The House Pt. 03

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Big Tits

Authors Note:

Here is part 3, I hope you like it.


I woke up with a semi and leaking pre-cum as the suction cleaned me up. I was laying on my back with my head back. The cock sleeve moved in a lazy motion stroking me only hard enough to keep the semi going.

“You slept soundly and came three times without my help. Whomever you were dreaming of really turned you on. I had to lube you more than twice so you wouldn’t chaff yourself.”

“I’m sorry it must have been someone I met a while ago.” I said.

The cock sleeve retracted as I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to shower. The seat was up for me and I got on it as the cock moved its way into my ass. It was getting easier now, I relaxed as it made its way up however this time it expanded larger right away. I grunted a little and as I took it in. My semi fit inside the sleeve at the front of the seat. It latched onto my cock and stroked it as I washed myself with soap.

“I want to add something,” The house said as two tentacles came up and attached themselves to my nipples. They played with them as the pumping in my ass picked up tempo. My head went back in pleasure from their workings on my body. The warm water was giving me a sensation that was orgasmic. I moaned loudly and ground my ass down hard on the cock I was sitting on. My nipples were being sucked on and what felt like little bites as my nipples were getting hard. The warm water was streaming down on me adding to the sensation.

I felt my legs beginning to buckle and my hips began moving forward to further thrust my cock into the sleeve. It increased suction and stroking the shaft for added sensation. I grabbed the front of the chair and with one final thrust my cock came into the sleeve and the cock in my ass moved further up and twisted enough to hit my prostate and my ass spasmed as I came. I fell back into the chair supported by the wall of the shower only. Lubed was being applied to my cock and in my ass to help with any healing that needed to be done.

“You keep making me come this hard and I may get hurt again.” I said with a smile as I felt a pop out of my ass.

“Oh you have more in you; you just don’t know it yet. I can feel it inside you.”

More lotion was being applied to my body as the chair lowered into the floor. The lotion revitalized my skin and moisturized as well. I got out of the shower and dried myself off. After putting on the clothes that were laid out for me I went down to the gym to start my strength training. The weight was increased and the reps were longer. I also added the treadmill into the routine. I had worked up a sweat this time and liked it. The blood was pumping into all aspects in my body now.

“Your heart rate has increased. That is a good sign and with more daily workouts you should be getting better faster. However now the hot tub awaits.”

“Thank you. I have a question. If you don’t mind.” I asked.

“Go ahead.”

“You told me that the realtor knows about you, does anyone else know?”

“Let me think now. I think that there are a couple people who sense that I am around. Barry from in town can feel me at times. he works for an attorney I think.”

“Yes, my attorney. I saw him the other day. He is a nice person and I like talking with hm.” I said.

“You should call him, he is nice and I sense that he would be great company for you. I know you are leaning to gay, you do like to take it in the ass. however I think that you are at least bisexual.”

I laid back in the hot tub and absorbed the heat. I felt the muscles relax and settle down. I got up and toweled off and made my way to the kitchen, it was breakfast time. I hadn’t bother to change from my work out clothes and stayed this way. I was beginning to like it; the house was not cold and my cock was in semi hard status almost permanently now. I looked over my body in the full length mirror and saw what I liked as my chest and stomach had more definition.

“Checking yourself out are you. I hope you like the improvement.”

“I do. I can feel myself getting better and thinner. Thank you.”

‘It was nothing and would have happened without my help eventually. Now eat.”

I sat down and yalova escort the sleeve came out again. Its sucking was almost addicting. I ate my breakfast and decided to finish my coffee outside. The sucking stopped and the sleeve pulled back.

“I’ll take the rest of the coffee outside. Let me know if anything needs my attention.”

“Your bed is made and the shower wiped down. There is one thing however that I should tell you. Part of my duties here is protection.”

“Oh man is there a bear outside?”

“Oh no its clear outside, just a few birds and deer. However, there was a prowler last night that tried to make it inside the garage. He didn’t make it all the way. I caught him inside and have him detained in the basement.”

“What? How did you do that without any noise?”

“I used a gas that rendered him unconscious and then it was easy. He is staked out in the basement and still asleep. He is naked however. He is a fine specimen too.”

I went down to the basement and found the man pinned to the wall spread eagle. His cock was dangling as if someone had been sucking on it. He was well toned and his ass was well rounded and firm. I noticed there was tube in his mouth that was feeding him. His eyes were blindfolded and he could not see me or the rest of the room.

“He will not be going anywhere soon. Unless you wish to release him.”

“Not yet, his cock is of nice size, isn’t it?”

“It is magnificent. His balls are large and I can see that he will need milking soon. Do you want to do it or shall I strap him to the machine?”

“I’d like to watch that, if you don’t mind?”, I said.

“Not at all. Which one? The chair or the bench?”

“Bench.” I said without hesitation.

The bench milking machine wheeled itself out of one of the closet. It had four straps that bent a milked person over the bench so that their ass was up. Tentacles shot out of the walls and moved him down onto the bench. His chest was on a pillow as his wrists and ankles were strapped in and he was secured. He still had the tube in his mouth. I saw that his cock was being stroked with the sleeve to get him harder.

The milking portion came out and replaced the sleeve on his cock. It started sucking his cock slowly at first. I could see that lube was being applied and he was moaning a bit.

“Can you take the feeding tube out please?” I asked.

The tube came out and moved back away. “Where the fuck am I?” he asked waking up.

“You break into my house and you speak to us that way? Increase the suction.” I ordered. “You will cum three times for that. Don’t worry sweet ass, you’ll make it”

I leaned down and pulled on his balls as they dangled by the suction portion. They were full indeed. “We’ll help you unload those balls and stretch your ass too.”

I spread his legs as the bench moved his legs out a bit to allow access to his ass and I spread his cheeks wide. I saw his inner ring and placed a lubed finger on it. It was tight and needed relaxing so I moved my finger in a circular motion and gently pushed forward. He moaned and moved back onto my finger, trying to fuck it.

“I do believe that he has done this before. He wants to fuck my finger.” I said.

“It would seem so; however, it has been a while. He is pre-cumming like crazy.”

“Who are you people? Why am I strapped in like this?”, he said without a focus.

“Just enjoy the experience and relax, you will get more out of it.” House said.

I could feel his ring loosen up and his ass cheeks relaxed as he moved onto my finger. I pushed it forward and made my way to his prostrate. Once there I pushed down on it. He moaned and the sleeve was sucking quickly on his cock.

“Please don’t make me cum so soon.” He pleaded.

“You may be right we have all night and you’re going to cum three times, so let’s draw this out and make it worth the time.” I said smiling.

The sleeve slowed down and a gentle suction could be heard. It was cleaning off his pre-cum and applying more lube. I pulled my one finger out and replaced with two for more stimulation. His ring was a puckered, gaping hole now. I looked down at his balls escort yalova and I saw he was going to cum soon. So, I pulled on them downwards and gave his ass one last thrust inside.

These actions caused him to explode his cum into the sleeve. His moan would have been heard by neighbors, if I had any. His body bucked and twitched with each explosion. I thought I heard him whimpering a bit and looked down at his face. I saw tears. The sleeve cleaned his cock and sucked any last cum on it.

I leaned down by his ear, “That’s one buttercup. We’ll give a minute or two for the next one.”

“I don’t think I will be able to give more”, he pleaded.

I smiled as a feeding tube went into his mouth to give food and stimulants. After 5 minutes of resting and letting the vitamins do their work the tentacles and I turned him over onto his back. his cock was cleaned, thanks to the sleeve, and was at semi hard status. I placed a hand on his cock and gently started stroking it. I could feel his warmth as I moved my hand up and down his shaft. I placed my thumb at the base and moved it up the length of the grove I felt and milked any residual cum out of him.

“I think he’s ready again.” I said.

“He is breathing easier and the simulants are doing their job. He should give a decent yield now.”

I thought I heard a hint of laughter in the house’s tone. His legs were moved up and I moved between his legs to get easy access to his ring. I could see that it was swollen from earlier. I placed a finger on the hole it, felt warm and needed some lube.

I choose one that started out cold and heated up later. I traced his ring with my lubed finger and I heard a moan from his lips. I saw that two suction tentacles were on his nipples and his cock responded. I leaned forward taking his cock into my mouth. He tasted great. The length went into my mouth easily and it responded with a twitch of the shaft. I smiled a bit and hummed up and down the shaft.

My finger worked its way into the hole slowly and popped passed by the ring. I let it sit there for a bit for his ass to get used to being penetrated. He relaxed and I moved forwarded while sucking his cock. His moaning was spurring me on and I sucked harder stopping at the tip for an extra suck. My finger made its way to the bulge inside that is his prostrate. I pushed up on it and his hips bucked up pushing his cock further into my mouth.

“He’s going to cum soon unless we want to stop him.” The house said.

“He has to cum three times, that is his sentence for breaking into my house.” I said.

“Very well, push harder on his prostrate and the second one will fill your mouth.”

I did and clamped harder on his cock with my mouth sucking quicker and harder. I rotated my finger on the gland in his ass and when I felt his body quiver I pushed down harder on it. His hips bucked up and he came hard into my mouth. I took it all in mouth as moved my finger in and out of his ass. When he was done convulsing, I let the cock slip from my mouth.

“Time for cleanup and the next round.” I said.

“No, I can’t give anymore. It’s too much!” He pleaded.

“Should have thought about that before you broke into this house. Did you think that you would get away with it without being punished?” House said.

After saying that a tube came down fast on his cock and started the cleanup process. It was rather hard on his cock due to him being sensitive. I guided the tube up and down to suck up all the cum on his shaft and balls.

He was being fed by another tube again keeping him hydrated. He seemed to stop fighting it and took it. Guiding the tube in my hands I moved it down to his ring and placed it at his ring and moved forward. It was larger than my finger so he squirmed a bit. I moved it forward at a steady pace. It was flushing his ass with warm water, preparing it for the fucking it was going to get.

I flushed out his ass and cleaned his ring, I saw that it was red and needed a rest. I decided to give him one, “Let’s let him rest for 15 minutes for the final push.” I said as I got up and walked around the room.

“Ok, but I am going to get these supplements yalova escort bayan down his throat though.”

I smiled and went to the kitchen to wash my own hands and parts that needed it. I had some coffee and a donut for energy as I checked the clock. Time is almost up and I made my way back to the garage. I entered the garage and I saw that he was hard already with the tube in his mouth.

“He is ready and hard enough that this time he may pass out after cumming.” House said.

“Great, we will take an extra way around then for the buildup. I have something in mind.”

Having said that I moved down to his cock and touched the tip, he was hard, harder than before, I thought that he could have pounded nails. I placed my coffee mug next to his balls, it wasn’t too hot but enough to get his attention. He moaned a bit and I replaced the cup with my hand and stroked him. I felt his pulse and it was strong, he pushed his hips like he wanted more.

I moved my hands down to his balls making my way to his hole. I kneaded his balls a bit and I saw that there was a little pre-cum at the tip of his cock. I smiled and stroked his cocked once to get what I could out. It dribbled down his shaft. This helped lubricate his cock.

My hands found his hole and circled the outside of the ring as it puckered to the touch. I found the lube on the table next me that had a relaxant in it. I had some on the tip of my fingers and had them circling the ridges and I felt the muscles relax. I saw the hole open a bit. I blew a little on the opening and it twitched. He moaned deeply, “Ahh that felt great!” He said.

I moved my lubed little finger inside the hole to opened it a little more. It opened more and I inserted two fingers inside and spread them wide, opening the hole more. I moved the fingers in and out in a steady rhythm. His cock got harder and was twitching.

This told me that he was getting ready to shoot. I stroked my cock a little to get it going. I inched closer to his opening hole and I took a moment to dip my cock into the coffee. The warmth soothed my cock and the liquid coated it somewhat. Leaning forward I placed the tip at the opening.

“What are you waiting for? Fuck him.” House said.

“Just a little bit longer, he’ll be begging for it.” I said.

I felt the sphincter relax and I move forward with my hips. He moaned in satisfaction. I stopped when I was as far as I could go and stopped. I let his hole adjust to my member.

“How’s my bitch?” I asked him.

“Being fucked. It feels like I have a large load.” He said.

“Just relax and you don’t have to dump a load.”

I started to move back and forth as I saw the tentacles twist his nipples. I held on to his cock as an anchor and increased my speed. He moaned his satisfaction.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder.” He said. I sped up my thrusts with a grunt.

I got into a rhythm and holding on to his hips for more thrusting leverage. His legs were up and over my shoulders. This widened his hole and allowed for deeper penetration. I reached for his cock and felt the throbbing in his shaft.

I stroked his cock in time with my thrusting. I could see that he enjoyed this as he was leaking pre-cum. It wasn’t a lot as he already cum a lot tonight. I felt my own cum ready to spurt so I sped up my thrusting.

“Ok, I’m going to cum now into your hole and you’re cumming with me.” I said.

I was fucking him hard and fast now with my balls slapping his backside. I felt house reaching down to my ass and inserting a small tentacle in my ass. This sent me over the edge and I came with such force that I felt like I had hit his stomach from the inside. He came too and spurt with a force that hit his chest. I keep stroking his cock. Keeping a pace that kept him hard. He spasmed hard and I could tell with which stroke that it started to hurt.

I slipped out of his ass and a tube came down to clean up my cock and lubricate it. It felt great as my breathing came back to normal. I got up and walked out of the room and into the kitchen. As I walked out of the garage I heard the hiss as a gas was being sprayed on our friend.

“He is unconscious now. I will awaken him far away from here. I have scanned his wallet and got his identification. This is a precaution,” House said.

“Good. Where will you leave him?” I asked.

“Somewhere close to the city. He will not remember anything from this afternoon.”

I went to the porch and relaxed with a coffee as a deer I smiled as a deer came out of the brush.

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