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While I have spent a lot of time in the fantasy world, no time at all has passed in the real one. I leave work the happiest I’ve ever been. I’ve finally found an outlet for my desires and the best part no one will know.

I make my way to the train station that’s a couple of minutes from the Museum. I weave my way across the crowded streets, one of the disadvantages of working downtown. With every step I take, I can feel my clit piercing rubbing against my panties, sending a shiver of delight up my spine.

I board the train taking me home and slowly squeeze to the back corner of the cart. On my left is a wall and behind me stands a middle aged man who looks to be an office worker. I wonder what work he would be doing during the weekend ?

The train jolts and he bumps into me. I feel his hand briefly cop a feel of my ass as he rights himself. I don’t react to it. I want to see what he’ll do next.

Sure enough, at the next curve that the train takes, he bumps into me again. His hand lingers longer this time. I feel his hand moving up and down my ass.

After I don’t react, he seems to grow in confidence. He squeezes one ass cheek then the other and retreats. I turn to face and give him a coy smile from underneath my eyelashes before facing the front again. I can feel his hard erection against my ass, so I grind back against him. I can hear his sharp intake of breath. Before it can any further my stop comes up. I reluctantly leave the man, flashing an apologetic smile as I make my way to the doors.

I enter my house and blessedly I’m alone. This will give me a little time to myself to explore my new accessories. As I walk up the stairs, I can feel the delicious burn of my butt plug stretching my hole with each step I take.

Locking my door behind me, I throw my bag on my chair and quickly undress. My clothes end up in a pile on my floor. My nipples stand proud and erect around the piercings. I can feel my pussy dripping down my legs. I take my breasts in my hands and squeeze them. I watch in fascination as it makes the hoops go up and down.

I turn my attention to my clit. It looks beautiful with the new jewelry. Getting on my knees I attach clamps around my nipples and let out a loud moan. I attach a vibrator to my clit at maximum speed and stay like that for a while, enjoying the pleasure coursing up my body. Bending over, I reach back and begin fucking myself with my plug. With each movement I feel my hole being stretched, my titts jiggle back and forth. It isn’t long before I orgasm, coming with a breathless moan.

I clean myself up before getting dressed and going about the rest of the day. That night, sleep didn’t come to me easily. I’m a bundle of nerves thinking about what might happen tomorrow. When I do fall asleep, my dreams are filled with ecstasy and bliss.

The next morning I go about my morning as usual; bag check, uniform check, plug check. I’m all ready to go to work. My mother is a bit suspicious of my unusually good mood but doesn’t ask me anything. That’s future me’s problem.

I spend my day in a bit of a haze as I mechanically guide crowds from exhibit to exhibit. The day seems to stretch indefinitely. Finally, my shift is over. escort jigolo gaziantep

I hurriedly made my way to the Greek exhibit, making a beeline for Zeno’s statue and touching it.

His hulking form appears before me.

“ Hello dear,” he says, smirking down at me, “ What should we do today? Ah, I see.”

Before I can react, Zeno snaps his fingers and I find myself on a crowded train. I’m surrounded by male office workers. I’m the only female on the train.

My uniform is replaced by a skimpy outfit. I’m wearing a micro skirt and a halter top so small I feel like my tits are going to pop out. My plug’s been replaced by a large vibrator that’s barely held in place by the thong I’m wearing. My hijab is gone and my hair is placed into two pigtails.

My pussy is already so wet, I can feel it dripping down my legs. The train takes a sharp turn and someone bumps into me. Their hand finds my ass and gives a hard squeeze. It then finds my vibrator, pulls it out before slamming it back into me. I let out a loud gasp.

A feel a weight on me, “ You like that don’t you slut?”, asks the man thats fucking me with the vibrator. I can only gasp in answer. He continues fucking me

With his other hand he lifts up my skirt, pushing my thong to the side before his fingers find themselves inside my pussy, pumping in and out. My body jolts with joy. I grab onto the pole for support as I gasp and moan.

I’m on the verge of an orgasm when he completely takes out the vibrator and his fingers. He makes me bend over, my ass in the air. I hear him unbuckle his belt. Anticipation begins to coil inside me. I hear a whistling in the air before the belt makes contact with my left buttock. I cry out in pain.

“ You love the pain whore ? ”

“ No sir, please don’t. Ahhhh!” The belt descends again hitting my other buttock.

“ Don’t lie to me whore.”

He continues hitting my ass. I can feel my ass bouncing and jiggling with each hit. My pain soon turns into pleasure.

Once he’s satisfied he drops the belt and I hear him unzip his pants. He spreads my ass with a hand.

“ I can’t wait to fuck you’re tight hole,” he says into my ear before shoving his cock into me. I let out a loud scream of pleasure as he savageley fucks into me.

The man in front of me turns around and also unzips his pants. His cock is rock hard as he pulls it out. He grabs my pigtails and pulls on them. My mouth instantly finds his cock. I gag around it’s huge girth as I struggle to take it in completely. I can feel his tip at the back of my throat, my is impossibly wide open. He doesn’t let me get used to the sensation as he begins pounding into me instantly using my pigtails as leverage.

As they’re ramming me, my titts pop out of my top. I feel the bouncing back and forth as I’m spitroasted.

They finish inside me at the same time. I feel hot cumming filling me from both sides. I swallow as much as I can but some of it dribbles down my chin. They pull out and zip themselves up. The train stops and they get off and a group of men enter.

Cum is leaking from my ass as I right myself. My skirt is askew showing escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen everyone on board my pussy. My tits are hanging out and cum dribbling from my mouth.

The men gather around me leering at me. They grab my skirt and start ripping it off my body. They then rip off my thong leaving my holes completely exposed. A pair of hands rips open my top sending buttons flying in all directions. I am completely naked.

“ I can’t wait anymore,” grunts someone behind me

I’m bent forward as a cock is put in my cunt.His hips begin frantically snapping against my ass as he grabs my tits. He pulls and squeezes on them. All I can do is moan and beg for him to go faster. With a last thrust he spills inside me.

As soon as he pulls out, I’m made to sit on another man’s cock. As I ride him, I take a cock in each hand and my mouth. Soon my face and hair are covered in cum. As the men finish more cum is pumped into me, onto me.

They retreat and I’m left on the floor. A man begins recording me. My hands are tied behind my back. Two hooks are placed inside my nose pulling it up, making me look like a pig. They place pig ears on top of my head and collar with a bell around my neck. A man draws hearts around my nipple and writes Public toilet across my stomach.

A cock is presented to me. I instantly begin sucking on it. I can hear the jeers and heckles from the other man. Someone puts clamps on my nipples and I moan around the cock. He cum in my mouth.

“ Come on, show us you little cumdump,” goads the man behind the camera.

I face him and open my mouth, letting cum drip all over me. They make me shake my tits for the camera. I’m then made to crouch and hands spread my cunt open.

“ Come on now, say what a good whore you are, how much you enjoy it, how grateful you are,” says the cameraman.

I give him my best smile and puff up my chest, “ I’m a good little whore. I love it. I love all the cocks I pleasure and all the cum you feed. Thank you so much everyone.”

“ That’s the spirit. Now we’ve got to put you to good use and fill all those holes pig,” he says while dragging me by my collar.

I’m made to sit on a cock while another inserts itself up my ass. My hair is pulled and my mouth is filled by another man. My hands are also put to good use. They slam into me again and again. My tits fly up with each thrust causing my clamps to bounce as well. Pain and pleasure fill me as I’m pulled in different directions and as men keep using me. I moan loudly and without shame.

We pull up to another station. As the doors slide close, I’m dragged to them. I’m shoved against the glass. My cum covered tits are squished and I can see the gleeful faces of those on the other side. Onlookers begin filming me. I put on a show for them. I shake my titts while drooling on them. I pull on my piercing and play with my titts. Suddenly a cock begins slamming into me, making me rock against the glass. Loud, lewd moans escape my mouth. The train departs. Several more people fuck me in this position. Cum is dripping down my legs. Locking down I can see my stomach bulging from all th cum in me. A hand grabs gaziantep escort masaj salonları my hair pulling my head back.

” Let’s see how well trained that hole of yours is.”

I feel his fist at the entrance of my asshole. He begin pushing in, making my hole stretch wider than it’s ever been. He puts it all the way up to his elbow. A strangled scream leaves me. I’ve never felt so full.

” Move cunt,” he growls into my ear.

Slowly I begin fucking myself on his arm. I can feel every inch of him inside me as I move up and down. Unsatisfied with my pace he begins thrusting his arm at a brutal pace. Soon I’m squirting all over myself as I screamed myself hoarse. He pulls out his arm and my asshole is left gaping and twitching. I collapse to my knees in ecstasy.

My head is pulled back. In the reflection of the metal door, I see them write whore on my face and pissbucket on my titts.

They grab my collar, making me crawl to the middle of the cart before laying me down on my back. Two huge dildos are shoved up my holes, spreading me and filling me at the same time. They spread my legs apart allowing everyone to get a good look at my pussy and asshole. The men gather around me, cocks in hand. I can feel their eagerness.

“ Open your mouth wide cumdump,” one of them orders me. I comply.

They begin showering me with piss. Spraying it all over my face, my tits, my pussy, my arms, my legs. I’m shocked and embarrassed but soon I begin to enjoy the warm liquid running down my body. I dutifully swallow every ounce that lands in my mouth.

“ More, please I want more,” I beg them. They are happy to comply. Some of them crouch directly on top of my mouth before letting loose. All of it lans in my mouth.

Once they are finished, they make me crouch with my hands behind my head, my chest pumped up, my pussy and ass still filled with dildos. Piss is dripping from every part of my body. What a beautiful picture I make. Riding crops descend on my nipples and clit, hitting me hard. The pain makes me drop to my knees.

I’m grabbed and made to crouch once more, “ You get to kneel when you deserve it cumrag. Do you understand ? ”

“ Yes, Sir.”

The crops descend once more, making me cry out in pain and pleasure. My titts bounce with each hit, my piercings moving with them. The cameraman is now directly in front of me, “ Now piss little piggy. Piss.”

At his command I do, spraying the floor in front of me. I’m a bit ashamed at my actions but a larger part of me is absolutely reveling in the debauchery. I don’t know how long it lasts but I enjoy every moment of it.

At last we arrived at the last station. Everyone gets off the train, leaving me behind. I’m on the floor covered in cum and piss. My belly swollen from how much I swallowed. My tits and clit are red from their abuse. I’m completely wrung out and fucked out of my mind.

Zeno appears beside me, “ Another wonderful performance. Shall we go back ? ” he asks.

All I can manage is a smile. He chuckles down at me and snaps his fingers. We’re back at the museum.

I’m no longer covered in cum and fluids but I’m still naked. Zeno stands in front of me, his huge cock hanging there. I wonder what it would be like to have it in me. He seems to read my thoughts because he smiles at me.

“ You need some more training before you can take me.”

“ Do these fantasies count as training?”

“ Yes, when you are ready I will take you.”

I acquiesce and bid him farewell, “ Until next time Zeno.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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