A Woman’s Revenge Ch. 01

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It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and Carol has just returned from shopping. She walks in the door and is shocked at was she sees. She catches her husband jacking off and wanting the BBW in the movie. Carol is an attractive 35- year –old redhead. She has shoulder length hair, nice round breasts, and a large round ass. Her husband, Mike, is 34 and a successful lawyer. Carol met Mike at a party in college. They started dating and got engaged on Valentine’s Day. They were married after Mike got his law degree ten years ago, but have no kids because Carol has medical problems, which prevent her from getting pregnant.

“You won’t fuck me, but you’ll watch a movie showing a woman slightly bigger than me having sex and you want to fuck her.”

Carol leaves the room crying and goes to their bedroom locking the door. She picks up the phone and calls her friend Tammy

“Hello Tammy, its Carol.”

“What’s wrong; why are you crying honey?”

“I caught Mike watching a porno movie.”

“That’s awful.”

“The worse thing is that he wanted to fuck one of women in the movie.”

“Come over to my house.”

“Call the girls and get the room ready. I’ve a slave that needs to be punished.”

“I’ll start calling them right now.”

“We’ll be there in an hour and a half.”

All the time she is on the phone, Mike is talking to her through the door saying that he is sorry and he’ll do anything to make it up to her. She opens the door.

“Oh, you’ll pay alright. Get a clean set of clothes, underwear, and socks. Then go shower and shave in the other bathroom and be ready to leave when I come out.”

Carol undresses and grabs a shower herself. After getting out of the shower she paints her fingers and toes rouge, puts on some makeup, lipstick, and sprays her favorite perfume on her neck and breasts. Next she puts on a pair of matching black panties and stocking. Carol then prances over to her closet, unlocks a hidden compartment in the back of the closet, reaches in and pulls out an outfit. After putting it on she then she selects a pair of black high heel shoes. After putting on her shoes, closing the hidden compartment, puts on an overcoat to hide her outfit, unlocks her bedroom door, walks out and finds Mike waiting in the kitchen for her.


She gets behind the wheel and drives them over to Tammy’s house. During the drive, Mike starts to talk and Carol tells him not to speak one word to her. A few moments later they arrive at Tammy’s house. Tammy is a woman in her mid forties. She is a 5’5, red head, and a full figured woman with large breasts. As they approach the front door, the door opens and Tammy sticks her head out so that no one can see what she is wearing.

“Come in, everybody is waiting downstairs.”

After they come in, Tammy shuts the door and Carol takes off her overcoat. Mike is shocked to see what Carol and Tammy are wearing.

“Where did you get an outfit like that?”

Carol is wearing a black leather cupless corset that shows her very beautiful, well rounded, firm breasts. Her stockings show off the shape of her legs. Tammy is wearing a black leather open bust corset, black panties, and knee length black leather high heel boots. She has her hair in a bun in the back.

“You are no longer to speak unless you are spoken to. You will address every woman in this house as Mistress. You are lower then shit. Swallow this,” says Carol.

“Yes Mistress.”

Unknowing to Mike, Carol has given him vigra.

“Now take off all of your clothes and follow me.”

Mike follows her downstairs to the basement. He’s led into a low lit, soundproof room and sees six other attractive, full figured women that are wearing similar type outfits that his wife and Tammy are wearing. The women are sitting in a semi circle. The floor is covered with a large matt. He also sees that the room has some interesting devices. He sees a cross, a swing, a tray with assorted dildos, and a bench with stirrups that has a plastic dido. Carol tells him to sit down and she secures him to a cross. He’s beginning to get scared of what it is going to happened. He also notices that his cock is starting to get hard and wonders if it is the result of the pill his wife made him take.

“This piece of shit here refuses to have sex with me, but gets off watching the big, beautiful women in a porno movie.”

Carol then picks up a riding crop from a table and proceeds to flogs his thighs, arms, chest, and even his cock at one point. Next Carol attaches some nipple clips to his nipples and proceeds to yank real hard on the line attached to the clips. This causes Mike a lot of pain which prompts him to yell. After a little more of the yanking, Carol then quits.

Then Amy, a blond with black highlights, comes over and starts stroking his cock.

“Do you like that?”


“Is this what you wanted? ” Amy asks, “To have a big beautiful woman stroking your


“Yes,” moans Mike.

“You better tell me when you are about to cum, if you don’t you will be severely Kartal Türbanlı Escort punished.”

When moans that he is about to cum, she immediately stops. Carol comes over and takes his cock. She starts circling the head of his cock with her rouge colored fingernail.

“Does that feel good?”

“YYYEEESSS, it’s driving me crazy.”

“Good, cause it is what you have done to me for the couple months.”

She abruptly stops. Carol’s thumbs then move to the top of her panties and she pulls them down past her knees and lets them drop.

“Okay ladies off with the panties and form a circle on the floor.”

They form a daisy chain and start eating each others pussy. After about five minutes, the women break off into groups. Watching them drives Mike crazy. His cock is very hard and pre-ejaculation begins to flow it. Some are fucking the others with dildos. Some are doing 69’s and eating each other out. The room is filled with the moans and heavy breathing of the women and by the musky smell of their dripping cunts. Mike’s thinking this is a dream come true.

“This only happens in the movies that I rent.”

After awhile, Carol commands for the other slave to be sent in. She then gets up and walks over to Mike and reminds him not say one words unless he is spoken to. Carol walks back to the center of the room. In walks a naked hard young stud. The woman that brings in the stud places a cock ring on his massive cock and slides it down to where it goes behind his balls. Seeing the stud’s massive cock, Joyce whispers into Carol’s ear.

“I can’t wait to ride that cock.”

“Maybe next time, “replies Tammy. “Today he is Carol’s toy.”

“You glad to see your Mistress?’ asks Carol.

“Yes Mistress.”

Carol puts her hands on her hips and twirls for the stud.

“What do you think of your Mistress?”

“You look HOT Mistress,” exclaimed the stud.

“Kiss me”

She gets closer to the stud and starts fondling his ass. She then probes his lips with her tongue. She then makes him open his mouth by forcing her tongue in. Carol seeks out his tongue and the two tongues embrace. She explores every area of his mouth with her tongue. She kisses him with raw untamed passion. After awhile Carols withdraws her tongue from his mouth.

Carol then places her hands behind his head and forces his face between her breasts, letting him in hale her perfume.

“Mistress your perfume smells so wonderful.”

“You will now lick my beautiful tits.”

The stud begins licking Carol’s right breast. While running his tongue all over her breast, he fondles her ass with both hands. After licking her right breast, he then turns his attention to her other breast. After several minutes, Carol commands him to quit and to stand at attention.

Next Carol begins to stroke his hard cock and reminds him that he is not to receive pleasure that is only reserved for her. She runs her fingers along the sides of the stud’s throbbing prick, gently grazing his skin with her nails. Carol gets down on her knees, takes her tongue and starts swirling it and over the swollen head. After doing this for a few moments, she starts licking his cock up and down while playing with his balls. She then engulfs his entire cock and begins deep throating. The stud then really starts moaning. He starts moving his cock in an out of her mouth.

“Mistress your really know to do deep throat a cock,” says the stud.

“That’s because I taught her how to do it,” says Tammy proudly with a smirk.

“Mistress I’m… I’m….I’m going to…I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in my mouth.”

He releases a load of hot cum in her mouth. It hits the back of her mouth. Carol then swallows his load and continues to lick every drop of cum from his cock.

“You taste good slave.”

Cum spewing from her mouth, she takes her finger and wipes some from the side of mouth and rubs it on her pussy.

“My cunt is running like a river. On your back NOW!!”

Tammy and Joyce approach to help secure him to the matt. As they begin to cuff him, Carol tells them not to cuff his right ankle. She then takes his big toe and begins rubbing it along the outsides of her shaven pussy. Little by little she slowly inserts the toe in her.

“Is this what you are wanting? Are you wanting my hot, wet pussy?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“That will have to wait; first you are going to worship my ass.”

After removing his toe from her pussy, Carol cuffs his ankle. She then sticks her ass in his face.

“Lick my ass with your tongue slave.”

He begins to lick her crack. After doing this for a few moments, he begins circling his tongue around it, then sticks his tongue inside her. Carol immediately begins moaning and her body begins quivering.

“Oh yes. Lick my ass. Lick me.”

After having her ass licked for several minutes, Carol climbs off his face

“Would you like your mistress to slide her nice wet cunt up and down your hard pole?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You better fuck me good and Kartal Otele Gelen Escort hard or you will be punished.”

Carol straddles the stud’s body, grasping his cock in her hand, and aims it towards her wet cunt. Inch by inch she forces his prick into her very wet cunt. Carol slowly slides up and down his prick, gradually picking up speed. While Carol is moving very fast, the stud can’t help but moan. Carol slaps his face hard.


Soon she is riding his pole harder and faster. His entire shaft is covered with Carol’s cum.

“Fuck me harder, harder, fuck me harder slave.”

“Fuck her harder slave or it will be the last time you fuck her,” reiterates Tammy.

“Come on ladies play with your juicy cunts. I want to hear you cumming,” says Carol.

Carol lets one of her hands snake down her body and begins playing with her clit which brings her closer to an orgasm. All the women and the stud are loudly moaning and Carol quits slapping him.

“Yes that’s it; oh you are making your Mistress cccuuummm.”

Her cunt walls contracts and clamps down on the stud’s cock. Feeling the contractions from Carol’s cunt, the stud blasts his seed into Carol’s tight cunt in thick powerful streams. His cock and balls are completely covered by Carol’s climax. Cum is running down the insides of Carol’s thighs and sticking to her stockling.


Cum is running down the inside of her thighs. After letting the last of his load empty, Carol climbs his cock and gets on her hand and knees.

“Fuck my ass. Stick that hard prick in my ass.”

Tammy comes over, uncuffs the stud, and applies lubricant to Carol’s ass. She slowly works in her finger and coats the inside of Carol’s ass with her finger. Next Tammy lubes the stud’s entire cock. The stud places his hands on Carol’s hips and slowly inserts the tip of his prick into Carol’s ass, making Carol moan. Little by little he inserts his cock until it is all the way in her ass.

“Oh your cock feels so good in my ass.”

While pounding her ass, the stud squeezes her firm tits and plays with her hard nipples. He places her nipples between his fingers and pulls and twists them.

“Yes that’s it slave, fuck my ass. HARDER I COMMAND YOU FUCK MY ASS HARDER!”

“Mistress I’m… I’m…I’m going to cum.”

“I’m going to cum too, I command you to cum in my ass. I’m cummmming nnnnnnnoowww, AAAAAAAHHH, It feels so good.”

As her orgasm rocks her body, her ass muscles contracts around the stud’s cock. His balls contract, his cock swells, and he shoots loads of hot cum into Carol’s ass.

“Did you enjoy that?” asks Carol.

“Yes,” replies the stud.

“Since you enjoyed something that I was supposed to enjoy, you will clean up the mess you made of my beautiful pussy.”


Carol aligns her cunt with his mouth.

“Open your moth NOW!”

As he opens his mouth, Carol forces her cunt down onto it.

“Now use your tongue to lick all of your cum from my cunt.”

The stud inserts his tongue and begins to lick the cum from her pussy. As he continues to use his tongue over her cunt lips and into her tunnel, Carol starts to move back and forth rubbing herself on the stud’s mouth.

“Faster,” commands Carol.

The stud starts moving his tongue faster.

“I said FASTER!” yells Carol.

Meanwhile Kim, a curly blond with shoulder length hair, comes up behind Mike. She reaches around and grabs his cock. She then starts stroking his cock slowly. She gradually picks up speed until he blows his load.

Carol clamps her thighs tightly around the stud’s face, making sure he receives her juices. The dam bursts. Her ejaculation goes straight down hitting the back of his mouth. His face is covered with her juice.

“Yessss, swallow my cum.”

After he has finished cleaning her pussy, Carol climbs off him. One of the women escorts the stud out of the room and she comes back in a few minutes alone. Carol then walks over to her husband and notices that he had cum all over himself.

“Did you enjoy watching your mistress having sex with other women and watching her getting fucked by a young boy?”

“Yes mistress I did. Mistress I want to fuck you.”

“You’re going to get fucked, but not by me. You’re going to get more pussy than you can handle.”

Carol unstraps Mike from the cross and commands him to lie down on the matt. She then straps his wrists and ankles to the matt. Then Tammy comes over and puts her very wet pussy over his mouth. He slips his tongue into her pussy and begins to eat Tammy’s cunt ravenously, making her gasp and moan within minutes.

“YYYYEEESSS eat my pussy. You love eating pussy don’t you? You are going to service your other Mistress’ cunts and we are going to cum in your mouth and you will swallow our cum Kartal Ucuz Escort is that understood?”

He then nods his head agreeing to it. Tammy grabs her nipples between her fingers and pulls and twists them. Her body convulses. She throws her head back. She moans loudly. Her cunt pulsates spewing a load of pussy juice into Mike’s mouth.

“Now swallow my cum,” demands Tammy.

Mike swallows her juice.

“Good boy. You will now eat the other’s cunts and swallow their cum,” says Tammy.

“Told you that you were going to get more pussy than you could handle,” says Carol.

Then one by one, he then eats the other women’s pussies and swallows their cum.

Tammy then notices that his cock is still very hard.

“Do you know what a cock like this is good for?”

“No…I don’t.”

“The only use for a hard cock is to be ridden. To be ridden hard and fast. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Moaning softly, she slides her warm, wet pussy onto his cum-covered hard cock.

“Ahhh, your cock feels good. You’re going to fuck me hard. If you don’t, you’ll live to regret it.”

After fucking Tammy, he then fucks the other women. As the last one approaches Mike, he starts begging.

“Please….please…..no more…….please let me rest.”

Carol approaches Mike and slaps him.

“You are here to pleasure us. You will be used for pleasure until WE SAY SO,” says Carol, “now BEG for Mistress Kim’s forgiveness.”

“Mistress Kim, I’m so sorry. Please accept my apology. I want you to use me for pleasure.”

“I’m going to forgive you, but you will be punished. “says Kim, “Your punishment is that I’m going to make you cum until you can’t cum.”

Straddling Mike’s cum covered cock, Kim presses the head of it over her wet cunt and slowly her cunt swallows his entire cock.

“Just what my wet cunt needed, a hard cock inside of it.”

She slowly slides up and down on his cock and gradually picks up speed.

“Ride that cock,” yells Carol.

After Mike shoots a load of hot cum inside of Kim, she continues riding his cock hard. After cumming inside of Kim three more times, she gets off of Mike’s cock.

“Next time will be worse if you refuse me.”

After completing his task, all the women except Carol leave the room. Mike is uncuffed and led by Carol to the bathroom to relieve himself. Carol then hands him a wet washcloth.

“Clean yourself.”

After cleaning himself, Carol then takes him back to the room and cuffs him back to the cross and leaves. Tammy then comes in and rolls a cart containing a TV and a DVD player. She turns the TV on and presses play on the player.

“Enjoy the show.”

Tammy then turns off the lights and leaves the room. As the movie starts, his mouth drops and his cock starts getting hard again. The movie is of large older women getting serviced by young studs and other women. During the movie Mike gets a surprise. One of the scenes is of Carol and two young guys. One guy is fucking her pussy and the other is fucking her in her ass.

God my wife is an animal.

A little while later Debbie comes in, blindfolds Mike, and turns off the TV. After several moments, the blindfold is removed and he sees all the women again. Carol then commands that the new member to be brought in. Jenny and Amy bring in the new member. They place her back again the matt on the wall and cuff her wrists and ankles. The new member’s name is Candice. Candice is only wearing knee length black high heel boots. She is a 40-year-old black woman with long flowing black hair.

Carol comes over and tells her that she has been approved for membership and she is now to be initiated. Carol then picks up the whip from the table and starts whipping Candice’s breasts. She does this a few times. Each time she does it, Candice lets out a yell. Then two other women, Terri and Jenny, join Carol. Terri gets on her knees and starts toward Candice’s pussy while Jenny starts sucking Candice’s nipple. Carol commands Candice to suck her nipple.

As Terri draws closer to Candice’s pussy, she becomes infatuated by the musky smell of Candice’s pussy. She inserts her tongue into Candice’s pussy. Terri starts licking Candice’s pussy from bottom to top, which causes Candice to moan. Terri then uses two of her fingers to open Candice’s outer lips of her wet pussy.

Terri starts licking faster and occasionally sticks her tongue inside. Terri eventually finds Candice’s clit and starts flicking it with her tongue, which causes Candice to squeal in delight.


“You like this don’t you,” says Carol, “you like sucking my tit and having your pussy licked.”


“Finger fuck her pussy Terri.”

“Her cunt tastes so good Carol; you’ve got to have some of this,” says Terri.

“Oh God you’re right, she does taste good.” says Carol “Kiss me so that you can taste what your pussy is like.”

Candice moans loudly as Terri’s tongue laps her cunt. “AAAAAAHHHHH!”


“I’m going to, I’m going to CCCCCUUUUMMMM.”

“Yes baby, cum in my mouth.”

An orgasm rocks Candice’s body causing her to send a gusher of pussy juice onto Terri’s face. Terri plunges her tongue deep inside Candice drinking her juices as they pour out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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