Ms. Molly

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August Ames

Always being a straight A student, I never thought I’d need to see a tutor. Yet here I was, nearing the end of my senior year, standing outside of the classroom at my high school, waiting for the tutor to come.

“Hi,” an uptight woman rushed to unlock the door, “Olivia, right?” I nodded. I followed her into the cold classroom and sat at the only table. Other than a square shaped table, there was a couch, a whiteboard, and a vending machine. “Why don’t you being out your physics stuff and show me where you’re having trouble.”

I looked to the whiteboard, and saw ‘Ms. Molly’ written on it. She didn’t look like a Molly. Her sandy blonde hair in wavy curls fell to her shoulders, her dark brown eyes were somewhat cold, and she seemed more mature than her name. Her face was sharp looking, with her high cheekbones and cool eyes. She looked like the exact opposite of me. I was brunette, she was blonde. I have light blue eyes, hers were dark brown. She was tan and tall and curvy… I’m pale and have no major curves.

Instead of paying attention to what she was telling me, I found enjoyment taking peeks down her black v-neck. For such a slender woman, her boobs were huge. Must be fake, since they were so big and round, but as perky as my A-cup chest. Since I was 18, they had to start filling out sometime, right?

“Olivia,” Molly caught me in a daze. “Do you want my help or not?” I looked down at the table, wondering if she saw me staring or not. “Answer the questions I ask, or you can leave” Her strict tone caught me off guard. We finished the lesson without any further problems. I looked down while putting my textbooks in my backpack, only realizing I could see my nipples through my tank top. I forgot how sensitive they were to the cold. Standing up, I noticed Molly had seen it too. Her cheeks turned red once she knew I had noticed her looking.

“I’ll see you here this time next week?” Molly stumbled grabbing her bag and followed me out the door. “Have a good night, Olivia,” she said while walking in the opposite direction.

That night, I decided to do a little research. I sat in bed with my laptop searching for Molly the tutor all over the web until I found a Facebook page that belonged to a Molly Harper. On it, I found multiple pictures of her and some woman in Bycasino places such as Paris, Rome, London… Very far from our small town in Texas. Who was the other woman, though? I clicked on her name, Ashlee Westphal, and found her page. Her profile picture was of her with a beer in one hand, and another woman’s tongue in Ashlee’s mouth. I went back to Molly’s page, but there was no more information about this Ashlee woman. Only boring photos of Molly and her nieces and nephews, her black lab, and family photos. Once again, I went to Ashlee’s page and found many pictures of Molly and Ashlee abroad. Not only were there pictures of them making out at bars in Europe, but Molly topless at a beach in France. I could feel my nipples hardening and my lower lips swelling. The sight of her tan chest, little pink nipples, and huge boobs sent chills down to my pussy. Before I knew it, my hand was in my sweatpants, and my fingertips were already wet. It only took about 2 minutes to get off. I closed the laptop and fell asleep, my hand still buried between my thighs.

The next day, I told my best friend Elly all about Molly. “It was probably just a college phase, Liv,” Elly reasoned, sitting in front of me in English class.

“Still,” I leaned closer, “She is so hot I couldn’t even focus on physics,”

“You can’t focus on anything when there’s a hot older woman near you,” Elly laughed. “I wouldn’t read too far into it. Just don’t go banging your tutor. She’s not the one giving you the grade.” I laughed and went back to taking notes.

That night, I dreamt of Molly and her amazing body. About 5’8, so slightly taller than me, her chocolate brown eyes that I could get lost in for hours, her skinny waist but perfectly curved hips…. I woke up wet and throbbing. I knew then that I needed her.

Somehow, I suppressed my thoughts and dreams about Molly until I saw her again the following Tuesday. All day, I sat in class and pictured myself doing things to her I knew I wasn’t allowed to. 4:00 didn’t come fast enough. I made sure to wear the bra that gave me the best cleavage, hoping Molly would notice my chest again.

When my phone finally said 3:59, I went over to the tutoring classroom to find Molly already inside.

“Hi Olivia,” She didn’t look up at me. I sat Bycasino giriş close to her, and I could smell her sweet perfume. Just being this close to her sent tingles to certain places, but I wasn’t complaining.

“How was your weekend, Ms. Molly?” I said her name teasingly.

“Oh please, just call me Molly. The freshmen are the ones that have to call me Ms. Molly,” she laughed, “and it was really good, thank you. Very relaxing.”

“Good,” I smiled, knowing my nipples were already making an appearance in the chilly room. All while Molly was going over material and quizzing me on equations, I slowly scooted closer to her. I was inches from her face before she noticed that I’d moved that much closer. All I could do was take her scent in and try to keep it with me. She smelled like coconuts and some kind of sweet flower.

“Um..,” Molly stood up quickly. “That’s it for today, Olivia.”

“You sure?” I asked, since we were only halfway through the assignment. Molly stood awkwardly, kind of crossing one thigh over the other. “We could just take a break if you wanted..,” I tried to sound sexy.

“Nope,” Molly walked around to the other side of the table, “I think you’re getting the hang of this. I’ll see you next week.”

“Alright” I slowly got my things together and walked to the door. “Have a good night, Ms. Molly” I said and left. In the hallway, I silently cursed myself for doing that. I could have spent longer time with Molly, if only I hadn’t come on too strongly. I made my way back to the classroom to apologize, only to crack open the door to see Molly grinding against her hand on the couch she was sitting in. She made barely audible moans and her eyes were shut tight. Through her right jeans, I imagined it felt amazing. I slowly walked into the room and shut the door loudly. Molly jumped and looked at me.

“What do you need?” Molly asked quietly.

“You,” I said, dropping my bag to the floor, hoping I didn’t sound too soap opera-y. I walked over and stood in front of her.

“Olivia, I-” I cut her off.

“I know I’m just a student but honestly,” I looked down and noticed her hand was still between her legs, “I have never needed to fuck someone as much as I need to fuck you, Molly. I need you,” A quiet gasp escaped Bycasino güncel giriş her lips as I straddled her lap and pressed myself against her body. My knees were just inches from her legs, and I slowly grinded myself into her hips. Since my face was too high for her to kiss, she gently buried her face against my chest. I gripped the top of the couch with my hands, afraid I’d lose control. Without warning, Molly grabbed my body and threw me onto the couch. Under her, I had a full view of her chest, which was just inches above mine.

“Fuck me, Ms. Molly,” I whispered, and she did just that. As I lifted up her shirt, she was undoing my belt, only stopping to remove her arms from the sleeves of her expensive looking blouse. Wiggling out of my shorts and panties, my pussy was already aching for Molly’s touch. She drew her fingertips from my belly button, down to my pussy lips, and fixated on my clit. I couldn’t help but grab her amazing boobs and play with the nipples. They were too big for my hands to completely hold, so I just wrapped my arms around her back as she fingered me and played with my clit. Whenever I felt her thrust her hips into mine, I’d feel her come down to my face to kiss me ever so gently. Somehow that worked, the gently kissing and rough fingering. I was almost embarrassed at how quickly I came.

Molly continued to be on top of me, her tongue inside of my mouth, or mine in hers, until I started to suck down her neck.. And that’s what drove her crazy. She rolled to the side, silently begging me to make her cum. After sliding down her pants, I found that she wasn’t wearing panties. Hot, right? I licked down her chest, over her ribcage, and made circles with my tongue over her belly button. I knew she had had it with the teasing when she pushed my head lower, down to her shaven mound. I slowly licked all around her clit, and finally flicked it once with her tongue. Molly’s moans and hip thrusts told me that’s exactly what she needed. I had one hand explore her body, and the other thrusting two fingers inside her soaking wet pussy. It was when I sucked and lightly bit on her clit that she came, making a slight mess on the couch. I licked the rest right out of her, and crawled up to her mouth to have her taste herself on my tongue.

Hearing a knock on the door, we jumped up and threw our clothes on. It was already 5:00 and the next student had an appointment with Molly. I rushed to pick up my bag and opened the door. I turned back to Molly and saw her giggling.

“I’ll see you next week, Ms. Molly,” I winked once again.

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