Daddy’s Christmas Gift

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Baby girl stood with her back against the Christmas tree waiting her Daddy’s return home to find his baby girl ready to give him his Christmas gift. She had planned it out to get into his house as he left for work. Luck was with her this day as she followed him to be sure he would be working then turned and made her way back to his house.

This was the first time in three years she has seen him and that heady rush of arousal hit her as hard as it did the day they met. He had sent her a message on line in which they talked of how they had missed each other and what was going on in their lives now. She was weary with talking to him again but something made her do it.

Her skin broke out in chills as her mind went into the memories of the dark erotica they were into. Sighing he had been the only one to take her as he did, using her as he took her to edges of dizzying heights of pure raw pleasure. She contracted hard in her cunt as it seeped drops of moisture to fall upon her thighs. She moved her hand down sliding it slowly between her thighs gathering the moisture on her fingertips. She removed her hand brought them to her lips opening her mouth as her tongue snuck out to taste. She inhaled deeply of her musky scent as the sweet taste came across from the swipe of her tongue.

Her knees buckled as she leaned more back into the tree with the needles sticking into her skin and small pinpoints of pain flowed through her system to explode in her mind. She cried out so aroused and craving her Daddy she squatted down in front of the tree sliding three fingers deep into her cunt. She moved them quickly building the height of her arousal to a new level as she caught the sound of a door shutting. She gasped taking her position again as she saw his frame come around the doorway.

He stopped in his tracks and looked her over slowly from head to toe and back to stop at her thighs that glistened from wetness. He looked up as a drop caught his eye. It was holding on to the edge of her lip as it finally let go and dropped to the floor. He groaned as he got closer to her taking in a deep breath to smell her musky scent. He smiled as he locked eyes with hers. He moved closer pressing into her body holding her as he leaned back and brought his lips down on hers. She gasped feeling the need in Daddy to be so close to her. His hips Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort moved in a thrusting motion as one of his hands caressed her back as his other hand made its way around taking a breast and holding it tightly.

She squirmed as he tightened his grip on her breast. She moved her hips grinding against his reliving that feel of his thick cock taking her cunt and ass. He backed off from the kiss moving his lips down across her chin to her neck, then down until he had a nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it then pulled away so fast she gasped at the pain in her nipple. He locked eyes on hers then slowly moved them down to see milk dripping from her nipple. He backed away and told her to take a seat on the couch he would return shortly.

She sat shaken as to why he moved from her so quickly. She followed him with her eyes as he went to the kitchen then returned shortly with two cups of wine. He smiled and handed her one. He sat leaning back on the couch stretching out his long legs as he asked in a firm voice “I thought you had stopped lactating?” she shook her head no. she had tried but the pain was so bad in the drying up process she decided it would not be so bad to keep lactating. He took a sip of wine staring at her intently then sat his glass down as he grabbed her glass placing it next to his not letting go of her hand; he pulled her toward him to lie across his torso.

She was excited to be snuggling with him again. She felt his muscles move under her skin and then she placed a hand atop his belly to move it slowly in circles and up as far as she could reach and back down again. She heard his soft groan of pleasure encouraging her to do more. She also felt his cock rock hard under her hips. He lifted his hips moving his cock against her belly. He heard her soft sighs of pleasure increasing his arousal to a fever pitch. Her breast were making his chest wet from her milk. He reached down with his hand, sliding it between her breasts and under them as he moved down just a little and then brought his fingers up to take a nipple and pinch it tight.

She jumped and squealed with deep desire as he gave her some pain along with pleasure. He watched as she jumped and her breasts jiggled and more milk came free. He was beyond thinking as he moved down and took a nipple between Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort his teeth rolling it then flicking it with his tongue. Her whole body shook with her arousal burning inside. She opened her legs wider needing him buried deep within her.

He groaned feeling her heat reach his cock through his jeans. He moved her off his lap as he unzipped them removing them slowly from his hips. She moved her fingers helping him to remove his jeans as her mouth salivated seeing his cock spring free. She slowly wrapped her hand around the shaft of his cock moving her hand up and down stroking him as he engorged more in her palm. She leaned over and licked the tip and down as she removed her hand to let her tongue bathes him in erotic sensations.He reached over grabbing a fistful of her hair and moved her away from his cock.

He moved her off of him when he got up and turned her so her ass was high in the air open wide to his fingers. He plunged his fingers deep in her ass as he stroked the tip of his cock along her cunt lips. He opened her lips to where he was stroking the hole of her heated cunt feeling the moisture build there as he moved inside of her slow and easy. The heat that was engulfing his cock and mind was pushing his control over the edge. He removed his cock swiftly keeping it away from her cunt until he had control over his body. He grabbed a hand of hers and brought it back to place on her cunt watching as she placed two fingers in her cunt pumping them in and out to her cries of pleasure.

He shook watching her work herself into a frenzy. He removed her hand then smacked her ass cheek as he turned her over again. She was on her back with her legs wide open as he placed her hand back on her cunt and her other on her breast. She automatically went to the nipple pulling, twisting and caressing it as milk flowed under her fingers. He grunted and leaned down taking her taught nipple into his mouth swirling his tongue around the tip and gently biting with his teeth sucking it deep into his mouth. She cried out from the suction on her nipple as her breast flowed with sweet milk into his hot mouth. He brought his other hand up and played with her nipple as he removed his mouth to lick the milk. She was moving her hips in an up and down movement with her fingers moving in and Kurtköy Ucuz Escort out. He heard how wet and slick she was with every thrust of her fingers. He grabbed his cock in his hand slowly stroking and squeezing as he watched his baby milk and hump her fingers.

Her mind was closing in on the pleasure rushing her system with a high that sent her way out into the clouds reaching for the farthest cloud she cried out not being able to reach it. He felt her frustration in not being free to release as he stroked his cock. He knew what she needed and craved from him. He moved spreading her legs wide and placed them on his shoulders as he fit the head of his cock into her tight cunt hole. She froze feeling his cock at her cunt then slowly started moving her hips in small jerks up and down stroking the tip as he stayed motionless. She growled in frustration as she heard his soft chuckle at her unpleasantness.

He thrust his hips forward and pushed more into her stretching her cunt wide. She heard a growl of need as his cock sunk deep into her cunt. She screamed out feeling him hit down deep bringing her hips up to grind hard against him. She fell back a little then brought her hips back up to grind again. He reached down placed his hands under her ass cheeks holding so he could slam his cock deeper into her. She withered and cried out as her body took control of her. She was in a frenzy of hot need as his arousal escalated to a heightened dizzying rush of need. He spread his legs a little more tightening his muscles as his impending orgasm shot down his spine drawing his balls up into his body as his cock engorging more making it painful.

His body shook when he felt the first squeeze on his cock bringing a growl from deep in him out to surround her with his own orgasm as it flooded his mind and body jerking his cock and spewing his cum deep inside of her. She felt his cock thick and hard pounding her body as his began to shake from his need becoming her need. She felt it hit her spine then flowing like lightning down into her cunt as her inner walls contracted wrapping his cock in a heated cocoon when he felt her juice hit the tip of his cock.

He bellowed out jerked and pounded her cunt more as his cock became engorged again. He kept pounding her fiercely as her need became his. He felt it in his mid-back then slamming hard into his balls, drawing them up into his body as his cock shot off more hot thick ropes of cum. They both fell back onto the bed entangled with each other as they let their bodies and mind relax. Her Daddy kissed her forehead hugging her tighter in his arms when the doors to his house exploded open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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