Fatima Sayyid of Vanier Ch. 06

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One of the many things that Fatima Sayyid liked, no, loved about her lover Raul James was his immunity to intimidation. A lot of young men from any racial or religious background would be intimidated by a sultry 57-year-old Muslim woman who was exploring her sexuality, but not Raul. The twenty-something Haitian stud walked around the City of Ottawa, Ontario, like he owned the place. And he didn’t care if anyone disagreed with his way of doing things…

In this town full of Canadian government workers and private sector guys and gals, quietly smug bozos who defined themselves by their possessions and associations, Raul James is a man apart. A regular guy who seemed a bit more real than those around him. A hard-working and ambitious student at Algonquin College, a general contractor, a man who loves to work with his hands, and an urban princeling with a unique swagger. All rolled into one.

What does Canadian society see when it looks at a big and tall young black man like Raul James? That which makes it supremely uncomfortable. The embodiment of African masculinity and confidence, which has nothing to do with wealth, or social status. Something which males of other races would never understand. Raul is a man. He is comfortable being who and what he is, and doesn’t care what the world thinks of him. Ever since they got together, months ago, Fatima’s life hadn’t been the same.

After the timely demise of her abusive husband Salman Sayyid, Fatima Sayyid gained a new lease on life. With her adult daughter living in Montreal mardin escort with her husband and leading her own life, Fatima set out to do her own thing. As a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman from the heart of the Arab world, Fatima Sayyid followed the rules of faith, culture and tradition her entire life. And felt miserable as a result. In the Capital of Canada, on her own for the first time, the widowed and decidedly horny and experimental Fatima could do whatever, and indeed whoever she chose…

“This is so deliciously haram and I love it,” Fatima Sayyid murmured, and the tall, bronze-skinned and raven-haired, curvaceous Arab-Canadian gal sighed happily as her lover Raul James continued to minister to her ample derriere. Face down and ass up, Fatima was enjoying herself as Raul held her thick ass cheeks wide open and worked his tongue deep into her asshole.

“Damn right,” Raul paused to say, and the burly, ruggedly handsome Haitian stud smacked Fatima’s thick Arabian booty before he resumed tonguing her asshole. In the basement of Fatima’s townhouse, located in the heart of Vanier, Ontario, things were definitely heating up between the two lovers. Fatima arched her back, loving what Raul was doing to her. Every time they made love, they explored new pathways to pleasure, and she couldn’t get enough of him.

“Hmmm, babe, watch out, I think I feel a fart coming,” Fatima warned Raul, suddenly regretting the cheese sandwiches she’d had at Tim Horton’s earlier. Raul paused, and when Fatima van escort turned around, her favorite Haitian had a rather odd look on his dark, handsome face. Not a look of disgust by any means. Feeling a bit self-conscious, Fatima held her breath, wondering what was going on in her beloved stud’s mind.

“Hold that fart, babe, I’ve got something for you,” Raul replied, and Fatima watched, amazed, as he pulled his long and thick, darkly glistening dick, out of his sky-blue trunks. Grinning, Fatima tossed Raul a bottle of Aveeno cream, having guessed what he intended to do. She watched as he applied the cold substance to his dick, and then pressed his dick against her bum. Without further ado, Raul pushed his dick into Fatima’s asshole.

“Kinky,” Fatima said, grinning and shaking her head, and she winced as Raul pushed his dick deeper into her asshole. Fatima winced, both welcoming and dreading the invasion of her posterior by Raul’s thick dick. The Haitian stud gripped her wide hips tightly, and began working his dick deep into her asshole. Fatima moaned softly, and rubbed her already wet pussy, loving the way Raul’s dick packed her booty hole. And that’s when she cut loose, and let go of the fart that she’d been holding for quite some time.

“Nice, I feel it,” Raul said, laughing as he felt Fatima’s butt hole clench and unclench around his dick. He felt a warm sensation against his dick, but it was airy and not liquid in nature. Smiling, he smacked Fatima’s big ass, and resumed fucking ankara escort her. Fatima kept grinding her big ass against Raul’s groin, and he marveled at how her big bronze ass seemingly swallowed his hard dick. The merciless pressure around his dick proved to be too much for Raul, and after a while, he came, flooding Fatima’s ass with his manly spunk.

“I guess that ass can be too much for you,” Fatima said, wincing as Raul squeezed his still-hard, but rapidly softening dick out of her asshole. Raul looked at her and smiled, shaking his head. This wild, freaky and beautiful woman was indeed something else. Sometimes Raul found himself quietly amazed at Fatima’s transformation from prim and proper, outwardly conservative, and supposedly repressed, Hijab-wearing Muslim woman, to wanton woman out to explore her desires and push erotic boundaries without fear or shame.

“Whatever, we both know you got that ass for days, and an incredibly strong butt hole,” Raul said, and Fatima raised her eyebrows at that lewd, yet sweet statement, and grinned as her lover kissed her on the forehead. Rising from the bed, Fatima went to the washroom, knowing that Raul’s hungry eyes were following her every move. Deliberately shaking her big ass at Raul, Fatima paused in front of the basement washroom, and turned to look at him.

“See you in a bit, handsome,” Fatima said, and she closed the door, and went in to do her, ahem, private business. They had only been in each other’s lives for a few months, yet Raul James and Fatima Sayyid felt supremely comfortable around each other. Comfortable enough that she felt okay taking a dump in the washroom twenty meters from him, after he’d just fucked her in the ass. After taking a cleansing shower, Fatima returned to her boo for round two, and Raul welcomed her with a big smile, open arms and a stiff dick…

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