Not Quite How I Pictured It

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My husband and I have been married for seven years and we have three children. I’d say that our life is pretty happy, and neither of us has had any reason to complain about our sex life. We both put all of our energies into our love making and we try all sorts of positions and things like that to spice things up.

Since we started having sex when we were dating my husband has been asking me to give him anal sex. The thought of it never really appealed to me. Not that I thought it wouldn’t feel good to have his cock in my ass, but there didn’t seem to be anything that he could give me for it in return.

I mean he gets great pleasure from me going down on him; I get great pleasure from him going down on me. We both get a whole lot of pleasure from regular sex, but with anal sex it just seemed to me that I’d be going through a lot of unpleasantness just for his pleasure, and with no cock of my own I couldn’t exactly fuck him in the ass when he was done with me. Or so I thought.

I was discussing the situation with a friend of mine one day and she suggested that I get a strap on dildo so that I could fuck my husband in the ass. Well, I freely admit that I’m a tad naive when it comes to sex so I had never heard of a strap on dildo. My friend told me what it was and I was a little bit shocked. I even giggled a little bit at the thought of having a rubber cock strapped to my crotch.

Before she left my friend gave me a web address for a site that specialized in showing women using strap ons on men. I was nervous, but very curious as I pulled up the page. I’ve never found pornography of any kind very appealing, and this seemed even stranger than most of what I’d seen. My curiosity won out however as I read some background about women that use strap ons on men.

The women on the page seemed to want to dominate the men, and I had no desire to do that, but the more I read about it, the more pictures I saw of it, the more I began to get turned on by the idea.

It wouldn’t be totally the same since there are no nerve endings in a dildo for me to feel what my husband would feel, but the mental thrill of using a strap on dildo on his ass got me thinking.

I decided to offer him a trade, he could fuck me in the ass as often as he wanted, but I would have to fuck him in the ass before each time he fucked me in the ass.

Our anniversary was just a week away at that point so I decided to wait until then to spring my offer on him. I did go to a local sex shop and bought a strap on dildo. I was surprised by the wide assortment of shapes and sizes available. Some of them were quite large and I didn’t think my husband would be willing or able to take one that size. There were also some that looked a good deal smaller than his cock and I didn’t want him to get off any easier than me so I wasn’t about to get one of those. I found one that looked to be about the same length and thickness as my husband’s cock and I figured it would be close enough that he’d have to agree that the size that each of us was going to take would be about the gaziantep escort bayan same.

The girl at the check out counter smiled when she saw what I was buying, she asked me if I needed any lube. I hadn’t even thought of that, I ended up buying a big bottle of lube to ensure that both of us would be well lubed before we did it.

On our anniversary I told my husband that I wanted to have a romantic dinner at home. Since we share the cooking duties we were all over each other while we prepared dinner. We were drinking glass after glass of wine. When dinner was close to ready I ran up to change and clean up so that I’d look nice for dinner, then I put the food on the table as he quickly cleaned up.

We ate dinner and danced to music on the stereo for awhile, and then we sat down with some wine. I had picked that moment to make him the offer.

“Baby, I’ve been thinking, and if you really want to have anal sex we can.” I said.

“Oh baby, I love you so much.” My husband said.

“I love you too. I’m sure you want to dive right in and get your cock in my ass right away, but I do have a condition that you have to agree to first.” I said.

“What condition?” My husband asked.

“Well, I didn’t think it was fair for you to get to fuck my ass when I couldn’t fuck yours so I bought something that changes that.” I said grabbing the strap on dildo from where I’d stashed it in a drawer.

“What is that?” My husband asked.

“It’s my cock.” I said holding it up to show it to him.

“What are you gonna do with that?” My husband asked.

“Your ass.” I said with a smile.

“My what?” My husband asked surprised.

“Your ass. You want to fuck me in the ass, and recently I’ve decided that I really want you to, but I want to fuck you in the ass too. So I’ve got a proposal for you. You can fuck me in the ass as much as you want, but you can only fuck me in the ass after I have fucked you in the ass with this.” I said.

“Are you serious?” My husband asked.

“Yes baby, I’m serious. You can fuck my ass to your little heart’s content, but I’m gonna fuck you just as much. I think it’s a fair and reasonable offer, you’d be getting what you’ve wanted for a very long time, and I’d be getting what I only recently discovered that I wanted.” I said.

“And you’d have to fuck me in the ass every time that I wanted to fuck you in the ass?” My husband asked.

“That’s right. At no point will you have fucked me in the ass more than I’ve fucked you. We could have fucked each other an equal number of times, or I could be ahead, but you’d never be ahead.” I said.

“Now is that really fair?” My husband asked.

“No it isn’t, but is it fair that your cock has nerve endings in it that will allow you to fully experience every last sensation that my ass has to offer and I’ve got a rubber cock with no sensation?” I asked.

“No, I suppose not.” My husband said.

“That’s right it’s not. So, I’ve made you this offer that will give us both what we want, but you must accept it for it to happen. Do you want it to happen?” I asked.

“Yes, yes I want it to happen.” My husband said.

“Do you want it to happen tonight?” I asked.

“Yes, God, yes, I want it to happen tonight.” My husband said.

“Then let’s go up to the bedroom where we can be more comfortable.” I said.

You’d have thought we were just married the way my husband scooped me into his arms and carried me up the stairs to our bedroom. He put me down on the bed and started trying to kiss me; it was like he was a teenager getting laid for the first time.

“Now honey, we can do that later, right now we both want to fuck the other in the ass, so let’s just get right down to it by getting our clothes off and getting you ready.” I said.

My husband practically tore his clothes from his body and flung them across the room. I noticed that he had the beginnings of a nice erection already. I took my time undressing carefully placing my clothes out of the way.

“To keep this from being too gross I think it would be best if we both used one of these first.” I said presenting my husband an enema kit.

I went to the guest bathroom to do mine not wanting either of us to see the other giving ourselves an enema.

When we were nice and clean back there we met back in the bedroom and my husband now had a full blown erection that bounced and twitched as he moved around excitedly.

“Okay, remember the rules, I have to do you first so get up on the bed on your knees and stick your ass in the air so I can lube you up.” I said.

My husband excitedly assumed the position and even used his hands to spread his cheeks open for me. I applied a lot of the lube to the outside of his ass and for the first time I touched another person’s asshole as my fingers lubed the tightly closed sphincter.

“Okay, roll over so I can watch your cock and look in your eyes as I do this.” I said.

My husband did as I instructed. He positioned himself at the edge of the bed, pulled his knees up to his chest and held them wide apart to provide me excellent access to his ass.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“God yes, do it.” My husband said.

I applied one last coat of lube to my rubber cock and then I moved into position. I put the head against his asshole and his body quivered. I pressed forward a little bit and the shaft bent. I pressed harder and soon the dildo was almost doubled over. Realizing that I was going to have to help it, I grabbed it just behind the head and pushed with my hand as my hips moved forward.

Slowly the head overcame the tightness of his anus and it slid inside. With the way opened a few inches of the shaft slipped up into his ass.

My husband let out a moan that was part searing pain, part ecstatic pleasure. I slowly eased more and more into him until the full seven inches of the dildo had been forced past his sphincter.

When I’d bottomed out I stopped for a few moments to let him adjust to the new sensations.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“I’m fine; it’s just that it feels a little weird. It really isn’t that painful anymore. You can start fucking me any time you want.” My husband said.

Well, I’d never been the one with the cock before so it took me a little while to figure out how to really use it, but soon I was taking nice long, slow strokes in and out of his ass. I was amazed at the sounds and facial expressions that my husband was making. He seemed to be really enjoying getting fucked in the ass.

What was even more amazing was the sensations that I was having. The inside of the harness was rubbing against my pussy and putting pressure on my clit, which felt good, but the real pleasure was coming from inside my own head. I was doing something that women didn’t normally do, that we weren’t equipped to do, and I was doing it to my own husband. I was having sex with my husband and his cock had been relegated to nothing but a helpless bystander. It gave me an incredible feeling of power. I finally understood why the women that I’d seen had been fully dominating the men they were with, they liked the power.

I had no desires to do that to my husband however so I just kept my mind on what I was doing.

His cock was shaking back and forth violently with each of my thrusts, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I reached my hand down and took firm hold of it and began stroking it.

My husband, whose eyes had been closed, looked down and saw me stroking his cock as I fucked his ass and smiled.

After a total of about ten minutes cum started spurting out of my husband’s cock. It shot longer and further than I’d ever seen it shoot before. Most of it splashed down all over my husband’s face. He tried to wipe it away.

“No, eat it, I’ve eaten it, and if we’re going to be fair you should eat it too.” I said.

My husband saw the lustful look in my eyes and began licking his lips. He used his fingers to scoop more and more of his cum into his mouth.

Finally his cock stopped spurting cum and I stopped fucking his ass. I kept the dildo in as deep as it would go and I leaned down over him licking up the little trails of cum that he’d missed and then I kissed him. Both of our mouths were full of his cum and it dribbled down both of our chins as we broke the kiss.

Finally I pulled the dildo out of his ass and flopped on the bed beside him.

“So when do you think you’ll be ready to take your turn?” I asked.

My husband looked over at me and smiled.

“That depends.” He said.

“Depends on what?” I asked.

“Is there a limit to how far ahead you can be before I have to fuck you in the ass?” He asked.

I just looked at him. He’d been begging me to let him fuck me in the ass for years and now that he had the chance he didn’t want to. He preferred instead to have me, his wife, fuck him in the ass with a strap on dildo.

It’s been three months now and so far I’m up 123-0. I don’t know if he no longer wants to fuck me in the ass or if he’s saving up for a very big number so he can furiously pound my ass for weeks without stopping, but I’ve come to want to be fucked in the ass so much that I bought myself a new dildo to use on my ass when he isn’t around.

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