My New Neighbor Ch. 05

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I awoke from a deep sleep the next morning. Turning over I realized James was no longer beside me. The last thing I remembered was falling asleep in his arms with his naked body pressed against mine. My mind replayed the absolute insanity of the night before and my cock started to respond. But I kept it at bay long enough to use the bathroom. I noticed a large walk-in shower in the bathroom connected to James’ room. It even had two shower heads on either side and a small bench in the middle that you could sit on. All the townhomes here were the same, layout-wise, so this must have been his own addition.

I walked over to the mirror to fix my hair. I gazed at my naked body with dried cum splattered all over it. I desperately wanted to shower but didn’t want to use James’ without asking first.

Deciding to go in search of him, I walked over to the chair by the window. The jockstrap James had bought me lay on the floor in front of it. I picked it up and slid it over my lower body. As I slid it up my legs over my package, I remembered the gentle touch of James’ hand. Once it was on I quickly walked out of the room to prevent another raging erection. The room smelled of sex and lust.

Making my way down the stairs the smell of fresh coffee filled my nose. I walked into the kitchen to see James standing at his sink rinsing dishes. He was wearing tight, white boxer briefs and a sleeveless T-shirt. He must have heard me walk in because he instantly turned around and had a wide smile on his face. I instantly melted seeing this hunk bathed in the morning light just coming in from the window behind him. After appreciating his muscular upper body, my eyes traveled downwards to a bulge that was obscene. The form-fitting underwear left little to the imagination which of course was not needed as I had finally seen it in the flesh last night.

“Oh good, you’re up,” he said as he set his coffee mug to the side of the sink. “I need to leave soon to run some errands and didn’t want to wake you up. You deserved to rest after last night,” he said with a wink. He looked sexy hell.

“Although I do need your help with one thing before I go,” he continued.

“Anything, sir,” I said. My dick twitched slightly when I said the word ‘sir.’

“Follow me,” he said. As he walked past me into the living room he slipped his shirt up over his head. I caught a whiff of fresh manly body wash as I followed him. He grabbed his phone off the table then stopped in the middle of the room and said, “This will take some timing and aiming on your part but I think you’re up for the task.”

I was confused but intrigued. His nearly naked body in my line of sight caused my dick to grow completely erect, stretching the jock’s pouch.

“You will suck me off until I give you the signal that I’m close. Then, you will quickly release me from your mouth and get me off with your hand. You will aim my cock so that my cum paints your face. I will be documenting this but as always, nothing will be shared without your consent,” he said with a soft smile while holding up his phone.

My mouth was watering and my dick was leaking as I simply said, “Yes, sir.”

“Good,” he said. “Now get on your knees.”

I instantly sank to my knees where I was. Still about four or so feet away from James. He smiled at my eagerness. He moved his hand to his ample package and adjusted it slightly. My eyes followed and I licked my lips. I looked up to see his phone was pointed at me. I wasn’t sure if he was taking photos or a video but I didn’t care.

He slowly slid his underwear down his toned legs. Stepping out of them as he stood up and walked towards me. I was once again able to feast my eyes on his beautiful penis and balls. He stopped inches in front of my face. The body wash scent was mixed with manly musk and I nearly fainted in anticipation. I was desperate to prove I could be obedient. The last time I blew him he had to punish me for being too eager.

“You may not use any part of your body other than your mouth until I give you the signal. Which will be a tap on the shoulder,” he said while lightly placing two fingers on my left shoulder. The skin-to-skin contact, even as brief as it was, felt electric. “You may begin,” he said.

I leaned forward on my knees and went directly for his uncut head. I licked the underside of it lightly. James moaned softly above me. I then sank a little lower and took one of his full balls into my mouth. I rolled it around carefully in my mouth while bathing it with my tongue. I continued like I was polishing it off until finally letting it fall out of my mouth and moving over to the other. While on the second his impressive tool began to show signs of life. First, it lengthened slightly then began to raise off of his sac. I watched as it slowly lifted itself into the air ceremoniously.

After it reached a nearly 45-degree angle, I released his wet scrotum and slid my tongue up the underside of his large dick. James sighed as I reached the glistening tip. ankara travesti I slowly and lightly wrapped my lips around the wide, flaring head. I used my tongue to lightly trace along the ridge inside his foreskin. At this point, James was becoming more audible. I was proud of my ability to please him.

I increased the strength of the grip my lips had over his thick cock and began to slowly bob up and down. I only took the first few inches but my mouth was being almost painfully pried open. I tasted his sweet yet salty precum on my tongue as I continued my assault on his dick head.

James moved one of his hands to the back of my head and applied gentle pressure. I took the hint and began sliding down his cock with each suck downwards. As I held my arms behind my back, my core and neck flexed to slide my wet mouth along his impressive shaft. I was feeling more confident and tried to push past the back of my throat but I ended up gagging and spitting saliva and precum around the base of his shaft. I pulled back up to the head but never released his cock entirely.

“Easy, boy,” he said as he gently rubbed my head seductively. “Take what you can handle right now. You’ll get there eventually.”

I did as he said and sucked up and down on the part of his cock that I could tolerate without gagging. This went on for quite a while but time seemed to stand still for me. I was so enraptured by this hunk and focused solely on pleasing him. His breathing sped up and he shifted his feet slightly. I knew he was getting close. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to taste his load. But having him bust all over my face sounded really hot too.

Eventually, James gave me the signal. I quickly pulled off his cock and began stroking the wet shaft up and down. I alternated between a hard and light grip and he moaned loudly in response to the variation.

I watched as his massive balls pulled up towards his body. “Get ready, Parker,” he said. I looked up as I continued stroking him. His face was a mix of ecstasy, lust, and pure hunger. His phone was pointed right at me as he yelled loudly, “Fuckkkkkkkk!!”

I closed my eyes as the first rope of cum splattered my forehead. It was tiny in volume compared with the next several. By the time his orgasm subsided my face was absolutely covered. Luckily, more than a little of it made its way into my mouth. The manly taste lit a fire in me and I craved more. I sat there still for what felt like several minutes before he spoke again.

“You may wipe it away from your eyes but nothing more,” he commanded. I did as he told me to and was finally able to open my eyes. James was sitting on the couch on the other side of the table from me. His hairy chest rose and fell with each breath as he recovered from his climax. His softening yet still thick cock lay across his hip.

He looked at me with a sexy smile on his face. “You may now go home, shower, and rest if you need to. You are free until this evening but you are not permitted to get off. Is that understood?” he said.

“Yes, sir,” I said. I stood up from my knees, realizing how sore they were. I also couldn’t help but noticed my rock-hard cock in the jockstrap. I could feel it actively leaking. As I made my way towards his front door I realized my state of undress and looked outside at the mid-morning sunlight. I hesitated slightly before reaching for the door. I knew that I was not to ask for clothes. James would have instructed me to wear something if that is what he wished. I took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped outside.

The warmth felt good on my bare skin. The light breeze felt cool on my face as I remembered that I had a massive load covering it. I quickly crossed the space between mine and James’ units and slipped inside hoping no one was witness to my ‘walk of shame.’

After walking into my room I could see James’ truck backing out of his driveway. I sat down on my bed to process the last 24 hours and felt a crusty, hard spot. I looked down and saw the enormous load James had shot onto my bed the night before. I couldn’t believe that a man was capable of producing that much semen. I had no idea how voluminous the load he shot into my ass was but this morning’s load was quite impressive as well.

Just then my phone pinged. I looked at it and read a text from James that said, “Mind if I send a few of those photos/videos to Cameron? He’s been begging me for more ever since you two shared a shower.”

My dick, which I had painstakingly willed down, immediately sprang back to life. My mind went to Cameron’s tall, jacked body showering across from me. Water cascaded down his tight body and long cock before falling to the floor between his large feet. Obviously, I had no objections to James sharing any photos or videos of me with Cameron. In fact, I had no objections to him sharing my body with Cameron. I just didn’t know when or how to say it.

“Not at all, sir,” I replied.

I didn’t get a response ankara travestileri and figured that I wouldn’t until the evening. I ran for several miles that day in an attempt to keep my lustful body under control. After that, I was at least able to be productive for a few hours until I found myself laying on my bed. My curtains were open and the bedside lamp was on as the sun started to set. I was shirtless, dressed in boxer briefs and athletic shorts. I was absentmindedly scrolling through social media and the news on my laptop when my phone began to ring. It was James.

My heart sped up as I picked up the phone and said hello. “Good evening, Parker,” James said in a huskier voice than usual. “How was your day today?”

“It was long, sir,” I said. “I’m so happy to hear your voice.”

“That’s great to hear, kid. I hope you are ready for another fun night,” he said.

I sat up quickly at the thought of going back over to his place and getting used for his pleasure again. “Yes, sir I am!” I said a little too enthusiastically. I thought I heard faint laughter coming from the other end of the phone but James quickly recovered.

“Put me on speaker, stand up, and remove your clothes,” he commanded. I didn’t second guess it and immediately complied. I was standing there, naked as the day I was born, facing his window with a cock that was quickly reaching full mast.

“Excellent. Good boy,” he said lustfully. “Now, get the first dildo I ever gave you, place it on your windowsill, and show me how you would ride my thick cock. Do not touch yourself.”

My cock lunged at the thought of riding James, sinking completely onto his massive dick. I rummaged through my desk drawer to find the first dildo that he bought for me. It was larger than my own penis but paled in comparison to James. I placed it on the windowsill and began pouring lube over the tip which then dripped down the sides of the shaft. Setting the lube bottle aside I stroked the dildo to coat it with lube. I looked up at James’ bedroom before turning around. No lights were on so there was nothing for me to see.

Once I was facing away from the window I began to lower myself. I felt the wet tip of the dildo press against my hole. I relaxed my entrance and slowly sank down. This one was much easier for me to take now and I could accommodate its entirety on the first go. I began to move up and down along the length of it as I heard James moaning on the other end of the phone. I started to gyrate my hips around as I continued the vertical motion. The side-to-side movements caused the thick dildo to apply pressure to the walls of my ass. I moaned involuntarily. I looked down to see my cock leaking all over my carpet.

“That’s it, kid,” James said breathily. “Keep it in your ass while you transfer to the chair. I want you to face me while you continue.”

“Yes, sir,” I said as I grabbed the base of the dildo and stood up from the windowsill. It made an audible pop when it disconnected. After turning around in front of the chair, I sat down and continued the hip gyration that James seemed to enjoy.

Just then the light in James’ room came on. I quickly looked up and across the way and my heart stopped when I saw James and another man sitting in his bed. They were both shirtless and as far as I could tell completely naked however their bottom halves were under the blankets. It didn’t take me long to realize that it was Cameron in the bed beside him. My hand wandered towards my cock as I sat flat on the chair with the complete length of the dildo inside of me.

“Uh uh, kid. I believe James told you not to touch yourself,” Cameron said.

“I’m sorry, sir. You are right,” I said as I forced my hand back to the edge of the chair.

“Damn right I am,” Cameron said. “Thanks for the show, kid. If you think you can handle both of us, get that fine ass over here.” I could decipher the motions of him touching himself underneath the covers.

I think it took me all of 30 seconds to lift myself off the dildo, throw on my underwear and shorts, and run across the short distance to James’ front door. I looked down to see a text from James instructing me to let myself in, make him and Cameron each a drink, and bring the drinks upstairs without any clothes on.

I immediately stripped naked by his front door and made my way into the kitchen. I made the drinks per the ingredients James requested. My hands were shaking as I carried the ice-cold glasses up the stairs. My hard dick led the way as I entered the bedroom at the top of the stairs.

Looking over towards the bed I almost passed out. The two alpha studs had removed the blankets and sat completely naked next to each other in the bed. Neither was completely erect but neither of them was flaccid. Their toned bodies made my knees weak and my mouth water. James with a hairy, built body. Cameron, lean and nearly hairless. Hairless except for his bush which was unashamedly masculine. I handed both of them their beverages and was told travesti ankara to stand at the foot of the bed.

“Turn around, kid,” Cameron said as he took a sip. “I want to see that ass again.”

I slowly turned around, taking the liberty to shake my ass a bit for him.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “You’ve been holding out on me, James.”

“I’ll have you know I’ve only had that ass once myself,” James replied as he too took a sip of his drink. “I just couldn’t take you complaining about your blue balls anymore.”

“Fuck off, man,” Cameron said playfully as he lightly hit James’ arm. “Well, I don’t know about you but I could certainly use a blowjob right now. This drink is wonderful by the way, Parker.” He gripped his shaft and held his half-erect tube upwards as he spoke.

“Thank you, sir,” I said. Cameron smiled amusingly and obviously enjoyed being addressed so formally. I licked my lips as I looked at his long member. I looked to James for his approval. He simply smiled and nodded slightly, giving me his permission. I slowly climbed between Cameron’s long, lean legs. I slid my hands up his inner thighs until I reached his impressive package. He released his shaft and allowed me to take hold.

I scanned up his ripped body to meet his gaze as I stuck my tongue out and licked his cut head. He uttered a light groan and looked at me expectantly. I then wrapped my wet lips around his head and applied a low amount of suction. After using my tongue to completely coat his cock head in saliva, I used my left hand to caress his full sac. My right hand continued to grip the base of his cock as I slowly began to slide up and down his growing shaft. Unlike James and much more like myself, Cameron’s cock was completely hard in seconds. After feeling its rigidity in my mouth and hand, I pulled off to appreciate its beauty.

It was without a doubt the longest cock I’d ever seen. It had to have been over 10 inches long. James’ erect cock was significantly thicker but Cameron had him in length. I looked over to see James slowly stroking his semi-erect cock while he sipped from his drink. He let go of his thick pole long enough to put his hand on the back of my head and push me back down onto his friend’s penis. I happily obliged.

I showed Cameron what I was capable of and there was no doubting that he was enjoying himself. He moaned loudly as I sucked his cock like a vacuum. Eventually, he must have grown tired of me only sucking the top half of his cock or so because he set his drink down on the bedside table and put both hands on the back of my head.

As he applied pressure, I sunk down another inch or two but then began to gag. He held me there for a while as I sputtered around his length. Finally, he allowed me up for air and I pulled completely off his cock and sucked in as much air as I could take. He snickered and I saw a hint of pride across his face.

“We’re still working on deep throating,” James said nonchalantly. “He’s got some more training ahead of him.”

“Well I for one am still impressed with his oral skills,” Cameron said, causing a smile to creep across my face. “But I have been waiting for that ass ever since you sent me that first video.”

I turned my head towards James and practically pleaded with my eyes to let his friend have his way with me. A devilish grin appeared on James’ face and I knew I was about to get what I wanted.

“Parker, lay down on your side facing me. Cameron, slide in behind him,” James instructed.

“Yes, sir,” I said quickly and got into position.

“With pleasure,” Cameron said. As he slid his naked body towards mine he put his large hand on my hip. His fingertips nearly reached my completely forgotten throbbing member. James leaned over to the bedside table near him to grab a condom and a bottle of lube. He reached over my naked body to hand them to Cameron. James then slid down to lay face to face with me. He was on his right side, me on my left. He gripped my face with a hand on either side and pressed his lips to mine.

We shared an intimate, powerful kiss before my attention was returned to my hole as Cameron’s lubed fingers slid around the outside. I moaned softly into James’ mouth. James pulled his face away from mine slightly to watch my face as two of Cameron’s long fingers penetrated me. He slowly pulled them in and out of me and the ecstasy I was feeling must have shown on my face. James had the sexiest smile on his face. I was in heaven.

“Remind me how to find his prostate, James,” Cameron said. “It’s been a while.”

“Curl your fingers as if you were trying to go into his dick from the inside,” James responded then returned his gaze to my eyes.

“Ohhh!” I said loudly as Cameron followed James’ instructions perfectly. He stimulated my prostate and applied just enough pressure to cause my dick to leak a large glob of precum onto the gray sheets below me.

That did not go unnoticed by Cameron who had propped himself up onto one elbow. “Oh, hell yeah. This is going to be fun,” he said lustfully. He suddenly withdrew his fingers leaving me feeling empty. I could hear the condom package being ripped open and I tried my best to relax. James soothed me by lightly rubbing my chest and abs.

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