Candy Ch. 01

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Anri Okita

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon in Ann Arbor Michigan. The temperature was well into the mid 80’s. Candy was laying out on her padded lounge chair rubbing the tanning lotion into her legs. She wore her new bikini. David helped her pick it out at Macy’s. He loved seeing her wear sexy revealing clothes and the tiny little bikini was no exception.

Cindy’s husband David worked in one of the laboratories for a small research company at the University of Michigan. Married for five years and now and living in their modest brick ranch just west of the downtown area where al the hustle and bustle of Ann Arbor took place. The backyard was somewhat secluded with trimmed hedges lining the back yard.

David built a nice little wooden patio right smack in the center of the back yard so Candy could sit and lay in privacy in her bikini on those hot summer sunshiny days. She was basically a housewife. David preferred having her stay at home and cook nice dinners for him. David was not only smart but he was very handy with his hands and loved building things around the house.

Candy loved to sew. She turned her hobby into a business selling her crafts online. She had an array of female clientele that ordered items she made with her sewing machine from her web site. Candy was every man’s dream wife. A good cook, she kept the house nice and clean and had a talent for home decorating.

Besides these tributes. She had an extraordinary body that most women would die for. Petite, curvy and well endowed. She had a beautiful face and smile. She was truly considered a trophy wife to many.

Candy looked around the line of trimmed shrubs along the fence line before she unfastened her bikini top letting it drop to her waist and applied lotion around her ample size breasts. David took her out to dinner most Friday and Saturday nights. The usually ate in downtown Ann Arbor at one of the many fine eskişehir escort restaurants in town. David always insisted she wear a low cut revealing top when they dinned out. He also liked for her to wear short dresses or skirts with at least a 5″ high heel.

David enjoyed showing off his gorgeous wife. Gave him a hard-on seeing guys starring and drooling over her fine petite blonde body. Candy didn’t mind if it gave David a thrill. She’d tease him about the guys that looked at her later on in the evening as they laid in bed. I guess you could say it was a sexual stimulant for them both.

Candy got herself comfortable as she laid back on her lounger letting the sun bake her lotion covered tits. She knew by the end of the day she would have that bronze look all over her gorgeous body. Even including her little round ass. She closed her eyes thinking about her conversation this morning with Ginger.

Candy had met Ginger after researching the internet concerning David’s fetish. Candy learned of David’s fetish while they discussed the men that drooled over her body during their intimate evenings. David made a confession that he’d always dreamed of seeing another man making love to her. After long talks and lots of discussions David admitted to having a fetish for watching interracial sex.

Candy went along with the fantasy many nights to help stimulate her husband into more passionate and intimate sex. She’d even pretend that she was going to find a black boyfriend. This always drove David over the edge. It seemed more lately that David would only obtain an erection when she started talking about her making love to black men.

Candy kind of enjoyed the fictional talk her and David had during their most intimate moments but lately David has been taking things to new levels. Lately after they ate dinner in one of the fine restaurants, escort eskişehir David would take her to one of the local singles bars where lots of single black men hung out. David said he enjoyed listening to the music but the true fact was that he enjoyed watching black guys looking at his wife.

There were times on the dance floor when David would hike up her dress revealing her ass to some of the black men that would line the edge of the dance floor.

He got the biggest thrill of allowing them to see her ass cheeks. She’d even wiggle her butt for him giving David that added thrill for the evening. They’d go home and have the wildest sex ever! Candy didn’t mind it all. It’s just that she was trying to understand her husband a little better. She wanted to find out if their were other husbands like David that enjoyed fantasizing about other men screwing their wives.

Candy turned over in the lounger pulling her bikini bottom down to expose her lovely little round ass to the sun. She closed her eyes again and started thinking about her internet search. Candy started her internet search Monday morning when David left for work. She got caught up on her sewing and decided to search the web for fetishes. She used certain keywords she thought would most fit to her husband’s fetish.

Simple keywords brought her to interracial stories and movies. Other keywords brought up interracial swingers. Naturally, Candy educated herself on as many sites as she could but it still didn’t answer her questions. She really wanted to find out how common David was in regards to other husbands in the world.

Candy finally came across a web site calling itself a support group for white wives who cuckold their husbands. Candy started reading the facts page and learned that she had hit the jackpot as far as David’s fetish was concerned. She eskişehir escort bayan was really surprised at the percentage of married men that fantasized about seeing their wives in an intimate situation with another man. The interracial fantasy took it to yet another level according to the web site. The site was run and created by this woman named Ginger.

Ginger went on to explain on the site how her husband fantasized about seeing her make love to a black man. She continued reading and found out this woman named Ginger was very experienced on how to manage and train a good cuckold husband. Candy never imagined David as being a cuckold nor cuckolding him with other men.

After discovering that Ginger gave private lectures to novice housewives like herself and also learning that she was located right in the city of Ann Arbor made it even more intriguing. Naturally Ginger charged for her lectures but it seemed worthy of at least attending one of her sessions to find out more about David and his fetish. So she called the number that morning and made arrangements to attend her first session.

Candy laughed to herself recalling how this woman named Ginger spoke on the phone. She told Candy she wanted her to come to the session dressed like her husband wanted her to dress when he took her out to these clubs. Ginger said it was a great starting tool to help her explain her techniques in more detail.

Candy went through the liberty of selecting the right outfit to wear for tomorrows session. A green skirt and a white blouse with buttons down the front. It was tight and low cut and David loved having her wear a black half cup push up bra with the blouse. The bra cradled Candy’s tits leaving the top portion exposed including her nipples which were clearly visible through the thin white blouse. This all topped off with green matching heels. A tiny matching black thon underneath the skirt. No stockings. Just bare legs!

Not a word was said that evening about Gingers group. She didn’t want David to know anything about her investigation. Nor did she want to make him upset in anyway. She only wanted to learn more about David’s fetish and perhaps learn how to cop with being a good wife to him. After all, she loved him to death!

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