Controlling Him

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I wrote this a while back as a script for an audio tease so you have to kind of read it as though Mistress was speaking to you. Enjoy!

Good! You’ve done as I instructed in the note that I left you. You’re naked and kneeling on the floor in the middle of my dungeon. Your head is bowed and you have remembered the first rule; to never look directly at your Mistress unless you are told to. You probably expect some reward for that don’t you? Well don’t because it is my right to expect that from you. Rewards only come when you have been exceptionally obedient and only when I bestow them upon you.

The worst thing for you is that, with your head bowed, you cannot appreciate what I’m wearing. I may let you later on but I don’t wear it for you, I wear it for me. I’ll tell you about it though because I know that you would love to see what I’m wearing and I know it will frustrate you that you cannot look. Bear this in mind though, if you beg me, later, I may let you.

I have on a wonderful black corset. It’s made of soft leather and laced at the front. It pulls in my already slim waist and pushes out my large, firm breasts. It comes about midway up my breasts, emphasising my cleavage. I spent a long time looking at myself in the mirror when you were waiting for me, admiring the way that the corset hugged my body. I know how much you would want to see it, to admire the way that it flatters my figure. I’m sure you will dream about it. I hope that you will; it will demonstrate your desire to serve me.

The corset has six suspenders, three on each side, that are clipped to sheer black stockings. Over them I have pulled a leather G-string that covers that place that only the best of my slaves will be allowed to worship. The G-string also allows my slave access to worship my ass; two firm globes of flesh, split by the string. Sometimes I require it and relish the way that I will demand that you pay homage to that part of my body. My hands are covered by close-fitting leather gloves. They reach just past my elbows.

Finally I have on my boots. Thigh high leather boots with a deep, matt lustre. The 5-inch heels lengthen and firm my already long, slim legs. The heels are very thin and, as well as increasing my height above you, they will serve to punish and also to be worshiped.

You are here for two things; for my pleasure and to understand that where you are is where you belong. At my feet and serving me. My commands are ultimate; they are never to be questioned nor hesitated over. Every command will be acknowledged by you saying “Yes, Mistress.” Do you understand?

Do you understand?


Very well. Your subservience brings me pleasure. It is my right but also my desire. I relish the thought of my slave at my feet. Exercising my power brings pleasure to my mind and body. Serve me well.

I walk to sit in the chair close to you, still some six feet away. You will crawl to me, slave. Crawl on hands and knees with your head bowed. You will know when you reach me for then you will then have sight of the lower part of my boots as they rest on the floor. That’s it, stop when you reach them. You like them don’t you? You like the thought of those sharp, high heels. You will serve me by cleaning them. The most basic of slave duties so ensure that you do it correctly. Now I raise my boot and allow you to place your hands underneath it to support it. Be careful not to look too far up the length of my boot, slave, for punishment will be severe. Now clean them. Clean them with your tongue. They have only walked from my dressing room to my dungeon but your eagerness to clean will be an indication of your dedication.

That’s right. Lick the sole of my boots. I want them totally clean. Don’t just clean them because I tell you too; clean them because you want to and you desire to serve your Mistress. That’s why we are here is it not? Because you love to serve and I require your subservience. Good. Lick every inch. Slowly, Pendik Sınırsız Escort as though you were caressing the very soles of my feet. Yes, you do that so well, even cleaning the little areas around where the sole connects to the heel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such excellent boot-cleaning. I get so hot watching my slave performing his duties and the excitement of finding such dedication is making your Mistress very pleased.

Now, don’t forget the heel. That long, thin heel. I shall expect to see it slide in between your lips. That’s it, suck it clean and use your tongue to explore its shape and length. Oh! That’s such a hot idea! I’ve just imagined that you’re sucking not on my heel but on a long, thin dildo. Watching you suck cock for me…lovingly and with complete dedication. Hmmm…that’s a lovely picture, such subservience is so exciting. I think that I’ll tease you a little…don’t you dare look up but I shall tell you that your performance has led me to gently stroke my leather-clad fingers up and down the front of my G-string. Mmmm…that feels so good, stroking my pussy through the leather and feeling the pressure as I brush against my clit. I told you my body loved it when you serve my commands well. You can use my excitement to gauge just how well you are performing your duties.

That’s right, do the other boot now. As you raise it up I can see that you are enjoying your duties. I look down and I can se your cock has hardened. That’s good. I enjoy seeing my slaves excited because it means that they are enjoying their duties. I also like to see it because I have this wonderful knowledge of power because I am the one who controls your ability to satisfy your excitement. Don’t ever think that this is just one of those phone lines where a Dominatrix allows you to cum over her boots. Maybe, just maybe, I will let you do that but you won’t even touch that hard cock until I tell you to, do you understand?

Good. Even that excites you doesn’t it? The knowledge that your Mistress completely controls you. Relish it. Enjoy the pleasure of being dominated by your Goddess. I can see your cock twitching and know that you are excited and frustrated. That gives me so much pleasure for it is mine to control and yours to serve…totally.

Now, get back to licking my boots and make sure you suck that heel right into your mouth. That’s it, suck it deep for I shall appreciate you being my little heel-sucking, cock-sucking slave. Oh yes, that’s really good and so exciting to watch. I have to rub my pussy just a little harder because you’re doing it so well. Mmmm…my pussy is very hot and wet because of your dedication. Now you can clean the upper part of my boots…long, slow licks that cover every inch but only up to my knees. That’s it, you lick whilst I watch you and stroke my hot pussy. Oh, that’s so good that I have to slide my finger inside my G-string and into my pussy. Oh, it’s so wet. Make sure you carry on licking well so that your Mistress is pleased with you. My pussy is really wet and my juices are glistening on the fingers of my gloves. Stop licking just for a second and I shall give you a treat. There, I’m bending forward and pushing my wet, gloved fingers into your mouth. Now, lick them clean. That is your reward for doing so well but don’t get greedy. Say “Thank you, Mistress”.

Excellent. Now go back to licking my boots.

No! Don’t touch your cock! I did not tell you you could do that. I am very disappointed in you. I told you that you would not do that unless instructed. Now you will have to be punished for it. Don’t deny it…I saw you. I’m very angry now…crawl over to that table over there and lie across it so that your feet are on the floor. That’s it. Now I’ll move in front of you and use the shackles attached to the floor and buckle them with leather straps to your wrists. I have to tighten them a little so that you’re almost on tip-toes and you’re stretched correctly across the table with your naked Pendik Suriyeli Escort ass high on the air. Now, spread your legs and I will fasten them with more straps. I can adjust these so that they spread your legs as wide as they should be. Don’t protest; punishment is the only way to teach you correct subservience.

There. That’s done. Now you are stretched across the table with your legs spread very wide. Your punishment must be severe for it shows a total lack of control on your part. Now I must choose what to use to punish your pathetic little ass. A cane or paddle? No, I think I shall use the riding crop. It’s short and covered in leather and will teach you a very severe lesson. Three on each cheek I think.

Now, as I stand beside you, you will hear the swish of the crop as it cuts through the air. Then you will hear the crack as it lands on the cheeks of your ass. Then you will feel the sting of the punishment.

Excellent, you jumped when you felt the first one. That means that it hurts and that you’ll remember it.

The second on your other cheek made you jump too but, I am pleased that you haven’t made a fuss about your punishment.

Now the third and fourth – they landed very close to the marks from the first ones so that will concentrate the pain and make you remember it.

Now the fifth and sixth. Excellent. You took that very well. But perhaps it was too easy for you. Perhaps you should have another six? No? Then you’ll have to beg me. Say “Please, no Mistress.”


Very well but I am surprised because I can see, between your stretched-wide legs that your cock is still hard. I think that your body enjoyed the pain didn’t it? Or maybe you were just excited by the fact that you were forced into such a humiliating position or was it because you knew that you wanted to be punished? You know that it is right don’t you? That you are mine to be punished and abused as I see fit and you enjoy that don’t you. You’ve found your goal in life…to be at the feet of a beautiful Mistress and to be kept in your place by her.

Very well. I stand back and look at the picture in front of me. A wimp, shackled immovably across the table with his legs stretched wide and so obviously excited. I enjoyed using the crop on you, enjoyed putting you in your place and seeing how it affected you. The feeling of control is such an aphrodisiac and I shall just stand here and look at you, prostrate and helpless, as I play with my pussy a little more. Oh, look at your cock twitching…you’re excited about me telling you what I’m doing aren’t you? Excited that your humiliation has given me pleasure. Good, I like to see that frustration and to exercise my power over you.

Hmmm…seeing your naked ass in the air has given me an idea. I’ll tell you about it as I do it. I find that when I tell my slaves what I am about to do the anticipation makes them react in many different ways. Now, I’m taking some lube from the shelf and a thick, black plug. Have you ever had a plug in your ass before? It doesn’t matter anyway. It is one of my more humiliating forms of punishment but, as I’m sure you know, the more I humiliate, the more pleasure it brings us both.

There, I’m spreading some lube around your ass-hole. Slowly I smear it around the entrance and then I push some, slowly inside you. Good, I can hear you begging me not to, that’s excellent as your protests only fuel my desire to proceed. Did I hear you moan then? So the fact that my finger has pushed deep inside your ass isn’t really what you didn’t want is it? You know that it’s a wonderful thing don’t you? To have your Mistress take you places where you may never have gone before. To have her push a wet, gloved finger inside your tight ass. And now, covered with lube, to have the thick, hard plug slowly being pushed into you. Slowly, slowly I push it in. I’m doing it very slowly as I find it so exciting to watch your ass being stretched and to Pendik İranlı Escort hear and see what it does to you. Your cock is jerking so much, it’s so excited isn’t it? Oh this is so good to watch and I have my fingers back inside my cunt again. Oh yes, I’m so wet, watching that plug stretching your ass. You’re telling me that it’s too big and that you can’t take it but I know that you can and I slide the tip of the plug in and out of you so that it starts to relax those tight muscles. It’s like you’re being ass-fucked by a black cock. Maybe that’s something I’ll let you look forward to for another day; I have a strap on cock just right for you and I think that it will teach you an excellent lesson to submit to it.

Now, I’m pushing just a little harder. Can you feel it stretching you and pushing into your ass? Oh that’s so exciting and Mistress is very pleased that you are taking it all inside you. That’s good and it’s making me so hot to see it. Oh yes, that turns me on so much and my finger is stroking my oh so sensitive clit to see it. I’ve pushed the widest part in and your ass is closing around the thin part at the base of the plug. I know it’s inside you, stretching you and filling you up. Now you understand what it’s like to be fucked don’t you and I can see that you like it. That’s so good. What a good little slut you are to take it so well.

Now I shall release you from the table and you will kneel down in front of that long mirror over there. Now turn away from the mirror and face me. I shall stand in front of you and play with my pussy with you kneeling at my feet. I can see the plug in the mirror embedded firmly in your ass. Lift your ass up a little more so that I can see it better, that’s it, and now I’m going to let you touch your cock. That’s it, take hold of it but stroke it very, very slowly. If you are very good then I shall let you cum but you have to be very good. Now, I want to see you wank that hard cock of yours. I shall watch you and play with my wet cunt, sliding my gloved fingers in and out of it. This is so good with you at my feet and with me being able to see the plug that fills your ass. Does it feel good? I know that it does because I can see just how hard you are. You love the feeling of your ass being filled and being displayed for your Mistress don’t you? It’s humiliating but it’s also wonderful isn’t it?

I’m rubbing my pussy faster now with my fingers sliding deep into it. The leather on my fingers feels so good inside me. That’s it, let me see you. Let me see that hard cock in your hand. The plug in your ass makes you feel so hot too doesn’t it? Oh I’m going to cum in a second, I’m going to cum and it’ll be so good as I watch my slave at my feet. So good because I know the humiliation and the pleasure that he feels. Do you want to cum to? Say “Yes, Mistress” if you do.

Yes, I thought so. But you will only cum when I say so. No, in fact I think I need to hear you beg. You begging me will help to acknowledge my possession of you and it will make me cum. Now, if you want to cum, beg me. Say “Please Mistress, may I cum?” That’s it say it again and again while I wank my wet, wet cunt with you at my feet. Tell me how much you need to cum. Tell me how much you will do for me and beg me to let you. That’s it. It’s so good to hear you beg. Don’t stop, tell me what you will do for me, how you love to serve me. Tell me how much you need me to dominate you so that you will be able to show me how good a slave you are. Yes, keep telling me because now I’m going to cum and, when I do, you can cum to. Now, I’m cumming…yes, I’m cumming, that’s so good. I want to see you spunk now, want to see your spunk shoot out over my boots. That’s it, oh it feels so good and yes…yes…you’re shooting your cum…oh yes and some of it has reached my boots. Oh God, that made me feel so good and my pussy feels wonderful.

Oh yes. You’re such a good little slave. So dedicated and obedient. I think I shall let you serve me again soon for I rarely find such dedication. You have made me feel very good and I appreciate the effort that you have made.

Now, I want to hear you say “Thankyou, Mistress.”

Good. Now, just one last thing…I think you need to clean my boots again so it’s time for you to use your tongue….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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