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She watched him stride in, strong and confident. It had been a while since she had seen his face, his movement. Nothing now spoke of the boy she’d had those five months ago. Walking toward her was not the pliable submissive she had watched grow under her teaching hand, he was now was just a man. She wondered what had made him so estranged to her after they had parted ways.

Rising slowly from her chair she hailed him, her hand flickering briefly in the afternoon air. Silence hung between them as each step carried him closer. When the distance seemed only enough to press the current tight against her breasts she looked up through long lashes and let a smile slip along her full lips.

“Wallace my boy, it’s been ages,” opening her arms a little she offered a hug in greeting. He declined and took but one of her hands, turning it so the pale back showed and bent, pressing a tender warm lipped kiss upon it.

“It seems like forever, Ma’am.”

“My you haven’t forgotten your manners.” She felt the blush before she saw it register in his eyes. “Please sit, Wallace.”

He waited a moment and she took it as a cue for herself to fold into the iron chair first. Only after she had herself firmly planted down, he took his place, to her left. She distantly fantasized about the past. Releasing a sigh she turned her doe brown eyes upon him and let the smile fly back into her expression.

“You’re probably wondering why I asked you here, Ma’am. After all this time.” He watched her face intently, his eyes seeming darker from her memory, for any clue of surprise or confusion. She kept both from showing, and only responded with a slight nod of her head. “Well, I would like to be yours again. That’s if… you will have me.”

This time she couldn’t contain the shock and openly displayed it. Darting her tongue out she wetted her lips before answering, her mind picking her words carefully. “What makes you think, that I would take you back, boy, after you left?”

His head bent down as his quiet answer drifted up to her ears, “Ma’am, as due with the contract that was agreed upon by the two of us my time with you was up. Seeing as you didn’t ask me to renew the time period under your care I felt that it was time to leave, that you were either mad at me, or that you wished to train another instead of keeping me. My assumptions were foolish and so I have spent this time debating with myself, and have so decided to find you, and ask you.”

“I see. You did not think to stay around after the contract was up to see what I would do. So now you and I are here.” She leaned in, letting her finger bring his chin up, watching his face. Her smile was placed strategically so that he could not read the happiness behind it. “Well boy, I give you credit for coming out here—-“

He pushed away quickly and stood up, shoving his hands into the pockets of his light jacket, ” I knew it… I shouldn’t have come here, you have someone else… or…or…. You just….” She looked up after he threw the first accusation, feeling the scowl bend her features before she could stop it. Taking note of the unshed tears that made those eyes bright she sighed and shook her head slowly.

“Shut up boy. Did you really loose all knowledge of what I taught you.” Jerking the chair back she stood and in one movement her hand grasped the front of his jacket pulling him closer, her breath washing over his lips. “I was about to say, why the hell didn’t you do it sooner. Now if you are done throwing assumptions around like an idiot I will bring you to my apartment. There will be no contract this time. You belong to me, wholly, understand boy?”

“Yes,” he looked down at her then turned his head to the right. Watching, her fingers twitched when a shock of his brown hair fell over an eye, but resisted.

“Yes, who?”

“Mistress, yes Mistress.”

She smiled wickedly, shaking her long auburn locks over her shoulders. Hooking a finger in the collar of his jacket she spun around and marched to her car, pulling him behind her. It felt good to have him in tow again, like a little pet dog coming home after being lost in the woods too long. She was going to enjoy this night immensely.

As the doors slammed shut she sped her way home, her mind swimming with unasked questions of her newly found again boy. Gnawing on her bottom lip she plied the brake in front of the building she rented out of. The place was a nice three bedroom for fifteen hundred a month. The rooms were well sized, and the space therein large enough to equip her with a very nice and tasteful play area. Although the equipment saw little play she was giddy with the thought of using it now. Leaning back she waited for him to open her door; he wasn’t slow to step balıkesir escort to it, falling into his old routine. She had felt like a fish without water when he wasn’t around.

Crooking her finger, she led him again by the collar of his jacket up the three flights of stairs and down a never-ending corridor to her place. Handing him the keys with an subtle incline of her head he hopped to it, pushing the door in but making sure not to set foot onto the white carpet. Moving around him, she let her fingers trail over his abdomen, feeling him tense. He reacted just the same.

Pivoting around her hair flew into her eyes a moment before settling around and down her back. Her eyes watched his form as he folded to his knees, his tight jeans pulling around his sex. Smiling that feral smile of hers she leaned on the frame, crossing her arms, her dark eyes tracing his movement as he straightened his shoulders, and raised his chin.

“May this one enter, Mistress?”

“Yes you may boy.” He dropped forward on his hands and crawled in, and under her guiding hand through the living room, down the hall and through the frame into the playroom. With one last smack she left him for a moment to fetch a box that had been waiting on a shelf since he left her care the first time. “Come.”

He moved with that smile command, exactly like a puppy would to his mistress. Smiling she opened the box, and showed him the collar there within.

The one and a half inch thick leather collar lying silently in the velvet that padded the inside of the jewelry box. Taking it out slowly her eyes knew what he was seeing, the simple d-ring in the front and the metal plate with ‘Mistress Red’ printed in old English print on it. Turning it slowly her fingers felt the tiny chain that trailed from that plate to the back where the buckle lock was open and ready.

“Boy, do you except this collar, a token of my love for you?” she waited quietly, watching the emotions shift through his gaze.

“It would be my honor, Mistress.” And he lifted his neck high, letting her slip the leather around his neck, the cold leather tickling his senses. Then with a loud click she press the lock shut.

“Then boy undress… You need to learn that making assumptions makes an ass out of yourself, and others.”

Wallace’s gulp was audible but he did what she asked, shedding his jacket, folding it before placing it next to him. Stripping off the white t-shirt beneath revealed to her, that he had been working out since they last saw one another. It joined the pile as his fingers pushed the button of his jeans back through the hole that captured it. Stepping out of the comfort of them he hooked his thumbs in the band of his boxers and they followed the same path his pants just took.

He was standing erect, her simple commands effecting him so in that way still, that she couldn’t help but smile happy he retained some of her training. Walking around him thrice she let her fingers drift absently up and down, pausing as they went over his ass.

“Now, boy, all fours.”

He dropped; his kneels making a thud against the cedar flooring that she had put in there for that very fact, she loved hearing her little ones actions.

“Spread those legs…” she watched as he did so, his butt rising up little by little as his back arched to sustain the all fours position. Smiling she gave him an affectionate smack on that offered part of his body. “Good, now the reason I have you here is?”

“Mistress, this boy made assumptions about himself and his situation with you.” He wiggled a little hoping his answer got him another affectionate swat.

“I believe you forgot something boy.”

He swallowed; she saw his Adams apple quiver, “And about yourself and your situation, Mistress.”

“Good” she picked out a nice lightly studded paddle, drawing her hand back she let it fall flatly against his ass, watching the impact push his skin back then out in a rebuttal to the force she used. His gasp and squeak caused her wicked little smile to appear upon her red lips again. “Do you know what I do to little boys who make assumptions?”

“No, Mistress.”

The smile broadened quietly as her fingers picked up a butt plug adorned with a long tail, the tip of it shaggy while the rest resembled a rope. It was gray in color. Dropping it in front of his eyes, she saw his back become ridged as the knowledge filtered into his brain.

“Well, what better is it, than to make an ass out of the boy that make an ass out of me.” She saw the nervous shiver twist down his spine then in one swift motion she rammed the plug into place, feeling his ass grip it but his shout of pain re-tort balıkesir escort bayan the fact he let it in so unwillingly. She watched his posture fall a little and then fingered the tail, letting it drop, the tug pulling the plug painfully in his virgin hole. “Looks good on my little donkey…don’t speak boy, for from this moment until I say otherwise you are a mule, and they do not speak, they bray. Do you understand?”

She watched him a moment debate whether he was up to being hers again, then it seems his conscious got the better of him and he opened his mouth. A long slow he-haw came out, and he arched his back again.

“Good my little jackass. Very good.”

Wallace’s slow bray drifted to her ears again, and she smacked his ass again, the tail pulling under her hand. The wince wasn’t as noticeable as before but it was there. Shaking her hair out of her eyes she paces around to the front of him, studying his body. The way his penis hung ridged between his legs. He didn’t fit the part of a donkey yet.

Taking up the lead that was meant for a horse she clips it into the d-ring of his newly acquired collar. Smiling wickedly she led him around the room, on hands and knees, listening to his hands pound almost too softly against the boards. Stopping him by her rack of interesting shoes she picks up the ones a fitted with horseshoes.

“Right foot, donkey,” she waited as he extended his right leg. Slipping the shoe on she saw him peeking over his shoulder at her. Licking his own lips as she buckled it into place, tightly. “Left.” She didn’t wait as long this time for him to extend his other foot. Doing the same she stepped back, the rope still firmly in her grip. “Rise.”

As he stood, the first resounding clop echoed dully in her ears. She watched the way the tail swung and Wallace clamp his anus tight around the plug. She was so proud of him but she wouldn’t let that show.

Tugging the lead rope again she moves along, letting him get used to the weight of the new shoes, getting subtle thrills each time the clopping sound doubles over the other foot. On her second pass by the switches she reaches out and idly grabs the willow one, swinging it in front of her a moment, listening to it sing as it slices the air. She heard his soft grunt, and felt the lead draw taunt in her grip for a second.

Slowing him to a stop before her mitts rack she taps with the switch the matching front hooves. Obediently he puts them on, resting on his front hooves to let her buckle them tight. When done she surveyed him again, he had let his hands drop to his sides.

“No, no, this just wont do…if you are to be a suitable jackass for me you must bare your hooves high.” the switch zipped through the air, and caught his right upper arm, then his left, all before he could think, his hands coming up to try to protect his chest, “Good, this is the position they will be in, and to make sure that you do not drop them again, I will make sure you cannot move them.”

Tying the lead to the rack she walked to find a nice bit of leather binding. Sauntering back, Red loops the first end around his right arm, the closest to her, and then loops it tightly around his upper body, the leather digging violently into his skin, causing it to pucker between where the leather lay. Twisting it around his wrists she makes sure they pressed close to his chest, and makes her hands hang over them. Giving him another snap with the switch he struggled to try to get out of the binding, she didn’t stop him until after the fifth try, his expression getting frantic as he couldn’t extend nor could he get the hair from his eyes. She swapped him again, harder, raising a welt along his back, the center puckering with a tint of red.

“Stop jackass,” he whimpered, which got him another hard swap, the contact of wood and flesh ringing in their ears. Letting her striking hand down to her side she watched the unshed tears of pain glitter in the corner of his eye. Smiling a little crookedly, Red walked him again, the clomping of the hooves like a song to her ears. Jerking his lead she stops him for the last time. The open closet door revealed a multitude of clothing and accessories.

Searching within the depths of the closet she withdraws the two pieces of the final touch. The first she placed on him, was a chastity belt, there was a hole in the back especially made for the tail he wore. Slapping the inside of his thighs making him spread them she slips the belt around his erect shaft, watching his wince of pain as she cinched the belt tight. The flat leather didn’t give so much as a bulge to disclose that he had anything behind it. Twisting back around she raises the escort balıkesir head for him to survey.

Turning it every which way in her pale fingers she marks his fear in his eyes. For this long he hadn’t spoken other than a soft bray now and then. He was playing his part, but this little contraption would render his vocals to only that. First, Red brought it over his head, fitting the cock shaped gag into his mouth, letting him move it around until his lips here comfortably pressed around it. Then she closed it around his head. The front of the gag jutted out like a muzzle of a horse, and buckled in the back. She made sure it was a tight fit. Then the last touch was the ears. They were attached to the whole thing but were meant to slip over his ears, using them to support themselves up.

Two steps back she stared at her donkey boy. A tiny laugh escaped her throat although she didn’t want it to. He looked pathetic, but regal all the same. Pulling on the lead again she made him walk, letting him get used to the front line of sight with the gag on. Then she picked up the pace, jogging beside him.

Swiping the wicked willow branch against his calves she left red cuts, but urged his legs to jump rise higher and higher with every step. She laughed evilly when she stopped him, out of breath and slightly bleeding.

She knew Wallace didn’t think that she would do anything else, but to his horror she was just as mean as ever. Walking him down that hall he had been spanked up before, Red threw open the front door and drew him outside. There he was made to walk like she had just made him inside. Red led him with that evil splinter following in his wake.

As they reached the street the first curious person came up and smiled, knowing Red and her work obviously. He felt so ashamed and hung his head. That awarded him a hard whap, drawing a loud grunt from his throat.

She announced to any who asked as they walked that this was her little jackass. Handing over the switch he felt whap after whap. Repeatedly they let it kiss his flesh, heated with an embarrassed flush. It was more than he could bear.

Jerking back on the lead he was only rewarded with a swipe, and a growl. He brayed loudly, detesting the sound in his mouth, bucking on the line that led him ever onward, prancing beside or behind her like some freak of nature. Everyone thought it was the neatest thing.

It was only when she led him home that he felt the briefest of relaxation. Wallace couldn’t understand why she was so hard on him. But she knew, her mind worked over everything, and planned it out. She was loving all the praise of her little donkey. If it wasn’t a punishment she might have let him out of the head harness to have a drink but then again it wasn’t leisure, she didn’t know if he would do this as just play.

Her laughter brought another hail from across the walkway of her apartment complex. Raising her dark eyes she laid them on Aaron, Master to a beautiful angel. She had met them at the local club her first few weeks in town. Drawing her pet behind her she strode over.

“Who’s this?” His eyes went over Wallace then back to her.

“This is my donkey, Wallace,” on his cue he brayed long and hard, leaning forward slightly offering out his muzzle. Chuckling, Aaron patted his head before returning his gaze back to her.

“I did not know you had a donkey.”

“I didn’t before today,” she turned her wicked little smirk on Wallace, watching the whites of his eyes show with fear.

“And does Wallace deserve this?” Aaron’s question caught him off guard and he made a muffled response.

Her eyes narrowed on him and her growl was fierce and pronounced. From his own mouth he condemned himself again. For his mumbled response was ‘no’. With a twitch of her wrist the switch bore down.

Lick after lick he screamed behind the gag, feeling the burn jump from cut to cut, the whizzing of the little device drowning out by them. She led him back that way, body under siege of the torrent of pain, in through her door.

Pausing the on slot only long enough to get the belt off of him then started it all over again. The tip not even being seen with the quickness of it, only the horrible shushing sound and a red welt that had small beads of blood puckering up through the tenderized flesh.

With a final twist of her wrist, he screamed loudly, the switch coming down to lick down the top of his dick, there was no more exquisite pain that this, and when the branch came up from the underside and licked his balls he fell to his knees before him. Tears drifting down his cheeks.

Breathing heavily, Red tossed her hair back and dropped the lead on the ground. With a snort she looked at him. “You are a donkey until tomorrow, boy. You’ve let your control go, you are not fit to sleep by me.”

He brayed for her, trying to apologize. She didn’t even regard it. As she looked she saw cut upon cut, bruised flesh and the wild look in his eyes. That look said it all. She had her boy back.

“By the by my jackass. Welcome home.”

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