Spanking Therapy

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Spanking Therapy.

Is this really what I want?

Jim stood alone in the cramped elevator, his mind racing. The last two days of anticipation had been enough to fill him with doubt, but they were nothing compared to the final ascent to the agreed upon address.

Would he be able to go through with it?

What would it be like?

Is this what I really want?

The elevator doors sliding open broke his train of thought and revealed a dimly lit hallway. Jim nervously dragged himself forward, the butterflies in his stomach urging him to stay in the elevator and ride it back to the ground floor.

He ignored the anxious words being spoken in the back of his mind and turned down the hall, heading in the direction of 809, the apartment that he had been instructed to find.

He passed several doors, all with gold numbers nailed on the outside, freezing as he arrived at the correct door.

Jim’s brain told his arm to reach out and knock on the wooden door, but the signal was lost along the way. Captured in the net of worry and anxiety that had plagued him his entire life.

He didn’t even know his name, yet he agreed to meet him here, in the middle of the night.

And for what? His version of therapy?

Jim’s legs began moving on their own, pivoting on the spot and walking away from the door. He’d only taken two steps when the handle suddenly sprang to life and the heavy wooden door shifted inwards.

“Jim?” A deep voice gently called out.

Jim turned and saw the broad shoulders of the man that he had contacted. Blue eyes behind a thick black beard looked Jim up and down, assessing him, prying into the man that stood in the hall.

“Yes, I’m Jim.” He muttered, timidly, trying to hide the fact that he had just been caught trying to run away.

“I’m Craig, come in,” he said, standing in the hall, holding the door open with one hand. “Or have you reconsidered?”

“No, I’ll come in.” Jim said, sheepishly, as he made his way to the doorway.

Only when he got close did he understand the true height and size of the man before him. He seemed a foot taller that Jim, his shoulder’s almost impossibly wide. Jim could see the outline of his deltoids through the white shirt he was wearing, his extended arm still propping the door open for him to enter the apartment.

It was also here that Jim noticed that he had only left a small gap for Jim to pass through. Being the anxious guy that he was, Jim turned his back to the man and tried to pass by without touching him. Only for Craig’s large frame to lean forward, pressing into him as he passed by.

Jim’s skin broke out in goosebumps as he felt Craig’s solid build lean against him, and for a moment, his breath against the back of his head.

A quick shuffle and Jim had crossed the threshold into the apartment. The building looked simple from the outside, but the apartment was expansive. Jim immediately took note of the expensive leather couches and the large oak table, this was the apartment of a wealthy man.

“Take a seat on the couch, please.” Craig said, closing the door behind him.

Jim felt the leather with his hand, stoking it gently before sitting down.

“Now, you know why you are here?” Craig asked, opening a cabinet drawer and removing a box.

“For therapy?” Jim said.

“Correct, and what sort of therapy are you here for?” Craig asked.

Jim immediately blushed, suddenly realizing the situation that he had gotten himself into. His throat dried up and his hands began to shake, his normal response to stressful situations.

“You can say it, Jim,” Craig pressed, “You need to say it.”

Jim’s lips trembled as he tried to get the words out, fighting against his mind.

Suddenly an aroma hit him, filling his head with musky, almost sweet smell that seemed to float around his mind. His eyes fluttered slightly at the pleasant smell as his lips parted and the words fell out.

“Spanking therapy.”

“That’s right.” Craig said turning around to face him.

Smoke rose slowly from a small wooden box on the cabinet behind him.

“Sandalwood incense.” Craig said, “From now on when you smell sandalwood it will remind you of tonight and you will instantly relax.”

Jim nodded his head slowly. He wasn’t sure if he believed in such things, but the way that the aroma had loosened him up a moment ago, he was willing to try.

“Now let’s get started, the first session is always short, you’ll be home in no time.” Craig said, moving towards him.

“First session?”

“That’s right, one of Ataşehir Escort many, now stand up.”

Jim stood from the couch; his slender frame dwarfed in the shadow of the man that stood in front of him. Now that he was closer, Jim could see that his beard wasn’t as black as he originally thought. Grey hairs were speckled throughout Craig’s bread, Jim noticed a few in his fringe too, contrasting against his wavy brown hair.

Craig’s hands reached down and unclasped Jim’s belt.

Jim instinctively grabbed his arm, trying to stop him, but Craig showed his strength, brushing his hand aside and pulling the belt free.

“The session begins now.” Craig said, his deep voice running right through Jim. “Turn around and kneel on the couch.”

Jim began to tremble, but obeyed his command, slowly turning, resting his knees on the couch before leaning forward. He had never felt more vulnerable than in that moment. His face pressed against the cool leather as his back arched, his bottom presented to Craig. Jim found solace in the fact that he still had his pants on, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep them on for much longer.

Almost immediately, he felt Craig reach around him and unbutton and pull the zip down on his pants. Jim felt fingers in the waistband, pulling them down to his knees, leaving him with only his black underwear hiding his cheeks.

“We begin now.” Craig said, shifting behind him.

Jim’s eyes winced, dreading what was about to happened, but before he could make any sort of protest or movement, a strong, wide hand came crashing down on his left cheek.

The sting was instant, sending a ripple through his body, forcing his face into the leather couch. He wanted to pull away, to run, but the heat that he felt in the skin of his cheek immediately after the first spank was enough to keep him still. It was a radiating burn that somehow painful and pleasurable at the same time.

Somehow, it felt right.

A second strike interrupted his thoughts, this time on the opposite cheek. The same stinging sensation rang through him, followed by the deep burning.

Then a third, and a fourth. Craig settled into a rhythm, alternating back and forth, spanking Jim through his underwear as he wriggled and moaned.

“You take it well.” Craig said, suddenly stopping. “Very good for a first warm up.”

“Warm up?” Jim asked, concerned.

Craig didn’t respond to him, he simply leaned forward, pressing his hulking frame against his cheeks. Jim felt his weight, his size against his back as Craig’s fingers entered the elastic of his underwear, gently pulling them down.

Jim wasn’t certain, but he thought he felt Craig’s rigid cock pressing against him too, sending shivers through his body.

The elastic of his underwear slipped over his cheeks, stinging them slightly as they passed over the impact zone of his ever-reddening cheeks. Jim felt them slide down his legs, joining his pants at his knees.

He felt his face flush with blood as the embarrassment hit him. His bare bottom pointed straight up, facing another man. He was immediately conscious of every part of his exposed body.

He felt the cool air of the apartment against his asshole, contrasting against the warmth radiating in his cheeks. He felt the sway of his balls, dangling between his legs, and shamefully, he felt his erect cock against his stomach.

Jim was glad that his face was pressed into the couch, hiding his embarrassment from Craig.

“Warm up is over.” The deep voice said from behind him.

Jim felt a hand rub across his cheeks, soothing them for a moment before rubbing up onto his lower back.

“Have you ever been spanked like this?” He asked.

Jim shook his head, pure embarrassment suppressing his ability to talk.

“Have you ever been with a man?” Craig pressed.

Jim shook his head again, the question sending shivers up his back.

A sudden flurry of spanks landed across his backside. Jim wasn’t sure if they were harder than the last ones, or if the removal of his underwear had made them seem harder.

It was enough for his eyes to well up for a moment as the continuous blows landed against his cheeks, as they began to turn a darker shade of red.

Jim had lost count of how many blows had landed on him when they abruptly stopped.

Craig’s warm hand slid off Jim’s cheek and slipped between his legs, brushing past his balls and grasping his erect cock.

Jim lifted his head and turned to look at Craig, the sensation of another man holding him making him nervous and excited at the Acıbadem Escort same time.

“Well, you’ve never been spanked or been with another man, but you sure seem to respond well to both.” Craig said, his deep voice calming Jim down as his words floated around in his dazed head.

Craigs hand swiftly retracted and Jim felt the sting of another flurry of spanks landing across his backside. Each one causing his cheeks to wobble and bounce before his hand came crashing down on the opposite one.

Jim felt dizzy for a moment the heat of his cheeks and the sting of each blow, combined with the smell of the incense willing the room, made him think he was going to pass out.

He wasn’t sure if Craig knew recognized this or if he was going to give him a break anyway, but the spanks came to a halt and Craig sat on the couch next to him. Jim looked over at the man that had just dealt out his punishment. His skin was glistening slightly, the session causing him to break sweat, his hard chest rising and falling as he caught his breath.

Jim’s eyes were drawn to the bulge in his pants. He could see the rigid outline of his cock, falling down the left leg of his jeans, the head of his member obviously swollen against the fabric.

Jim had never considered himself to have a small dick, but it seemed to pale in comparison to what Craig was hiding in his pants.

Jim felt the urge to reach out and touch it, to run his hand along the length of Craig’s swelling cock. He’d never felt the urge to see or touch a cock as strongly as his did in that moment. In that instant he would have done anything Craig asked. He wanted to touch him, suck him, fuck him.

Craig’s hand ran across his jeans, stroking the length of his cock.

“Oh, I don’t think you’re ready for this yet.” He said, grinning.

Jim unconsciously licked his lip while watching his hand glide over the bulge in his jeans, before craig reached over and dragged him across his lap.

Jim was amazed at the ease that he had moved him, his strength on show as he man handled his bare bottom across his lap.

Craig’s left arm pressed against Jim’s upper back, holding him firmly in position as his right hands gently rubbed his cheeks, which seemed to be vibrating with pain and warmth.

“You’ve done very well for a first session.” Craig said, soothingly.

Jim flinches slightly as Craig’s knuckles brushed across the back of his balls briefly, before glancing across his anus. No one had ever touched him there, but in that moment all he wanted was for Craig to touch it more.

“This is the last part of the session; you will obviously need to come back for more treatment.” Craig explained, grabbing at his sore flesh. “The next time you are nervous, or lost for words, cast your mind back to this moment. Your anxiety will drop away almost immediately.”

Jim nodded his head, his breath picking up pace as the large firm hand slid closer and closer to his most private of holes, grazing across is gently.

The pleasure of Craig touching his anus was interrupted by a quick flash of pain as his hand came down firmly against his cheeks.

Jim flinched in shock, only to find himself pinned down by Craig’s left hand, holding him over his knee.

A barrage of spanks fell upon his bare bottom, one after the other, increasing in severity as Jim began to squirm and writhe under Craig’s strong grip.

His mind started swimming again, lost in a sea of pain and pleasure as the heat radiated his backside. His usually pale cheeks covered in various shades of red as Craig’s hand continued to land down spanks, again and again.

It was now that Jim felt the pleasure coming from his erect cock grinding across Craig’s lap. Each blow on his bare cheeks forced his dick against the fabric, stimulating the underside of his cock, sending waves of pleasure through him.

Craig suddenly stopped spanking and reached down between his legs. Jim wasn’t certain what he was doing at first, but after he removed his hand it became apparent. The soft skin against Jim’s cock told him all that he needed to know.

Craig had taken his own cock out of his pants.

The spanking resumed, the sharp blows landing on him again, causing Jim to grind his cock against Craig’s huge, exposed cock. The pain on his cheeks turned to pleasure as each blow landed.

Jim felt a wetness between their cocks, he didn’t know who was starting to leak pre-cum, but the sensation turned him on relentlessly.

His breath quickened as he intentionally thrusted his cock against Craig’s member, his balls İstanbul Escort growing tighter as he quickly found himself building to an orgasm.

The aroma, the pain, the pleasure, the way Craig held him in place. It all built up to a point that Jim didn’t think he’d be able to hold on any longer, that he would erupt all over Craig’s giant cock.

Then, right at the moment of no return, Craig picked him up by the hips pushing his face down into the couch.

Still across his lap, but with his bottom raised into the air, Jim felt a hand spread pull his cheeks apart. He took a shard breath in, expecting Craig to either touch his hole, or even penetrate him with a finger.

His vision suddenly flashed bright red with pain as Craig spanked him firmly and directly on his tender asshole.

He squirmed, trying to get away, but Craig simply leant on him with more weight, holding him still while he continued to land spank after spank on his previously untouched hole.

Jim cried out in pain, kicking his lags and flailing his arms, trying to prevent his hole being punished, but every movement was thwarted by the strong man dealing out his punishment.

Tears formed in his eyes as he screamed, pleading for him to stop.

Then just as fast as the pain had begun, it suddenly stopped.

Craig’s hand delved between Jim’s legs and grasped his balls firmly, pulling on them slightly while he held them.

Jim’s body went limp as he tried to process what had just happened to him. He felt like his cheeks where on fire, but that was nothing to the sharp pain of his asshole.

“Today’s session is over.” Craig said suddenly. “What will you remember the next time you are feeling anxious?”

Jim struggled to get the words out, but not due to anxiety, due to pure exhaustion.

“This, I’ll remember this.” He mumbled.

“That’s correct. Remember how much punishment you can take. Remember that you aren’t weak. Now, get dressed.”

Craig released Jim’s balls and gently lifted him, helping him off the couch.

Jim’s knees were shaking, his hard cock standing tall, showing Craig just how much the session had turned him on.

“You’ll have to take care of this yourself.” Craig said, reaching out and wrapping his hand around Jim’s cock. “I have somewhere to be. Text me and we can organise the next session.”

Craig began walking away, heading for the bedroom.

“Let yourself out.” He said closing the bedroom door behind himself.

Jim was suddenly aware that the curtains were open, and that he was standing with his hard cock and burning red cheeks visible to the world.

He quickly pulled his pants up, wincing as the fabric rested against his freshly spanked cheeks, and made his way to the front door, pulling his shirt down to try and hide his raging erection.

He stepped into the corridor and made his way down the elevator, thankful that no one was out and about at this time of night that could see him walking with an erection stuffed into his pants.

He made it all the way to his car without being seen by anyone and slumped into the driver’s seat. As soon as he sat down, the pain from his cheeks flooded his brain. It was a deep burn combined with a sting that reminded him instantly of the thrashing that he had just received.

The feeling overwhelmed him and made his cock grow even harder.

Jim couldn’t take it anymore; he unzipped his pants and pulled his rock-hard dick out and began jerking it as hard as he could. The pain from his cheeks and his tender asshole, combined with memory of grinding his cock against Craig’s solid cock was instantly too much.

Jim came all over himself, erupting in massive ropes of thick white cum. His eyes closed as he cried Craig’s name out in pleasure, remembering his firm hands and his strength.

Jim took a moment to collect himself, looking down at the mess that he had created. He was covered in this own seed, but so was the steering wheel. He used a finger to quickly wipe the thick white cum from the wheel before he noticed the figure standing outside his window.

Craig looked down at Jim, A bright white smile behind his thick dark beard.

He had seen the whole thing.

Jim sat there, stunned unsure of what to do, until craig spoke gently. It was muffled by the window, but Jim heard it just fine.

“Swallow it.” He said.

Jim was still shaking from his orgasm, but he lifted his fingers to his mouth and eagerly took them in. With the salty taste of his own cum in his mouth, he looked Craig in the eyes before swallowing and removing his fingers.

“Good boy.” Craig said, as he walked away from the car.

Jim sat shaking, his cheeks still sore and his cock growing hard again.

He didn’t know when he would be able to come back, but he knew it had to be soon.

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