The Kids are FINALLY Gone!

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Joanna and Ron have been married for 23 years. Ever since they had kids sex has only occurred on birthdays and anniversaries although Ron has always wanted more. Every once and a while he would slap her ass or caress her breasts, but Joanna never wanted to do anything more than a little fondling. He watched porn in privacy or jacked off with a phone sex operator.

It’s 11am on a Saturday, and Joanna is feeling relaxed. The house is clean and quiet. Ron comes back from his morning jog and says, “Jo, what do you have planned for today?” she sips her coffee and replies with, “For the first time in a long time, there’s literally nothing to do!”

Ron decides to take their dog, Archie, to the backyard and plays fetch. Joanna starts reminiscing on the old days when they would have sex all the time. In the kitchen, in the car, in the movie theatre, public restrooms, the beach, etc.

She goes upstairs and decides to shave. Within a few minutes, Ron makes his way into the bathroom and sees his wife sitting on the bathroom counter with her legs in the air, carefully shaving the hairs surrounding the lips of her pussy. His dick gets a little hard. You can see a small budge through his running shorts. “Need help?”, he calls out. “Yeah, I think I nicked myself”, she responds. She dabs the cut with some toilet paper. “It really hurts”, she says.

Ron puts on his reading glasses, and says in an endearing tone, “Let me kiss it better, baby”.

Ron slowly starts teasing her pussy. He sucks on her inner thigh and rubs his hand on her clit. She lets out a soft moan. He continues to tease her for 7 minutes, and she finally says, “Quit teasing, and do something already!” He looks into her green eyes and says, “Not until you beg!”

Joanna is fed up with his shenanigans, and in a sassy tone she says, “Oh, that’s the game we’re playing, huh?” She takes both her hands and pushes his head into her crotch. He starts to lick the outer lips of her pussy. He then puts his tongue in and moves his tongue sex hikayeleri up and down, first he’s slow then he speeds up. She closes her eyes and moans because of the pleasure. He then begins to suck her clit while finger-fucking his wife. Her moans get loader and loader. “Ooohh, that’s it!” she says in a breathy tone. At this point, Ron is definitely hard. Joanna lets out a shriek while she cums. She’s out of breath, but satisfied. “Oh, thank you, baby” she says.

Joanna gets off the counter and takes a shower. Ron is shocked that she didn’t return the favor. He decides to join her in the shower. He surprises her when he approaches her from behind with his hands wrapped around her hips and his hard dick pressing against her flat ass.

J: What are you doing?

R: I finished my run, and I need to take a shower, too. I thought we’d save water.

J: How nice, now move over.

R: Sharing is caring.

Ron lifts her 36C breasts and motorboats them. Again, in her sassy tone she says, “Oh, that’s the game you want to play?”

She takes her hands and shoves Ron’s face into her breasts. Ron is fighting her for some air, but she refuses. After a few seconds, she finally lets him breathe and turns off the water. He takes a few moments to catch his breath and Joanna has a huge smile on her face.

R: Why did you hold me down when I was trying to get out? You were suffocating me!

J: That’s the point! Since you love putting your face there, why not stay there?

R: I thought that since the house was empty we go back to old days.

J: I was thinking the same thing. However, I want to try something different. I want to be in charge for a while.

R: Yes, ma’am.

They make their way to their queen-sized bed and she commands Ron to lay down. She begins to suck his 6.5-inch dick. She licks and kisses everything around the head while playing with his sagging balls. She opens her mouth, and begins to suck on the head of his uncircumcised sikiş hikayeleri penis. She sucks all around the shaft and begins to stroke it slowly. Ron has his eyes closed and is moaning in pleasure. She gets 4 inches of his dick in her mouth and performs fellatio like she’s never done before. She’s enjoying it, too.

Ron tries to shove her head done his dick, but Joanna disciplines him by slapping his balls. “Ouch!” he cries out. “I told you I’m in charge. Now, behave!” she says in that sassy tone. “I love having a bossy bitch!” She slaps his balls again, “That was just because I like hearing you whine like a baby.”

They begin to make out as if they were horny teenagers. She starts to ride his dick. In circular motion, up and down. She’s enjoying herself and grabbing her titties. She throws her head backwards and lets out a few moans. “Let me try a little something.” She agrees to let Ron try something. He inserts his finger into her mouth and she sucks on it. As she’s riding him, he puts that same finger in her asshole. Her eyes open wider and she is shocked at how pleasuring this was. After she cums on his dick, she lays herself on his chest.

Ron plants his feet onto the mattress, lifts his hips, and fucks her relentlessly. “Oh, God, Ron!” she screamed. Her ass is hitting upon his thighs at such a rapid pace, it sounds as if someone were clapping. Joanna tries to dismount herself off of his dick, but Ron won’t let her. “Take it! Take my dick! I’ve been waiting too long! It’s my turn to pound this pussy!”

J: Oh, God, Ron! Baby, please!

R: Take it!

J: I can’t!!!

R: I said, ‘take it’!

J: Baby, please! No! I really can’t!

R: You’re already doing it.


Ron stops. She just came. She is trying to catch her breath. She decides to suck his dick while rubbing her soar pussy. Ron is moaning and enjoying every second of it. “I want to try something new!” she says. She pushes Rons legs above his sex hikaye head and begins licking his asshole.

R: WOAH! That’s not okay!

J: You’ll love it.

R: No, I won’t. Stop it.

J: You didn’t even give me a minute to try.

R: There’s nothing to try. Stay away from there.

J: How do you know you won’t like it?

R: Trust me, I don’t like it.

J: Baby, just give me 60 seconds. Try to enjoy it. Do it for me!

She bats her eyelashes, in hopes that he’ll agree. “Fine!” he groans. “Don’t be so tense, baby! You need to relax to enjoy it!”

She swallows his dick — deep throating it over and over again. She gags and comes up for air. She wipes the thickened saliva off of her chin. She strokes his dick while she teases his balls. Ron’s moans are getting louder. “Oh, yeah, Jo! Put those balls in your mouth!” She lifts those sagging balls into her mouth and sucks on them. She moves her tongue around in a circular motion. She read in Cosmo (the magazine) that it’s a good idea to try to write the alphabet. So she does! He lets out a shriek on “J”. Joanna thinks to herself, “my plan is working”.

She aggressively grabs his ankles and licks his ass. Joanna is simultaneously sucking the air out of his anus and stroking his dick. “Wow, Jo!” he moans. She notices that his dick is getting harder.

“You like that, baby?” she says.

“Mhmm” he replied, while looking down at the artwork that she is doing for him.

J: You like it when I lick your ass?

R: Yes, baby. Don’t stop.

J: I love the taste of your ass…

She then inserts her tongue into his ass licking all inside of it. Ron reaches down and shoves her head into her ass. His moans are getting louder. She then tongue fucks his ass. Ron is entering a stage of euphoria and says, “Oh, baby! I’m gonna’ cum!”

She stops stroking his dick and watches it pulsate on its own. “Cum for me baby! I want you to cum for me!”

She is aggressively licking, sucking, and tongueing his ass. The cum finally spurts out his hard penis. “Ooohhh, Jo! Ooooh, baby! That was amazing!”

She smiles and strokes his dick until the last drop exits the tip. She then sucks the head and makes out with him. They cuddle and kiss and talk about how pleasuring this experience was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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