Camping With My Stepfather

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*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. I hope you enjoy the story; if not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


“Come on in, Bert,” Alice called as she was washing up the breakfast dishes when she heard the knocking on the screen door.

“Now that’s a sight for sore eyes,” Bert said when he entered and saw Alice at the sink wearing her old-man T-shirt that just came down over her ass.

“Jim’ll be down in a minute,” Alice said, not even looking away from what she was doing.

“He can take his sweet time,” Bert said, approaching her from behind and reaching around her to fill his hands with her big breasts, easily finding her large nipples and pinching and pulling on them.

“Now, Bert, I’m doing the dishes and you’re going camping,” Alice said as he ground his hips into her from behind as he mauled her breasts. “You guys are doing your guy thing, remember?” she said as one of his hands slid down her body to cup her naked pussy, one finger slipping between her pussy lips and into the wet warmth inside.

“I am doing the guy thing,” Bert said, rubbing her big clit and feeling her shudder.

“Okay, I’m all set,” Jim said, entering the kitchen, smiling when he saw what was going on at the sink.

“Maybe we should take Alice with us,” Bert suggested, releasing her as he turned to see his best friend, smiling as he sucked on his finger. “Might make it a whole damned sight more interesting.”

“We can do that any time,” Jim said.

“Dad, can’t I come with you guys?” his 20-year-old stepson Kirk asked as he entered the kitchen. “If you leave me here alone with Mom…”

“Someone’s got to take care of her,” Jim said with a laugh.

“Why don’t you take him with you?” Alice asked. “Isn’t it about time? I’m sure that I can manage on my own for a whole weekend. You did say that it was guys only.”

“I’m not so sure that Kirk’s ready for a guys-only camping weekend,” Jim said.

“Sure I am,” Kirk said. “I know how to set up a tent and build a fire as good as anyone.”

“Maybe it is time at that,” Bret said, laughing.

“If we let you come, you get all of the dirty work,” Jim said. “Agreed?”

“I’ll do whatever you tell me to do,” Kirk promised, grinning.

“Okay, get your stuff,” Jim said, exchanging looks with Bret.

Kirk’s father had left when he was just a young boy and he didn’t really remember him. When he was 15, his mother met Jim and she seemed to come alive again. Jim had treated Kirk like a kid brother and when he had asked Karen to marry him, she had jumped at the chance.

Karen had always been a fairly quiet, staid woman, working hard to support them. When she met Jim, she had seemed to metamorphosize, becoming more outgoing, certainly laughing a lot more, and dressing differently. The one thing that Jim brought to the relationship was the thing that Karen needed the most in her life, lust, unbridled lust. Jim couldn’t keep his hands off of her, especially not her large breasts. He had convinced her to throw away all of her bras and to dress more revealingly around the house, something which she found difficult at first, being embarrassed, then gradually accepting it, even embracing it when she realized that it took nothing to set Jim off, to turn him on.

It was a beautiful spring day as they drove east from Knoxville, Tennessee, towards Great Smoky Mountains National Park where they would camp for the weekend. As they pulled into the parking spot for their campsite at the Big Creek campground, Jim turned to look at Kirk in the back seat of the car.

“One thing that is a rule written in stone,” he said. “What happens here, stays here. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, sure,” Kirk agreed, grinning.

“Okay, let’s get set up,” Jim said as they exited the car.

Kirk was tall and lanky with freckled skin and red hair with pale blue eyes, much like his biological father according to his mother. Since graduating high school a couple of years ago, he had worked at a car wash as a detailer. He was popular with his colleagues due to his easy-going nature, never taking offense, always seeing the glass full.

Jim and Bert had been best friends since elementary school. Twin brothers couldn’t have been closer and they shared everything, quite literally. For years they had had camping weekends several times a year, the choices available to them within two hours driving from Knoxville too numerous to count. While Jim was tall and thin, Bert was more compact and heavier set with black hair and eyes.

Big Creek campground only had 12 campsites, one of the reasons that Jim chose it, and they had succeeded in getting the one furthest away and closest to Big Creek itself, which ran swiftly by, spume creating constant rainbows in the air as it crashed upon the huge boulders which were strewn along the Maltepe Escort creek at this point.

They set up the tent with its back to the other campsites, affording them even more privacy in front of their tent all the way to the creek. It was if they were the only ones there. By the time everything was set up and wood laid for a fire, the sun was setting behind the hills to the west, streaks of orange and yellow across the sky, deepening to red and magenta as the first stars became visible. They had stopped for Subway hoagies on the way, so after lighting the fire, they sat down to eat, 16oz Budweisers at hand.

“This is the life,” Jim said, pulling out a bottle of Jack Daniels when they had finished, taking a big swig from it before passing it to Bert, who did the same, then, after momentarily hesitating, offered it to Kirk.

“It doesn’t suck,” Bert said, laughing.

“I’m going to go take a leak,” Kirk said, getting to his feet and making his way down towards the creek.

Kirk relieved himself into the creek, then stood listening to the sounds of the water rushing by, hearing it hiss by the many large boulders. After several minutes, he turned and made his way back up to their campsite, finding his father and Bret sitting naked by the fire.

“There you are,” Jim said, reaching into the pocket of his jeans on the ground next to him and pulling out his Double Eagle, a $20 gold coin, the one designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in 1907 with Lady Liberty standing on one side and a soaring eagle on the other. It was a family heirloom that Jim always had in his pocket, a good-luck talisman.

“Heads,” Bert said − Bert always said heads − when Jim flipped it up into the air, catching it in the palm of his hand when it came back down, covering it with his other hand.

“Tails,” Jim said with a grin when he lifted his covering hand and they could see the soaring eagle shining in the star light.

“What are you flipping for?” Kirk asked.

“Well, now we’re giving you the opportunity to join us, me and Bert, in our guys-only camping fun,” Jim said. “How does that sound to you?”

“That sounds great!” Kirk replied, elated. “What should I do?” he asked.

“Well, I won the coin toss, so I get to go first,” Jim replied.

“At what?” Kirk asked.

“Getting my cock sucked,” Jim replied.

“Really? Who-who’s going to do that?” Kirk asked, looking around and not seeing any girls.

“You are,” Jim replied, smiling at his stunned face.

“M-me?” Kirk stammered.

“You want to join us in our guys-only camping weekends, don’t you?” Jim asked.

“You mean every time?” Kirk asked, his eyes widening.

“Every time,” Jim replied, nodding.

“Well, sure I do,” Kirk said.

“Then you need to suck my cock, then Bert’s,” Jim said.

“B-but why?” Kirk asked, feeling the butterflies in his stomach.

“Because that’s what we do on our camping weekends,” Jim replied.

“You do?!” Kirk gasped.

“Do you think that I’d ever ask you to do anything that I wouldn’t do?” Jim asked in an aggrieved tone of voice.

“I-I never thought about doing anything like that,” Kirk said.

“It totally up to you,” Jim said, smiling. “You can join us, or not.”

“But make up your mind already,” Bret said as he continued to jack Jim’s cock. “If you don’t suck his cock, I’m going to.”

“I-I want to join in,” Kirk stammered, flushing. “Wha-what should I do?”

“You’ve seen your mother suck enough cocks to know,” Jim replied. “And I imagine that you’ve had yours sucked a few times, too. Just do what would feel good to you. But one thing, no spitting cum; we always swallow it. It’s a sign of respect.”

“O-okay,” Kirk said, feeling his knees trembling as he sank down onto them in front of his stepfather’s chair and between his wide-spread legs.

“Best thing is to just do it,” Bret said, tilting Jim’s cock towards Kirk.

Taking a deep breath, Kirk leaned over and tentatively licked the head of his stepfather’s cock, tasting the pre-cum that was liberally leaking from the slit.

“Just open your mouth and do it,” Bret urged, smiling when he saw the head of Jim’s cock disappear between Kirk’s lips. “There you go,” he said, relinquishing his grip on it as more disappeared into Kirk’s mouth. “Told you he was a natural,” he said after a minute as they watched Kirk sucking Jim’s cock.

“You like it?” Jim asked.

“It’s okay,” Kirk said as he lifted his mouth off of his stepfather’s cock. “I always imagined that it would be gross or something.”

“Why would you say that when you’ve seen your mother suck so many cocks?” Jim asked. “Doesn’t it seem as though she likes it?”

“I never thought of that,” Kirk said. “But now I can understand it better. Should I keep going?”

“Definitely,” Jim laughed. “I can’t wait to cum in your mouth.”

Jim and Bret laughed as Kirk continued sucking Jim’s cock, taking swigs from the bottle of Jack Daniels from time to time.

“I think he’s about got it,” Jim said after Anadolu Yakası Escort several minutes. “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah,” he cried out, then groaned as his balls exploded and cum shot into Kirk’s mouth, whose eyes popped wide open when he felt the blast of hot cum on his tongue and against the back of his mouth.

“That’s it,” Bret encouraged when he saw Kirk’s throat bob as he gulped down his first mouthful of cum. “Just keep sucking and swallowing.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize that it would be like that,” Kirk said when he finally sat back, still swallowing and licking his lips.

“You liked it?” Jim asked.

“I dunno,” Kirk shrugged. “I didn’t dislike it.”

“You ready to suck Bret’s cock?” Jim asked, smiling at his stepson.

“Uh, sure,” Kirk replied. “This is really what you do when you go camping, suck each other’s cocks?”

“That’s part of it,” Jim replied. “What do you think of a guys-only camping weekend now?”

“It’s sure not what I expected,” Kirk said, then laughed, “but it’s pretty cool. Should I suck your cock now?” he asked Bret.

“I thought that you’d never ask,” Bret replied with a laugh as Kirk shuffled over to kneel in front of him, not hesitating as he reached out and wrapped a hand around the fat shaft of his cock.

“This is pretty crazy, isn’t it?” Kirk asked as he leaned over and took the head of Bret’s cock into his mouth, running his tongue all around it, his mouth stretching because of how fat it was.

“It sure is, but it’s my kind of crazy,” Bret replied as he watched Kirk try to take more of his cock into his mouth.

It took longer, Bret’s thick cock proving very tiring to suck after having sucked Jim’s, but Kirk didn’t want to disappoint his stepfather. He really wanted to be one of the guys. He even realized that sucking Bret’s cock was okay, but that he had enjoyed sucking Jim’s more, not being quite so thick and challenging. It was almost with a sense of relief that Kirk felt Bret’s cock suddenly get even bigger, then cum was flooding his mouth, coating his tongue. He kept swallowing and swallowing, but Bret just continued to cum until finally there was just an oozing trickle from the slit of his cock which Kirk pursed his lips over, the tip of his tongue delving into the slit for the last bits.

“You really came a lot,” Kirk practically choked as he sat back, still swallowing.

“I got pretty worked up watching you suck Jim’s cock, then mine,” Bret said.

“I-I don’t mind, I was just surprised,” Kirk said, wanting to impress them with his maturity in handling the situation, and more than anything, to be included in future guys-only camping weekends.

“Would you like to wash the taste of cum from your mouth?” Jim asked, offering the bottle of Jack Daniels.

Kirk hesitated, suddenly wondering if this were a test of his suitability to be a full part of their guys-only camping weekends.

“No, I like the taste of the cum,” Kirk replied, seeing his stepfather’s eyes open wider. “I’d hate to wash it away.”

“You are definitely your mother’s son,” Jim laughed. “I’ve never met anyone who loved cum more than her.”

“I’m proud to be compared to her,” Kirk said, lifting his chin.

“As you should be, as you should be,” Jim said, nodding in approval.

“Now that you’ve sucked our cocks, you can sit naked with us,” Bret said.

“Really!?” Kirk gasped in astonishment. In the two plus years that he had watched his mother fucking, he had never been invited to undress. In fact, he was always the only one who didn’t undress, though some of Jim’s friends who stopped by were in a hurry, only unzipping to extract their cocks for either Karen to suck or to fuck her.

“Sure, you’ve earned the right,” Jim said magnanimously.

Getting to his feet, Kirk was suddenly hit with a case of the shys. He had always felt uncomfortable in gym class undressing in front of the other guys, aware of the glances that some of them threw his way.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Bret exclaimed after Kirk had pushed his jeans to the ground, then his boxers, all 8″ of his cock standing out in front of him, every bit as thick as Bret’s.

“That’s some cock,” Jim said, shaking his head.

“Is-is there something wrong?” Kirk asked, acutely embarrassed.

“Not in the least,” Bret laughed. “Have a seat,” he said, pulling the third camp chair between himself and Jim.

Kirk had never felt prouder in his life as he sat between his stepfather and Bret with the fire glowing under a moonless sky that was dusted with stars which shone brightly. They sat silent for more than an hour, passing the bottle of Jack Daniels, before Jim suggested that it was time to get some sleep and they crawled into the tent, just barely big enough for the three of them, Kirk squeezed in the middle.

Kirk was just managing to finally drift off to sleep when he felt his stepfather changing position next to him, then found himself with Jim straddling his chest, rubbing the head of his cock on his lips. Opening his mouth, Kirk İstanbul Escort felt his own cock lurch as he wrapped his mouth around Jim’s cock, just lying there as Jim slowly face-fucked him, finally stopping to let Kirk suck on him, then groaning as his cock exploded and he began to fill Kirk’s mouth with another load of cum.

“You beat me to it,” Bret said when Jim finally dismounted Kirk’s face, leaving him still swallowing.

“I-I can suck yours, too,” Kirk said, wanting to prove himself.

“Go for it,” Bret said, and Kirk knelt between his legs, leaning over to take his thick cock into his mouth.

Kirk thought that his jaw was going to fall off before Bret finally lost control and began dumping his balls into his mouth, eagerly gulping the cum down as he sucked him off, then crawling between them and quickly falling asleep.

“Ah, I slept like a baby,” Jim said as he stretched upon waking in the morning as the sun was just pinking the sky as it rose.

“Me, too,” Bret said. “Nothing like getting your cock sucked in the middle of the night, is there?”

“There’s never a bad time for that,” Jim said with a laugh. “How did you sleep, Kirk?” he asked.

“Good,” Kirk said, slightly embarrassed as he thought of the previous day and night, his cock hard as a rock standing straight up in the air.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Jim said, laughing as he pushed Bret away when he leaned over and started sucking on his cock. “This is Kirk’s weekend.”

“Wha-what do you mean?” Kirk asked, his eyes wide at seeing Bret with his stepfather’s cock in his mouth.

“This is your first guys-only camping weekend,” Jim explained. “Our cocks are for you.”

“Me! B-but why?” Kirk asked. “Don’t you…don’t you want to…”

“Think of it as an initiation,” Bret said.

“Do you…do you want me to suck your cocks?” Kirk asked.

“Do you want to or are you asking because you think that we expect it of you?” Jim asked.

“Uh, both, I guess,” Kirk replied.

“The only thing that we expect of you is that you enjoy yourself,” Jim said. “If you want to suck our cocks, that’s fine, but it’s not okay if you think that you’re obligated to do so.”

“I-I do want to,” Kirk said, blushing. “Does that mean that there’s something wrong with me, that I’m gay?”

“I like to suck cock,” Jim replied. “Do you think that I’m gay?”

“I know you’re not,” Kirk replied.

“Then I wouldn’t worry about it,” Jim said. “If you had a pussy here right now, would you eat it, fuck it?”

“Yeah!” Kirk replied, his face lighting up.

“Then I don’t think that you need to worry about being gay,” Jim said. “You don’t have to be gay to enjoy sucking a cock.”

“I-I never realized that,” Kirk said. “I just assumed…”

“Why don’t we go out and see the sunrise,” Bret suggested, crawling from the crowded tent, Kirk and Jim following.

“What a beautiful morning,” Jim said as they saw the sun just starting to appear over the crests of the surrounding mountains. “It’s pretty special, isn’t it?” he asked, putting an arm around his stepson’s shoulders.

“Yeah,” Kirk replied, feeling a sense of belonging and comradery that he had never experienced before.

“You still feel like sucking a cock?” Jim asked.

“Yeah! Sure,” Kirk replied, his own cock bobbing in front of him as it lurched in excitement.

“Why don’t you suck Bret’s first today?” Jim suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Bret said, sitting in one of the camp seats and spreading his legs wide apart, his thick cock hard in front of him.

Kirk eagerly sank to his knees between Bret’s spread legs, reaching for his cock. A big smile on his face, he lowered it, his tongue extending to probe the slit of Bret’s cock before letting his lips part to let it slide into his mouth.

“He gets better each time,” Bret said as Kirk sucked his cock. “He’s a natural.”

“Definitely his mother’s son,” Jim said, kneeling behind a kneeling Kirk and placing his hands on his ass.

“Wh-wha-what?” Kirk sputtered when he felt Jim spreading his ass cheeks apart, followed by what had to be his cock touching his rosebud and pressing against him.

“We don’t just suck cocks on our guys-only weekends,” Jim said, still pressing the head of his cock against his stepson’s asshole.

“You-you fuck, too?” Kirk gasped, his hand still wrapped around Bret’s cock as he looked back over his shoulder at his stepfather in horror.

“That’s right,” Jim replied. “Do you still want to be a member of the guys-only camping?”

“Y-yes,” Kirk replied nervously, “but…”

“Doesn’t your mother love getting fucked in the ass?” Jim asked, still pressing.

“Sh-she says it’s better than pussy fucking,” Kirk replied, gasping as he felt the head of Jim’s cock start to penetrate his ass.

“Would you like to find out why or should I stop?” Jim asked, not relenting in pressing against his stepson’s asshole, feeling the head starting to penetrate.

“Will it hurt?” Kirk asked, groaning when he felt the head of Jim’s cock finally succeed in entering his ass, stretching his sphincter.

“Maybe a bit at first,” Jim replied, feeling Kirk’s ass clenching and unclenching on the head of his cock.

“You’ll love it, trust me,” Bret said. “Just keep sucking my cock and you’ll soon be in heaven.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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