Stuck 05 – Kathy in the Cabinet

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She was cleaning her kitchen and making sure it was nice. She went through the drawers and sorted the plastic ware and lids. She looked under the counter and shook her head. She was on her knees as she began cleaning and pulling out items. Kathy reached far back and was halfway under the sink. She stuck her arm between the pipes and then realized, her arm was stuck.

She tried to get free but only got her arm stuck worse. Her tight jeans clung to her nice ass as she was on her knees. She reached for her cell phone in her back pocket but it wasn’t there. Kathy continued to try to free her arm but couldn’t get it lose. She knew she had her eighteen year old son coming home soon but wasn’t wanting him to see her stuck like she was.

Kathy heard him walk in and heard footsteps in the kitchen behind her. He stopped and looked at her and then realized how nice his moms ass was. She tried talking to him but no answer. He walked behind her and took pictures of her ass as he smiled at his naughty thought.

Kathy felt hands on her ass as they squeezed and ran down her thighs. Her eyes widened as a hand ran between her legs and rubbed back and forth. She tried to wiggle free as he intensified his rubbing. Kathy felt herself grow moist as he rubbed her crotch. She felt gaziantep escort her body try to override her mind as her sons hand picked up the pace and rub even harder.

Kathy felt herself give in as her pussy grew wet with excitement. He knew he had turned her on but was wanting her ready all the way. He continued to rub as he slid his other hand up her tank top to her bare breast and began squeezing it. Kathy moaned as her nephew was turning her on. He smiled as he heard the moans and teased her hard nipple.

He had her moaning and wanting a dick. He reached around and undid her jeans. Kathy felt her jeans and purple thong get yanked down exposing her wet hole. He couldn’t wait and had his cock out fast as he was rock hard. He smiled as he aimed and slid it into his aunts tight slit.

Kathy closed her eyes and moaned as he began fucking her. He slapped her ass making her whimper as it made her get off faster. Kathy was getting fucked at a medium pace as he was enjoying every minute of her tightness. He knew she needed laid and was making sure she was happy.

He picked up the pace as her moans grew louder. He was ramming his nine inch cock as far as he could into her wet hole. Kathy was close to getting off as he continued the adıyaman escort fast pace. He grabbed her hips and went a bit faster as her eyes rolled up and her mouth was wide open. Her cum began to flow and spurted out of her pussy with each deep thrust. He smiled as he felt her juice on his cock and kept going.

He grunted and felt himself growing close. He didn’t want to stop as it felt so good. Her pussy lips had tightened around his cock making it feel so much better. Kathy got off again as he kept slamming his dick into her as she took it. He slapped her ass again and again as her whimpers and moans grew louder with each slap.

She had a red hand print on her ass cheek as he laughed at it. He was growing even closer as he continued fucking his hot aunt. He was so close but tried to hold back as much as he could. He picked up the pace and began fucking her faster than before. He rammed his cock in and out of her wet slit as her cum dripped to the tile floor. Finally, he blew his wads into her. He grunted as he slowed to a stop. He sat there breathing heavy as he pulled his cock out.

Kathy was covered in sweat as he helped get her unstuck. She backed out of the cabinet and sat on her knees as she turned and akkent escort saw his cock, rock hard, covered in cum. He smiled at her as he grabbed her head and she opened her mouth. Her hand grabbed his shaft as she worked it back and forth using her hand and mouth. He closed his eyes as he looked up, she was sucking like a professional.

Kathy worked her tongue around the tip of his dick as she jerked him off fast with her hand. He grunted and moaned as he enjoyed it. He was already feeling himself get close to getting off yet again. Her mouth was like a vacuum as she sucked and swallowed the cum that was slowly oozing from his dick into her mouth. He grabbed her hair with both hands and went with the flow.

He began sliding her head back and forth faster and faster on his cock. Kathy’s eyes widened as he used her hair to pace her sucking. She felt his cock go deep into her throat and gag her a few times here and there as she was forced to go faster.

He was there and held her face against his body. Kathy felt the cum shooting into her mouth as she sat there looking around. She swallowed the cum as he fired it into her mouth. He smiled as he released her hair and let her slid off his dick. He looked down as the last wad shot her in the face. He laughed as she sat there dripping with his cum.

He pulled up his pants and walked out of the kitchen as she sat there with her jeans around her knees. Kathy got up and walked to her room bottomless as she took a shower to clean up. This wouldn’t be the end of their lust towards each other as it would happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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