When it Came Through the Door Pt. 03

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It was disconcerting to see him a few days later, walking around the shopping centre with someone that I assumed was his wife.

In that weird shopping centre light, surrounded by the frantic buzz of shoppers, his handsome features stood out. His wife might have once been a model, still could actually, with her flawless skin and thick honey-blonde hair and legs all the way up to her armpits. I’d guess her age at around thirty, and he was probably not far off. His were hazel and had perhaps flecks of green in them. He had a small button nose, and short-cropped hair, with one of those perpetual smiles that seemed to emanate from his eyes.

In a pair of jeans, he looked fit. I already knew his dick was huge because I’d seen a burly guy suck it and I’d seen this guy suck the other guy’s. Whoever he was, he gently put a hand behind his wife’s back as they walked towards me, looking distracted and talking about something that held their attention.

As he went to pass me, his eyes flicked to me, a quick look; nothing too intense, and so brief, I almost missed it, a mere glance sideways, before he continued on with the pretty blonde.

But it was enough.

Those eyes had clocked me. Recognised me perhaps and artfully diverted away, like he’d practiced being spotted in public a thousand times and knew how to avert his eyes.

I figured it was safe to turn and look, given I was by myself, and there’d be little chance he’d look back at me.

But I was wrong. He did glance back at me, and then he smiled.

That zapped me, like that time I’d been dared to put a 9-volt battery on my tongue. Except this was no battery, this was just a guy. Just an ordinary, perhaps above-average looking guy.

It sounds so cheesy to say that some random guy I’d previously seen in a public toilet sucking cock and I, had locked eyes and an electricity flowed between us.

But here we were, smack bang in the middle of a shopping centre and we both turned, smiled, and connected.

And it could not have been more frustrating, because where would I take it? What could I do with it? There was nothing I could do. I had no way to contact him, and him with his wife so close to him, there was no way that I could talk to him anyway.

But then he surprised me. With confidence, he whispered something to his wife, gently moved her on and detoured to the cafe they’d passed. As he reached into his pocket for his wallet, he turned to face me and smiled, then raised an eyebrow, before turning to order his coffee.

I slowed down and took the long way around and back to where the cafe was. I’m not sure who I thought would be watching us, but let’s call me paranoid.

He ordered and paid for something, then turned to search for me.

I came up alongside, nervous and with legs trembling. After all, I had no idea what was happening, and I certainly didn’t have the confidence this guy exuded.

“Hey, how’s your day going?” he asked me, a strong accent I recognised and tried to place.

“Hey…um, good…thanks. And yourself?” I stammered, a little annoyed to have been caught off-guard by his greeting, but also mesmerised by his amused eyes, which seemed to bore into me. I wondered then if he was a cop, or someone used to intimidating people for a living.

“Good. Wasting some time while the car’s getting a service. Might wander upstairs in a bit…” he trailed off, still smiling with eyes that seemed to be asking a different question.

“Okay,” I said, Anadolu Yakası Escort not sure what was upstairs, so I looked up, and thought about the mezzanine, the toy store, food court, department store, and was about to shrug, but then it occurred to me.

I slowly turned back to look at him and I froze.

I think I blushed.

He laughed, a nice laugh, a hot laugh. Quite masculine. If there was a line-up of guys most likely to suck dick, he wouldn’t even be in the line-up.

The cashier handed him two coffees and a packet of biscuits. She was a young red-head and as captivated by his eyes as I was. She stared after him, even as he turned and began to walk away. When I approached the counter, her eyes looked annoyed, if only for a second, but then her fake smile was back, and I ordered a coffee.

Mr. confident had wandered off with his coffees, but I had apparently been given a clandestine communique.

I don’t drink coffee or tea, so took the very long way around to a drinking fountain at the end of the centre, and poured my coffee down the drain, then dumped the cup.

Without really knowing how long ‘in a bit’ meant, I slowly made my way up the escalators, feeling a little paranoid that centre security may have been eavesdropping on our chat. But for every objection my mind conjured, my dick reasoned better. It led me all the way around the middle floor and directly to the public toilets.

A row of men stood at the urinals, and I also realised the cubicles were full, so I stood at one end by the sinks, and waited for one to become free. I assumed I’d have to take the middle one and hope I’d meet the guy that way.

As I waited patiently, my guy casually strolled in and my knees buckled a little.

He spotted me, raised an eyebrow, scouted the toilet, then walked away to a service door.

Except it wasn’t a service door. Hidden sort of behind where the urinals were was a disabled toilet, and it looked like the disabled sign had fallen off long ago.

He went in and held the door open for me, so I quickened my step and raced in, then quickly looked behind me as I closed and locked the door.

I couldn’t believe there was a completely safe, private toilet hidden away in such a busy environment.

Then I turned, unsure how this was going to go down. Suddenly realising that I was too scared and nervous to do anything. I’d just gone through the most terrifying experience of recent years, to meet a guy in the toilet, and I wanted to go home and spend days thinking about it.

I just wasn’t ready to do it.

But he had other ideas.

Up close, his eyes were hazel, and they were intense in the way they studied me, but with a frozen smile, like he could indeed read my thoughts.

He started unbuttoning his shirt. As he moved to slide it off and look for a hook to hang it on, my eyes bulged.

Holy shit.

This guy had the most incredible body I’d seen up close.

It’s not that he was just muscular, but he was toned too. There was some serious definition going on in his arms and his pecs. Not necessarily a six-pack, maybe a little pouch even, but solid, like he worked out every day. The light fur on his pecs, that travelled down to his navel, was especially appealing.

I was transfixed. And also unable to do anything. My legs were quaking.

“Shit…” I said. I was ready to apologise and high-tail it back to the safety of my world, a world that İstanbul Escort did not include standing less than a meter away from a shirtless guy who looked like he wanted to ravage me.

I’m fit. I’m not unfit. But I don’t think that even if I stepped up my gym routine I’d attain a level of definition this guy had.

Nor did I think I was a match for his handsome, rugged looks.

That light beard, with grey flecks sprinkled through it, was oddly appealing.

He stepped forward and put one hand on my side, and the other straight down to my crotch.

I didn’t realise my dick was hard until he grabbed it. And then I thought I was going to jizz in my jeans.

And then he did a thing that just made me want to turn and run.

He moved in to kiss me.

What the actual…

I stepped back, and regarded him with confusion.

He seemed surprised, but not offended, so he just dropped to his knees and started unzipping my fly.

Again, I moved away, terrified.

His hands went to my legs and I think he realised they were trembling quite bad.

“Are you okay?” he said in a low voice.

I nodded, intending yes, but I think my face told him a different story.

His smile might have been better suited from a parent to a child who’d done something confusing.

It was condescending but sympathetic.

He stood, grabbed the back of my collar, and bored into me with his eyes.

Whatever spell he’d just cast, it worked.

Still trembling, I relaxed a little and waited. Not quite sure how to proceed.

But he did. He stepped forward, as though he was a master of these encounters, and brought his lips to mine.

I did try and move back again, but his hand was there to stop me.

With eyes that defied mine to resist, he slightly parted his lips and brought them in once more.

I stared at his lips. So red, so full, so plump, and juicy.

And then they touched my lips.

That electric thing I felt just before in the shopping centre, when he’d turned and clocked me, was back with reinforcements. When his fleshy lips pressed against mine, and his bulge pressed against mine and his chest touched mine, and his arm wrapped around me intimately, I felt like we’d escaped somewhere completely private.

Then my arms moved around him, and our lips completely locked together, and we squeezed each other even closer, if that was even possible, and our tongues tentatively met, like an exploration. Before I knew it, my polo top was flung over by the bin, we frantically struggled to get out of our jeans just as quick, belts dangling noisily, and underpants being flung away, then we were pressed against each other again, but naked, with every part of my skin touching his.

And rubbing.

Touching. I could feel his nipples and pecs rubbing against mine and our dicks pressed against each other’s bodies as we kissed passionately, tenderly, and hungrily, like we knew each other well and we’d done this a thousand times.

His hands explored my body, and his fingers electrified my scalp, while I touched his face, and stroked his beard and then the back of his neck. I licked his mouth, and moved to kiss his neck and felt his hot breath on my neck, as his hands went down and squeezed my butt.

We gyrated, pressed bodies, squeezed together tighter, and licked and kissed and breathed in each other.

He grunted, in such a way that made me feel like he was so Ümraniye Escort alpha, and yet also really tender. The best of both worlds.

Somehow, we ended up on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor, with him on top, kissing me, rubbing against me, his dick pushed onto mine, while his hands suddenly interlocked with mine, as if we couldn’t get any more intimate, his hot fingers pushing through mine and squeezing my hands, our sweaty palms touching, while his tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

I was no longer in the toilet. We had left the planet and gone somewhere else. A private place in which we could connect.

It was so primal, and so real, so masculine, so fucking intense. Occasionally, I’d catch a glimpse of his eyes and he’d be staring at me, and kiss me again, and my body would just tingle all over and I’d be lost once more.

Then he pushed my legs up, and I could feel his dick, which was even bigger than I’d thought as it started to push against my arse, and I shook my head. I knew what he wanted, but it wasn’t happening. He smiled, dropped my legs, and came to me again, rubbing his dick against mine, and pressing his body into mine again.

It was weird, I could feel the build-up already, as we kissed passionately, with more intensity than before, and his hazel eyes watched me, before closing and getting lost in our kiss again, then his dick was pushing into mine and it felt so good.

Too good.

“Oh!” I grunted, suddenly realising I couldn’t control it.

He looked surprised, pulling away from me to watch me as I began, but then he smiled, and kissed me and pushed into me with even more pressure and with that push of his dick tightly nestled into mine, I exploded.

I felt it gush out, as I groaned loudly, and his tongue was in my mouth, to silence me, but also to savour the essence as I released and jizzed all over myself.

My head hit the tiles as I finished, then he squirted, and it was powerful, and he groaned, like he was in pain, with his eyes squeezed shut and turned away, but I looked at his huge dick, having never sucked it, and watched it shoot across my chest like hot jets of white lava.

It was so milky and so thick, as the streams landed on me, I could smell it.

Between us we’d jizzed a fuck-load.

And then he surprised me again by kissing me, rubbing the sticky juice further into us. Less hungry, and much slower, but his lips touched mine, and his tongue, no longer a stranger to mine, explored my mouth softly and much more tenderly.

He sat back, and smirked at me, like we had a secret, and he was really happy to have that secret with me. His grin was infectious, as he smiled at me, I realised I felt something for him.

Before, it was in my legs, he had stirred my cock, but as he gave me his hand, and I watched his muscles bulge as he lifted me up, and handed me tissues to help clean up, I also felt him a little bit in that very special place where only my wife had been living.

Oh fuck.

He took out his phone, with a cute smile, and even a shy one finally, like he was no longer that confident master I’d made love to minutes earlier, and indicated he wanted to give me his number.

I took out my phone and added an entry.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“Jackson,” he said, and typed it into my phone. “Yours?”


He washed a little, then gave me one last kiss, with a naughty boy look across his face. Then he fully dressed, turned to the door, watched me one last time, and left.

I locked the door, and leaned against it.

Holy shit.

I washed up really well. Avoided looking at myself in the mirror, but also washed my face.

When I was sure I could leave and be confident in my neatness, I sighed, deleted his number, and left the toilet.

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