Surrender To Desire

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Female Ejaculation

Authors Introduction: This is the first part of a three part story; Surrender To Desire, Surrender To Love and Surrender To More.

Surrender To Desire is an edit of the very first story I ever wrote for Literotica. It was originally published 04/25/2007 under the title; How Did I Get Here – Wife brings out the bi-side of best friends, and it’s been in the wrong category ever since. I am now trying to bring the original two into a more organized listing in the Gay category — and adding a new third part, Surrender To More, as a more satisfying ending. There may be some confusion until all the stories are published in their new category. But, rest assured they are all complete and working their way through the publication process.

TAGS for all three stories; MMF / Bisexual Males / Threesome / Alaska / Outdoors / Two Men One Woman / Love Story / Bi-Amorous / Bi-Curious / First Time Bi (some tags Literotica has and others aren’t listed in their group)— I put them all here as guide posts to help you decide if this is for you.)

So; To give an estimate of story lengths so you know what you’re getting into;

Part 1 is Surrender To Desire – a little over 1 page long

Part 2 is Surrender To Love – a little under 3 pages long

Part 3 is Surrender To More – a little over 1 page long


Part 1: Surrender To Desire

I was sitting and wondering, “How did I get here?” How did a married straight guy end up being bisexual? Looking back, I can now see that it all began innocently enough with sharing fantasies with my wife during lovemaking. She and I had discovered that the adult shop on the road out of Anchorage to Wassila had a large selection of adult movies for rent. Their selection included a good number of LGBTQ movies. Sylvia, for some reason, really got aroused by the gay and bisexual films. I have to admit to also enjoying them too. We both found the thought of another male to be quite erotic and at some point we began to elaborate on the details in our late night bedroom talk. Our whispered fantasies played on some of the movies we had watched, then over time the fantasies became more personal. One night she mentioned that she really gets off on the flicks where one of the guys butt fucks the other one while the wife watches. It all eventually progressed to her using her dildo on me one night. It was a double dong sort of contraption she had bought at the same adult shop where we found the movies. So, that night she used some coconut butter on my virgin hole, then pushed the slick butter deeper with a finger — then two fingers with a swirling motion stretching my ring of resistance open. I was on my knees with my ass up and face on the bed, wondering about what I’m getting into.

Sylvia hopped off the bed and I watched from my place still on the bed — still ass up and face down — as she inserted the bulb end of the fake dong contraption into her pussy … and it was obvious that the life like business end was for me. When she got, what looked like a man’s black swim suit out of her ‘panty drawer’, I asked what it was for. After she explained that the double dildo has a tendency to slide out, and that the tight fabric of man’s bikini style holds it in — it all became clear and also got more real that she really is going to fuck me. Sylvia took it slow, slow small steps as she worked her cock into my ‘pussy’ — that’s the words she had decided to use … and I guess I might as well admit that it all turned me on and I was aroused and my cock was swelling fast. Then she started fucking me — she started off pretty easy but this whole thing was obviously something she had been wanting … and probably planning for awhile.

It felt kind of weird at first, but pretty damn quick it started to feel really good. She had said something about a man’s prostate being in there somewhere and that it’s kinda like her clitoris in how it feels really good to rub it. It did begin to feel pretty good — and kept getting better and better. That’s when I quit trying to rationalize any of this. Sylvia was fucking me, that’s all that mattered at that moment. During that encounter she humped me while saying things like, ‘You like a big cock in your pussy, don’t you?’. I’d never seen her like this, but wasn’t complaining. When she reached, what seemed to be a tremendous orgasm, I just kept saying things to help her along like, ‘Please don’t fuck me! Please don’t make me queer!’, and things like that. It seemed these kind of words were what she wanted to hear at this point. However, I have to admit that my cock kept responding and soon it was rock hard during this entire experience. She reached around to check my status and stated jacking me off as she humped the big dildo into my ass. I also have to admit, if I’m to be honest, that first time … well, it was probably the most intense orgasm I ever experienced. We made quite a mess and stripped the bedding and dumped it on the floor — too high and exhausted to care about the mess.

We went to the shower and got in together istanbul travesti under the warm water. She lovingly soaped up my cock and balls as we leaned against each other. After awhile, she turned me and had me spread again to wash the coconut butter away. On the way to that task, she stood behind me using her hands to spread me again … then whispered; “Your pussy is beautiful, you know? It’s still open and I guess you should know that I’ll be fucking you again in the future — will that be okay with you?”

“Ahhh, yeh, sure. Be kinda hard to say I didn’t enjoy it with you seeing me blasting my load so fast.”

“Yeh, I sorta noticed that. Maybe you should just give up lying to yourself and admit that your a little on the bi side. When we watch the Bi movies you always get hard. Baby, it doesn’t bother me at all — which is pretty obvious, I guess.”

“You’re right. The movies have turned me on — but I don’t see myself as bi. I’d never really do it with another guy. It’s all just a taboo indulgence with the movies. I think it’s not unusual that I’ve fantasized about it.”

“What does ‘It’ mean to you?”

I knew she was making me come out and say it, even though I knew she approved and believed bisexuality is a normal human thing — there was still some shame inside in admitting it. She didn’t push it though, and we dried off and remade the bed for later.

However, we were both extremely aroused by that event and over time, the MMF fantasy became our favorite to whisper about laying in bed. But I know now that she had more in mind for us … and in hindsight I always wondered who led who towards having another man in our bed?

One Saturday night not long after Sylvia topped me fore the first time, our long time friend Randy was at our house and we were all sharing a bottle of wine while relaxing by the fireplace. We were talking about the new hot tub we had just installed when Sylvia said, “Why don’t we all get into the tub instead of just talking about it.”

Randy replied, “I don’t have a swimsuit or anything to wear. Do you have an extra suit or shorts?”

I was as shocked as Randy when Sylvia said, “Don’t be silly! We never wear suits in the hot tub.” That was true — but that was just her and me naked.

Randy looked at me to see my reaction. I chuckled nervously, shrugged my shoulders and said, “Well, we are all friends. So I guess it’ll be ok … what’s a little nudity among friends?” I tried to act more nonchalant than I felt as I watched his reaction.

Randy was obviously pleased as a big grin spread across his face and he replied, “Well, it’s ok by me if you two don’t mind.”

“Great,” said Sylvia, “but first let’s all go get a shower. You two look like you’ve been playing in the dirt all day and I still have my make-up on — we don’t want to get our new tub dirty.”

In all truth, Randy and I had been doing some work on his pickup and were pretty grimy … again, Randy looked at me for direction as Sylvia got up and went towards our master bath. I said to Randy, “Well, it looks like she isn’t concerned, and it seems we will be naked in the tub anyway; so I guess we better go get a shower.”

When we got to the bathroom, Sylvia was already in the oversize walk-in shower and we could both clearly see her nude body as she washed herself. We stood and watched her through the glass of the shower door as she swayed back and forth under the blast of water from the shower. Through the building fog on the glass we could see her nipples were drawn and erect — I wondered if it was just the water and cool air that made them so hard … or was it because of her arousal and nudity in front of Randy. We both stood there and watched as the water made a nice little rivulet as it traced down her firm stomach to the hairy triangle below. I was already hard at just the thought of what we were doing. However, for some reason … I had to admit that seeing my wife naked in front of Randy only served to intensify my arousal.

As Randy and I began to undress, my attention shifted to his nude body. I had seen him in shorts before, but I was seeing him for the first time under these circumstances and; to my surprise I was finding myself also becoming aroused by what I saw. As his clothes came off I was looking at his strong and fit body in a new way … and the flashback memories of the bi movies and Sylvia fucking me surfaced again.

Randy has thick black hair, but unlike many dark haired men his skin has a lustrous creamy hue. The dark hair on his chest and legs contrasted nicely with his skin and it was obvious that his Cherokee and Irish heritage had worked to produce a very striking man. Up to this point I think I was doing okay. Nothing wrong with admitting that he looks fit, after all. But when he pulled down his underwear things began to change. His cock sprang out hard and thick surrounded by a bush of curly black hair. He was just what Sylvia and I had fantasized about! His dick was of average length, about like my own, but istanbul travestileri his was fat and thick with a large swollen head. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The head had a large slit of a hole that seemed to be staring back at me because his cock had a distinct upward curve — his slit was slightly open and shiny with pre-cum arousal.

As I removed my underwear, now my own tool grew even larger and harder under Randy’s gaze. It seemed like I had never had such an erection in my life and my cock felt like it was about to burst. My head felt like it might burst too with all of this happening, in what seemed to me, so fast.

As we stood staring at each other our eyes finally met and something unsaid passed between us. Looking back, I think we both knew in that moment that this was more than casual curiosity. This was more than a shared shower — what the ‘more’ was, we didn’t really know.

Sylvia broke the trance when she said, “Well, are you two going to get in or just stand there and stare at each other all night?”

We both jumped, somewhat shaken by what had just passed between us … and by getting busted for staring at each other, so we quickly got into the shower with Sylvia.

Sylvia asked Randy if he would wash her back. He again looked to me for an okay and when I nodded, he started to soap her beautiful petite body. As he was washing her backside, Sylvia began to soap my chest and downward to my cock. Her washing continued downward to include my balls as she fondled the heavy sack. I started using my body as a big sponge to rub up and down her breasts and stomach. But, after awhile Sylvia turned to face Randy and she began to soap his chest. Her hand soon followed the path downward until she was washing and massaging the big man-meat that looked as if it was reaching out to her!

As Sylvia worked Randy’s cock, he began to explore her soapy breasts and then down to her more hidden places. Meanwhile, my own cock was now pointing upward toward my belly. Feeling a bit left out and not knowing what else to do; I started to hump and slide it up and down in her soap slickened butt crack. The feeling was sensational as her soft but firm cheeks grabbed and caressed my sensitive slippery member. When, I reached around to rub her breasts — then she took one of my hands and guided it to Randy’s hard cock!

I can’t accurately describe that moment. Here I was in the shower with my wife sandwiched between my best friend and me. My dick was mashed into the crack of her most beautiful ass and I was holding the rock hard cock of the man now finger fucking my wife. I think this was the turning point. This was the moment in time when I was ready to admit that I was interested — this was when I admitted to myself that I’m a bit queer in a bisexual way. As we were all standing there in the heat of passion I also admitted to myself that I wouldn’t mind if Sylvia and I both sucked the big dick that I held in my hand … I finally wanted to experience what Sylvia and I had been watching others do in those movies.

Luckily for me, I later learned that Randy was experiencing the same confused moment of awakening. But back then in the shower …

As I continued to stroke and massage his dick and balls, he reached his free hand around Sylvia’s back to grasp my cock and return the favor. For the first time in my life another man was rubbing and fondling me … and bringing me exquisite sexual pleasure. I did nothing to stop or discourage him as his strong hands explored my private man parts. In response, I began to rub and caress him with an even greater intensity and urgency.

It was Sylvia who said, “Let’s forget the hot tub and move this to the bed.”

She looked beautiful as she stood naked in front of us and toweled herself. So confident and poised it seemed to me. Randy and I, on the other hand, appeared anything but poised. Shaken, confused, eager and aroused maybe, but not poised.

When Sylvia was satisfied that she was dry, she reached over and started drying Randy’s body. As I began to dry myself, I watched mesmerized as she went to her knees and began to rub and then take little, teasing licks to Randy’s cock. I could only stare as she tongued the big dark head and open slit. She turned to pull me closer, guiding my hard dick into the same hand that held Randy’s. As she started rubbing and massaging us together we leaned into one for another balance and more or less just surrendered to the mutual masturbation and attention Sylvia was giving us.

After a too brief moment of this new experience, Sylvia got up and we followed her like two puppies to our bed. She lay back, and confidently opened her legs to expose her private feminine secrets. Before us was a beautiful canvas of pink flesh and moist folds with her still damp triangle of hair framing it all. Randy crawled up onto the bed — knelt between her legs and started to lick and suck my wife as I watched. He was on his knees with his face buried in her cunt and my view was travesti istanbul of his muscled round ass and swinging sack of balls. I couldn’t resist such a sight and I reached out and cupped his balls in my hand. I couldn’t get over the feel and weight. It was so different than holding my own — it was fondling balls but with no feeling in my own balls like when I play with mine. As I continued to explore my friend, he spread his legs so I could have better access to stroke his hard shaft. While he licked and fingered my wife, I brought him pleasure with my hands.

After a while my eyes were drawn to Randy’s puckered asshole. The longer I looked, the stronger the urge to bend down and kiss it. I knew it was squeaky clean from our shower … I also knew this was way beyond being a normal straight married guy. But finally, considering the orgy atmosphere of all we were doing; I gave in and lowered my mouth to his hairy crack and the little rosebud that was hidden there. As I tongued and licked him his reaction was immediate. He opened his legs even wider for me and pressed back onto my mouth in response — he even moved his butt around in small circles to help me. I was a bit surprised by his reaction, but with what seemed like his encouragement, I redoubled my efforts and continued pleasuring him.

Sylvia, still on her back under him, had been watching over his back as I licked Randy’s ass. Our eyes made contact — hers were opened wider than normal and her lips were slightly parted. We just stared at one another. Suddenly she closed those pretty eyes and squeezed her thighs tight against Randy’s face. Holding him tightly to her pussy with both hands, she started to hump into him and quickly reached her orgasm — letting the world know with a loud, “Oh fuck that feels so good….” I was already really ramped up, but with her coming in front of me by another man tongue … my mind was so buzzed that I felt a little dizzy.

As Sylvia started to relax and recover from the intensity of her pleasure, she eased herself from under Randy. This left him on his knees with his face buried in the mattress and my tongue once again teasing his butt hole.

Finally, I forced myself away from what I was doing to move next to Sylvia and kiss my wife. When I did this, Randy rearrainged himself on the bed so that he could have access to my dick. When he reached out and started to squeeze and stroke me and my kiss with Sylvia was broken as I straightened up to stand in front of him. He was lying near the edge of the bed as I stood in front of him, I bent my knees until my erection was only a few inches from his face. We looked at each other in one of those silent conversation sort of way … I placed my hand on the back of his head and brought my cock closer, to his face. His eyes were still locked with mine as he parted his lips and took me into his mouth for the first time, then he closed his eyes and started to suck.

After just a short time. I broke our connection to lay down next to him — I reached out and guided Randy’s own fat cock into my mouth. Then together we made the leap into the bisexual world. Over and over in my mind the the same thought played; I was now having full-on queer sex with my best friend while my wife lay next to us and watched — when I glanced up; her eyes and fingers were taking care of her own pleasure. The erotic excitement of the moment was intense. I wondered which of us would be able to hold on much longer.

I lost track of time, it seemed only a short time had passed when I felt Randy’s cock swell bigger. There would be no way to prolong the pleasure and I knew that he was about to shoot his cum into my mouth. There was a moment when I tried to convince myself that I hadn’t wanted it to go this far — but it was only a moment and I intensified my suction on his dick and having surrendered to this new bisexual reality, I felt myself also pass beyond my own point of no return. Randy and I came almost simultaneously — he shot burst after burst into my mouth at the same time I was doing the same into his. I swallowed the ropy blasts as best I could and just let the rest run out to make a mess in my beard — because I was intent on sucking him to the very end of his pleasure — my hand softly squeezing his balls to milk out every last moment for him.

When it was over, I was in a mild state of shock — or was it awe? What had we done? We had let our passion grow beyond control, and like an arrow released from the bow it could never be undone. I turned to look at my wife, expecting to see disapproval in her eyes. But instead of disgust I found her fingering herself trying to coax out another orgasm of her own. Then, I realized that the fantasies we had shared about this very thing had become as real for her as for me. She had obviously been influenced by those bisexual movies too. What she had just witnessed taking place between the two men she always said she loved, must have somehow solidified this strange new place we had all entered.

I quickly shifted myself around and brought my cum covered face to her open pussy. I hungrily took over the job of satisfying her need. She later told me that the sight of Randy’s cum on my beard, along with my tongue on her clit, brought her to one of her most intense orgasms ever.

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