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Hello, there. Crystal McCain is the name. I’m a five-foot-eight, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. In the eyes of the world, I’m a nice person. I major in Business Administration at Algonquin College and I’m transferring to Carleton University at the end of the year. Privately, I lead a very sordid existence. I’m new to BDSM and I am exploring my dominant side. I love dominating other women, especially women of color. In my opinion, Black women found in the Confederation of Canada are the most submissive people on the planet. Don’t believe me? I’ll explain later.

My friend April Donnelly is by all appearances a six-foot-tall, sexy and confident, light-skinned young Black woman. She is a sophomore at the University of Ottawa, majoring in civil engineering. Her father Brian Donnelly is a wealthy English businessman and her mother Jody Brown is a Toronto-based Television Producer of Jamaican descent. Like a lot of mixed-race chicks in Canada, April gravitates more toward White folks than Black people. She actually doesn’t consider herself Black at all. Echoes of Tiger Woods, anyone? April Donnelly is a snob. In fact, all of her friends are White. The chick is White-washed beyond belief. So I basically took it upon myself to remind her that she is Black.

I lived in America for a long time and I was actually introduced to BDSM by a strong Black dominatrix named Marian Jade Kensington. A six-foot-tall, absolutely gorgeous mature Black woman who I ran into in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Marian Jade Kensington is a Graduate of Georgia Tech’s School of Environmental Engineering and teaches at Atlanta’s world-famous Spelman College. She didn’t think much of a lily-White Canadian slut like me as I became her submissive. Mistress Marian taught me all I know about BDSM. By breaking me down and making me worship her as the Black Goddess that she is.

After this memorable sensual experience, I totally respect the Black women of America. They’re powerful. They’re beautiful. And they’re strong. They don’t take crap from White folks, especially White women. The Black women of Canada are meek, docile and lack that inner fire that all Black American women possess. That’s why I love being submissive Ataşehir Escort to my African-American Mistress and I am a dominant White Mistress to my Black Canadian lady friends. In all places and situations, one must adapt.

I sensed April Donnelly’s submissive nature as we walked around the City together. She let me take the lead and went wherever I took her. In fact, she did everything I told her. I caught her checking me out more than once. A lot of Black Canadian lesbians have a thing for White women. They don’t like to admit it course. While Black American women consider me a silly White slut and are eager to dominate me, Black Canadian women consider me a White Goddess and are eager to worship me. How fun was that? I guess it really depends on where you are in the world.

I planted a kiss on April Donnelly’s lips as we were walking around Saint Laurent Mall. I like the Saint Laurent Mall. It’s the most diverse shopping center in all of Ottawa. You see lots of gay couples, African ladies, Hispanic guys, Asian chicks and others. It’s more quaint than the Rideau Center Mall. Everybody kind of gawked as a hot-looking biracial chick was kissed on the lips by her White female friend. A few guys whistled. Some women looked puzzled. Everybody looked. Even in supposedly liberal Ottawa, interracial couples still get funny looks from people.

When our lips parted, April Donnelly breathlessly told me that she loved me. I willed my preternaturally cold eyes to become moist and told her I loved her too. Did I love this uppity mixed-race dyke? Hell no. If and when I fall in love with a Black woman, it will be with a Black American woman. I have zero respect for the meek Black Canadian women. Black American women are strong, tough, loud, outspoken and fearless. How could I not admire them? Black Canadian women are meek, docile and pliant. How could I love one of them? I decided to make April Donnelly my plaything. Since she’s so into White chicks like me, I might as well make her my servant.

I took April Donnelly home and proceeded to break her down. I made her undress and admired her beauty. I found her extremely beautiful. She’s a dead ringer for Academy Award-winning Hollywood starlet Halle Berry. However, I didn’t tell Bostancı Escort her that. I had to break her down. When she asked me how she looked, I told her I had seen better. April stared at me, stunned. I half-apologetically told her that she was cute but could be better. If April Donnelly was a strong Black American woman, she’d tell me to get lost or call me every name in the book. Since she’s a meek Black Canadian woman, forever in thrall to White women, she simply nodded. Her natural submissiveness was intensely erotic to me.

I reassured April about her ‘okay looks’ in the most patronizing tone I could muster. Sometimes I wonder why all of these mixed-race Canadian chicks of Black and White descent love hanging around White women so much. They shun Black women’s offers of Universal Black Sisterhood and instead take up with us pale harpies. Oh, well. I guess that’s why mixed-race Black Canadian women make such wonderful submissive types. I ordered April Donnelly to kneel before me and worship me. Amazingly, she did exactly as she was told. I couldn’t believe it as she began sucking my toes and called me Mistress. Wow.

I fingered my pussy as April Donnelly licked my toes. She was so comfortable on her knees that I toyed with a deliciously wicked idea. After April finished sucking my toes, I made her lick my pussy. The hot biracial dyke was really good at licking pussy. I berated her while she pleasured me. And she kept doing what she was doing. No lesbian or bisexual woman is dumb enough to piss off another woman who has her mouth on her pussy. The possibilities for harsh vengeance in that situation are simply unimaginable. Yet April was so damn submissive that I continued berating her while she licked me down. How cool was that?

Oh, yeah. I was thrilled with April’s performance as a pussy licker. But I told her she sucked at it, thus further crushing her spirit. I gave her a chance to make it up to me by sucking my strap-on dildo. Eagerly she began sucking as soon as I strapped it on. I watched this cute biracial chick with the most White-washed mindset ever as she sucked my strap-on dildo eagerly. Afterwards I fucked her with it. Just laid her on her back, raised her long legs in the air and thrust my dildo Kadıköy Escort into her cunt. April squealed as I slammed my dildo into her pussy. I fucked her roughly, pulling her hair and smacking her face as I did so. And she loved it!

To really top things off, I fucked April in the ass. That’s right. I put my six-foot-tall, half Black and half White and decidedly eager female submissive on all fours. First I spanked her high-yellow ass until it turned a healthy shade of red, then spread her ass cheeks wide open. I smeared lubricant all over her asshole, then pressed the dildo against her anus. April shuddered as I eased the dildo into her asshole. Without delay I began fucking her. I’ve always wanted to fuck a Black woman in the ass with my strap-on dildo. A half-Black, half-White slut with an Oreo mentality, April Donnelly wasn’t my idea of a hot Black woman but she’d do just fine. Folks, this is my fantasy fuck.

I smacked April’s shapely ass as I slammed my dildo deep inside her asshole. I berated her constantly. I called her a filthy ghetto dyke, a dimwit and a dumb cunt. I told her that she was not only inferior to me but she was inferior to all the pure Black women out there. I made that bitch scream as I rammed the dildo up her asshole. Uptight mixed bitches like April, who walk around acting all superior usually have tight assholes. And I wanted to stretch April’s asshole. So hopefully she won’t be such an uptight bitch anymore. I bristle when I see mixed-race women acting all superior around pure Black women. Because I’m a gay White chick who loves pure Black women. I flipped April on her back in order to look into her eyes while slamming my dildo up her asshole. I smacked her face hard as I fucked her. I totally humiliated her. It was fun.

Since that day, things have totally changed between April and me. A new dimension was added to our relationship. I officially became the Mistress and April became my Slave. Why? Simply because she loves it and to be honest, it’s what makes her feel the most comfortable with herself. I am all too happy with that. Sometimes I invite some White female friends to the apartment April and I share so they can see my modern-day Black female slave. Or should I say mixed-race female slave since April still doesn’t consider herself Black. I call it Tiger Woods syndrome. It’s a lot of fun to dominate her. Someday, I’ll go back to the United States of America to find a Black Mistress to dominate me. I still have submissive urges, no matter how much fun I have dominating my slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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