Daddy’s Surpise

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She stepped quietly into the room, stripping slowly, knowing she had time as He always kept her waiting. One piece after another, her clothing was set aside, before she assumed a kneeling position on the bed. Turned to face the door, presented properly, she allowed herself to close her eyes. The music she had set in the background before going to ask for a smoke allowed her to drift. Eyes closed, she drifted in her thoughts of Him, of what was to happen, or at least, what she could guess was to happen. Feeling her thighs dampen with her thoughts of Him she smiled ever so slightly, listening for His tell-tale footsteps before losing herself once more in fantasy.

In her mind’s eye, she watched as she came in the door, looking for Him, only to not see Him, and knowing her place, immediately made her way up to His bedroom, where she prepared herself as she just had for Him. Setting her things aside, and then, as she undressed in her mind’s eye, someone came up behind her, one hand over her mouth, another over her midsection, effectively pinning her to the body behind her. His voice growling in her ear, “shut your eyes, don’t make a sound.” Her startled thoughts spinning, capable only of nodding her obedience against His hand as her eyes closed.

She imagined His hands pushing her over the bed, legs kicked spread wide open, feet quickly cuffed into a spreader bar, before her hands were both pulled down between her legs and cuffed to the very same bar. She felt, even in her fantasy, the exposure and embarrassment of this position. Stretched wide open beneath the skirt now barely covering her ass. One hand slid from her thigh to play between those soaked lips as her mind’s eye pushed images of being forced even wider open by the spreader bar, helpless to stop Him. Fingertip stroking her clit as in her fantasy, her skirt was lifted over her ass, leaving her yet more exposed, and soft slaps of His hand rained down on her upturned, oh-so-vulnerable rear end. She squirmed within the fantasy under the soft slaps, knowing worse was to come, but forcing herself not to utter a sound. As her skin heated, His hand came down harder, slap after slap, rhythmically striking one cheek, then the other, back and forth. Her mind quickly floating off in the endorphins, only barely cognizant of keeping herself still utterly silent with the exception of quick, heavy breaths, arousal evident by wet thighs as His blows rain down, she must have counted several hundred before drifting so completely into the spanking that she lost count. One catches her sharply upon the tender expanse of flesh connecting thigh and ass, forcing a soft whimper of surprised pain, ever Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort so slightly pulling her mind back from the drifting of subspace as fear rushes through her system, realizing she made a sound.

“Not a smart idea, little girl.” A shudder runs over her body at the sound of His deep voice, humor rather than anger tinging the sound she loves most. Fearing to make another sound, she simply nods her head in agreement with Him. A soft, approving chuckle comes from Him as His hands slide over her ass, stretching her wider, running around that tight ring before slipping down to discover her dripping pussy. “Enjoying, My slut?” Another eager nod immediately accompanied His words, not even waiting for Him to complete the query.

Realizing He hadn’t forbidden movement, she shifts slightly back against Him, wishing with all of her heart that she could groan, release the sounds of pleasure at His touch, knowing He did this specifically because she does love letting Him hear. His touch leaves her, shocking her back into wondering what He is going to do to punish her, shifting nervously as she hears a lot more rummaging than one would ever need to fetch any toy.

As He returns, He presses something thick into her pussy, her pussy clenching around it, rocking back against it as she pushes her face deep into the bed, using every breathing technique she knows to keep from making any more sounds as she tries to figure out how this could possibly be punishment. As it slides in deeper, her fingers mimicking her fantasy’s toy, she realizes what it is, and why it is the punishment she feared. A plug. Love and hate war within her, knowing it could either feel tremendously good or make her extraordinarily uncomfortable, with no way to judge until it has been placed. Biting back on her whimper, she tenses, knowing it will only make it worse, but unable to help the physical reaction.

Her own fingers dipping deeper and harder into her pussy, eyes still closed as she fantasizes, softly moaning aloud as she touches herself on His bed, juices coating her upper thighs.

In fantasy, He begins to fuck her with the plug, each thrust pushing into her g-spot, writhing within the spreader bar’s confinement, pushing her closer and closer to breaking His command again. His knowing chuckle as she writhes annoys her ever so slightly, just enough to prod her stubborn streak to the fore, mouth shut, mentally turning off her vocal cords as He fucks her, testing her, pushing her. Her fingers close into fists as she tugs against the cuffs confining her as He continues. Suddenly, it’s pulled from her, her body going Kurtköy Çıtır Escort languid as she, for but a moment, relaxes with the pleasure permeating her senses, before the heated wet tip of the plug presses to the tight ring of her ass. It drags up and down her pussy and ass, spreading her juices, and she cannot help the tender smile of love that crosses her features, loving how even when being evil, He always takes such good care of her. Slowly, the tip starts to press against those tight muscles, spreading them. Creating a rhythm all it’s own as it pushes, relaxes back, pushing slightly harder. Her body responds, rocking back onto it, helping her own penetration without consciously realizing what she’s doing. As it finally presses in to the base, her ring closing around the tapered end, she lets out a breath, utter fullness swamping her as she realizes it’s in, and it doesn’t hurt. His touch leaves her once more, and next she feels cool leather against her flesh. Goosebumps prickle her skin as she realizes He has retrieved both crops.

Wanting so badly to make a sound, she squirms, as the crops begin their dance across her back and ass, tapping her bare flesh and through the cloth. Each tap successively harder, He’s aware she’s too far gone for pain to truly be pain. The taps increase in intensity and speed as He works over her ass. Occasionally, amid the dance, there are sharp cracks as it burns snaps sharply against her flesh. Her pussy clenches with each. She loses track of time, of everything except Him and the dance of the crops as they continue on her flesh. Her fingers are buried within her, pushing and tapping her g-spot as the images flash across her mind, feeling phantom blows as she kneels upon His bed. Head tossed back as her nipples harden with her pleasure, pulling into tight buds. Desperate for His touch.

The crops finally end their dance, only to feel her pussy immediately filled by His fingers. Two, maybe three, tugging and teasing at those spots that cause such sounds of pleasure from her normally. Writhing beneath His touch as she tries to release the need to cry out with movement, pushing herself back onto His fingers as His free hand taps the plug, stimulating her fully beneath Him. His fingers slide out, only to land a soft blow against her pussy, wrist pushing the plug deeper into her. The surprise forces a cry from her, though no pain is processed. He chuckles, knowing she’s beyond being able to hold her silence, He does not punish her again. He begins to spank those tender folds, already swollen and engorged, soaked and slippery under His touch. Slap after slap lands upon them as Kurtköy Elit Escort her soft cries fill the room.

Finally, He cannot stand it anymore, dropping His pants, moving up behind her, hands on her hips as He drags her back onto His cock, burying Himself deep in her soaked pussy. Rocking against her without withdrawing as He feels her pussy pulse around His cock. He grabs her hair, pulling her head back as He withdraws and slams deep into her, the force pushing her forward, neck angled back, His other hand slides around her exposed, vulnerable throat, grip tightening around it, fingers and the pad of His hand tightening around the veins, sending her drifting even deeper as blood flow is cut off, knowing in this headspace, it will take her no time at all to drift away. He waits, feeling her body go lax, except for the soft twitches and spasms around His cock, before releasing the pressure, hand cupped at her throat as He slams deep again, bringing her back slightly as He fucks her. Thrust after thrust, He buries Himself within her, feeling her against Him. Bonded, connected in the most intimate of ways. He smiles to Himself as she writhes and moans, beyond any control, any consciousness of what’s going on. Lost only to the sensation she feels.

Finally, as He feels her tense beneath Him, in this place, that meaning only one thing, He tells her sharply, “Cum, baby. Come for Me. Cum hard for your Daddy.” Her sharp scream is musical to Him as she does, muscles tightening to nearly cut off blood flow to His cock as she clamps down around Him, pushing Him to His own pleasure, cock jetting pulse after pulse of cum deep into her quivering pussy. Her body goes lax, supported only by His hand as her orgasm recedes, muscles twitching as she drifts so completely into subspace that she doesn’t make a sound. He holds her like this as He softens, until He slides out of her, tugging the straps to release her hands, then her ankles, lifting her bodily up onto the bed, where she curls up, uttering a soft whimper as He sets aside His toys, then a contented moan as He seats Himself next to her, hand stroking her hair until she wriggles to curl up with her face buried in His lap. Her eyes are still closed as she curls around Him, getting as much physical contact as she can.

Groaning as she realizes she’s nearing climax without permission, she yanks her fingers from within herself, and blinks hazy, heavy eyes open to see Him leaning on the doorframe, watching her. She turns vividly red as she realizes He must have been watching for a while, judging by the aroused, amused expression.

“Whatever could you have been dreaming of, babygirl?” He asks with that soft chuckle she loves so much. In response, she blushes further, ducking her head down, teasingly bring her fingers to her lips to suck the juices off each one, watching His avid interest in the process.

Her voice, soft and hesitant, responds, “You, of course, Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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