Team Building Day

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This is my entry for ‘On The Job’ 2021. Thanks to HeyAll and Lit for organizing it. Thanks to no1UKno for reading and helping to edit the story.

It’s been a tough year for many and if reading this story gives pleasure, even for a short while, then I’m very happy. This story could feature in a number of different categories but ‘Mature’ seemed about right.

As always, comments, contacts and votes very welcome.

‘This could be interesting.’ A barely perceptible smile played on Enid’s lips as she observed the athletically attired bodies of her colleagues. Some of the women had tight asses and pert tits; some of the men, she was pleased to note, had bulges and muscles in all the right places. Most were more like her, not as pert or as athletic as they might once have been.

She was struck by her own lewdness. They had just been through the most challenging, heart wrenching, traumatic year, both personally and professionally, that any of them had ever known. But rather than bask in the sunshine and the chance of some fun and relaxation, she was more interested in pert tits and bulging cocks.

Her musings were interrupted by John, her colleague and friend of fifteen years and a fellow charge nurse in the Intensive Care Unit where they worked. “We’re blessed with the weather, should be a great day.”

“What exactly is it we’ll be doing?” Enid asked, her sunglass covered eyes continuing to feast on the bodies in front of her, tingles of excitement weaving through her mind and body.

“I think they’ll break us into teams and get us to perform different activities, competing but working together at the same time.”

Enid nodded, already knowing the answer and just making small talk. John was use to his colleague and wandered away to speak with someone else.

“Can I have your attention please.” Enid and everyone else’s attention was drawn to a rather handsome twenty something, flanked by two equally sexy women, all wearing tight fitting t-shirts with the centers logo on it.

“Welcome to our outdoor adventure center, we…” Enid wasn’t listening, her eyes roving over the bodies of the instructors.

‘Snap out of it, what the fuck is wrong with me.’ Enid wondered if she actually shook her head as she tried to clear it of lecherous thoughts. This was not her, she was an intelligent, professional, forty eight year old woman with two grown up children and an asshole of a now, thankfully, ex husband. She was a senior nurse, responsible for the sickest of patients and for nurturing, guiding and caring for the staff who looked after them.

Sure she’d always been a watcher: stand back, observe and then act. It was usually a good thing and never more so than during this pandemic when their number of ICU beds had nearly doubled and despite many new staff they had been overwhelmed with the number and the sheer devastating sickness of the Covid positive patients. Enid would notice which nurse was struggling with their patient, which nurse needed a break, which nurse needed a cuddle. She knew she was good at her job and respected by her colleagues, but there in the spring sunshine she felt more like an obscene, perverted old hag; and a bit of her quite liked it.

She’d always been body positive and had enjoyed being watched as much as watching, only society’s norms stopping her staring or flaunting more. As a young nurse she had worked in Germany and the male and female staff had shared a changing room. After the initial shock she had gotten use to stripping out of her clothes or uniform in front of her male and female colleagues, actually quite enjoying it, sometimes turning her back and sometimes not; happily chatting away in her bra and knickers like it was the most natural thing in the world.

She smiled at the memories, thinking it must have been so much harder for the men not to show how much they were enjoying it. Then marital bliss kicked in and she spent years trying not to upset her boring, controlling, pox of a husband. ‘Dress this way, look that way’ ahhh! Her head was nearly bursting thinking about it.

“Enid, Enid, are you ok, you seem a bit distracted.”

“I’m fine, just enjoying the sun on my face.” She answered reflexively, quickly focusing on who was speaking to her. It was Tom, one of the new nurses who had joined in the last year, having moved back home to be near his family and elderly parents. He was a good guy, had plenty of ICU experience and was easy to work with. In the sun and in his tight t-shirt he was also quite dishy. Stop it! Enid silently kicked herself, reminding herself that at thirty years old he was, anatomically at least, young enough to be her son.

“You’re in our team.” Tom said, pointing out Hayley and Kirsty, two more of the newer nurses, who were stood near him.

Enid automatically smiled, “Great.” She liked all three of them which would make it a much nicer day. “Right, what are we doing?”

“You weren’t listening at all, were you?” Kirsty said.

“No.”Enid smiled at them all “I was daydreaming, thinking how wonderful it was Escort Küçükköy to see everyone outside of work.”

Smiling, Hayley said, “I hardly recognized everyone with their clothes on.” This was a running joke, shared among those who normally only saw each other in scrubs, but Enid’s mind took it somewhere else.

“Do you want to be land based or do you want to be wet all day?” Again Enid’s brain went off at tangents, forcing a coy smile; seeing Hayley and Kirsty smirk behind Tom, she guessed their minds were in the gutter also. “Land based I think, what do we have to do?”

Tom had obviously been listening to the instructors and his enthusiasm for the day ahead shone through as he started to explain the itinerary, finishing with “They have wonderful facilities here, it should be great.”

It was a great set up, an adventure training center only twenty minutes from their city that offered tailored team building days to groups of all sizes. In their case 40+ members of the ICU team, the whole day paid for by the generosity and hard work of a family who raised money online as a thank you for the care their relative received whilst in ICU. The fact that all the front line staff were now vaccinated made them feel like they could finally relax and enjoy it. It was a wonderful and generous thing to do and very much appreciated.

Signaling with his hands for them to follow, Tom set off in the direction of a tall wooden structure, his obvious enthusiasm not yet rubbing off on his teammates, the three of them watching his flimsy running shorts covered bum as he walked away. “Corr, look at the ass on that one.” Hayley said in her best construction worker voice.

Enid tried to keep a straight face but soon lost the battle, joining Kirsty and Hayley in fits of giggles.

“You two are terrible” she finally managed “but he does have a nice ass.”

“So do you, shame it’s covered in leggings and not shorts like ours.”Still giggling they turned around and lifted their t-shirts so Enid got a good look at both their bums. Kirsty was toned and tight, her hamstrings clearly defined, the shiny material of the shorts loose around her legs yet tight between her cheeks. Hayley’s was bigger and rounder, what might be described as spankable and, well yes, fuckable.

Enid tried to hide her shock at her own thoughts by keeping it light, “I don’t know what you two are on but it must be good.”

“Here, try it.” Enid was surprised when Kirsty offered her water bottle, “Smell it first if you want.”

“Woah!, that’s fairly laced. What is it, rum and coke?”

“Yep, and Hayley has vodka and orange in hers.” The silly grins on both their faces made her wonder how much they’d had already, as if reading her mind Hayley said, “We put three doubles in each one, reckoning that should be plenty to keep us going till the BBQ later.”

Enid shook her head, smiling, wondering if she should drink, “Go on, then we can all fall off the climbing thingy together.”

“Cheers!” Enid took a gulp of each “Wow that’s strong.” Her eyes nearly watered.

“Sorry, I didn’t put much juice in with it.”

They set off after Tom, chatting away and in good spirits, both girls linking their arms through Enid’s. “It is a real shame about the shorts; I’ve got a spare pair back in the changing rooms you could have” Kirsty said.

Arm in arm in the sunshine Enid felt happier and saucier than she had in ages

“I don’t think they’d fit me and besides, I haven’t got any knickers on.” A silly grin crept across Enid’s face as she said this, only trumped by Hayley laughing and saying to Kirsty “Told you so.”

The three of them were laughing pretty loud, causing Tom who was a good way ahead to turn and look at them, making them laugh even more. Hayley was the first to speak, “I said to Kirsty that you were a tart and wouldn’t wear any knickers, so we didn’t either.”

Enid shook her head but couldn’t help but smile, “Cheeky cow!”

“I’ll be back in a mo.” Kirsty ran off towards the dressing rooms, ass and leg muscles flexing fantastically.

“I have a confession.” Hayley said, “Bill, the chief instructor here, is a good friend of my brothers, I asked him to make sure you, me, Kirsty and Tom were in the same team.”


Hayley seemed stuck for words, her cheeks reddening, “We thought you’d be a great teammate, a good laugh and everything.” Her cheeks reddened even more “and because of the way you look at us.”

Hayley saw the questioning look on Enid’s face.”When you were staring at everyone this morning what were you thinking?” Hayley asked.

Enid could feel her own cheeks reddening, wondering whether to lie, Hayley saving her the bother “I knew it, I couldn’t see your eyes but I could tell by the way you stared and how your lips twitched.”

“You should play poker.”

Hayley smiled, “It’s the same at work, we’re wearing masks but I see the twinkle in your eye. I know you look after everyone but there’s an energy about you, you radiate womanliness and mischief Mecidiyeköy escort at the same time.” “Most of the younger staff, male and female, want to fuck you or be mothered by you, or both.”

Enid nearly choked but managed, “Bollocks; that vodka has definitely gone to your head.”

“It’s true.”

“And how about you?” Enid felt unable to stop herself asking the question.

Unabashed, Hayley said, “Both I think, I’d like to bury my head into your big boobs and then bend you over and slap your big ass.”

What the…, who was this woman, this nurse who was quiet and timid at work had turned into a monster. Enid had never thought of herself as gay or even bisexual, a drunken snog with a fellow student being the closest she had ever come to getting off with a woman. Turning to Hayley she couldn’t help but smile, “Sounds interesting, tell me more”

Kirsty came jogging back, interrupting them, ‘shame’ thought Enid.

“You tart.”Laughed Hayley.

“Takes one to know one.” It took Enid a second to cop on to what the girls were talking about. Kirsty had changed her top and was now wearing a much smaller t-shirt that only just reached her skimpy shorts, her small boobs heaving as she caught her breath from the run to the changing rooms.

“I thought Enid should change that baggy top as well as her bottoms.”

“But I’m much bigger than you.”

“I know, that’s why I thought it.”

“Come on you lot, we haven’t got all day.” It was Tom calling for them to hurry up, quelling Enid’s protests; calling the two smiling girls ‘bitches’ being the best she could muster. Truth be told, she hadn’t felt as alive or as happily horny for a long time.

Tom was stood with one of the instructors, Hayley calling out “Hi Bill,” as they approached and making the introductions, introducing Enid as their boss, which wasn’t quite true but no one bothered correcting her. Bill said hi to everyone and by the smile on his face, seemed happy to have a mainly female group to work with.

Bill started to explain what they’d be doing. This was a team climbing challenge involving climbing up from one log to another, the gap/distance between the logs increasing as they got higher, requiring more team work to climb up to it. “Very few teams make it to the top level which is nearly 30 feet or 9 metres high, the last gap you have to traverse is 9 feet. You’ll all be wearing harnesses in case you fall. I’ll be on the ground and can give you some advice if you get stuck, but the idea is for you to work as a team and work it out for yourself. If you’re ready will get you harnessed up.”

“Bill.” Hayley said, “Is it ok if Enid gets changed into shorts before we start?”

“Yes of course, whatever you want.”

If looks could kill Hayley would have been dead, instead Enid took the shorts from Kirsty, holding them up, “These fucking things will never fit me.”

“Of course they will, maybe just a bit snug.” Kirsty managed between her giggles.

Enid wasn’t overweight but definitely had curves, these shorts looked tiny compared to what she had at home. She briefly thought of keeping her leggings on, but aware of the four pairs of eyes watching her and of her growing urge to be saucy and provocative, thought ‘sod it.’

“Will you two stand in front of me?” Enid asked, if anything Hayley and Kirsty moved further apart, even turning slightly for a better view. Glaring at them and saying “bitches” under her breath, Enid did a quick recalculation. She’d always thought her long legs were her best feature and didn’t mind showing them off, she was aware that if she bent forward a bit her baggy t-shirt would cover her front, not minding that her ass would be on display as no one was behind her.

Her leggings were wedged between her thighs and stuck to her pussy from the numerous times she had already been aroused that day, requiring her to give them a good tug to free them, her bare ass cheeks wobbling in the cool air as she did so. Enid heard a low, sexy moan to her left; as Enid looked at her Hayley smiled cheekily and blew a kiss, edging sideways to get a better view of Enid’s behind. Enid’s glare said ‘I’ll get you for this’ Hayley smiled even more cheekily.

She could bend her legs and squat down to get the leggings off and the shorts on but that would cause her shirt to rise at the front, exposing her to the men a few feet in front of her. Alternatively, if she kept her legs nearly straight and bent over, her ass and cunt would be even more exposed from the back, she chose the latter.

She was head down, ass up, struggling to get her foot into the leg of the shorts when she felt her shirt begin to ride along her body towards her head, only her outstretched arms stopping it covering her face. She froze for a moment, fuck, fuck, fuck; there was no point in just standing up as she only had one leg in the shorts and with the shirt where it was everything would be exposed, even if only briefly. She wondered if one of the girls might pull her shirt down for her Merter escort bayan but realized they were enjoying this far too much, bitches. There was nothing to do but carry on, put on a brave face and enjoy it.

Enid balanced herself and placed her other foot in the shorts, the light breeze feeling wonderful against her exposed privates. She worked the tight shorts up her legs, alternating her weight from one foot to the other, causing one bum cheek and then the other to wobble, giving everyone a wonderful sight. She managed to stretch them over ass, finishing with a final wiggle and standing straight as if to say ta-da!, her bra and boobs only briefly exposed as her shirt fell into place.

Tom and Bill’s faces were a picture, a mixture of lust, shock and embarrassment for staring. Both blushing even redder as Enid smiled at their obvious erections.

Hayley and Kirsty moved in close, Kirsty managing “Wow.” And Hayley “that was fucking hot, you’ve a gorgeous body.” Enid gasped involuntarily as Hayley gently caressed the bottom of her ass cheek that was sticking out of the shorts.

As much as she was enjoying herself, Enid felt a need to gain back a bit of control, wicked ideas forming in her head.

“Are you ready for the harnesses now?” Bill said, trying to get them back on track.

“Just got the t-shirt to change.” Kirsty called back.

Shit, Enid had forgotten about the t-shirt. She fought the natural urge to turn around, after already exposing her ass there was no point in being coy, besides, she had a plan.

She removed her shirt and stood for a moment, happily letting everyone stare at her 36c boobs encased in her plain white bra, Enid smiled as she thought of some of the underwear she had, that would really get their attention. She took the shirt from Kirsty and took her time unfolding it, shaking it open to make her boobs wobble before slowly pulling it over her head. It was very tight but thankfully longer than Enid thought it might be, reaching her shorts and covering her belly, an area Enid wasn’t fond of.

Enid looked down at herself, boobs straining to break free, shorts wedged so far up her wazoo they were nearly giving her an internal. What the fuck do I look like?

Bill asked if they were ready to begin, a hint of annoyance and impatience in his voice.

“Ah Bill, don’t be like that.” Hayley sidled over to Bill, “you know we’re just having fun. Don’t you think Enid looks sexy dressed like that?” Before he could answer, Hayley continued, “would you like to see me dressed like that?” The flirting was outrageous and Bill seemed a bit lost for words, maybe he fancied his friends sister. “Let’s just get started.” He said timidly.

“Bill before we start is it alright if we have a quick team meeting?” Enid asked.

Bill went to say something but a look from Hayley stopped him. Vixen was the word that came to Enid’s mind, from the way she’d made her feel earlier to the control she had over Bill, Hayley was one sexy vixen.

Enid brought them all closer, Bill just on the outside of their little huddle. It was like being at work, Enid in control and everyone listening attentively, “Tom, you know that I have no knickers on but neither do Kirsty or Hayley.” She let this sink in, Tom looked at both girls, both smiling like butter wouldn’t melt, “I think it’s only fair and will be more fun if you take your boxers off also.”

No one was expecting this and there was an awkward moment whilst it sank in before both girls gleefully said they thought it would be a great idea. Tom was beginning to protest when Enid stopped him. “Now I know this is a little unfair, your dick is a lot more visible than our fannies, who knows, it may even stick out of your shorts.” Enid looked at an increasingly flushed Tom, her eyes slowly falling to his obviously erect dick, the girls deliberately oohing and aahing as they followed her gaze.

Kirsty leant in and whispered something to Tom, his eyes widening and a silly grin creeping across his face as she did so. “He’ll do it.”

“What did you say to him?” asked Hayley. Kirsty just smiled innocently.

“Look, I know you’ve come for some fun and relaxation as much as team building, but I think this is getting a bit out of hand.” Bill didn’t seem too convinced by his own protests and Enid pounced on this, taking her chance to flirt, “Bill darling, this is all innocent fun. Looking at that bulge in you shorts I hope it’s a phone, I’d love you to film and take photos of us.”

Even Bill laughed along with this, before saying that he couldn’t be caught with anything risky on his work phone. “Don’t worry, I’ll give you Hayley’s number and you can send them on to her.”

“What exactly do I have to do?” Tom asked, the nervousness and uncertainty obvious in his voice.

“Just take off your shorts, then your boxers, then put your shorts back on.”

Enid expected him to turn his back, but taking a big breath Tom dropped his shorts and boxers in one go, stepping out of them and using his foot to flick his shorts back to his hand; quickly balancing on one leg, then the other, to put them back on. He did it so quickly and smoothly that they hardly got time to stare at his dick, Enid only seeing a flash of a reasonably sized semi erection. “Do you dress to the left or right?” Being the only silly thing she could think to say.

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