Christy Gets Trained 02

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One day over a year later, Christy calls me.

I asked her why she had not called me until now. She explained after having sex with all those black men she was pissed at me. I remarked that I did pay her well though. She agreed.

She said another reason she did not call was that she had became pregnant after sex with all those black men. But, how could she not have gotten pregnant after receiving multiple inseminations? I asked her what did she do. She stated she had an abortion of course. Her family would have scorned her had she delivered a black baby. I told her I wish I had known and that I would have helped her deal with the pregnancy. I asked her if she was okay.

“You mean am I okay physically?”

“Yea.” I exclaimed.

“Well, yea, I am fine, after I did that gangbang and had the abortion, I visited a plastic surgeon.”

“You did, why?” I asked.

“Well, after all that fucking I did, I was very loose. So I found out there is a procedure that is done to tighten the vagina. So, I did it”

“Wow! Really? I never knew that”

“Yep, and its nice to have a tight pussy again.”

“The reason Im calling, Christy explained, is I need money again.”

“Oh really, how much?” I asked her.

“Well, I guess five thousand again.”

“Okay.” I calmly said.

“So what do I have to do?” she asked.

“You know that white sun dress you have?”

“Um, yea, why?” she asked.

“Put that on, and that only.”

“No pantys?” she asked.

“No pantys. Do it now, Im coming to get you.”

“What do I have to do?” she asked again.

“Don’t worry about it, you gon earn the five thousand though.”

“Oh, okay.” She stated nervously.

Around 7:30 p.m. bursa escort I arrived at Christy’s house. When she walked out, I could see the nervousness in her face. She was wearing the white sun dress and sandals. I could see through the white dress noticing she had no bra or pantys on.

As the sun began its descent, I drove Christy to the less fortunate side of town. Her face tightened and grimaced as I turned down a street parading black men everywhere.

“I knew it!” Christy exclaimed.

“What?” I asked.

“I got to fuck black men again!”

“Well five grand is a lot of money, so yea, I gon get my money’s worth.”

I pulled up next to a group of black men and announced I had some fine white pussy in the car. Immediately the black men surrounded the car. As they gazed into the car and viewed Christy sitting there nervously in her see through dress, I heard different remarks like “SHIT!” “OH FUCK!” “DAM!” “MOTHERFUCKA!”

I gripped Christy’s hand and led her out my car. I walked her into the back yard of some old wooded house with a pit bull chained to a tree and old cars everywhere. A group of about eight black guys followed us. I had Christy rest her arms on one of the old cars with her back to the black men and I.

An older chubby black man arpproached Christy and instructed her to remove her sun dress.

Christy looked bewildered and asked, “out here in public? Cant we go inside a house?”

“Don’t worry bout shit white girl, jus do wut I had said.”

I watched Christy slowly pull her white dress over her head and off exposing her slender white body to anyone nearby in the neighborhood.

The black man instructed malatya escort her to lean over the car. “Put yo white ass up for me ho?

The old black man approached Christy from behind and pushed down his dirty worn pants, his big penis curving outward and growing. He gripped Christy’s waist with one hand and pushed his cockhead between her buttcheeks with the other hand trying to find the entrance to her tight pussy.

“Spread yo legs ho!” he exclaimed as his cock pushed against her vaginal opening. Her cunt resisted and his cock bent each time he tried penetrating her.

“OUUUCCHH!” Christy yelped as she felt the heavy dick begin to part her tight lips.

“Shit dis ho is tight!”


Christy’s eyes bulged, her mouth agape as the big penis moved forward and in reintroducing her to another black cock.

Christy’s small white body stood still, on her toes, her face squinting and grimacing from the forceful fuck her pussy was now enduring. She made no sound and appeared to be in shock. The black man gripping her small waist, holding her in place, working his stank cock inside her.

As I videoed Christy getting fucked, I looked around and saw other black men their eyes bulging, mouth salivating, and their cocks already out in their hand. Some were getting their cocks sucked by black women.

“Im bout to bust in you ho!” The older black man’s lips tightened, his old ass tightened as he felt his swell begin moving, his cock pulsating, and now spewing dank sperm inside Christy’s once bred womb. The old man jerked and gripped Christy hard bruising her waist emptying his full nuts. His eyes rolled up into his head, “Aww fuck çanakkale escort ho, dat was fuckin good!” He released his grip on her waist, backed up allowing his wet dick to fall out of Christy. Her pussy immediately farting streams of sperm on to the ground.

Immediately another black man (skinny and hung) laid Christy’s dress on the ground and had her lay on her back on the dress. “Hurry up ho an spred dem fuckin legs!” Christy did. The skinny man quickly found her fucked pussy and pushed in. As he penetrated her, his cock now opening her cervix, he began kissing her, deep tongue. Christy’s eyes watered from the stench of his stank wet mouth over her mouth, his tongue filling her mouth making her gag. His cock working like a machine in and out Christy. He stopped kissing her and she noticed a black man stretched out his cock pointing at her mouth. She now smelled his piss stained unwashed hard cock. He instructed Christy to open her fuckin mouth, and she did. I continued videoing as she was now getting her pussy and mouth fucked. Soon the skinny man began jerking, his ass tightening, “IM CUMMIN HO! IM CUMMING IN YOU HO!”

He pushed all his dick in her, getting more sperm in her womb. The other black man continued fucking Christy’s sore mouth. “Im bout to bust in yo mouth ho, an you bet not spit dat shit out! You hear me ho?” Christy mumbled yes. “AWWWW SHIT, HERE IT CUMS HO!” Soon her mouth filled with sperm, she swallowed as each spurt shot in her mouth. “OOOOO Shit, dis a good white ho hern!”

Another black man helped Christy stand. Her pussy still vomiting sperm. He led her back to the car and entered her full pussy from the rear. After fucking her pussy a few minutes, he pulled his hard wet cock out and quickly pushed his slippery dick into her ass! Her eyes bulged again, her arms slammed onto the car, her mouth wide open soundless. She couldn’t move though, she was pinned into place feeling her butt getting violated hard. She collapsed onto the hood of the old car, her asshole opened up like never before, and her pussy still leaking cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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