Stella over two years before. She accepted that they could only be friends, and so far they hadn’t crossed any lines, even with their shared showers.

Karney pulled Stella’s hair back and started rubbing her shoulders. She was so tempted to lean in and taste just once.

She knew Stella still saw the dumpy housewife of two years ago in the mirror, not the hot tight body she had worked so hard to become. Karney didn’t even think she recognized the looks from both sexes as she passed. All Karney knew was that she would love to cup her breasts and make love to Stella all night long.

“I’ll give you a year to stop.” Stella said in a sigh, unaware of the conflict going on in her friends mind and body. She just relished in the felling of being wanted and touched with care.

Her brain didn’t respond and the slim fingers cupped her breast and lifted them. Stella sighed deeper and relaxed more into the relaxing sensations.

There comes a time when cognitive thought stops and the body just takes over. Karney unknowingly crossed that line, as all of a sudden her hands were full of Stella’s soft breasts.

Somewhere deep in her mind it registered that the nipples responded favorably to the caress and captured them. She pulled and coaxing them into full extension. She felt the moan through her own breasts and in her hands. Before she knew it, she leaned down and kissed the woman in her arms.

Stella’s breath was coming fast and her mind swirled. She didn’t know when this went form a friendly shared shower, to something else, but she had to stop it. She refused to cheat on her marriage. She needed to stop, no matter how good it felt to be loved or desired again. Why was she kissing her friend back? Why did she taste so good? Why was she so wet? Why….

“Stop…! Please stop!” Stella gasped out on the verge of orgasm.

Karney saw the passion and the conflict in Stella’s eyes. “I’m so sorry; I don’t know what came over me.” She tried to apologize.

“No, please don’t be sorry, but we have to stop.” Stella looked quizzically at her own hands and they slid up and down Karney’s body, wanting to stroke and grasp.

Stella fought the urge to lean in and capture the alsancak escort swollen nipple in front of her. Her head swam with images and passion she’d forgotten she possessed.

“Are you sure you want to stop?” Karney asked, her flesh rising under Stella’s hands.

“Want to… I don’t know. Have to; yes!” Stella sighed and stepped away from her friend before she did something that would destroy any chance of them being friends or lovers again.

“Are you sure?” Karney asked again wanting to reach out and consume the woman in front of her.

“Yes.” Stella said simply and she placed a restraining hand in between Karney’s breasts. “If we did this, no matter how good it felt, it would destroy everything. I will not be a cheater.” She said with conviction.

“Why would this make you…?” Karney started to ask, but was stopped as Stella started speaking.

“If I cheat on Frank, and we ended up together, what would stop me from cheating on you or anyone else?” Stella asked with a confused look on her face. “I could never see you again, let alone be your friend. We have to stop, even if we don’t want too.” Stella looked at Karney’s breasts, afraid to see the rejection on her friends face.

Karney heard the ‘we end up together’ and hope flared inside of her. Stella did have feelings for her and then again, she also had a very valid point.

“Okay… I understand.” Karney reached out and hugged Stella one last time for now. “Let’s get dressed and I’m taking you out for a birthday lunch. It will be my treat.” She smiled down at Stella and playfully pinched her firm butt to get her moving.

Stella took a few deep breaths and after she got dressed smiled at her friend. “Are you ready?” She tried to ignore the damp twitching between her legs and Karney put her arm around her and escorted her out of the gym.

The rest of the afternoon went in a flash. Before she knew it, she was supposed to be going home to her surprise party.

She acted suitably shocked when her kids and their friends jumped out and yelled ‘Happy Birthday’. She even ignored the smell of wine and perfume, wafting off her husband, as he tried to act like the doting husband.

She thanked her kids and let them loose in the back yard with the understanding that no one underage was to leave unless they were accompanied by an adult.

The problem didn’t start until Stella tried to go to bed. She was just going to shut off her light when Frank came in and announced. “You ready for some great birthday sex? I am.” Frank said while rubbing his crotch.

She couldn’t stop herself. “What? Didn’t you get enough from your slut assistant? Wasn’t eight hours of fucking her in our cabin enough for you today?” She spat out bitterly.

The fight lasted until after midnight and with her going out and sleeping with the kids in the backyard, where she hoped the music was too loud for them to hear the fight and what it was about.


The frost lasted two weeks, with his constant denials and her refusing to listen to them. Even the kids knew something was wrong. Stella was just getting off the phone with her publisher when they cornered her in her office.

All three of them, the twin sixteen year old boys, Brain and Ryan, and her fourteen year old daughter, Amy, asked at the same time.

“Are you and Dad getting a divorce?”

“Yeah and who is this Sheila bimbo I’ve been hearing about?” Amy added, pissed.

“What… how… when…” She sighed. “No, as far as I know, your father and I are not getting a divorce. I will never file for one.” She said with a slight emphasis on the word father. “And the only Sheila I know of is his office assistant. If she is a bimbo, has as of yet to be determined.” She said trying to not involve her children in her and Frank’s problems.

“Yeah right; if she’s his assistant, then why is she sending him beaver shots in his email?” Ryan asked aggitated.

“What…!” Stella lurched forward.

“Come on mom, we know you’re trying to protect us, but he’s like being totally obvious about it. He even has the nerve to bring the bitch to my….” Brian said alos venting his anger.

“Watch your mouth Brian. You know I’ll not allow that language in my house. When and where do you….” She stopped and rubbed her eyes. “Alright, quit ganging up on me. How long and what do you know? And, let’s do this one at a time!” She pinned them down with her mother’s stare. “You first Ryan!” She pointed at her son.

“Okay, I was working on the living room computer and found dads private email… well actually he forgot to sign out of it. Sooo, I did some snooping. The first email I got was from this ‘sheila6969’. It was a beaver shot as she was shaving it. I closed it down and really didn’t want to know about the porn my dad looks at.” He said trailing off.

“Yea, and then I find this other cell in his coat, when he had me get his clothes ready for the cleaners. buca escort It has only one name on it.” Amy paused for effect. “Sheila P.” She crossed her arms and motioned to Brian.

“Yeah and at my last soccer match when you were at that writer’s thing, he brought this blond with her tits almost hanging out of her top. Oh, they tried to act all innocent, but you could tell. They were sending out vibes a blind man could see.” Brian gave a shutter as his sister took over again.

“So, after the big fight on your birthday….. We all got together and compared notes. I’m sorry mom, but I overheard some of the fight, and well, I had to use the bathroom and you were kinda loud….” Amy said looking down.

“Yeah and it’s warmer at the north pole than it’s been at home lately, so we just, well you always tell us to be open and honest with you.” Ryan finished.

Stella sighed. “Yes, your father and I are having issues. No, I will not put you kids in the middle of our problems. This is the first and last time I will ever ask you information about this. No, it is against my beliefs to file for a divorce. When we married, I said ‘I do’ and all that implies.” She sighed again. “I’m sorry you have had to learn of this the way you have.”

“Why would have you hid it from us?” Brian asked irritated.

“I would have kept you from the problem as much as I could. It is my job to protect you and let you grow up in a stable household. No I will never lie to you, but still… this is private matter between your father and I.” She tried to reason with them.

“I’m sorry mom, but that’s a load of bullshit and you know it!” Ryan said but stopped when Amy put her hand on his arm.

“Stop it Ryan, at least one of our parents gives a shit about protecting us. It’s not mom’s fault dad is going through some stupid mid-life crisis. So, stop being a dick about it!” Ryan started to reply but again was stopped by his little sister.

“Look, Mom’s done everything she could. She gone to the gym three to five time a week and has kept in shape. She wears nice clothes and does everything a man should want. You said it yourself. Half your friends are green with envy for having such a hot mom… a MILF I think is what Robby Peterson called her. If I’m not mistaken that mean a ‘mother I’d like to fu…. Um have sex with.” She blushed at the look from her mother.

Stella blushed at the frank appraisal from her children. “That’s beside the point. I’m not going to cheat on your father, and I refuse to discuss our problems with you kids. Thank you for your concern.” She told them and meant it, as she tried to end the conversation.

“What happened mom?” Brian asked confused. “When did things get so bad?” He wanted to know why his world was crashing down around him.

“I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll ever really know, but it happens to a lot of couples as they get older. I had hoped to beat the odds and if I can still save my marriage, I will. Don’t be too hard on your father, I’m sure in his mind, he has a very good reasons for what he’s done. Give him a chance.” She said forlornly.

“Okay mom, just remember that we care.” Amy said and started pushing her brothers out of the office.

“Well at least she won’t be lonely unless she wants to be. Half the guys I know would love to take her out.” One of the boys said as they walked down the hall.

“Guys are such pigs. I can seriously understand why there are so many gay girls. Who would want to put up with your shit all the time?” Amy said, startling Stella.


Her mind was still in a fog as she went through her routine at the gym. “A penny for your thoughts.” Karney said, keeping her tone friendly and ignoring the quick flush and tingly feeling between her legs.

“I just found out my kids know all about her.” Stella said gripping the handle tighter as she tried to keep her focus.

“Oh, sorry. I know it sounds trite, but I know from experience, the wife is always the last to know. When you trust someone, it’s hard to believe they would betray that trust.” Karney said offering her water bottle again.

“I just don’t understand it. He bitched at me, about how flabby and fat I was getting, until I joined the gym. Then what does he do? He finds some chick with an ass as big as West Texas to fuck around with. Oh, sure her tits are a lot bigger than mine but still I didn’t think I look that shabby since I’ve firmed up.” She vented.

“Sweetheart you are a knockout. If you took time to look around, you would see and feel the eyes that follow you whenever you walk past. Most of the guys here would cream their jeans just to see you naked, let alone a chance to touch you. Hell, as we know from that shower, I’d love nothing more than to get to know you a whole lot better.” She smiled wistfully. “But you made a good point. So I, like the rest of your adoring fans, will suffer in silence.” She sighed and clasped her hands at her breasts.

Stella laughed at the batted eyelashes and the tone. “Like you’d have to wait for someone like me, I’ve seen them drooling after you too sister.” Stella was glad they got over the shower incident and were back to being friends. She also ignored the quick flashed of heat and tight nipples she felt in her friend’s presence.

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