Milking You Ch. 04

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Together we move like a well-oiled machine with your body receiving and mine giving. I know I can’t handle this much longer. In despite of all my efforts to hold off I know for sure now that I need you to take me. I need you to kiss me and throw me down on this loveseat. I need to feel your hands touching me and I need to cum so hard. I feel my pussy aching for you inside my panties and I just know when you remove them they are going to be soaked from my juices. Letting my eyes dart over to the left I see the room that we are going to be fucking in. I moan softly of the thought of how we are going to end up in that room. I want to be kissing you. I want your arms around me pulling me to you as we fall together on the bed. I want that so badly. But first I want to enjoy having some fun here.

You can’t stop thrusting and moaning. You are so close. The strain of being in this position is starting to take a toll of your body. You know you need to hurry up and cum so you can sit down. But you know once you do that you won’t be sitting for long. Thirty minutes tops. Then you know that your lust is going to be taking over and you are going to have me pinned down on the loveseat with your hands touching everywhere. It won’t matter if it’s going to take a while for you to get hard or cum again. You are just going to enjoy each single second of our sexual encounter. It’s not even about the money know. No you don’t think it really ever was. It’s about joining our two bodies together and making me scream your name.

Letting the thought run through your mind you start cursing loudly as you feel your orgasm suddenly hit you out of the blue. You feel your eyes roll into the back of your head as your entire body breaks out in a sweat. Digging your hand into the loveseat you start riding the waves of ecstasy as your cum starts to shoot out into my hand.

I feel you cum and I stop thrusting the massager into your ass letting my hand hold it still. I feel all your warm cum running down my fingers and onto the seat below us. I moan happily as I feel how much you are producing. I really can’t believe it. Even though you have cum twice for me already your body is still shooting out quite an impressive load. Turning my eyes back to you I move my head around and look down my eyes growing wide. I fucking can’t believe it. I’ve never seen a man shoot this much!

“Wow baby wow,” I say.

Thank god I am recording this. I wouldn’t believe this was possible if I didn’t see it for myself. I give you this baby. You definitely could make any girl happy with the ability to do that. I slow down my stroking to where I am just gently touching the tip. I know you are going to be quite spent after this for sure. It’s going to take at least an hour or two for you to recover. That’s okay with me. I have nothing else I need to do or have anywhere else I’d rather be.

You start taking slow relaxing breaths as you feel your third orgasm of the night slowly ebb away like the waves of the ocean. You are very grateful to have somewhere to lay down and relax. You feel like you have ran a marathon. Your body is all tired and you are done for for a while.

Knowing I need to start getting ready to clean up I quickly move my hand off your cock and remove the massager from your hole. I am quite flustered myself right now and like you I am feeling a bit tired. I think we both need to take it easy. Moving my right leg from around your body I turn and place my legs on the floor as I keep the massager in my right hand. I know that I will definitely have to wash it later on tomorrow when I go home. For now it will be okay on the table. As I go to stand up I accidently kick the vibe with my foot. Damn I almost forgot that I had brought that with me. Reaching down I grab it with my left hand. I then get up off the loveseat and start walking towards the table. But as I walk I feel that my legs are a bit wobbly and I realize that it’s from how I was sitting all that time. Well that’s what I get.

As I walk towards the table you move your hand off the loveseat. You know that your cum stains still have to be cleaned up so you stay right where you are. You definitely don’t want to move backwards and spread them everywhere. No that wouldn’t be a good idea.

I keep my focus on the table ahead of me as I walk. I know as soon as I get there that I’ll need to put these toys down and wash my hands plus grab a towel. I might even need to change my panties seeing how they are or just take them off entirely. But then if I did that how would it give you a chance to do that? I decide not to do that. But there is one thing that I do need to do though and that’s take off these damn high heels. They were fine at first but now they just hurt. I speed up my walking and reach the table quickly. With a happy sigh I place the massager and vibe on the table. Remembering that I need to wash my hands I walk over the sink and promptly do just that washing all your cum off me. It still amazes me how sticky sperm is.

Turning off the water I dry my hands and walk over to the closet grabbing a hand towel. It’s mecidiyeköy escort a good thing I keep plenty of these in stock. With a job like mine you never know how many will be needed. I know you are waiting for me to hurry back so you can relax. I want to relax with you. But first I must take off these shoes. Seeing a chair nearby I walk over and sit down as I bring my left foot upwards. With a sigh I pull off my shoe sighing happily. I then put down my left foot and bring my right up one taking that shoe off too. Letting my right foot relax down next to my left one I sigh again as I flex my toes. Ah yes it feels so good to have them off.

You look over and watch me flexing my toes. A smile creeps across your face. You find this moment so intimate yet so innocent. Just something as simple as me taking off my shoes is somehow slightly erotic but at the same time makes you realize how truly comfortable I must feel around you.

I catch your eyes and I smile. It’s something interesting to have you watching me like this. I can’t explain why but it just is. Flexing my toes a little bit more I place my shoes next to the chair and with one more sigh I stand up keeping the towel firmly in my hand. Keeping my eyes directly on you I walk over to the loveseat and get down on my knees. Taking the towel I spread it out and place it over the cum stained area. Letting my eyes dart from your eyes to the task at hand I start wiping the seat getting it clean.

You look down watching me clean the area. I am so close now. You can smell my perfume and feel the heat radiating from my body. You feel your heart race wildly just by having me near. You ache to kiss me. You have to kiss me. There’s no holding back. Taking your left hand you place it on my face and tilt my chin upwards. You want me looking at you when you do this.

I feel your hand on my face lifting my chin to meet yours. I gaze into your eyes and I stop wiping the couch letting the towel stay where it lies. I know what is about to happen. I can taste it and feel it in the air. I know you are about to kiss me. I just know it.

You search my eyes as we sit there feeling the moment hit us. You want to make sure there’s no doubt. Not seeing any you bring your face forward and move your hand up to my cheek stroking as you kiss me.

I moan softly as I kiss you back. I feel my body come alive as I press my lips firmly against yours. Not caring that the towel is still on the loveseat I press my body forwards and wrap my arms around your back pulling you close. I’ve never been kissed like this before with such passion and hunger. Most of the kisses I’ve ever gotten have been rough and sometimes even painful.

You hear and taste my moan. Happy that I am enjoying this you quickly return one of your own as you stroke my face more. You know for sure that you definitely are the only one of any of your friends that’s ever gotten to kiss me at all. But you also know it really has nothing to do with them. They can keep their stories and so called experiences. You have this. You have my arms wrapped around you and you have my lips on yours. You know you want to take this further but not now. For now all you want to do is kiss me.

I let myself forget about the business and the clients. I let myself forget for a minute that I’m a professional and that you are here for my services. None of that matters at the moment. All that matters is that I’m a woman, you’re a man, and together we are doing what comes naturally. I want to continue this kissing but I need to get off this floor. I want to be comfortable while we kiss. Using your body to help me just a little bit I keep my lips locked on yours as I get up off the floor and sit my body on the seat. I remember that you are still in a sitting position so I make sure there’s plenty of room.

You feel me sit down on the loveseat and you know as a gentleman you should move. But of course at the same time you know that you don’t want to stop kissing me. You start trying to decide in your mind if you want to be the one to lay down or you want me to be the one. Quickly deciding that it would be much better to have me underneath you instead of the other way around you know that you’ll have to stand up for just a second so I can get comfortable. Unfortunately that means pulling your lips away from mine but of course it’s only for a second. With a groan you slowly move your hand and lips off mine pulling back.

I open my eyes and look up at you wondering why we stopped kissing. Surely it wasn’t something I did.

You see me staring at you and you quickly stand up maneuvering with your hands that I should lay down. You don’t want to speak for the fear of breaking this sexual spell. You just want me to lay down so you can climb on top of me.

I see your hands maneuvering and I know what you’re trying to tell me. Reaching down I pull the towel away and toss it in on the floor. I then scoot my body down onto the loveseat placing my head on the arm of the seat. Knowing my skirt limits merter escort me from really being able to spread my legs open like I want to do I know there is only one solution. Taking my hands I reach down and grab the button on my skirt popping it open. I then grab the zipper and pull it down softly whimpering with the fact that I am getting slowly naked.

You stand there watching me get practically naked before you. You can’t believe this is happening but at the same time you are so glad that it is. Wanting to help out you reach down and grab the bottom of my skirt. I look up at you and nod my head letting you know that it is okay to take it off. Knowing it’s okay with me you grab harder onto my skirt and slowly pull it down over my hips, down my legs, and past my feet. Taking the skirt into your hands you toss it aside on the floor and let your eyes feast on my near nakedness.

I wink at you mouthing ‘thank you’ as I breathe a sigh of relief over having that damned skirt off. Now I really can stretch out and get myself more into a proper position for you. Making sure I am completely comfortable I spread my legs open slightly and wait for you to join me.

Seeing me do that is all the invitation that you need. Stretching your body quickly lifting your arms over your head you let a wicked smile come over your face as you get back on the loveseat letting your right knee make contact first. You see me laying there all vunerable before you and you let out a groan. This is what you are used to. This is what you like. Standing in this position you know you could do anything you want and that even though you do want to kiss me again very badly there is something you want to do even more. But first before you do it you want me to close my eyes. You don’t want me to see.

“Close your eyes,” you tell me.

Whoo-hoo! You want me to close my eyes. Something tells me that what you are about to do is going to be very hot and going to feel very good. Dying to know what it is I close my eyes and prepare myself for your ‘assault’ on my body.

You see that my eyes are closed and you quickly get into position laying your stomach flat on the loveseat while placing your left knee on the floor. Taking your hands you bring them forward and slide them underneath my hips tilting me upwards. You feel your mouth water as you see my panty covered pussy come into view with your hungry eyes. You originally weren’t going to do this but you figure after the three orgasms I gave you that I deserve to at least have some oral service paid to me properly.

Bringing your mouth closer you start planting small kisses along the crotch area allowing my scent to enter your nose. Remembering how many times you have done this before you let your experience guide you as you slowly eat my pussy through my panties. The urge to take them off and bury your face into my wet snatch calls to you but you know that’d be something better to wait until later to do. Right now you just want to taste me then kiss me. That’s all.

I throw my head back in ecstasy and quietly moan your name as I feel your mouth on my panties. Oh god you are so good at this. I can see why you have so many lovers. I want to grab onto your head but I know it’s too soon. We haven’t even gotten to the fucking yet. I know this is just a preview of what’s to come later.

You hear me moan your name and it just spurs you on. Turning your kisses into soft licks you work your way up to the top of my panties letting your tongue lazily dance around my clit. You can feel how swollen it is already and it excites you greatly. You know that once you get my panties off later that they are going to be more soaked than they are right now.

I toss my head back and forth as I start to thrust against your mouth. You have no idea how much I’ve needed this all night. I am in ecstasy. The feeling of your tongue on my pussy is killing me. Fuck I need more. I crave more. I cannot control my feelings or action right now. I am yours for the moment to devour and am weakened by your advance.

You feel me thrust against your mouth and you love it so much. You can tell that you are already driving me crazy and you’ve barely just started. Damn I must really be turned on right now. Not wanting to stop you work your mouth down my slit licking each single inch as you go. You are becoming intoxicated by the taste and the sounds that I am making. You know you could keep licking me through my panties until I came. You know I wouldn’t stop you. You really want to but at the same time you still want to continue kissing me. Fuck it’s so hard to make this kind of decision. Keeping your place between my legs you quickly decide to let me make the decision. Meaning if I reach down and pull on your shoulders or something you’ll know it’s time to move back up to my mouth

Oh sweet fuck me Jesus. Feeling your mouth on my slit is too much for me to take. I know if I don’t stop you that you are going to make me cum very soon. As much as I’d like that I’d rather hold off until mutlukent escort after I am completely naked and we are on the bed. But your mouth just feels so god damn good. It’s so hard for me to stop you but I must. Moving my hands down I place them on your shoulders making an upwards motion. I need you to kiss me again. I need it now!

You feel my hands trying to pull you upwards and you know it’s time. Giving a quick lick to my pussy you growl softly as you sit up slowly letting your eyes move upwards to my face. You see that my eyes are still closed and you are glad of that. You know you are going to kiss me in a minute but first you want to let your eyes take in my entire body. You want to check me out so to speak. Letting your body relax on the seat you run your eyes run down my body letting out a series of whistles. Damn this is so fucking hot. Seeing me laying here before with my eyes closed knowing I have no idea what you will do next. Now I know how you felt earlier. Besides it makes it so much hotter if I don’t know what’s going to happen.

You could stay right here or get up and walk away. You could feast on my body or leave me to simmer in my own sexual juices. The excitement of this moment is incredibly addicting.

Not feeling you touch me I just stay laying there. I know you are still here on the loveseat because I can hear your breathing. I want to open my eyes and look at you but I know it would ruin the moment. I don’t want to do that.

Okay enough fucking around. Haha what a play on words that is. It’s time to get down to business. Rocking forwards you let your left leg stay on the floor as you slowly lay your body on top of mine. Knowing that you do need to support your body while you are on top of me you place your left arm up near my head on the loveseat. You need the right one free so you can do some exploring.

I feel you on top of me now and I bring my knees upwards just a little bit more so you can get extra comfortable. I feel your hot naked cock pressing against my pussy and I moan your name as I wrap my arms once again around your back. I am enjoying having you super close to me right now. It makes me feel like such a woman.

Upon feeling my knees come upwards you quickly readjust your body pressing yourself closer to me. You moan my name as you start grinding your cock against my pussy. It feels so damn fucking good having my pussy up against you. You can hardly wait to be deep inside me.

God why aren’t you kissing me yet? I can’t take it anymore. I need your lips on mine Damnit! Bringing my head up I quickly find your mouth and I kiss you passionately. I haven’t got all night to make this happen. I want this to go from kissing, to making out, and finally to hot sweaty fucking. Don’t you understand how truly horny I am right now?

You are caught off guard a bit as you feel me kissing you. As good at it feels you can’t help but chuckle softly to yourself as you realize what kind of woman I really am. An impulsive one that takes what she wants whenever she wants. It’s true that you are not used to this but you are not going to be the one to start complaining. With a hungry groan you kiss me back letting your right hand start to wander its way up my body starting with my thigh. You love how strong my legs are and how tightly I am holding you in place. It’s so sexy.

I feel you touch my right thigh and I shudder into our kiss. Your hand feels so warm and so strong. Your touch is electrifying and I crave more of it. Increasing the pressure of our kiss I press my hands harder into your back feeling the sweat run down your body. I had no idea the night was going to end up like this but I’m so fucking glad that it did.

Letting my hands guide your body you take my right thigh harder into your hand squeezing as you slide your tongue into my mouth. You can feel my body giving way to every single movement that you make. You knew all along that underneath my tough professional shell that there was a seductive sultry woman just waiting to be brought out into the open. It just took the right man to do it.

I feel your tongue in my mouth and I happily reply by sliding mine into yours. Yes this is what having this business is all about. To be able to watch and feel pleasure in its strongest form. There’s truly nothing more beautiful than watching the human body shake when pleasure is given. It’s enough to make you want to experience it all the time.

Together we French kiss as I keep my hands firmly on your back. My body is so soft compared next to your hardness. You are one of the most sensual men that I’ve ever met before. You really know how to bring out the sexuality in any woman. I know each lover you take after me will feel beautiful and sensual once she is in your arms. For just being here with me has given you the sexual power to be the lover you’ve always wanted to be.

Needing to touch my body more you move your hands off my thigh and up to my stomach then breasts letting your fingers play with skin there. You feel my hard nipples pressing against your chest and you know for sure I am in my full state of arousal. It would only take a mere touch of your finger on my pussy to make me cum. I am hot and I am ready. You know if you could will your cock to get rock hard right now you could fuck me right here. But alas while you do feel a bit of stirring in your loins you still need to get a bit wilder before you will be ready to fuck me.

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