The Doctor Is Willing Again

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I am a 51 year old female Doctor, working doing Health Appraisals for a local HMO. My late husband wrote a lot of stories, I really never did much. But for some reason, since his passing, I find myself writing almost as much as he did!

Ted always told me to “write like you are telling a story”, I learned quickly what he meant. But he also told me to “keep them as close to true as you can” because otherwise they wouldn’t be believable.

He was right about that, too. One recent story I added an entire year between incidents, when in fact it was only a couple of weeks.

Now why would I do that? The first story about Norman was true, he was darned sick when I saw him in my office.

Yet I dated him just a couple of weeks later, in the story I made it a year later. In retrospect, I realize my upbringing, and what people would think do matter! I simply didn’t want readers, even strangers, to think I was a slut. Even worse, I was not being true to Ted. That all combined to almost become a tragedy as I went into a Manic mode and depression. I finally got smart, combined with my late husband’s voice (Real? In my head? I don’t know.) and took the medicine Sally, my Boss at the office prescribed for me.

So I lied, and when I reread the stories, I realized they sounded funny, at least to me. I guess I am still learning as a writer.

But I got up early this morning, bored, and an incident just a few days ago was fresh in my mind.

There was a young man who came into my office not too long ago, when I went to check for Hernia, he was already erect. And when I leaned down to inspect his genitals, he exploded in my face!

He was mortified, no control, the problem was obvious. A prime example of Premature Ejaculation!

Since I am a Doctor, I know that often this can be relieved by the male’s partner, all they need do is take that in stride and keep on going, there nearly always is a second shot in there!!

If so, then the right approach, the proper use of the mind, can do wonders. So, I reached out and got him hard again, I even went a little over the top and let him peek at my little titties as a stimulous!

It worked!

The problem was it got ME all fussed up, I even had to go masturbate to get myself under control!

That was one of those events that seem to stick in the mind, I even used it to take care of myself at home a few times, a nice fantasy! But other than that, I really didn’t give him much thought at work.

Day in day out, one patient after another, the vast majority I simply check out and lecture a bit, and send them home.

Every once in awhile, though, one comes in that gets things going.

Now one would think that a female Doctor would have no interest at all in sexuality around the office. Let me tell you, from the conversations kozyatağı escort I hear and have with the other Doctors and the Nurses, nothing is farther than the truth.

We sit in our private lounge, conversations go like “That guy had a cock like a horse!” and “She was bouncing so much I almost couldn’t keep my fingers in there!”

Dan, my office partner, has one beautiful 40ish housewife that comes in every 3 or 4 months. They aren’t supposed to but we have ways around that. Those “exams” always seem to go 30-45 minutes, he told me once that she starts to orgasm the second he touches her and never stops!

We are taught in school to have a “bedside” manner, this means we have to be able to reach out and grasp a penis, and inspect it closely, then pull on a rubber glove and do a rectal with no reaction. Vaginal exams, bare breasts, good looking patients, erections, all just part of the work!

We don’t allow our breathing to increase, we are careful to not flush or blush, and the expression never changes, practiced and practiced for many hours in front of a mirror.

Do we react, though? Oh God, yes! I have seen more than one Nurse walk calmly but quickly to the staff facilities to take care of themselves. Yes, Male Doctors, too!

The front office staff are well aware, too, and if an especially attractive patient comes in, they will allow a bit of extra time during and after the visit, just in case.

I do know that Dan, the other Doctor in my section, sometimes rushes off for a few minutes, he did that the other day right after a pretty blonde came in for a physical.

He came out of the restroom as I was standing at the counter, looked at me with a grin and whispered “Wow!” in a low voice as he went back to work. I just grinned at him.

I guess I know Dan pretty well, and I suppose he knows me, too! He pulled back the screen one day, (a NONO!) around our office, and caught me in a situation with a cute male client. My left hand was on his rigid cock and right index finger up his Rectum, not “exactly” a valid medical prodedure!

Well, I am rambling a little, but it keys in, I think.

A few days ago, I was looking at the charts for my next patient. I spotted the name, I will call him Tom (I learned my lesson about real names from an earlier story I wrote)

I thought, “What is this guy doing back?” since we do Health Appraisals for an HMO, which means every 2-3 years between appointments. We simply refer to whatever medical department is appropriate, it is rare we even do followups.

My nurse showed Tom in, I remembered him well, he was my premature ejaculator.

“What can I do for you today, Tom?” I asked him, already having a pretty good idea.

I looked at him, he was beet red, küçükyalı escort but he managed to stammer something about, “Trying to teach his girlfriend what I had shown him”, and I quickly realized the rest.

What is it with some women? So many seem to think that all they have to do is bare a tittie and any male will instantly erect and be raring to go! Then if that doesn’t happen, it’s “Oh, I don’t turn you on!” which quickly makes the situation worse, or they will chastise the man for “not being a real man!”

This is frequent enough that many men will approach a female with caution and worry about not being able to perform, and the slightest wrong reaction on the part of the female will end any chance at sex for an evening.

The truth is, if a woman reaches out and grabs a completely limp penis and goes for it like it is the most wonderful thing they have ever seen, that thing will most likely come right up!

“Well, I had better take a look!” I said handing him a gown. I was already thinking I was going to enjoy this!

I stepped out as he changed, told my Nurse to delay the next patient, and went back in.

Tom was sitting on the edge of my table, the thin gown over him. I took his blood pressure as a precaution, a bit high but I expected that.

I reached down and slid the gown up, exposing his erection. Just like the last time, he was hard as a rock, and it was well on the big side of average, at least 9″ big!

I knew that just a touch would set him off, so I tried something else. “Turn over and get on your knees!” I commanded him.

He complied, turning even redder as the gap in the gown exposed his bare behind.

“I am just going to check and see if you have an inflamed Prostate”, I lied in my best professional manner. I slipped on a glove and lubed it, then stroked across his Rectum a few times, watching his Penis to see if he ejacualated.

He didn’t, a good sign. I pressed my index finger in slightly, waiting for the resistance to ease, I felt him relax, then I slid my finger in all the way.

Pressing against the gland, I noted a drop of clear fluid come out of the end of his Penis, which had now erected even farther if that was possible.

I love to get a man in this position, they are completely in my control at this point! It was starting to affect me, too, I felt the familiar tingling in my loins, and I was careful to control my breath.

Then I reached around and grasped him and he shot off, hitting himself in the face with a grunt. “Turnabout is fair play!” I thought with an inner grin, remembering the last visit when he had taken me by surprise just as I had leaned forward.

I realized he was looking at me between his legs, trying to see down my blouse. I had both mutlukent escort hands occupied, though, no way could I show him anything, really.

My left hand was busy stroking his full length as I rapid fired in and out of his anus with my right index finger, he never lost his erection!

It was only another minute or so when I watched his testicles snug up and he came again. I kept up the motion with my left hand, and just as he orgasmed, I stopped for an instant, then restarted, squeezing as I did so.

He blasted off, actually hitting the curtain on the far end of the table! I kept going as he began to soften, then finally I stopped and withdrew my finger from his behind.

Tom turned over and sat on the edge of the table as I tried again to explain to him that his body was normal, he just needed the right partner. As I spoke, I realized he was staring at my breasts. Glancing down, it hit me that my own nipples had hardened so much that they were poking out, the bumps visible even through the blouse and bra I wore.

He knew, there was no hiding my exitement. I was wanting to rush off and masturbate, I could feel myself, all puffy between my legs.

But I looked down, damned if this guy didn’t have another tent in the gown, he was almost erect again! I lifted the gown to take a look, sure enough, he was up, still all slick and shiney. I reached down and grabbed him again, stroking his length, feeling him start to harden even more!

Talk about oversexed, even my late husband, who was amazing, needed at least 15 minutes to recover. This guy didn’t need any time at all!

I continued working him, it was almost a challenge now, I wanted him drained! I leaned forwards to watch, knowing full well that he was getting a peek at my nipples, “somehow” an extra button had come undone.

As I got closer, my mouth opened and took him in, I couldn’t stop myself! I was sucking and stroking him with my lips, then I felt his hands go down the front of my blouse!

I should have stopped him right there, I was now in territory that can get one’s picture in the papers! But it was so good, felt so good, it had been so long!

His 3rd ejaculation was in my mouth, I came with him at the same time. Finally, we stopped, he stayed limp this time. I gave him a few final strokes, then left the room.

I gave myself a nice release in the restroom, then washed up. Tom was just hooking up his belt as I came back in.

“I think you are going to be OK,” I stammered, lamely.

Tom grinned at me, “Can I have your number, Doc?” he asked.

My mind was explaining to him that I couldn’t do that as I jotted down my home number on the back of one of my cards and handed it to him.

He smiled at me and said, “You are one hell of a woman!” then he was gone.

I stood there for quite a long time, my mind in turmoil. I knew he would call, I just had no idea at all what my reaction would be when he did!

I found out later, my phone was ringing when I walked in the door at home. I heard Tom’s voice, he said, “Hi, Lee! Can I have your address?”

I simply gave it to him, and hung up the phone.

“Best go shower.” I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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