Pizza Delivery with a Twist Ch. 05

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It was Friday and time to go to work at the Pizza shop. As I promised my co-worker Suzie, I showed up early so she could make up my eyes. My choice of clothing for the night was basically all black except for the color stripes on my thigh high socks.

“Right on time. Let me finish this Greek salad and wash my hands. Let’s go out to your car.”

“I’m parked in my usual spot, on the side towards the back. Meet me there.”

Within five minutes Suzie was hopping in my car and ready to start working her magic.

“Turn your head towards me and close your eyes. Loosen your shorts and wiggle them down a little. Not too far.”

Suzie always seems to have something odd to say, but I did as she asked and wiggled my very tight shorts down my thighs.

“Panties too. Expose yourself to me.”

In my head I was saying “Yes Mistress.” In my car, I pushed them down and sat back, with my head turned towards her.

“Good. Now close your eyes and let me get to work. You brought a black mask for tonight, right?”

“Yes, it’s shiny black. I wish the shop had black visor caps. Make sure you add some sparkle to my eye lids.”

“This won’t take long. Your wig looks good and I see you are wearing your larger breast forms today. I’m going to put small black lightning bolts on the top of your cheek bones.”

“You are in control.”

I sat very still as she went right to work on my eyes. She was very good and very quick.

“There, all done. You look cute. Now, I have a few things to say. I do not want you to respond or react, just listen.”

“You always have a few things to say.”

“Shut up and listen. To make sure you don’t respond back I want you to suck on my finger while I talk.”


“Suck on my finger for a minute and sit there and listen. Plus, you said you needed some practice and I want you to off stay off Jimmy J. Now suck my finger.”

I opened my mouth a little and she poked it in. Suzie is a total freak, but she is right about my needing practice. I gently sucked on her finger and she pumped it somewhat. She was looking straight into my eyes as she started to speak.

“There, that’s better. Firstly, I wanted to say that sucking your bald dick yesterday was a wonderful experience. I decided that the men in my future have to consider shaving or at least be well trimmed.”

“Secondly, even though I appear to be hell bent on dating Jimmy J, I still find myself very attracted to you. I should have fucked you yesterday. And, yes, I was totally trying to finger bang you when I was sucking you off. Everything was too tight and too dry.”

I sat there listening while she banged my mouth with her finger. I was already getting hard when I felt her free hand wrap around my rod and softly stroke it. We both moaned.

“Thirdly, as I know it, you are a cross dresser with some oral sexual experience, but still have your cherry. Going forward, I would like to be involved with your next steps, whenever they may come. In other words, I wish to be your Dom and you to be submissive to my instructions. I do not want my good friend to have her cherry popped by some dirty freak that she doesn’t even know. You need me and I want to be there for you, as much as you will allow it”

Well, Suzie hasn’t steered me wrong yet and she certainly knows how to get a cross dresser hard as stone. I will consider her request.

“Lastly, I am technically a single girl at this moment. I am going to drop my head in your lap and neither of us are going to feel bad about it. Your cock is pretty fat right now and I’m going to fix that so you can actually work tonight. And you can squirt in my mouth tonight. It doesn’t make us a couple, but I promise I will take your nut and swallow it.”

She went down and engulfed my boner with her mouth. She used her experience to work her head up and down like a boss. I need to figure out what makes sex better, the experience or the conversation? I suppose the combination of the two will always produce the end results. I knew I was getting close so I had to break the rule of silence.

“I accept your proposal of dominance in principle as long as we have further discussions on expectations. I accept being submissive to you Mistress istanbul escort Z, but as not your pet. We can figure out the details later, but right now your submissive is about to fill your dominant mouth with juice.”

And I did and she took it all. She spent a few moments making sure she got it all and raised up and faced me. She tilted her head back and swallow hard.

“Mistress Z, huh? I like that.

She motioned for me to pull my panties and shorts back up. These tight shorts are perfect for Standing, sitting and walking but they suck at everything else. Getting them back up and in place took longer than the hot blow job I just received.

“OK, we need to get to work before Sal comes looking for us. Now remember, you were just sexed up so keep off Jimmy J. You don’t need anymore for tonight. This is 2 nights in a row that being with you has made my panties wet.”

“This is 2 nights in a row that you have proven that I still like girls.”

“Jimmy J just pulled in so it’s showtime. Good luck tonight and make that paper. And remember our talk. Keep your mouth to yourself. Maybe you can hang out with Josh tonight after work. He’s nice.”

“Josh? I think he may be more fem than I am.”

So, Jimmy J is off limits, Ken is out of town and Josh looks like he wants to see what’s in my closet. I’m also thinking a Dom will be better than a bull right now.

Jimmy J waved at me and started loading the car. We both got in the car headed out for round one. Business as usual, up and down the streets and in and out of the car. Back to the Pizza shop for load number two.

As Sal and Jimmy J loaded up the car, I approached Suzie.

“You need to talk to him tonight. He’s still staring at my breast forms. I think you need to enter your puppies into the equation soon.”

“He’s a guy, but maybe you’re right. I hope it happens tonight. By the way, there is an order here for the address you took the freebie to last Wednesday.”


“You know his name?”

“He was supposed to be up north.”

“You know his schedule?”

“He mentioned it.”

“Would I approve of this Ken?”.

“He’s attractive and he tastes good.”


“The car is loaded. I have to go.”

Round 2 had a smaller load of food, but we off and running.

“What have you and Suzi been talking about?”

“Make-up tips and stuff. Since you brought her up, you should talk to her. I think she likes you.”

“All that goth black scares me.”

“The goth will fade. She’s a good girl. She could be marriage material. Just talk to her.”

“I will think about it. Here is our first stop. She gets that salad right on top. Our next order is just a few doors so I will get it ready for you.”

“Sounds good. Oh shit, it’s Under Dressed Lonely Lady.”

I ran to the door with the salad and true to form she answers the door basically nude. A very short sheer nightie and maybe panties. Maybe not. She is a very nice lady but she just does not own normal evening wear.

“Hi, $9 even.”

“Hi sweetie. Here’s a $20. Keep the change. Does it bother you that I answer the door this way?”

“It doesn’t bother me, but I think the other drivers look for your address on the list. Thanks for the tip.”

“Well sweetie, you can send one of those hard stud boys over here anytime.”

“Ma’am, that’s a lot of information.”

“Sorry honey, I don’t mean to embarrass you. And call me Doris.”

“I’m Brie and I am not embarrassed Doris. I enjoy the view and would prefer to keep you for myself LOL. I don’t let those hard studs see your order.”

“Aw sweetie, thank you. I don’t mind showing off my Triple G’s. Do you want to touch them?”

“Beep, Beep.” Jimmy J was sounding the horn.

“I couldn’t do that Doris. My boss has a firm rule about flirting with the customers. Enjoy your salad. My driver is ready to go. Thanks for tip and the offer.”

“Send me a stud this weekend.”

I reached up and slowly ran my hand down the length of her left breast. It wasn’t a grope, just a slow stroke. They are very hypnotic. She allowed it and gazed down at me from her doorway. Doris could be fun or she could be trouble.

“What took so long?”

“Doris escort bayan wants a stud for her next delivery LOL.”

“I’ll tell Sal to watch the address list this weekend.”

“No, don’t. Timmy isn’t ready for someone like her and Zack might, well, maybe Zack could handle her.”

We both laughed and drove 2 doors down. Jimmy J was looking at the boxes in the back seat.

“Two large Pizza’s. Shoot, this is one of Timmy’s favorites.”

“Well, we have the food and we’re here, so Timmy loses. He can talk to Sal about the order loads.”

“I agree. But I think Timmy really likes this girl, so it might be better if we just don’t mention it.”

“Ooh La La, Timmy has a girlfriend.”

“She is a lot like you.”

“What does that mean?”

“I mean you and her have things in common. Just go.”

Confused, I grabbed 2 boxes from the back seat and ran up to the house and knocked. A girl answered the door.

“Hi, 2 Large Pizza’s. That will be $29.”

“What do we have here? Here cutie, take this and keep the change. How long have you been a CD honey?”

“Excuse me?”

“I see you as plainly as you see me girl. My name is Lisa. What’s your name?”

“My name is Brie and I won’t make excuses for what I am Lisa.”

“Easy Brie, I’m giving you my approval. You’re really cute.”

“Thank you, Lisa. You pretty hot as well. How long have you been in the game?”

“Probably about as long as you. I met my bull about 6 months ago and we rented this place. He treats me pretty well, but he prefers me as more of a submissive sissy, so I have been undergoing some social changes lately. Do you have a bull at home babe?”

“No, but I may have a Dom. I hope everything works out for you Lisa. I have to go now. More orders to deliver. Thanks for the tip and good luck.”

“See you again Brie. Stay true to yourself.”

Back to the car and on to the next hungry soul.

“Well, is she like you?”

“Yes, just a little more advanced and experienced. She has a bull.”

“A bull?”

“The term doesn’t really apply to straight people, but if you ask Suzie out you could become her bull.”

“OK, take a breather, we are heading to the neighborhood across South Main.”

I sat back in the seat and day dreamed about having a bull of my own. Then I shook my head violently, I think bulls take what they want, when they want it. And if I agree to Mistress Z’s proposal, I will have my hands full.

Next stop, wouldn’t you know it, was Ken’s house. You know, the Ken who suppose to be out of town with his wife.

“Left side of back seat. Large pizza and a Greek salad.”

Greek salad? He wife is home. Nothing I could about it, so I just grabbed the food and headed up to the house.

“Hi, One Large Pizza and One Greek Salad. $25.50 Sir.” I said “Greek Salad” rather firmly.

He whispered “Hi Brie, nice to see you. Her job forced a change for the weekend.”

“Well, maybe the unexpected home time will give you and your wife a chance to stand in the corner.”

He handed me $60 and said “Keep it.”

I held the containers upward in my left hand and reached down to his crotch with my right hand and went to work on his married dick. He was in evening PJ pants which allowed me to reach straight into them and give his hardening cock a quick 60 second work out. I so wanted him to have a big wet spot when he went back into the house. I wanted a wet spot in my mouth, but all I going to get, or give, was a porch hand job for one minute.

I whispered “Think of me when you long dick your wife tonight.”

Long enough, I had to go. As I turned to leave, I bent over to adjust my shoe strings, you know, the shoe strings I never tie. I bet his wife didn’t know he tipped his horny CD trannie an extra $20 tonight. Oh well.

Jimmy J was looking over his shoulder to pull out in the street. While he wasn’t looking, I mixed up the extra money Ken gave us so he wouldn’t notice who gave what in terms of tips. Ken is still my secret. Then I took a moment to send Suzie a text.

“Dry your panties. Jimmy J is going to talk to you tonight.”

Suzie the freak replied “I always have spare panties in my car.”

I Kurtköy escort replied “You’re such a slut LOL.”

We had 2 deliveries to go on the other side of town so we had a few minutes to talk.

“Jimmy J, do you mind if I call a night after these last two deliveries? I’m pretty tired.”

“No problem. It always slows down a bit after 11 pm. I can handle it. I’m just not sure I can handle Suzie.”

“Thanks. Listen, I don’t mean to get into your business, but go out with her once and see what develops. Nothing bad will happen and you might get your dick wet within a few dates.”

Then I sent Suzie another text.

“Your Jimmy J is safe. Be back in 10.”

“You OK?”

“Ken boner issue.”

“Did you feel him up?”

“Big time.”

“Did you suck his dick?”

“His wife was home.”

“See you in 10, slut.”

Back at the shop Jimmy J and Sal starting the re-loading process. Suzie walked over to the little table I was sitting at.

“Is he going to talk to me tonight?”

“I’m pretty certain that he will. Push your boobs up.”

Jimmy J was about ready to head out on his own to finish the night’s runs when he approached Suzie.

“Suzie, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Now I’m a match-marker cross dresser with some sexual experience.

I headed for the restroom to pull myself together and give them a few minutes to talk. After I straightened myself up, I went back behind the counter and stood next to Suzie.

“We are going to dinner Monday night.”

“That’s great Suzie. I’m so happy for both of you. But you should probably let him know that you know about our 2 adventures so no one has to try and hide something later.”

“You’re funny. By 2 adventures you mean the two times you sucked his cock and swallow his seed?”

“Yes, Mistress Z, that’s what I mean. It will be better if everything is out in the open. No secrets.”

“I agree. And if you keep calling me Mistress Z, I will begin to believe that we have an agreement, so to speak. Do we?”

“Not 100% just yet Mistress Z. But I’m willing to try things out in my head before submitting to your deepest desires. I mostly concerned that your desires may be a little dark for me.”

“I’ll be easy on you. I love you and I want you to have only the best of experiences. I’m here to help you, not hurt you. However, now that I have a date with Jimmy J, I am considering myself taken. So, sex between you and I is over, for now. Are you OK with that?”

“Yes Mistress Z. May I continue to flirt with Ken Mistress Z?”

“Yes Brie, even though he is married, you may flirt with Ken, you are allowed to jack him off and permission is granted for you to suck his cock when the opportunity presents itself. You are also free to handle other outside situations that may present themselves to you. However, your cherry will remain intact until I say so.”

“Thank you, Mistress Z. I look forward to submitting to your commands and I will obey your rules.”

“It sounds to me like we have a fulfilling life changing agreement. What say you?”

My eyes never left her eyes as I dropped to one knee, bowed my head and extended on hand up. She let me kneel for about 10 seconds and then pulled me by my extended hand. We could have picked a better location for this conversation because that’s when we heard quite sweet little Karen behind us.

“What the Game of Thrones did I just witness?”

Suzie, or Mistress Z announced “I have a witness. Now, everyone needs to get back to work.”

Everyone was disbursing as Jimmy J came from around the corner and handed me an envelope with my tip share.

“Remember I will be out of town next weekend for a wedding, so you will be working solo.”

“Thanks. I remember that you have plans and I’m excited to run the streets solo. I hope you are considering taking Suzie with you.

“We haven’t even been on our first date yet.”

“Everything will be just fine. Just don’t wait until Thursday to make up your mind. She will need time to make work arrangements for the weekend.”

“Ugh, good point. Good night Brie. Don’t forget about the company meeting in the morning.”

“Thanks for the reminder. I almost forgot.”

I went home and took a nice warm shower and prepared for bed. I thought I’d be a good little submissive and sent Mistress Z a text.

“I’ll be going to sleep now MZ.”

The reply was quick.


End Pizza delivery with a twist 05

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