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You slowly open your eyes to the rays of the morning sun, turn your head to the left to look at your clock, its half past nine. You realize its Sunday and wonder why the curtains from the window were removed so early. You decide to get back to sleep when your mothers voice screeches, “Vijay, wake up. look who is here!”. You murmur something in your sleep and pull up the blanket. “Vijay! Vijay!” your mothers voice gets louder and louder. You realize that she would just pull you out of your bed if you don’t get up soon, slowly you get up and shout back “Ya mom, coming”.

You crawl out of your bed and toddle to the bathroom. You splash some water on to your face and wipe the sleep off your eyes. Standing before the mirror you look at yourself to check if you looked presentable to your mom’s guest. “Vijay, come down soon” shouts your mother. Quickly you brush and walk down the stairs wondering who is waiting for you.

Just as you enter the living room you hear a lady’s voice, you know its not your mother. You decide to check her out first, from behind the curtains you slowly scan the room. There she is sitting next to your mother, a woman unknown to you. You guess her to be in her mid thirties, nice round face and an amazing body. She is wearing a red color semi transparent sari and matching low neck blouse that showed ample cleavage. Her navel region is also clearly visible, she has a flat stomach and curvy hips. Your cock is twitching in your pyjamas. You adjust your cock and enter the room.

Your mom introduces the lady as Aditi, sister of her friend, Mala. You know Aunt Mala very well she and your mother have been friends since, as long as you can remember. But Aditi is new to you, you greet her and sit on the couch right across the room. You preferred the couch because you can sit cross legged and hide your erection.

Aditi introduces herself as a Software Engineer, just returned from America after 10 years. Now, you understand why you haven’t seen her around. She also informs that she has moved into a house in the neighbourhood with her friend. She enquires about the surroundings and asked where she could get stuffs for her new house. That is when your mom turns towards you and asks you to escort her around the city and help her buy the things she wants. You are overjoyed and readily agree.

You rush back to your room get dressed and after your breakfast you join Aditi. She suggests that you use the bus service so that it ll be helpful for her to know the place better. You take her to the nearby bus stop and wait for the bus. Your mind wanders away into thoughts like ‘why is she staying with her friend’, ‘by friend did she mean a boy friend’, ‘if not was she single?’ and suddenly you spring to the reality as a bus approaches the stop. The bus is full, but you don’t have another choice as the frequency of buses is very low on Sunday. You nod at her and get to the entry of the bus. You mersin escort wait for her to get in and you follow. The bus was heavily crowded that you managed to find a spot right behind her. You bought the ticket and told her that it would be a 15 minutes ride.

After every stop the bus becomes more and more crowded, she is being pushed back by the crowd from the front. She was now leaning on you for support. Her butt is pressed against your cock and her back is rested on your chest. You start to feel your cock straining under your pants, you shift a little bit to the side so that she doesn’t feel the erection. The jerking motion of the bus made her slide up and down your thighs, your cock is fully erect now and you hope that no one notices it. After 20 minutes of the ride you get down at the Mall.

She doesn’t seem disturbed at all by the ride, she walks right into the mall. You follow her inside and she tells you what she is looking for. After about an hour you get all that is required and you are about to leave then suddenly it starts raining. She suggests on taking an auto back to her place, and so she could introduce you her friend.

It is raining so heavily that by the time you reach her house both of you are completely wet. Her wet sari is so transparent that it is as if, it disappeared in the rain. Her cleavage is now clearly visible so are her sexy hips. You pull down your wet t-shirt to hide your erection. She knocked on the door of the apartment. It was opened by a young attractive woman in her nightie. Aditi introduced her as Meera. Meera is almost of the same age as Aditi, slightly shorter. She invites both of you inside and gives you towels to dry off. Aditi walks into a room with her towel, and Meera strides to the kitchen.

As you dry yourself you notice that the rain is getting heavier. Meera returns with three cups of hot coffee (the smell fills the air) and offers you one. She is very fair and her skin looked flawless and though she is slightly plumpier than Aditi she is irrefutably cute. In her pyjamas you could clearly make out the shape of her freely hanging breasts. You take one of the cups from her and watch her as she sipped her hot coffee. Just as you are about to drink your coffee Aditi walks out of the room wearing an oversized t-shirt and mini shorts. Her legs are long and smooth and you feel an irresistible urge to touch them. She takes her cup from Meera and asks you to change to some dry clothes. Meera walks up right into the room from which Aditi just got out and returns with a pair of shorts, she gives them to you.

You feel that the shorts is too small for you but you need to change as your clothes are completely wet and you feel very cold in them. You go to the room from which Aditi came out, its a bedroom you remove your shirt and then your pants, you look around the room and find a mirror in the dressing table. mersin escort bayan You go near it and see your reflection in it. You adjust your briefs and when you are about to wear the shorts you see something shine from the partly open drawer. You open the drawer and you are surprised to find a 14 inches long dildo. Your cock springs up to the surprise and you try to adjust it in the new shorts. Then you notice something peculiar about the dildo, its a double sided one. Your imaginations start running wild and the thought of the two ladies in the next room using this made precum flow out of your cock staining the shorts. You curse yourself for what you just did. If they noticed the stain you thought you’d just say it was from the rain. You bring the dildo near your nose and the smell of pussy just intoxicates you. You remove the shorts and your inner wear to avoid staining them anymore. You move the dildo in front of your nose and stick your tongue out to lick it. Your cock is at its maximum and is standing erect like a pole. You put the dildo into your mouth and suck it savouring the taste from both the sides. Once you’ve licked the whole of it you bring it down to your cock and touch your already wet head of the cock with the dildo. The touch of metal on your cock head made you moan. You open your eyes to check if any heard you. Then suddenly you realize that you never closed the door and at the door were Aditi and Meera hugging each other and watching you play.

You pull your shorts up to cover your erection but you struggle to hide it. Aditi and Meera enter the room and come stand before you. Aditi extends her hand and asks you for her dildo. You sheepishly give it to her and get up to leave, when Meera pushes you onto the bed and Aditi licks off your precum sticking to the dildo.

Meera turns to Aditi and asks her “What can we do with this naughty boy?”. Aditi puts one of her legs on the bed and bends down to you and asks you ” Did you like it when i touched you in the bus?”, you are shocked to know that she did all that on purpose you just nod your head.

Aditi gets back and looks at Meera and says ” Lets show him how to use this ” as she holds out the dildo, “and make him watch the whole thing tied to the bed post”. Meera agrees and both of them laugh together.

They tie each of your limb to each one of the four posts of the bed and remove all your clothes, you lie there on your back naked and not able to move any of your limbs. Aditi gets up on the bed and seductively removes her t-shirt and tosses it over your eye , and then sheds her shorts and throws it across your face, you can feel the strong scent of her pussy juices in that shorts. Meera comes over and removes Aditi’s dress off your face to let you see both the ladies on the bed completely naked. They both flash you a sexy smile as your cock gets harder again.

Aditi escort mersin takes the dildo and touches its one end all over your body while Meera kisses Aditi from behind her. As the dildo touches your body shivers are sent all over your body. Your cock is now rock hard and as erect as a mast. Aditi removes the dildo from your body and Meera sits on your chest facing away from you, this gives you a clear view of her pussy when she bends forward. Her pussy is dripping wet. Aditi brings the dildo closer to your face and inserts it into Meera’s cunt. She moans as she clutches onto your hard cock. Aditi removes the dildo from the cunt and pushes it into your mouth, you lick the juice off it. Meera puts her mouth over your cock and starts licking its head. She slowly begins to replicate what you do to the dildo.

Aditi removes the dildo from your mouth and inserts it into Meera’s cunt again this time she moves it in and out slowly as Meera sucks your cock mimicing the dildo’s motion. Meanwhile Aditi stands over you lowers her pussy onto your mouth. While your cock is being sucked you lick and suck Aditi’s wet cunt.

They both get up and start putting on a show for you, your cock is oozing out juices and it starts to pain. The fondle each other and play with their pussies. They both get so intimate that you feel the pleasure rising along your cock. The lick, suck, twist and turn, right next to you on the bed. Aditi pushes Meera down on her back, her head between your legs and just below your throbbing cock. You just wish she would just turn and give you a nice blowjob. Aditi lies on her and looks teasingly at you. As you look down you can see you erect cock and behind that the two girls kissing passionately. Their nipples are rubbing one another’s. You plead them to stop as you feel the nerves along your cock strain. They just continue pleasuring, they know that a simple stroke would make you cum and relieve you, but that is what they will never do. They sit up as they Meera licks and sucks on Aditi’s nipples. They sit facing each other and spread their legs wide apart. Meera gets the dildo and kisses it before inserting it into Aditi’s pussy. Then she moves forward as she pushes herself onto the other side of the dildo, they moan simultaneously. They start moving their hips one after the other, they do it so systematically as if they had been doing it all their lives. Their breasts juggle as they masturbate, if it can be called that. Their pumping gets harder and stronger, now as they both slide in their pussies touch each other, as if kissing. The whole bed starts to tremble as they near their orgasms. Your cock hits your stomach rapidly and you feel that very much enough to cum. You spurt your load across your stomach and chest and some even fall on your face. They both get to their orgasms as well.

All the three of you lie there like rags. After some time both the girls get up dress up themselves. Meera brings a camera and takes a picture of you lying there covered with your cum. They untie you and as they leave the room, Aditi says ” Now, clean up and don’t talk about this to anyone”. She puts the dildo back in the drawer and goes out of the room. You get dressed and leave the house not able to comprehend what just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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