Her Special gift

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She had a happy childhood growing up. Until her mother died after months and months of being sick. She was seventeen then, her father told her that she would have to still finish school and do all the house work cause that was “women’s work” she did even when she didn’t want to. On her 18 birthday, her daddy came home early with a huge box wrap in bright pink paper and a huge purple bow. He sat it on the table and walk into the kitchen asking her what was for dinner. She told him and he open the pantry door pulling out a old dusty bottle of wine sat it in the ice box.

she called him down to dinner. He came down stairs wearing his robe and sat down, she served him his dinner and he poured 2 glasses of wine and lifted his glass to her.

“To my beautiful,sexy, daughter, you make me hard, and needy, you have given me many nights of fantasy’s, and I love more for all of those night and hard times.” he said smiling wickedly.

She just sat there in shock, she never realize that her daddy got turn on from watching her at all. She stood up,walk over to him, kneel in front of him,put her hand on his thigh.

“Daddy?” she ask questionly.

“Yes baby girl, what is it?” he ask, slipping his hand thru her hair,thumb caressing her cheek.

“You think I’m sexy? Really?” she said.

He smile, took her hand and slide it inside his robe,placing it on his hard throbbing cock.

“Mmmmm, yes baby, very much so, so much that I’d love to feel your hand and mouth loving my cock.” he told her.

She slowly moved her hand up and down his length. She felt it getting harder, and she could also feel it throbbing. pushing his robe open she lean in a place a kiss on the tip.

He watch her place a kiss on his cock head then her tongue came out and lick the drop of pre-cum resting there. one hand found his balls and was she was rolling them in her hand,rubbing them against the underside of his cock.

“OOOOOOOOOO,SHITTTTTTT!!!!!!” he gasp when her mouth close on his cock head,sucking gently.

She was sucking him like a pro, where did she learn to do that.

“Oh fuck baby where did you learn to suck like that?” he ask her,slipping a little more of his cock in her mouth.

She slowly lifted her mouth away and look up at him and smile.

“Watching your porn tapes and using a carrot to start with using a bigger veg. until I had one close to your cock size daddy. denizli escort Mmmm, do you like your baby girl sucking your cock daddy?” she told him asking a question to.

“Fuck yes I love your suck……. OH GOD SUCK ME BABY!!!!!!!!!!” he said.

She continue to lick and suck his cock, making him groan loudly each time she took him deep in her throat. When he told her he was close she pick up the pace, sucking him harder and faster wanting his cum filling her mouth and throat with it.


She swallow every drop of his cum, only a little bit drip onto her chin. She sat back on her heels waiting and smiling at her daddy. He smile at her leaning over and help her to her feet.

“Come lets finish dinner, we have the rest of the night.” he said to her.

She went back to her chair. They ate and chatting about their day.

“Oh Daddy I got a job working at the new clothes store in the mall outside of town, I work in the adult section in the back of the store, I also get to model some of the clothes.” she told him.

“That’s good news baby, maybe daddy will come by so you can model for me.” he told her with a wicked grin.

She told him that would be great. Thinking she would model some sheer looking stuff just for him.

When they finish dinner and was just sitting down to watch a movie the phone rang. Her daddy turn the movie mute, then open his robe,looking up at her telling her to come and play.

“Hello, How you doing little brother, oh…… that’s not good……..” he said, but smiling at his baby as she lick and kissed his thighs,moving closer and closer to his balls.

“Well let me think about it for a minute hold on……” he told his brother, “ Oh baby suck me a little bit baby, mmmmmm oh yess, feels so good. okay baby enough, have to ask you something?” he told her.

She lifted her head and look at him.

“It’s your Uncle James him and betty are fighter and needs to come stay here for a few days.” he told her.

She smile with wicked thoughts, she always wondered about him, after all he was daddy’s twin.

“Okay daddy let tell him to come over.” she said.

He saw her mind turning and ask her what she was up to. she gave him a wicked smile and told him nothing. But her daddy knew she was going diyarbakır escort to do something, he laugh. She went back to sucking her daddy’s cock.

“Sure hope James is ready for whatever she’s up too.” he thought.

“Ok, come on over we’re in the livingroom watching a movie.” he told him in a harsh voice, cause his daughter had his entire cock deep in her throat.

(at his brother house)

James looked at the phone and wondered what was wrong with his brother sounded like his was in pain, no, no he couldn’t be. Shaking his head to clear the image of his brother getting his cock suck by his daughter Emily.

Emily, mmm she sure could make a man hard just thinking about her. He should know many times while visiting his brother’s house he had gotten hard. One time she made him so fucking hard he had to go into the bathroom and jerk off. He pack some clothes and threw it in his truck and drove over to his brothers.


“Oh yes baby suck daddy’s cock good. so fucking good. Daddy’s going to cum soon.” he grunted.

He had his hand squeezing her titties, but he wanted to feel them bare so he rip her top in two and pulled her tit’s together and kneading them hard.

“OH FUCK!!!!” he grunted,pulling away from her mouth, “Daddy’s going to blast cum all over your titties baby. Oh fuck! Oh God!!! so close baby.” he tells her

She leans back and watches her daddy pumping his hard cock fast, seconds later he was shooting cum on her tit’s face and tummy. Smiling up at him.

“When do we get to fuck daddy? I want to feel your huge hard fat cock inside my pussy soon daddy.” she ask him.

Just then she heard her Uncles truck.

“James is here daddy, better close your robe for awhile.” she told him getting up and running upstairs.

He heard the door open he yelled for James to close and lock the door.

“Boy you look like hell big brother what happen to you?” James ask him.

Before he could say anything they both heard her coming down the stairs, they turn to look……….

“Oh nothing much Uncle James I happen to daddy. I suck his cock so good he couldn’t move. In face I just finish when I heard you pull in.” she told him, coming up to him and giving him a very tight hug.

She felt his cock jump against her tummy, she press her tummy even harder against it, antalya escort letting him know that she knew he was getting hard and she knew she made it hard.

He watch her walk away after that hug and his cock was still fucking hard and now it was throbbing to get out. His eyes followed her as she walk over to her daddy, flip open his robe, push him back onto the couch on his back, she straddled his lap,reaching under her and pointing his cock head at her pussy. She lowered herself down till her pussy held his cock head inside.

“OH YESSSSSSSSSS, SO BIG DADDY, I LOVE YOUR FUCKING COCK, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME GOOD.” she said, sliding her pussy down his cock.

He grip her hips tight,thrusting up slowly. She was so fucking tight he might not make it last longer than to bury his cock inside.

“But a way to go.” he thought to him self.

James couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but his cock sure did believe, he was rock hard and he walk over to them and sat down to watch.

“Mmmm Oh Uncle James daddy’s so big.” she told him.

She reach over and rubbed his cock thru his jeans, making it even harder. His hips push into her hand a few times.

“Take him out Uncle I want to see him.” she told him.

He didn’t need to be told again he had his jeans and boxers off and his cock was standing up, she lean over and slowly slid her hand down his length, making him groan. She watched as his eyes closed and his head flop back on the couch.

“Oh baby feels so good, suck me. oh god please suck my cock.” he begged her.

She smile and lowered her mouth taking his cock head into her mouth sucking hard as she pump his cock fast.

He watch his daughter sucking his brother’s cock, watching them he knew he would be cumming soon, and he wanted to cum up her asshole. Lifting her off his cock made her lose his brother cocks from her mouth.

“Daddy?’ she question.

“Don’t worry baby, James get on the floor, Emily slide your tight pussy on his cock honey, mmmm daddy’s wants to fuck you in the ass.” he told them.

“OH YES DADDY!!!!” she told him excitedly.

James grabbed her hips pulling her down on his cock, burying himself deep inside, daddy push on her back leaning her over James, grabbing his cock, and easing it into her asshole. slowly he push and push till his cock was deeply embedded in her ass. Laying on her back with his hands squeezing her tit’s he started slamming his cock up her asshole hard.

“Oh fuck daddy, yesss fuck my asshole daddy. two cocks, oh fuck feels so fucking good.” she groans.

“OH FUCK I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!” James shouts.

“AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!! CUMMINGGG!!!!” her daddy grunts.

“I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” she screams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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