Day Job

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Anal Fucking

Characters: Dahlia and Mr. Banks.

Descriptions: Dahlia is a college student with long dark hair usually put up in a loose bun. She is shy, pleasant and professional. Mr. Banks is a skilled corporate lawyer, somewhat older than Dahlia, with buzzed white hair and cold eyes.

Setting: The office of a three-lawyer firm. The secretary’s desk sits in the small lobby; to the right of it is a short hallway. There are five doors in the hallway, three offices to the left, conference room and a small bathroom on the right. Mr. Banks has the far corner office. The corner of his office is floor to ceiling windows with a scenic view of numerous other tall modern buildings. His large desk sits near the corner, facing the door diagonally across the room.

Time: around 5:00pm, after closing. The other two lawyers leave for the night, and Dahlia is finishing up a letter.

A voice comes from the speaker on Dahlia’s desk. She stops typing.

“Ms. Thorne, would you come into my office? Now?”

She answers over the speaker and stands, straightening her skirt, nervous. She’s always had trouble pleasing Mr. Banks. At one point, she was sure she would be fired, but her other bosses were happy with her work, so she stayed. Was this it? Was this the guillotine blade at last?

She didn’t have time to lock the front door before she went – she put on her heels, and flattened her hair as she walked quickly to his office at the end of the hall. Mr. Banks did not like to be kept waiting.

Opening his door and stepping in, she said,

“Yes sir?”

He piles some papers on his desk and discards them into his topmost right desk drawer.

“Shut the door and sit down please.”

So she did and sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. He had his hands folded on his desktop.

“Did you remember to lock the front door?”

“I was just about to, Mr. Banks, I’ll go do it now if you like—”

She starts to stand.

“No, that’s fine. Take a seat, Ms. Thorne.”

She sits back down and looks nervous. A moment of silence passes. Then, as he stands, he says,

“I understand, Ms. Thorne, that you are attending college?”

“Um, yes sir.”

Mr. Banks begins to casually walk around his desk.

“It was also discussed among my colleagues and I that you need the income you receive here, as this firm’s secretary, to pay for school, correct?”

She says with a frown,

“Yes sir…”

Mr. Banks walks behind her chair and pauses, looking out the window.

“So I have deduced, that because of the fierce competition for legal positions in this city, that we were the first and only firm that would hire someone with your – limited education and still pay lucratively?”

Dahlia starts to say yes, but Mr. Banks cuts her off. He turns to look at her.

“And of course, a job at a respectable law firm can open doors Kurtköy Olgun Escort after you graduate with a law degree?”

“Yes sir – I was hoping you could write a letter of recommendation for me if things worked out –”

Mr. Banks stands behind her chair and places his hands on the back, bending to bring his face close to the side of hers.

“I would be glad to give that recommendation when the time comes, as well as give you your job security…”

Mr. Banks leans his head against Dahlia’s, kissing her ear. His hands move from the chair back to her shoulders, caressing her neck and collarbone. She jumps out of her chair and turns to back into his desk. He stands straight.

“What are you doing?!”

she says. Mr. Banks pushes the chair aside and closes the distance between them. She tries to push him away but he grabs her wrists and holds them down.

“Listen, little miss desperate, you can’t afford to lose this job, and I can make that happen, so you’d better do everything I say, or you’re gone. You need this job, and no one would believe you if you told on me – you’re a nobody.”

Mr. Banks grinds his hips into hers and she can feel him. She knows he’s right – about all of it. She stops struggling and stands still. Mr. Banks whispers in her ear,

“You might even like it.”

He kisses her neck and lets go of her wrists to lifter her skirt. She stands scared and uncomfortable. He lifts her by the legs and slams her ass onto his desk. She makes a frightened noise.

“Mr. Banks, please don’t do this…”

He continues, kissing her ear, neck and face while he unbuttons her white blouse. He leans into her, and she has to steady herself with her hands on the desk. He bends lower, kissing her exposed chest and nipping at her bra making her cleavage bounce. He starts to pull down her panty hose.

“Wrap your legs around me and lift your ass.”

He says past the kissing.

“Mr. Banks, please—”

He tugs hard on the hose, and a guttural voice says,

“Do it!”

She does awkwardly and he pulls away from her as he strips off her hose. With each foot, he removes her black heels with the hose and sees the blue g-string panties for only a moment before he rips them off her body. Carefully, he puts the shoes back on her bare feet. He catches a glimpse of fear and pain and hate in her eyes, and he loves it. He comes back to her and roughly hikes up her skirt and leaves it to bunch around her waist. She gives a short shriek and he almost comes right there. She tries to close her legs and pleads more urgently,

“Please, stop Mr. Banks someone could come in! Stop!”

But he won’t, and as she tries to back away across his desk, he grabs her by the waist and pulls her back over and onto the floor, and she crumbles in front of him. She starts to cry.

She couldn’t bear the shame Kurtköy Sarışın Escort of someone finding out she’d let this happen to her. Like somehow it was her fault – she should’ve seen this coming – the job was too good to be true. And she was barely trying to resist – not because she really did need the job, but because it felt good to feel something again – anything. But a part of her wanted to stop – the part that felt her shame of being extorted and used and found out, and it was this part that persisted.

“Please stop this, I can’t do this!”

She looks up at him pitiful, mascara running down her face, legs folded under her, blouse open, hair messy – and she was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“You can do it, and you will do it – because without me, you’ll flunk out of school and crawl back to that shithole you came from. And when you amount to nothing at my age, you won’t wonder why – and you’ll wish you made different choices. Now, unzip my pants…”

Dahlia hesitates. She tells herself the end will justify the means – she hopes. But it doesn’t say anywhere that the means would be pretty or that she would enjoy it. But she would endure it – that was sure. And no one would – no one could ever find out.

She stops crying and unzips his pants, releasing the belt buckle.

“Pull them down to my ankles.”

She does. She could see the bulge under his boxers. She feels something slap the side of her head and it’s his hand.

“Boxers too, slut.”

She grabs the legs of his boxers and pulls. Her face twitches back as his member springs up from the waistband. It is extraordinarily thick, and she feigns at the thought of putting something that wide into her. His white dress shirt almost touches the base of his penis. She sees his balls are bare and has a strange urge to touch them. She turns her head involuntarily, dismissing the thought.

“Now…suck my cock, my little secretary – lips over teeth.”

She moves her head towards his uncertainly. He was grabbing her by the hair then, and shoves her mouth open with his impossibly wide cock. She gags and he pulls out. She gasps for a moment, then eats his cock again. Slowly it fills her mouth, and he moves her head back and forth by her hair. He moans with pleasure.

“Hum, bitch.”

She did, and it matched the rhythm of his strokes. They got faster, and she was starting to feel dizzy from the movement. She faked gagging again to get a breath. He lets go of her hair and grabs his cock to slap its head against her mouth. The sound of it is juicy.

“Oh yeah, suck my cock.”

She opens her mouth again and he thrust into her. She whimpers. He makes short, slow thrusts of his head in her mouth. He grunts.

“Alright, get up, I want my cock in you!”

She tries to stand and struggles. He grabs her under the arms effortlessly Kurtköy Şişman Escort and lifts her onto the desk. She stays sitting up when he grabs her thighs and gazes at her labia, savouring what is to come. She seems embarrassed; as he touches her opening with the tip of his head, he discovers why. Her mind could not control her body, she reasons – with this sudden burst of feeling after such a long and mundane life, her excitement was not easily suppressed. She is abundantly wet, and he easily enters her. She exhales. He thrusts slow. She pushes tentatively on his chest.


He grabs her wrists tight and pins them to the desk at either side of them. He continues.

“Please stop…Please sst… Please –”

He continues.

“Please…” she says.

Her legs ease around his body, clutching him. He stops. He looks her in the face and says calmly,

“Please what?”

She stares back at him. Into his cold, careful eyes.

“Please – Please fuck me harder.”

“You want me to fuck you harder?”

“Yes sir.”

“How much do you want it?”

He lets his head slide along her slit, teasing her. Her head tilts back and a sigh escapes from her mouth. When her head comes back up, Mr. Bank’s face is very close to hers.

“How much?”

“I need it! I’ll do anything you want! Put it in me!” she groans urgently.

Painfully slow, his prick spreads her tight lips. She cries and pleads for it. She struggles and frees a hand. Before he can react, her arm locks around his back, digging her fingers into his skin. Some guttural and animalistic sound escapes his throat, triggered by the sharp pain of her nails.

He pounds her hard and fast, grunting involuntarily. She moans forever. She arches her back, while he bends forward and they fit each other’s forms. He grasps the small of her back trying to bring her closer to him. Almost trying to merge with each other, they press their bodies together and she shouts,

“Thank you, sir!”

over and over, feeding his need. She comes, breathing hard, shivers come in waves, coursing through her spine and to her fingertips. She unconsciously bites into his shoulder, and with this, he comes shortly after with a loud groan, pressing into her.

She lies back on the desk and he leans over her, his head resting on her chest. They don’t move for minutes. After catching his breath, looking up at her, he says,

“How was that, hun?”

She smiles with her head on the desk.

“Holy fuck, that was good…”

He lifts off her and she stands, taking a deep breath and straightening her skirt. She grabs her pantyhose and broken panties leisurely and bunches them up in her hand and turns back to Mr. Banks. He throws a tissue in a garbage can and zips up his pants. She smiles and says,

“Alright, I gotta pick the kids up from Jen’s. You’ll be home for dinner?”

“Yep, what are we having?”

“Spaghetti and salad,”

“Spectacular – I’ll see you then. By Love.”

He kisses her shortly on the lips and she walks to the door. Turning back with a mischievous grin she whispers,

“Goodbye, Mr. Banks.”

“See you tomorrow, Ms Thorne.”

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