Movie Night

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It had been a long day and we were both a bit tired. I popped on Netflix and searched aimlessly for something we hadn’t seen before. Nothing caught my attention and so I put on a low budget zombie movie.

Although it was a ‘B’ movie it was fairly entertaining and you seemed genuinely afraid at parts. Each time something moderately scary came on the screen you inched closer and closer to me until you were practically on top of me.

As the night went on I felt the need to lay down. I told you to scootch a bit and that I was going to stretch out. You got up off the couch as I laid down on my back. Then you proceeded to make yourself comfortable by laying half on top of me. It was actually pretty relaxing. Your head was on my chest and the weight of your body was on mine.

My hand ended up behind you and it was free to caress your body. I ran my fingers through your hair for a bit. Then my hand delicately traced your ear and down your neck. I continued down your shoulder to your waist. From there I lifted your shirt a bit so I could feel your soft skin.

Maybe it was the movie I was losing interest in or me gaining interest in you but I had lost track of the plot and was enjoying the feeling of our bodies so close together. I moved my hand down from your waist and ran my hand over your ass. Then back up and I stuck my hand under your jeans and underwear for a closer feel. You didn’t move or flinch but I could tell you had grown less interested in the movie also by this point.

With my hand still under your jeans I reached up with my other hand and gently brushed some hair away from your face. Then I traced my fingers down your body, from your shoulders to your waist. Once there I came back up to your breast which was firmly pressed again the side of my chest. Your bra was sancak escort still on but I traced my fingers over your curves.

At about that time the movie ended, thankfully, and the credits started to roll. The house was quiet and we just laid their enjoying each other’s bodies. I could smell your shampoo in your hair mixed with the lotion on your body. I almost didn’t want to move but then you decided too.

Almost as if you were yawning you stretched out as my hand fell out of your pants. This time you laid directly on top of me with your legs off to each side of mine. Your head against my chest again and your arms beside mine. As soon as you were settled though my hands were back on your body. I lifted your shirt and ran my hand up and down the small of your back. After all this time I still loved the feeling of my hands running over your smooth, soft skin. I was also starting to get a bit more solid in my pants and I think you knew it.

My hands ran down from your back and over your ass. I gave you a playful spanking but you still didn’t flinch. Were you playing hard to get? Cause I was now determined to get you with something hard.

I took my hands from your ass, up over your lower back and to your shoulders and pulled you against me tightly while I ground my hips up against you. Still no reaction from you, however.

Thoughts of fucking you danced in my head and now I knew you could feel the full on erection in my pants. Just when I thought you were going to make me beg for it you got up off me and the couch. Quickly you started stripping your jeans off and then your underwear. I stayed on the couch but pulled my jeans and underwear down around my ankles in one motion.

Before I had even laid back sarıyer escort down flat you pushed me down and straddled me. Your shirt and bra were still on as you leaned forward with your arms above my shoulders to support yourself. I could feel your very warm and wet pussy pressed against my cock. You looked me right in the eyes as you pressed the shaft between your pussy lips and then slowly moved up and down my penis.

You were always such a tease but I was greatly enjoying myself. I lay there and let you do your thing. A few times you slide down to the point where I knew my cock was right at your entrance and I did try to give my hips a little push to get inside you. However, you kept the tease going for a few more minutes. My cock was covered in your juices. Each time you raised up and down I could feel the tip of my cock pass over the opening of your vagina and then slide between your juicy lips and then over your clit. It was fun but I wanted to fuck you so badly and you knew it.

Finally, you raised your body up on mine and I had a chance. The tip of my cock passed over your tight entrance and I thrust myself forward and into you. It was just the tip but it was enough. With my cock now inside you, you settled back down and took all of me inside but then you rested back down on me again. It was nice but I kept my hips in motion. Slowly sliding in and out of you, little by little. It was a relaxing, almost tantric sex.

After a few minutes and without warning you sat directly up on me. Your body was impaled on my cock. You sat there for a bit and rocked back and forth, pressing your clit into my pelvis.

Then you leaned back, way back. Your hands grabbed my ankles and your body arched sexually. My cock strained sefaköy escort inside you. It was firmly pressed against the “top” of your vagina. You began to work yourself up and down my shaft. Then increased pressure seemed to be enjoyed by both of us. You bounced up and down, harder and harder. I was loving the view too. Your pussy was split wide open with my cock shoved between those lips. You took inch after inch with pleasure. Soon my mind turned to thoughts of filling your body with my semen but you had other ideas.

I was getting close when again you got up off me and the couch. This time it was to quickly turn around and straddle me again. You didn’t make me wait though, you grabbed my cock and as you were sitting back down you slide me back inside. You sat firmly down, reverse cow girl, taking everything I had to give you.

You placed one hand on my ankle again and with your other you stroked your clit while riding me. You looked so fucking sexy bouncing up and down on my cock. I could feel your hand working your clit while juices ran down your fingers. I was also starting to pick up my pace to meet yours.

I slapped your ass, almost too hard I thought. But you shuddered out “harder” and so I did. It was just then I noticed you starting to slow your hand and I could feel your warm wet juices start to drip down my balls, your pussy spasming on my cock.

I was pretty close myself. I continued to pump you. My hands reached up and grabbed you by the hips as I thrust into you over and over. Finally, I felt my wet balls tighten and I pulled your body onto my cock as hard as I could. My cum shot from my penis into your body. I hadn’t cum that hard or that much in a very long time. My warm sticky fluid filled every last inch of your pussy until I could feel that drip over my balls too. There is nothing I love more than filling you up.

Again you got up off me and the couch. This time it was to return back to cuddling me like you had been when we started. I could feel cum dripping out of you onto my thigh. No bed for us tonight though. I pulled a throw blanket over our naked lower halves and we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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