Horner Springs Retirees #04

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Authors note: Horner Springs is a collective concept as discussed in thread “The Birth of Horny Town U.S.A” thread started by litfan10 in the Authors’ Hangout forum. Authors who add to this will pay at least lip service to the other Author’s creations and may share characters. My contribution is part of a series of stories that will use your feedback to advance or reduce a character, depending upon how you, the readers respond. Tell me what you think.


Sexual Education


Jodie had come out of the bathroom singing, well more murmuring loudly, a Western tune. She watched Maureen comfort Lester, “I’ll fix us some lunch. I believe Lester might be hungry,” and she laughed.

“Nothing too filling,” Maureen said, hopelessly as Jodie disappeared into the kitchen.

Maureen removed Lester’s condom, then she ran to the bathroom down stairs. She returned with a warm wash clothe and towel. She washed Lester’s cock, balls and kissed him, pushing him down until she had stifled what little resistance he showed.

So it was with hope in his heart that Lester stepped into the kitchen to find Jodie before the stove, the skillet steaming and Jodie singing.

Jodie attended her skillet, which smelled of frying onions and steak. Lester’s appetite was elevated and Maureen sighed. She took Lester to the kitchen table and sat watching Jodie working the skillet and large spatula, in keeping the strips of meat rotating.

Jodie noticed them and said, “You do like cheese steak sandwiches? Or, did I mistake you as a carnivore?”

Maureen sat at the table quietly, she was smiling but contained. Jodie on the other hand was energized, to say the least.

Lester smiled and said, “Oh no, no mistake. It smells wonderful.”

Maureen said, “I hope you have something less artery clogging, as well. I mean it does smell delicious but some of us have to watch what we eat.”

Jodie smiled at Maureen, “I thought of that, I have a fruit salad and some tuna, that’s not too old? But I’m using hot dog buns, so they’re small.” Jodie said holding up a foot long bun.

“I’ll have half, and the fruit salad,” Maureen said and went to the refrigerator.

“Can I help,” Lester asked.

Jodie said, “Later Lester, it’ll be mans work,” then she laughed and turned back to her skillet.

Maureen sat the fruit salad on the table and gave Lester a glass of punch, “This is just punch, I got a little carried away before.” She smiled and kissed him playfully. She went back to the counter, got silverware, added them to the table and sat down.

Jodie finished up the sandwiches and carried a platter to the table, she had cut the foot long buns in half and arranged them in a sunburst pattern, in the center was a small pot of a condiment, which carried the scents of exotic locals.

Lester stood as she came to the table and helped her with her chair, then sat and smiled at her, “I was hungry, but this is beautiful.” He motioned, to the platter. “I’m not used to presentation. It’s an amazing shock.” He grinned at her.

Jodie smiled and said, “I’m glad you appreciate it, Les. I just wanted to show you how much I appreciate you,” She looked startled and finished her thought, ” …you’re helping with the class.” She smiled weakly and said, “I like to cook, and you like to eat, right?”

Lester was about to agree, when Maureen started laughing. She got control of herself and said, “Sorry, sorry, evil thoughts.” And she looked down at her plate suppressing her laughter for a moment.

Jodie looked at Lester and said, “Don’t mind her she’s got a dirty mind, thank God! Well help yourself.”

Lester let Maureen and Jodie select their sandwich and took a half, some fruit salad and looked inquiringly at the pot in the center of the platter, “What have we here?”

Jodie smiled, “It’s Chow Chow, an old family recipe, It’s kind of like a salsa. It’s good with elk.”

Lester started to spoon some up when Maureen put her hand on his and said, “A word of caution, there are things in Chow Chow that the uninitiated might find, too piquant. Watch out for the Diablo Negros, they can take you to a whole new appreciation of TOO DAMN HOT!”

“Oh Maureen, don’t scare the man. It does take a bit of getting used to, but it is very invigorating.”

Maureen laughed and said, “It makes me sweat, just thinking about when Uncle Walter got a whole one, last year at the fourth of July party.”

“Yes, that was most unfortunate, but it served him right for not looking at his food.” Jodie said.

Lester put a small amount of the Chow Chow on his plate and used his fork to sample a small portion, very small, as he understood the value of caution. It wasn’t too spicy, but had a range of spices he couldn’t identify. “What’s it made of?”

Jodie grinned, “Well it a secret recipe but it’s mostly cabbage pickled in vinegar, with sugar, spices and peppers, though you take the peppers out before you can it.”

“Most of the peppers, anyway, there are still some pieces.” Maureen şişli escort said accusingly.

“Well,” Jodie looked chagrined, “I have missed a few whole ones too. It makes life exciting.”

Lester laughed, “I’m trying to avoid a lot of excitement, just now. But, I like the taste.”

“Well try a little on the elk,” Jodie said,

“It is good, spoon some on you plate first and I show you what to look out for.” Maureen said and leaned over Lester’s plate.

Lester said, “This is elk?” Jodie nodded. He spooned up a heaping table spoon of Chow Chow on his plate and Maureen sifted it around with her fork, until she said, “Ah Ha, see that Les?”

Lester looked at a small black/brown fragment about the size of a match head, looked up at Maureen’s triumphant face and said, “What is it?”

“A piece of the Diablo Negros chili, Uncle Emile brought the seeds back from Viet Nam and now everybody grows them if only for the colorful seed pods. At first they are red and very pretty. As they age on the vine though, they turn black and are their most dangerous.”

“Oh Maureen, don’t be silly.” Jodie said and laughed.

Maureen looked at Les, “I’m not being silly. These will hurt you. Believe me.”

“I do, I do, so how small is small enough to leave in?”

Maureen sifted around some more and said, “It’s probably ok, now, but don’t used that stuff.” She indicated the small samples of Black Devil pieces and smiled

Lester took a small sample and put it on the edge of his sandwich with his knife and took a bite. The meat was tender and flavorful, the Chow Chow, was still pretty hot, but tasty, then he tasted the jalapeños in the cheese, he could feel his forehead start to sweat. He nodded as he chewed and the women looked at him, Jodie anxious and Maureen skeptical.

Lester chewed and savored the elk. It tasted a lot like beef but lighter and the spices and onions, delicately caramelized, and yet fleshy, cooled down the jalapeños and made the juicy steak almost an ecstatic experience. Gazing at the faces of women Lester was amused. Jodie was expectant as she watched him chew and moan softly. She smiled and sipped her punch.

“Oh very good, Jodie, the Chow Chow really tops it off too,” Les said enjoying Jodie’s glow and her little shiver as he praised her food.

Maureen served herself some fruit salad and said, “Those things are evil. They call out to be consumed, yet they’ll put pounds on your fanny, but a half couldn’t hurt.” She spooned some Chow Chow on her plate and inspected it carefully, separating the peppers out as she found them.

Jodie spooned her Chow Chow right on to her cheese steak, although she did give a glance at it in case they were any whole Diablos hidden in it.

Lester added a bit with his knife, in the British manner, since he had it in his hand and he was hungry. He sampled the fruit salad and found peaches, plums and grapes in their own juices with a little something else, very soft and pleasant. He savored the food, and the view of the women. It wasn’t often that he had seen two women so happy. It wasn’t often he had been with women so uncritical. He figured it was one of those moments where chaos and improbability collide. Once in a lifetime, and if he hadn’t taken the chance on Horner Springs, he would never have met Maureen, or Jodie. He took another bite of sandwich and savored the moment.

They ate for a while, smiling at each other and fed their bodies. Maureen ate her sandwich slowly with a lot of fruit between bites.

Jodie finished up her sandwich and reached for another, looking at Maureen and smirking, “I was a good girl all week and I’m eating for strength.”

Maureen smiled, wiped her mouth and said, “I’m so happy to hear that Aunt Jodie. You’ll need some strength, when we resume our lessons.”


Lester found man’s work was cleaning up the kitchen while Maureen and Jodie went upstairs to do something. Lester didn’t mind. “Hell, Kitchen Police is never bad duty,” he thought as he spooned some Chow Chow onto the leftover half cheese steak and cleaned up that problem. He had to drink a good deal of punch to quench the fire from an overlooked chili, but he didn’t really mind. He finished up the last of the fruit salad and put the remaining Chow Chow in the refrigerator.

He put all the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned the table, tossed the towel over his shoulder and washed and dried the large cast iron skillet Jodie had used to fry the meat. Les put it on the stove and heated it for a few moments, to insure it was dry, just as his mother had taught him to care for cast iron.

Lester stood at the window of the kitchen and looked at the house that might be his. It was rough and weathered, but had nice lines and was certainly big enough. He sipped his punch and thought about how much it would be worth if the housing bubble hadn’t burst and the triple dip recession of the Obama years hadn’t hammered property values to the point where a guy like him could afford, maybe, to live in a mansion, even a hundred çapa escort year old one.

“What are you thinking about?” Maureen said from the kitchen door.

Lester turned and smiled, “About the house and how I never had a place to call my own before.” He grinned and said, “I always rented, and kept moving from place to place. Hell! I only lived off post a few times in my career. It takes some getting used to settling down that hard.” He sighed.

“Having second thoughts about settling down, or settling down here?” She said and came to him, grasping him around the arm smiling at him.

He patted her hand on his arm and said, “No, just getting used to the idea of a permanent home again. It’s been a long time since I had one.”

“Jodie and I put fresh sheets on her bed, want to see?” she grinned and led Lester out of the kitchen.


They found Jodie in her large bedroom, which was on the second floor and had a view of the river from the window. She was trying to close the door of her closet; a shoe held the door open. Jodie looked up and said, “Lester?” she bent down and tossed the shoe back into the closet and leaned back against the door. “Do come in.” She had refreshed her makeup and now was even more appealing in her silken robe, which was gaping a bit, until she noticed Lester’s eyes, and she closed her robe. She lead him to the king sized bed festooned with frilly pillows and floral patterned sheets.

Maureen followed them to the bed, climbed up on it, leaned back against the pillows and patted the place beside her. “Come let’s digest our lunch and now that we’re all acquainted, we can critic the introduction.”

Lester took the hint and crawled up and lay next to Maureen. Maureen lay on her side and Jodie knelt on the bed on the other side of Lester. Jodie was grinning and Lester thought that he was in heaven, or at least a long way from the ‘Stan.

Lester found himself between the two women and comfortably leaning against the pillows on the headboard. Maureen smiled at him and looked at Jodie, “So what did you learn from our lesson, Aunt Jodie?”

Jodie blushed and giggled, holding Lester’s hand then she laughed, “I found that Les has a very nice…” she hesitated and kissed his cheek, “You have a big dick.” She giggled.

Lester thought that was bullshit, but he agreed that his dick was as big as it ever got today. Just now it wasn’t as hard as a rock.

Maureen smiled at him and said, “Don’t believe everything she says, but you are not on the lower median.”

Lester looked at her questionably and asked, “Lower Median?”

“Thirteen centimeters, approximately in length, about five inches.” Maureen smiled, “But yours is wide, it massages the bulbs of the vestibule very well.” She grinned.

Jodie laughed, “Oh, you have that right.”

Lester chuckled and flexed the object under discussion. His robe moved a bit and his dick got a bit stiffer.

Maureen continued, “Actually the size of the penis isn’t as big a factor as many make it. Most women’s vagina is normally only seven to ten cm, or three to four inches in depth, making the average penis, even those in lower ranges, more than adequate to stretch a woman.” She grinned at him and kissed his cheek. “It’s the preparation that allows a woman to accept those, deep, firm, stokes that men so love.” She kissed his cheek again and rubbed his chest.

Lester had felt her emphasis on the “deep, firm, stokes” as her voice dropped and almost growled at him. He glanced at Jodie and saw she was getting giggly again. He flexed his dick and said, “So don’t women like ‘deep, firm, strokes?”

Jodie lay beside him and played with his exposed chest hair. “I certainly do.” She kissed his cheek and started for his ear, nibbling as she made small sounds.

Maureen grinned and said, “They have their place, for a climatic finish, but, not at first. A woman isn’t as binary as men are. A woman needs to be coaxed to allow her body to adapt to a firm plundering.” She laughed and said, “Men are as a rule turned off, or turned on so hard that they often forget that sex is a two way street, and you have to give to receive” She fluttered her eyelashes at him and smiled.

Lester frowned, “Oh I don’t think that’s true at all. We may react more rapidly to …” He thought of a word other than provocation, “Well, to stimulation, but in fact there are degrees of male…” he paused and looked at Maureen, “Arousal!” Lester flinched as Jodie had nipped is neck and then licked him with the flat of her tongue.

Jodie came up laughing and kissed Lester’s cheek and went down his neck nibbling.

Maureen brushed his hair back and smiled, “Of course there are degrees of male arousal, but males are so much easier to arouse.” She rolled up on his chest and kissed him, pressing her breasts to his chest.

Lester put his hand behind her head and pulled her in a bit licking her lips and putting his tongue in her mouth. She was sweet tasting, the punch or the fruit, Lester thought. He closed his eyes and fındıkzade escort felt her hair slide between his fingers.

By the time that Maureen slid off his chest, Lester was fully aroused and his attention was completely on Maureen’s body. She laughed and said, “See how easy that was?”

Lester laughed, “I’ve always been easy.”

“Now Les,” Maureen said as she opened his robe and massaged his chest, looking into his eyes, “I teach extra credit classes at the Institute,” she hesitated and watched his face, “We often need a man to demonstrate some of the more advanced skills.”

Les nodded and said, “What kind of skills?”

Maureen smiled and said, “Oh, cunilingus and fellatio to start. I was wondering if you might want to help?”

Lester blinked and said, “Cunilingus?”

Maureen smiled at his gleeful expression and said, “Well there are times when FF Cuny, doesn’t teach the proper lesson.”

He frowned, “FF?”

“Female-Female, some girls feel a bit strange having a female lick their vulvas. I guess they are afraid that it’s, you know, lesbian, and they get nervous.”

Les nodded, “I can see how they might.”

“Well,” Maureen went on, “If you wanted to, I could nominate you for an assistant instructor position. It doesn’t pay anything, but it’s only one or two nights a month and you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are assisting the girls in their education.”

Les smiled and asked, “Who… Who would I be… you know be, ah doing it too?”

Jodie gasped, “Maureen, you mean you teach… to the girls?”

Maureen smiled at Jodie, “We also teach older women who are not in the Institute program. It’s part of our continuing education program, and it helps older women, such as yourself, who didn’t have any formal training come to grips with their sexual evolution issues.”

Jodie’s eyes opened very wide, “You mean…”

“Yes, lots of women need some help, often we teach couples that are having, you know, problems with sex too.” Maureen smiled and kissed Les on his cheek. “You’d have to pass the qualification tests and have a bit more instruction, but I think you could do it.” Her eyes were watching Lester’s face as she rubbed her soft warm hand over his chest and down over his belly.

Lester looked at Maureen and then at Jodie who was still processing what she had just heard. “What would I be doing?”

“Well I could show you, with Jodie’s help.” Maureen smiled at Jodie and raised her eyebrows.

Jodie blushed and swallowed, then nodded slightly.

“Good. I have to tell you that this is a difficult position for a man. Not all men can show the discipline to be an instructor. It is very tempting to go farther that the lesson plan intends and it can be frustrating to some men.”

Les looked at Maureen and wondered briefly if this was a come-on. “What would I have to do?”

Maureen smiled at him and kissed his cheek while rubbing his belly. “Early you would just interact with the girls and let them touch you. Later you would be massaging their bulbs, licking their vulva and perhaps rubbing their “G” spots. In second term lessons you would copulate with some of the students, but it depends upon the subject and the circumstances. You have to agree that when a girl says no, that you don’t go any further. “

Les nodded and said, “I can see how that might be frustrating. You know, to be so close but not be able to…” he paused, “You know?”

Maureen smiled and said, “I do.” She snickered, “When we teach the boys, it’s sometimes difficult to not go all the way.”

Lester’s eyes widened, “You teach the boys?”

“Yes, does that surprise you?”

“Well, now that I think about it, no but…”

Jodie gasped, “Maureen, your screwing the boys, at the Institute?”

Maureen laughed, “Yes, sometimes, most of the time I just observe and instruct as they copulate with the girl students. I generally don’t get too “hands on”.

Lester was reevaluating his view of Maureen and asked, “Do you let them lick your, ah, vagina?”

“Well, yes. I have to grade their progress. We can’t just take the word of the girls.” Maureen kissed his cheek and said, “Does that make you jealous?”

Les looked at her and smiled weakly, “Yeah, I guess it does, a little.”

Maureen smiled and kissed him full on the lips and said, “I’m glad, but you’ll have to get over that if you want to help.”

Les thought about it and wasn’t so sure that he could come to terms with Maureen fucking someone else. He swallowed and said, “Do you do that often?”

Maureen smiled and nuzzled his neck, “No, only about once a month in the later portions of the class, It depends upon how many other instructors are there, and if I like the boy.” She winked at Jodie

“Other instructors?” Jodie asked.

Maureen looked up at her, “Yes, you could help too. We need some older strange females sometimes.”

Jodie lowered an eyebrow and asked, “What do you mean, strange?”

“Well, the boys get used to the same instructors and we try in later classes to bring in some women who they aren’t familiar with to assess their progress. One of the subjects is the sexual evolution of women and we need older women to let them experience a more demanding challenge.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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