Bridger Sighs Ch. 02

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Cara woke up from her sleep, her panties soaked, her hairbrush caked with cum, she pulled the sheet closer and hugged herself before slipping out of bed.

Looking at the base sheet, she gasped at the huge wet puddle she’d made, and grinned to herself. She couldn’t see Carl complaining for a second.

Slipping into a fresh pair of pink panties and matching bra, she slipped on a summer dress and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. She was parched.

Carl was already at the kitchen table, studying her Maths paper.

“How’s it going?” She asked him airily.

He didn’t reply.

“Oh don’t sulk, you know you shouldn’t come into a girls room when she’s……busy.”

“Well it was never an issue before was it?” he snapped.

“Oh don’t be such a bitch.”

“Don’t call me a bitch!”

“Well try behaving like a guy more,” she snapped back herself, “instead of a wannabe.”

“What do you mean, a wannabe?”

“A wannabe guy, and what’s that you’ve got all down your tee-shirt?”


“It doesn’t look like nothing and your chin and face is all stained too, have you dribbled milk shake all down you, you big baby!” she laughed.

“Just piss off will you.” He almost cried and fled from the room.

Cara smiled to herself. He’ll have a shock if he gets into or sits on that bed.

Oh God what is happening here, wept Carl as he threw himself on his bed. An hour later and even after brushing his teeth he could still taste cum and needed to get out of these cum stained and scented clothes.

How could he have fed from his mother’s pussy? How could he have drunk another couples love juices? And worse still, drank another man’s spunk? He couldn’t forget his mother giggling as he choked on the contents of her snatch, or the way she’d later used his face, rubbing her clit hard against his forehead until she came again, her cunny juices trickling into his enveloped nostrils while the lovers kissed and cuddled, his massive cock bumping against his head. It might’ve been worse he supposed, it could have been in his mouth.

So why did his cock jump to attention at the thought of Bart being in his mouth?

Cara was horny. When her mom came back from the shops she was still horny, and the thought of her mother’s hardly restrained tits earlier made her feel weird, all tingly inside somehow. And this place stunk of sex, she’d gone to open a window earlier, after Carl had stormed out, but she decided instead to sit back, read a magazine and allow the scent to envelope her until the urge in her pussy became so great that she had to go to her mother and Bart’s room to survey the damage.

The bed was a mess, the sheet rucked up against the head board, heavy stains on the base sheet and dampness when she lay her palm on the bed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she chewed on her bottom lip as she picked up a magazine from a stack under the picture gallery of white women the stud had sellotaped to his wall.

Wow, nearly all of them were blonde and if she wasn’t mistaken, they weren’t all clipped from mag’s or newspapers. Even better, some showed him inside their lucky pussies or stretching their mouths taut around his purple glans and Cara took a sharp intake of breath as she spotted her mother in action in one pic’, wallowing in his heavy cum-load that had sprayed her face, matted her eyelashes and hung in ropes off her chin. Cara’s pussy began to ache some more.

Lying back on the damp mattress, Cara lost herself in the sexy images around her, imagining the pleasure and shock of the women in those photographs as they were introduced to his huge length. Cara had never seen a cock so long and yet so muscular, and closing her eyes, she slipped her hand down into her panty-band and stroked her still tender love lips within, çanakkale escort hooking her middle finger and inserting it into the still gooey hole as she rubbed the stiff nub of clitoris with her thumb. The guys in these books were so amazing too. All the different positions they got the women into. Cara’s pussy juices trickled down to join the others on the mattress as a slow-burn orgasm pulsed through her.

On the way home from shopping, Pam and Bart stopped by to see Gil, another guy from the gym they both knew. Pam was pleased to see Lee there too, she’d had a tiny crush on him ever since he’d helped her with the weights, help that included his hands on her ass and tits. Comically, another woman much less blessed than she, had been waiting for a while for tutelage, but had had to go and work on some other machines as he’d brushed her off, eventually getting the picture that the trainer had his hands full with Pamela, the woman had stomped off to a gale of laughter.

He mentioned it as they sat drinking a beer that she woman had gone to complain to the head trainer, Bart. Bart had sworn he would have a word with his staff, and he had, taking Pam away from Lee and back to his office, where he’d stripped her and worked up a good sweat on her tempting curves.

With the atmosphere in Gil’s place beginning to get a little heavy, Pam needed to get their minds off her ‘big tits’ that had become the subject of the conversation, and were even jiggled by Gil with no dissent from Bart, so she desperately announced that she had bought steaks and beer aplenty and invited the guys over for the evening and to meet her kids. Unfortunately for the kids, they would have the biggest surprise of their lives.

Cara was woken with a start by Carl, who was stood looking hungrily at her body.

“What are you doing again!” she squealed.

“It’s just…….I don’t know, I just don’t know what’s happening to us.” He spluttered. “I mean, look at you, you shouted at me yet you’re lying in mom’s bed still stroking yourself.”

Cara suddenly realised he was right. Frowning, she found that though she knew she should be covering up, she was actually more interested in nurturing another orgasm that was growing from the butterflies inside her flat tummy.

Carl came to the bed and sat beside her, stroking her smooth tanned thigh as the overwhelming scent of sex assaulted his nostrils once more and his synapses fired that message to his loins.

Cara, her own mind twisted by desire, decided to have some fun.

“You’d like to kiss me down there wouldn’t you?” she pouted, coaxing the answer she wanted from him immediately.

“You know I would,” he gasped and actually licked his lips at the very thought.

“Okay,” Cara said breathily, “If you put on some sexy underwear, so I can think of you as a lesbian lover, you can lick me, would you do that for me?”

It was a ridiculous question to ask him. No sooner had the words left her lips than Carl was agreeing, his heart and cock aching for her.

Giggling, Cara swung her legs off the bed and skipped to her mother’s pantie-draw, pulling out a suspender belt, black fishnets and a pair of black bikini panties and bra. “Ok,” she announced, “Let’s get you dressed.”

Carl felt ridiculous, but he climbed onto the bed next to his horny twin, desperate to feel her, needing her pussy in his mouth.

Cara’s giggles soon turned serious as she watched Carl kiss her thighs, then panties, pushing his face hard into the sodden pink material, feeling his lips kiss her clit beneath the gusset, his hands under her pert bottom, lifting her up toward his mouth, his tongue working at the side of her panties where one of her pussy lips had escaped the tiny G-String and was being licked greedily çanakkale escort bayan by Carl, or Carla as she’d insisted he referred to himself in the persona of her lesbian lover.

Gripping the pillow she lay on, Cara pushed it under her bum to help Carl out, so that when he invaded her slit with his hot tongue, he would have better access to suck the cum greedily from her body, the cum that was almost there and she reached down, gripped his hair and pulled his face hard into her desperate snatch.

As the orgasm burned through her, Cara was peripherally aware of laughter and then clapping in the distance. As she came down, that awareness turned to shock.

“Oh my God!!!!” She screamed at no-one in particular as four pairs of twinkling eyes took in the sight before them.

“Well, I knew you were close, but I never knew you were that close.” Giggled Pam Bridger from the doorway, her skirt already hitched around her hips by a ravenous looking Bart, who looked at his friends in turn and said, “How about a little appetiser before dinner, guys?”

The guys were all for it and Pam was thrown on the bed next to Cara and Carl.

“Why is he in my underwear?” was all Pam could say before Lee landed next to her, saying:

“I think we got some unfinished business don’t you sugar?”

Bart took seconds to strip Cara, and less to get himself naked. Cara whimpered as his huge cock found her love hole and stretched and pressured her hole like she had never known before.

That just left Gil and the panic-stricken Carl, who tried to jump off the bed and run, but these were fit, healthy guys he was running from, and he never even made the bedroom door before he was grabbed and hauled back by his bra strap and a huge hand appeared on his shoulder spinning him around and easing him down to his knees, ever closer to an 8 inch cock that Gil shuffled forward to find and fill his mouth and the fun began.

How Cara got Bart inside her she would never know, but there he was, looming above her, her new master. He’d torn her tiny G-String and dress from her body in his desperation to get to her downy little pussy, and all that softness and love and tenderness she’d been experiencing from Carl was gone in an instant, replaced by a feverish need to break through her defences, pressure her hole until it broke and allow entrance to a cock she would never forget in her lifetime.

Her pussy defended well for a while, but she was so, so wet, it was never going to win the war and slowly-but-surely he’d inched that massive head into her and her fight decreased as she’d responded to him, getting desperate herself now; as she lifted her slim hips to aid his angle of attack, while looking at her mother bouncing like a crazed puppet on Lee’s thick cock and her brother gagged on Gil’s wonderful weapon. The image of them all being pleasured this way burned into her soul and sent her into spasm as her orgasm shook her from the tips of her toes to the ends of her hair as Bart eventually broke her, and speared that monster cock deep into her belly.

Pam was amazed at her kids, amazed but somehow, so proud. Cara was taking on the biggest man she’d ever had, and Pam had had a few, while Carl, the sexy cross-dresser was sucking hard and deep-throating Gil. She’d been right about Lee too. While not as long as Bart, he was definitely thicker and she was worried that her pussy might never go back properly or even tear! Carl had already said this morning that she was still gaping wide even as Bart showered, which was well after her sex with him.

Cara was being humped now by her man, and Pam saw him lift the teenager up to straddle is broad, muscular thighs and sucked her pert tits as he bounced her like Lee was doing to her on his huge escort çanakkale weapon.

Suddenly there was pandemonium; Gil was groaning with delight as he spewed spunk into Carl’s mouth but much of it was overflowing his lips, off his chin and onto his underwear, soaking into his stockings.

“But I’m not gay!” screamed Carl as he tried to break away from the big man’s grip, and everyone heard Gil order with the rapid speech and desperation of one who is not sexually finished:

“Put it back! PUT THAT BACK!!”

Carl’s hesitation meant that he took one, heavy back handed slap from Gil, his signet ring marking him beneath the eye, before re-considering his position and putting that big cock back in his throat where it belonged. Amazingly, Gil was hard again in seconds, thanks to Carl’s expert work and everyone settled again and concentrated on their pleasures in hand.

Cara’s body was amazing, thought Bart. Considering she lived on a diet of junk food and soda; her curves were just perfect, and her pussy……wow! He was used to squeezing into surprised women, young and old, but Cara’s love tunnel was superb and seemed to massage his cock with a ripple effect that drew him near to cumming even when he stopped powering into her. She was much better than Pam and from now on would share his bed every night. If Pam didn’t like it, there was always the other bunk, but he figured that these two women would get along in here just fine.

Carl was gagging again on a cock that just kept giving and his jaw ached, his mouth and throat slack and ragged in turn. At last Gil eased himself out of the lad’s throat and allowed him to wretch up some of the spit and spunk onto the bedroom carpet.

“Come on sweetheart.” He heard Gil say, as he smeared something Bart had passed him onto his evil looking length.

Carl was still getting his breath when Gil’s huge arms grabbed him around the waist and threw him onto the bed next to his mother who was on her hands and knees now, being shafted vigorously by Lee and screaming like a banshee.

A brisk slap on his ass told Carl all he needed to know, and sure enough, Gil growled in his ear, “Get that little ass o’yours in the air, boy. C’mon, lets have a look at ye.”

Carl desperately tried to wriggle away, but the big man had him by his suspender belt and bra and easily pulled him back toward his fate. Panicked beyond reason, Carl felt his panties eased aside, and a wet, blunt, angry cock butted up against his virgin ass hole. Carl began to weep, this had supposed to have been for his sister! Oh my God. OH MY GOD! He screamed as the big guy took his ass swiftly and violently.

Cara looked on deliriously as her brother was raped. She knew he wasn’t really gay, knew he loved pussy really, pussy……..really……oh my, what’s happening now.

What was happening was Bart’s cock had begun to jerk and lurch inside her tiny, worn out little body and seconds later, his boiling seed pumped deep within her, filling her, squeezing out of the sides of her taut pussy lips and sliding into the crack of her ass where he fingered it into that tight ass-pussy. Cara was past caring, she just lay across his chest and felt her eyes roll into her head as she slowly fainted.

Lee pulled out of that hot fuck, Pamela and grabbed her hair quickly, jerking her head around to take his cock. This bitch will have whiplash, he grinned as he pushed his cock into her mouth and watched as she happily gobbled up his spend, the drool that escaped her lips quickly scooped up and licked greedily from her fingers before she collapsed next to Carl, comforting him as he was sexed, and there to see his eyes widen and face light up when Gil roared and dumped another load into her son’s tight ass-pussy.

With the guys all high-fiving each other, they cleared out to get some beers while the women, Carl was now an honorary woman, rested awhile, before they cleaned themselves and the room up.

Presently the smell of steak wafted around their nostrils and Bart appeared, grinning at the door in a blue and white striped apron, a spatula lost in his huge hand, and said:

“Ladies, dinner is served.”

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