He is With Grandma Now

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It didn’t take my mother long to decide the perfect career for me. While I was worrying about getting my first piece of ass, she had made up her mind I was going to be a preacher.

When my uncle heard about it, he laughed and said, “Hey, that’s great. You ever look at the inside of a church building on Sunday and seen all the great looking women and girls sitting there? What a great place to find pussy. All of it you can handle. If a preacher’s wife doesn’t keep an eye on him, he must wallow in it.”

That cinched it. I’d be a preacher. Then I found out there was hell to pay if Mom caught a can of beer in my hand. After that came a whole string of things I couldn’t do, because a preacher didn’t do them. Like one day I was driving Mom to the shopping center and some asshole nearly crumpled a front fender. I hollered at him bursa escort that he was a dim-witted mother-fucking cocksucker. Apparently a preacher never says that.

I found out that if I wanted to go on smoking and keep Mom from finding out I was doing it, I had to go out to the utility shed and sit with the lawn mower and garden tools. Preachers, of course, were trying to stamp out smoking.

Then, when I was eighteen, Mom found out I was fucking the woman next door while her husband was at work. And another one just up the street. She went bonkers. When she found out that I had the hot thing going with her dearest and closest friend when her husband wasn’t around, Mom lost it. To be a preacher I had to keep my pecker in my pants.

By then I’d made up my mind I wasn’t bursa escort bayan going to be a preacher. I didn’t want a career that kept me from doing all of the things I wanted to do. I also realized that Mom and I were never going to see eye to eye on anything. I complained to Grandma, which was dumb. She was Mom’s mother and would take her side. Turned out it wasn’t dumb at all.

Grandma said, “Why don’t you pack up your things and move in with me? I’d be happy to have you for company.” Grandma was fifty-eight and divorced. She also assured me there was beer in the fridge, I wouldn’t need to go to the utility shed to smoke and she realized a horny eighteen year old stud needed lots of pussy. I assumed she meant I could go after all the neighborhood cunt. I didn’t think she escort bursa was offering me hers.

But it was hers I wanted. Along with her tits and her ass. She was a good looking woman who looked a lot younger than she was, and she had a BODY on her. Full round breasts, great legs, well-rounded hips and a lust inspiring ass. She had what it took to stiffen pricks wherever she went. So I moved in with her in the morning. The last thing I expected to get that day was pussy. And certainly not hers. But that’s the way life is sometimes.

After I unpacked my suitcase in the guest bedroom, I joined her in the family room. We sat together on the couch for a cozy little chat. We did more than chat. Our arms went about one another and we kissed. We did a lot of kissing. Grandma was slyly guiding me along, showing me the facts of life, letting me find out why an older, a divorcee, would want a horny young stud staying with her. The fact that we were grandson and grandmother made it all better. Who would ever dream there was any hanky-panky going on?

After some more kisses, Grandma smiled at me and said, “Would you like to see my boobs?”

To Be Continued…

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