Date Night Submission

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Leaning against the bar, I could feel you behind me, alcohol fueling the ascent as your hand slipped under my skirt and one long finger brushed against my bare heat. I heard a slight noise of surprise as you took advantage of my exhibitionism and slid it inside of me, your free hand teasing the skin at the nape of my neck. Brushing my dark hair aside, your lips replaced your fingertips as you kissed a lazy zig-zag up to my ear. Taking my lobe between your teeth, you gently nibbled on it as your finger slid in and out of my slick folds, agonizingly slow. Your body pressed into mine from behind and I shuddered as your breath caressed my cheek.

“Did I tell you not to wear any panties?” Your low voice was thick with lust, and simmered with something more.

My lips parted in a gasp as you added another digit. “No, but you didn’t say I had to wear any either,” I challenged breathily, ignoring the bemused gaze of the bartender as she eyed us from down the bar.

Your fingers, which had slipped from my heat and were teasing my entrance, roughly thrust upward suddenly eliciting a moan that anybody with ears could hear. Your free hand slid from my waist up, grazing my breast heavily, before stopping with your strong palm gripping my small shoulder. It was possessive, a way to show anyone looking that I was yours, daring them to challenge your claim. It was also a sign that I would soon learn the price of my defiance. Your lean form blocked the view of others as you withdrew your dripping fingers and wiped the juices along my inner thighs.

“Anybody could see this, Pet. Anybody could see your pretty pussy. Is that what you want,” you growled. Your nails scratched down my leg and I gripped the bar to keep from crying out.

I shook my head, but that wasn’t good enough and I knew it wouldn’t be. You had asked a question. I was obligated to answer. I couldn’t though as you clawed my skin again, going up the opposite thigh. I managed to stifle the moan this time, but my lip was taking a beating in its place. I gasped slightly and felt your fingers at my entrance once more as you growled into the side of my neck.

“I asked you a question, Pet. Do you, or do you not want anyone else to see your dripping pussy?”

I felt the wetness between my thighs grow even more and I knew you could feel it too. You swiftly pulled your hand away from my heat; and grabbed my arm, pulling me with you and heading for the door of the bar, not caring who was in your path. Once outside you pushed me roughly up against the exterior of the building, one hand tangling in my hair tugging my head back as your mouth found my throat. Your teeth sank in and I gasped loudly. I felt your free hand enter me again, no warning, three long fingers pumping in and out of my body in a growing tempo. Letting go of my hair your mouth traveled down my body, your lips and tongue and teeth teasing my tender flesh with every move.

Still pushing me closer and closer to the edge with your fingers, you ripped away my clothing and your teeth clamped around one of my nipples, biting down and then soothing it with the warmth of your skilled tongue. Freeing both breasts, you took turns sucking and biting and pinching them. This mixed with the now rapid motions of your hand had me writhing with pleasure and bucking to meet your fingers at every thrust. I didn’t care who saw or heard me, I just wanted release. Just as I reached that precipice however, you removed your hand leaving me empty and craving the fullness that only you could give me. I whimpered and you chuckled darkly.

“Do you want to cum, Pet?” I nodded and you smirked. That was when I knew I was in trouble. “Well, too bad. You do not have permission.”

I whimpered again as you kicked my legs apart with your feet and pinned me to the wall with the weight of your body. One hand grabbed my wrists holding them above my head. The other went to my thighs and I felt juices flood out when you lightly slapped my pussy once and then again causing me to cry out in pleasure.

“You are my pet. I own you. I own this pussy. You will do whatever I say and I can do whatever I want. Is that understood?”

Your voice was heavy with desire and I nodded my head slowly. “Yes, Master. I understand. “

Your hand slapped my most sensitive flesh again and grinned. Grabbing me from the wall you pushed me around the corner of the building into the dimly lit alley. Pinning me to the wall once more, I felt your fingers enter me, but as quickly Kurtköy Fetiş Escort as they did, they were pulled out again and shoved in my open mouth. While I sucked your fingers and tasted myself on your flesh, you pressed into me again and I could feel your hard cock . I moaned around the fullness of my mouth and the resulting chuckle reverberated through my body making it hum with need.

“You like that, don’t you, Pet? You like thinking about how I am going to use you.”

“Yes, Master,” I cried out as your fingers resumed their assault at the apex of my thighs.

Emptiness, followed by a sharp slap. “This is mine,” you reminded me. Your slick fingers stroked down and traveled back, as you kicked my legs even further apart. Another unexpected sharp slap, that caused me to groan loudly. “This is also mine.”

My body shook as you swiftly slapped one ass cheek, then the other. I cried out at the firmness of your hand against my bare skin, but you cut it off crushing your lips to mine and biting my tongue as it darted out to meet your own. The hand that had been restraining my arms snaked down scratching into my pale flesh as it did, stopping to grip tightly at my throat. Your hand pressed hard as your kiss intensified and fingers dipped back into my wetness. I sighed at the full feeling they granted me and you bit my lip as you pulled out of the kiss and the fullness vanished.

“Remember, Pet. You do not have permission,” the words fell stony from your lips. Your dark eyes caught mine and held them as you continued. “I am going to fuck you, right here, where everybody can see you and hear you. I am going to use every single one of your holes, make you scream my name. I want to hear you beg for me to allow you to come.”

I quivered at the emphasis you put on each word and your smirk grew. Your hand left my throat reaching up to tangle in my dark hair tugging me down. I resisted your lead and felt my cheek sting from a sharp slap. I could smell myself on your fingertips as they grabbed my face and you forced me to kneel on the rough floor of the alley at your feet. My knees scraped against the ground as you quickly shoved down your jeans and boxers. Your cock was pressed against my lips before I knew what was happening. I wrapped them around you, and you didn’t waste any time. Pushing in hard and deep, I gagged, and you grinned.

Using my hair as reins, you pulled me toward you, thrusting deep into my throat with each stroke. I could feel you on my tongue and lips, could taste the salt in your skin as you slammed your cock in and out of my mouth. Relentlessly. With each thrust you became more aggressive, jerking my hair, or pinching my nipples roughly. I choked as you once more shoved in as far as you could and held the position. My tongue flicked along your length, my well used mouth trying desperately to make you cum, so that I could swallow every drop. Your restraint however was deserving of a reward as you pulled your cock out and I gasped for a breath. Strings of my saliva dripping from your length, I mewled, wanting nothing more than to taste you once again.

“Oh Pet, you didn’t think I was done, did you? You should know better by now,” you chuckled shaking your head at me. “I am far from done with you.”

Your fingers knotted in my curls and you pulled me to a standing position. I didn’t resist this time and you smirked. “Good girl.”

The reinforcement came just before you lifted me up, my already short skirt rising even higher on my thighs. Caught off guard I fell into you, my arms clinging around your neck as you pinned me to the wall. I could feel your hard cock, the tip of it sliding against the slick folds of my pussy, teasing me. It was agonizing, the way you slid against me, causing a sweet friction that made me moan into the side of your neck. Wrapping my legs around your waist, you held me there, teasing me slowly with what you knew I wanted most. I whimpered again and you mocked me with a pouting face.

“Aww, what is it, Pet? Is there something you want?”

My mouth opened in a gasp as you length rubbed against me again. You took that opportunity to capture my lower lip between your teeth and tug gently, before letting go once more. Again, your cock became slick with my juices as it dragged against my dripping pussy. I moaned, biting hard into your shoulder as you suddenly pushed swiftly into me without warning. Pulling your cock back out slowly, I whimpered at the emptiness. A smirk Kurtköy Gecelik Escort crossed your lips as you once more shoved into me to the hilt and I moaned loudly. Starting off slow, you continued to build, fucking me harder and faster with each continued thrust. With every stroke, my body was pushed upward, the rough brick wall scratching my back and shoulders in the most delicious way. The pain mounted as you pulled my hair and bit my throat hard, still slamming your cock into me, over and over again. I felt the tension building inside of me, cresting, pushing me toward that edge. You thrust upward hard and it was enough to put me right on the brink.

As you pulled out again you paused, the tip of your cock teasing me with the release I so desperately craved. You voice was sinister as you growled into my ear, “Remember, Pet. You aren’t allowed to cum.”

The shock registered on my face at the same moment you thrust as deep as you could into my core, watching me writhe and hold back my own release. You continued to fuck me as you watched, a grin turning your lips with each thrust as I panted and dug my nails into your back. Another thrust. My hands tangled in your hair. The sound of skin slapping against skin. My nails scratching down the nape of your neck. Hilt deep, my heels digging into your back, pulling you deeper and forcing myself to endure more of your torture. My mind was overtaken as I tried not to fall over that ledge as you drove into me hard, at a frantic pace.

At the moment that everything became too much and I was prepared to take whatever consequences came from allowing my gratification, you stopped. Unwrapping my shaky legs and not touching me at all, you stood there watching me as I slid down the wall, right on the edge of an explosive orgasm. One touch, that was all it would take, and you knew that. You crossed your arms against your chest and watched knowingly as my back slid down the rough siding and I fell to my knees still panting, wishing the tortuous tension inside me would fade. It wouldn’t though, not really. The second you touched me again, it would rage through every bit of my body and have me slipping into ecstasy again. You knew this though, all too well.

“Oh Pet, you were so close, weren’t you? I could feel your pussy clenching around my cock and you were so, so close.” You laughed and took a step toward me, I was looking up at you and all I could focus on was the sheen of my own juices on your body in the dim alley light. I licked my lips and you chuckled, a low rumble that made me shudder internally. “Beg me for it. You are already on your knees, so beg, Pet.” You stroked your cock , my eyes following every move of your large skilled hand. “Beg me to fuck you as hard and fast as I can. Tell me how much you need me to fuck that tight little ass of yours.”

The tension that was starting to ebb returned at your words, the commanding look in your eyes and the way your lips formed each one intoxicating to my senses. “Yes, Master. Please- … please, Master,” my voice wavered as I pleaded with you. My eyes were locked on yours as I licked my lips once more. “Please? Please fuck my ass. Hard. Please?” I was panting at just the thought of it and it took all I had not to touch myself. I knew if I did though, it would just make things worse.

“How badly do you want me to claim all of your holes, Pet? Roughly fucking you any way I want, anywhere I want. Would you like that?” Your voice was gravel and lust, and at the moment I was pretty sure it alone could bring about my release.

“Yes. Yes, Master. Please, please use me.”

“Oh you like the idea of that, Pet? You want me to use you for my pleasure. Do you want to be my little cum slut,” you purred at me, leaning down to look in my eyes.

“Yes,” my breath hitched as I stared into your eyes. “Yes, Master.”

A slight smirk tugged your lips as you grabbed my throat and urged me to get on my knees, pushing your cock past my well bitten lips. I felt you on my tongue, flicking the ridge causing you to jerk and push in deep. Moaning, you pumped a few more times and then pulled out, my spit dripping from your hard length. I had been hoping I would get to taste you, to swallow every drop and savor the salty evidence of your satisfaction, but of course that was not the case. Your hand still around my neck, you pulled me up and I did nothing, shaking in anticipation of your command. Your free hand found the wetness between my thighs Kurtköy Genç Escort and teased my lips before plunging into my warmth. Just for a moment, because they were gone just as soon as they had come.

“Turn around and face the wall, Pet. Palms flat, legs spread,” you ordered and I felt a shiver run down my spine at the tone in your voice. Doing as you said, I assumed the position, but made the mistake of glancing over my shoulder to get a glimpse of you. That disobedience was met with a hard slap that stung and I knew there would be a welt the next day. “I said face the fucking wall, you little slut.”

Turning my face back to the wall, I listened and waited, anticipation making the tension in my body excruciating. Hearing nothing, but knowing better than to try and look, I bit my lip and focused on the feeling of my own juices dripping down my thighs. I heard a rustle and then you jerked my head back by my hair. I felt something around my throat and you released my curls pushing me, so that my bare breasts were scraping the porous bricks. The feeling around my throat constricted and I gasped for air, realizing your belt was now being used as a makeshift leash. You pulled tightly while leaning against me, your cock rubbing against my ass, making me squirm. Pushing down you bent me to the angle the best pleased you and your free hand came to my face, forcing my mouth open to allow for your fingers. I sucked them eagerly, tasting myself and relishing every inch of skin.

With a light pop you ran your thumb over my lips gently, before your fingers disappeared again. I waited, anxiously, as you continued to rub your hardened length against the back of me. Then I felt a coolness as you spread me further and your slick fingers circled my tight hole, rubbing the wetness against me and making me moan loudly. I heard you chuckle darkly as you grabbed my jaw and turned it to face you. Your eyes were dark with lust and the grin turning your lips made me want to bite them hard. Silence, just your eyes locked on mine, watching, waiting.

I felt a bit of pressure and then my eyes went wide, my mouth opened in a loud cry, and I knew why you had been watching. You wanted to see my reaction as you thrust your cock hilt deep in my ass without warning. The fullness, was delicious and as you withdrew and slammed all the way back in, I cried out louder than before. Your lips found mine and you kissed me deeply as you continued to fuck me, each thrust building that incredible pleasure inside of me. Your tongue tangled with mine a moment more and you released it, an arm going around my waist, the other pulling hard on the belt wrapped around my neck. With each stroke the leash pulled tight, my nipples scraped against the rough stones. Harder and faster, you rammed into me with no remorse for the pain I was feeling.

Your lips found my ear as you impaled me once more, a strangled cry echoing in the alley around us. “Do you want my cum, Pet? Do you want me to shoot my cum into your ass?” You slapped one cheek and then the other, alternating in time with each thrust. “Be my little cum slut?”

“Yes,” I cried out, as another stroke shook my body and I felt the hard stone scratch my tender flesh. “Yes, Master. Fuck yes!”

“Who do you belong to, Pet? Who owns you?” Your voice was heavy and I knew with each thrust you were coming closer to your own release.

I gasped as the belt tightened again and coughed as you gave some slack. “You, Master,” I panted trying to hold back as you slammed in and out of my ass with an alarming pace. “You own me. I am yours.”

“Cum for me, Pet. I want you to cum as I spray my load into your ass. Cum for me now.”

It was a command and I didn’t have to be told twice. As you thrust into me deep and hard, my entire body shook as I came. Your cock spasmed and I felt you empty yourself inside of my ass as my own orgasm hit in wave after ecstatic wave. You continued pumping in and out, even after you were finished, forcing me to ride out the aftershocks of my orgasm. Panting, crying your name, my entire body weak, my head spinning. I leaned my face against the cool bricks as you pulled out, arm still around my waist the only thing supporting my shaking limbs.

As I regained control of my body, you moved between me and the wall, raising my head gently and kissing my lips. You kissed the scratches and scrapes on my chest lightly, pulling my shirt back to cover them up. Running your hand down my face and smoothing my hair, you kissed me again and smiled. Even in my euphoric state, I kissed your jawline and gave you a lazy smile in return. You chuckled and with an arm around my waist and your belt still loosely fastened around my neck we walked out of the dark alley to resume our date night, just where we had left off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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