Mommy’s Bar Baby Ch. 02

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Alicia couldn’t believe what she was doing. Less than an hour ago she was just a lonely college girl who’d barely even kissed anyone. Now, she found herself being led by a woman who was to be called mommy, to a car outside of the bar. She shook with nerves as she got into the passenger seat, feeling herself slide around a bit on the leather seats due to her pussy being wet from cumming a few minutes earlier.

Alicia looked over at Elizabeth, her new mommy, and groaned in lust. Elizabeth smiled at her new baby girl, and leaned across the seat to buckle her in. She couldn’t wait to get Alicia home play with her some more, and finally give in to her throbbing and aching pussy.

After what seemed like hours later, the two finally arrived at Elizabeth’s place. Alicia was speechless at the beautiful and ginormous home in front of her, and found herself a bit curious as to what Elizabeth did to afford such a remarkable place. She loved that it was gated, it made her feel secure as her mommy drove them into the garage. Once Elizabeth stopped the car, she leaned over to her baby girl.

“We’re home baby, I hope you like it.”

“It’s so big Mommy,” Alicia said in awe, “I can’t believe I get to stay here tonight.”

Elizabeth smiled at the sweetness of her new girl, and couldn’t wait to show her just how amazing her place really was. They both got out of the car, demetevler escort and Elizabeth led Alicia to the entrance of the house. As they went inside, Alicia was once again speechless at the beauty before her. She barely had time to take everything in, when her mommy pushed her up against the door.

“I’ll give you a tour later baby girl,” Elizabeth whispered in her ear, “but you’re mommy has been waiting a very long time for her needs to be fulfilled. Go upstairs and go to the second door on your right, and wait on the bed for me.”

Alicia quickly ran up the stairs to the room, not sure what she expected to see. When she opened the door, she found a very pretty and pink room, with a huge bed with pink curtains around it. To Alicia, it was something she would have pictured having as a little girl, or even maybe a princess having. She walked around the room and felt right at home in it.

Elizabeth walked into the room to find her baby girl admiring the room that she hoped her baby would take up as hers soon. She walked over to Alicia and wrapped her arms around the girls DD chest, making sure to run her 2 inch nails all over them.

“You like the room baby?” Elizabeth questioned.

“Oh yes mommy, it is a room made for a princess!” Alicia said.

“Of course it is baby girl, it’s made otele gelen escort for pretty girls like you,” Elizabeth cooed as she ran her fingers over her girl’s hardening nipples. “It is the perfect place to show your mommy how much you appreciate her.”

Elizabeth then walked over to the bed, leaving Alicia standing there to watch. She laid down on her back against the pillows, moving her legs apart to show her baby that she too was pantiles under her dress. Alicia’s eyes widened as she looked at her mommy’s pussy.

“Come on baby, Mommy is aching to feel her baby girls pretty mouth on her,” Elizabeth groaned.

Alicia went over to the bed with her eyes glued to her mommy’s pussy the whole time. She hesitated as she sat down in front of Elizabeth however, a bit unsure of what to do. Elizabeth smiled and pulled her baby girl’s head down to wetness.

“Just take a deep breath baby, smell me. Use your fingers first to taste how wet you made me when I got to play with your big titties,” Elizabeth whispered.

Alicia smelled her mommy’s pussy and groaned from how good it smelt. She then stuck her tongue out, and quickly licked the open slit.

“Oh mommy, you taste so sweet! It’s like a candy treaty for your baby,” Alicia said.

“Oh yes baby,” Elizabeth cooed back, “You can eat all balgat escort of this candy as much as you want and won’t get a tummy ache.”

She then felt her baby slip her tongue farther into her pussy, running it up and down. Once Alicia hit her mommy’s clit she was hooked. She circled it with her tongue and felt Elizabeth begin to rock up and down against her face. Alicia brought her hands up to the top of her mommy’s dress, and tried to pull it down.

Elizabeth giggled at her baby girl’s efforts, and helped her pull down her dress to let her own titties breath. Alicia quickly grabbed both of the C-sized tits and squeezed them in her hands. She moaned into her mommy’s pussy, loving how good the titties felt in her hands.

“Oh you like mommy’s titties don’t you baby girl,” Elizabeth groaned as she felt herself become wetter and wetter, “Please baby, keep squeezing them as suck on the mommy’s sweet candy.”

Alicia quickly found her mommy’s nipples and pinched and squeezed the hard nubs. She then moved her mouth over Elizabeth’s clitoris, sucking it into her mouth as she flicked her tongue over the hood. Elizabeth felt a heat rush over her and she knew she was getting close to her climax, she loved how well her baby girl was doing for her first time, and knew she’d have to give in to the pleasure soon.

Alicia felt her mommy begin to buck and felt a warm liquid shoot out onto her chin as she continued to suck on her new favorite candy button. She continued to lick away at all the sweet juices that her mommy came until Elizabeth pulled her up into a kiss.

“Baby girl, you did so good at pleasing your mommy, I think it is time for you to have another reward for that…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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