Camping on the Darkside Ch. 01

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Female Ejaculation

I am a 42 year old white male, named Daniel and I am very happily married to my wife, Beth. My wife is a beautiful brunette, who keeps her hair cut short. Her short hair serves to emphasis her physical attributes. Beth is 5’8″ and has huge 38 DD breasts. At the age of 40, my wife’s boobs don’t ride as high as they use to, but that’s fine by me. This just causes them to jiggle and bounce around more. She has a voluptuous, heart shaped ass that just begs to be squeezed. Overall, Beth is in good shape and oozes sexuality.

My wife and I have been married for almost twenty years and we have an 18 year old daughter, named Tammy. Tammy has always been my pride and joy. Even though she is my daughter, I can’t help but recognize how attractive she is. With light brown hair that falls below her shoulders and twinkling blue eyes, my gorgeous daughter can be breathtaking. At 5’2″, Tammy isn’t as tall as her mother, and where Beth is voluptuous, our daughter is petite. I think it bothers her that her moms’ breasts are so large, while she is a B cup at most, and it doesn’t help that most people believes she is several years younger than she actually is.

I have a decent job as a supervisor at a customer call center. Recently, I decided it was time for a long over due vacation. We live in a small town in northwestern Arkansas and there are plenty of rivers and lakes in the area, so we decided to go camping at a local river.

What happened on that camping trip has changed our lives. I had thought that the relationship within my family was perfect. I no longer know what to believe. The images and sounds from that week on the river have infected my brain and soul like a fever that can’t be brought under control. Every time I close my eyes, I see big white titties swinging back and forth, huge, saliva coated black cocks, and two pairs of ivory butt cheeks, one young and tight, the other quivering like a bowl of jello, as they shove themselves back to collide with thrusting dark hips. The sounds are worse, flesh slapping on flesh, moaning and shrieks of ecstasy, and familiar female voices begging for black meat. But I am jumping ahead of myself.

I enjoy my privacy, so I picked a secluded camp ground on the river. I was surprised at how remote it was. Despite it being late May, there wasn’t a soul in site. We set up camp, before Tammy suggested we go down to the water for a swim. My wife and daughter changed into their bathing suits and we headed for the river, which was about 100 yards down the trail.

As I walked behind Beth and Tammy, I couldn’t help but get a hard on. Both women were wearing skimpy bikinis. Beth’s was red and Tammy’s was beige. Half their asses were exposed and most of my wife’s enormous tits were hanging out in the open like a couple of ripe melons.

We reached the river’s edge, after passing through another camping spot, but it was as empty as the other ones on this stretch of the river. We waded and swam in the cool water for about an hour, before deciding to head back to camp. Both girls are naturally light skinned and they didn’t want to get sunburned.

I felt my dick begin to harden again as they exited the water. My wife and daughter’s nipples were clearly visible through the wet fabric of their bikini tops. Tammy caught me looking and blushed. Beth stifled a laugh and made a face at me. Tammy said she had to pee and my wife indicated that she would stay with her.

“I’m going on,” I informed them, “I thought I heard someone pull into this camping spot awhile ago. I think I’ll stop and say hi.”

“Okay,” Beth answered, “We won’t be far behind.”

I walked up the trail and through the woods at a good pace, curious to see who our neighbors were. As I entered the campsite, I saw a blue van and two tents that had already been set up. I then noticed the three college aged black men sitting at the picnic table. I was about to say something, when a fourth black man stepped out of one of the tents. He walked up to me with his hand outstretched.

“I’m Richard,” he said, “You must be from the other camp,” he continued, as he gestured up the path towards where our site lay. “We heard you and some girls splashing around in the river.”

“Yeah, my wife and daughter,” I replied as I shook his hand, “They should be coming through here in a few minutes.” I started to feel nervous as I said this, wondering how these men would react to my scantily clad family.

Richard strolled over to an ice cooler next to the picnic table and opened the lid. “Would you like a cold one?” he asked, as he pulled out a can of beer.

“No,” I answered, “I need to get back to camp and get some lunch ready. Thanks anyway.”

“Anytime you feel like one, just come on down.” the young black man offered.

I nodded my head and walked on up the pathway. After about 30 yards, I stepped off the trail and stood behind a thick oak tree. I was interested in seeing what would happen when Beth and Tammy walked through the black men’s camp. I soon saw my daughter walk into the camp by herself and wondered where adana escort Beth was. The jaws of all four black men dropped, when they laid eyes on my beautiful daughter. Tammy put her nose in the air and ignored the men. One of them whistled and Tammy turned red.

“Check that tight ass out!” one of the men, sitting at the table, commented.

I saw my daughter get a mischievous look on her face. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her bikini bottom. Tammy pulled her little bikini bottom down to her knees and exposed her sweet young buttocks to the black men.

“Kiss my lily white ass!” she yelled back at them. Then she was off like a shot. I could hear her giggling, as she ran past the tree I was hiding behind, and headed for our camp. She’s going to get herself in a world of trouble, one of these days, I thought to myself.

The four men looked stunned at first and then Richard started laughing. A minute later, I saw Beth come into their camp. Four pairs of black eyes immediately latched on to my wife’s barely covered knockers. She and Richard exchanged words, but I did not catch what was said. Beth continued walking, until Richard yelled at her to stop. She halted about 10 yards from where I was concealed.

The tall black man trotted up to Beth and she turned to face him. “Where are you going so fast, momma?” he asked.

“Back to my camp,” she replied, in a shaky voice.

“Don’t you want to stick around?” Richard inquired, “I know you like what you see. I know I do,” he added, as he stared at Beth’s heaving breasts.

Beth opened her mouth, as if to say something, but she looked nervous and nothing came out.

Richard grabbed my wife by the elbows and pulled her to him. He leaned in and proceeded to kiss my bride of 20 years on the mouth. My heart jumped up into my throat, and to my shock, Beth opened her mouth and returned the kiss. In fact, she pressed her body against his, smashing her big, soft titties against his hard, muscular chest. She moaned as he grabbed a handful of her exposed ass cheeks and squeezed.

Beth seemed to come to her senses for a moment and broke off the lurid kiss. “My god!” she exclaimed, in a low voice, “I’m old enough to be your mother!”

“That just makes it better,” he informed her, as he lewdly thrust his hips forward and rubbed his bulging crotch against her bikini covered pussy.

Beth looked down at Richard’s groin, and gulped.

The man pulled his swimming trunks down and smiled. It was my turn to gulp. His coal black cock was at least 8 thick inches and it was only semi-hard.

“Oh my god,” Beth muttered.

Richard took hold of her right hand and placed it on his dark hose. “Grab it,” he ordered.

Beth took a deep breath and wrapped her dainty hand around the throbbing black monster. My dick was so hard it hurt. The sight of my sweet, little wife’s small white hand grasping that fat, black prick was incredible.

“You like that big, black cock. Don’t you?” Richard asked her.

I couldn’t believe what I saw next. Beth began stroking that ebony pole up and down. It soon grew to an incredible 10 inches. Richard’s giant pecker started leaking precum. I could hear slick, squishy sounds, as Beth pumped his cock. That black dick put out more precum, than my penis did cum, on my best orgasm ever. The feel of sticky fluid rolling over her hand must have woke Beth up.

My wife quickly pulled her hand away, she turned and started back up the path. “I have to go,” she said, sounding as if she were close to tears.

Richard sighed in frustration and rolled his eyes. “Come see me, if you can get away from your tiny dicked husband!” he yelled after her.

Beth didn’t respond and disappeared into the woods. I waited until Richard had returned to his camp, before hurrying towards our own camp. I caught up to my wife, as she entered camp. She was startled and asked me where I had been. I told her that I had stepped into the woods to take a leak. I gave no indication that I had seen what had happened between her and Richard.

By now I was so horny I was ready to cum in my trunks. I pulled Beth into our tent. Apparently, she was as excited as I was. I pulled her bikini top off and fondled her magnificent boobs. She was soon on her knees with my cock in her mouth. I knew she was comparing my penis with Richard’s huge black rod, but I was so wound up that I didn’t care. I blew my load in less than a minute and Beth was obviously disappointed.

“So what do you think of our neighbors?” I asked, as I put my pecker away.

Beth averted her eyes from mine and shrugged her shoulders, “What am I suppose to think of them? Just some young punks.”

“Did they give you any problems?”

Beth’s face twitched, “No,” she replied, “Why would you think that?”

I decided it was time to change the subject. “I have to go into town for a couple of hours,” I lied, “I forgot to drop some papers off at the office.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding!” Beth screamed, adana escort bayan “This is your fucking vacation!”

I held my hands up to silence her, “I’m sorry. It won’t take more than a couple of hours. Three at the most.”

Beth crossed her arms and frowned.

“You and Tammy do whatever you want, until I get back, okay?” I pleaded.

My wife just nodded her head and turned her back on me.

As I exited the tent, Tammy confronted me. “Are you two fighting?” she asked.

“No,” I replied curtly.

“I heard you tell mom we could do whatever we wanted to have fun.”


“Can I have some of your beer?” my daughter asked, hopefully. She saw the look in my eye and continued, “You wouldn’t let me bring my boyfriend, so the least you can do ….”

“Okay,” I relented.

Tammy gave me a quick peck on the lips and ran to the ice cooler. I climbed into our pickup and took off down the road. I pulled over about three hundred yards from camp and took a deep breath.

What was I doing? Beth had always been faithful to me, but I saw how had she reacted to Richard. I never thought she would be turned on by a black man, especially not one young enough to be her son. The thought of my wife and that big, black cock drove me crazy, in more ways than one. Of course there were no papers to drop off at the office. I just had to know what would happen if I wasn’t around to interfere. I grabbed the camcorder from behind the seat and headed down the road on foot, back to the campsites.

Instead of taking the cutoff to our site, I followed the road to the driveway of Richard’s camp. I ducked into the woods and then crawled on my hands and knees to the edge of the campsite. I hid behind a waist high pile of dead wood and brush, that was only 20 yards from the picnic table, where the four black men still sat.

The young men were drinking beer and talking, I gathered from their conversation that they were students at local college. I also heard them commenting on how hot my wife and daughter were. They seemed especially interested in Beth’s big titties and Tammy’s tight looking ass.

I almost gave up waiting, after about 30 minutes. There’s no way Beth would come back down to this camp, without me. How would she keep our daughter from following her? Did she really want some black cock, or was I just torturing myself? My thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

“Well, what do we have here?” I heard one of the black men yell out. I looked through a hole in the brush pile and got the surprise of my life. I almost choked, as I saw not only my wife, but my daughter too, as they walked into camp. Both women were still in their bikinis and Beth’s huge breasts wobbled with each step. My wife looked a little peeved and I guessed that she had tried to come down without Tammy, but our daughter had insisted on accompanying her mother.

Beth and Tammy walked up to the table and my wife smiled at Richard, “You said to come down if I could get away from my husband. So here I am.”

Richard smiled back at her, “And here you are,” he then smiled at Tammy, “and the little one too.”

Tammy obviously didn’t like being referred to as the little one and said something, but I couldn’t hear what. I wasn’t close enough to catch everything being said, but I could make out bits and pieces. Two men sat on each side of the table and I watched as Beth and Tammy split up and sat on opposite sides from each other. Beth sat between Richard and a tall thin black man that I soon learned was named Seth. Tammy sat between the two named Bo and Percy. Fortunately, the hole in the brush gave me a perfect view. I pointed the camcorder and zoomed in as close as I could.

Beth and Tammy were each given a beer and there was a lot of small talk and laughter. It wasn’t long before Richard had his arm around Beth’s waist. I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t resist. After a few more minutes, the young black man leaned over and started kissing my wife on the neck. I noticed Beth stiffen up and look over at our daughter.

Tammy smiled and said, “Don’t look at me, you’re a grown woman.”

Beth seemed to relax after this. She turned her head and kissed Richard full on the lips. The two were making out, hot and heavy, when Richard started fondling my wife’s bodacious titties through her bikini top, and tweaking her hardening nipples.

I turned the camera on Tammy and zoomed in to catch her reaction. My daughter seemed quite relaxed with what was happening. I could barely see under the table and I noticed that Bo had a hand on her bare leg and was rubbing on it, getting closer and closer to my little girl’s hot, young snatch. Percy started nibbling on her ears and Tammy giggled.

While this was happening, Seth had gone to their van and retrieved a camera. He said something about taking some pictures and everyone stood up from the table. Beth and Tammy climbed on top the table and lay on their backs. They were both laughing, as they spread their legs wide and escort adana thrust their hips out at the four black men, who were practically drooling, as they stared at the two barely covered pussies facing them.

Seth took several pictures of the women in this position. Beth and Tammy then got on their hands an knees, with their butts facing the men. The two women lowered their faces down to the table top and wiggled their asses in the air. “How about this?” Beth yelled back at the men.

The sight of Beth’s big, mature ass and Tammy’s tight petite butt was more than the young, black men could handle. Richard grabbed Beth’s generous butt cheeks and played with them. My wife arched her back and thrust her sexy ass out further, as Richard pulled her bikini bottom down to her knees, exposing her milky white buttocks in all their glory.

At this point Seth quit taking pictures and joined Richard in molesting my wife’s ass. Beth felt the extra pair of hands squeezing her butt cheeks and raised her head. That’s when she noticed what was happening with our daughter. Both Bo and Percy were rubbing and slapping Tammy’s dancing ass. One of the men pulled her bottom piece down. Beth almost said something, but didn’t. Things had already gone too far, it was too late to stop now.

Richard pulled Beth up off her elbows and made her sit up on her knees. He then untied her top and yanked it off. All four men stopped what they were doing to stare at this married, white woman’s pendulous breasts. My wife’s areoles are huge and her nipples were more swollen than I had ever seen them. Beth started breathing heavier, as Richard and Seth caressed her engorged melons. I was practically breathless, at the sight of my 40 year old wife’s soft, white titties being abused by those large black hands.

Richard and Seth took a knob like nipple each and sucked on it, as they roughly squeezed my wanton wife’s boobs. Beth closed her eyes and moaned. Richard pulled his trunks off and unleashed his awesome, black snake. My wife took hold of it and stroked that piece of ebony steel. Richard pulled her down to his straining pole.

“What do you want?” he asked her, “Say it!”

Beth looked up at the black man’s face, as if she was in awe. “I want to suck your big, black cock!” My wife then lowered her head and started licking the huge, black dick head. She cupped his large balls in one hand, as she licked up and down the thick, jet black shaft.

Richard leaned her forward, until she was on her hands and knees again. He then pushed his hips forward and slid his 10 inch black monster down my wife’s cheating, white throat. Beth gagged at first, but then began to suck that slab of hot, black meat like there was no tomorrow.

I shifted my view over to Tammy and was shocked at what I saw. My sweet, snow white daughter had a mouthful of black cock. She was sucking on a thick, black prick, as big as the one her mother was slurping on and she was sucking it as hard and furiously as she could. The apple of my eye was lying on her side, over Bo’s pelvis, bobbing her head, with her lips stretched wide around the man’s monstrous cock, while Percy lay between her legs and ate her clean shaven cunt.

Bo grabbed Tammy by the hair and pulled her off his prick. “Tell me what you want, bitch!”

My daughter looked at him with fire in her eyes, “I want to suck your big, black cock!” she exclaimed, “I want to suck all of your big, black cocks! I’m tired of little white ones, so I want you all to fuck my tight, white pussy with those black mambas!”

My wife’s eyes got wide and all of the men laughed. Seth had stripped nude and was lining his own 9 inch monster up with Beth’s hairy, but well trimmed pussy. Seth slapped my wife across her fleshy ass cheeks a couple of times, before pressing the head of his huge black cock against my wife’s sopping wet twat.

Tammy stopped what she was doing for a moment and watched in fascination, as her mother’s tight, white cunt began to swallow the stud’s long, black dong. Beth shoved her hips back in an effort to fill her burning pussy with more black meat. Beth was rocking back and forth, between the two thrusting peckers. My wife moaned and groaned, as her cunt was pounded by one huge, black dick, and another saliva coated one pumped in and out of her mouth. “That’s it!” Tammy shouted at the men, abusing her mother, “Fuck my mom’s married white pussy, with that big, black cock!”

Where the hell did she come up with this stuff? I think I was even more shocked by my daughter’s actions, than I was by Beth’s. Percy got off the table top and ran inside one of the tents. He reappeared, dragging a bed mattress. The dark skinned stud layed the mattress on the ground, next to the table. Tammy and Bo got off the table, as Percy layed face up, on the mattress. My daughter straddled Percy and reaching back with her tiny, white hand, she grabbed his enormous tool and guided it to her horny, teenaged pussy.

By now, I had my dick out and was trying to beat off, with one hand, as I held the camcorder still, with the other. Tammy lowered her hips and impaled herself, on Percy’s huge, black cock. I nearly came, then and there, as I watched that monstrous, ebony weapon pierce my 18 year old daughter’s pink cunt lips and sink into her ivory body. “OOOOHHHHH! Shit!” she moaned, as she pumped her hips up and down, “It’s so fucking big!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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