The Lady in the Cinema Ch. 02

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The Lady in the Cinema — Chapter Two

This story commences where Chapter One left off and introduces Jack’s friend Helen into the equation. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to comments and feedback.


A couple of months after the events related in Chapter One, it was late July, I think, Linda and I were cuddled up on the settee one wet Sunday afternoon watching a moderately dull film and drinking a bottle of Chablis. The Chablis was a present to me from Linda because I’d secured a big contract with the local council and I was going to hire some help; it was a big step for me. After the Chablis I was going to take her upstairs.

At one point in the film, near the end, there was a sex scene between two ladies. Nothing too explicit; it was mainstream television. But it was an erotic scene and I felt the stirrings of an erection as I watched the simulation of the older of the two ladies going down on the younger. I was also suddenly aware that Linda was watching intently; that she had blushed a delicate pink and that her breathing had become faster. It was clear to me that she was aroused.

As the credits came up I switched off the TV and led my lover up to our bedroom where I undressed her and pushed her onto the bed. ‘Get on your knees,’ I said, ‘I’m going to take you from behind.’ She knelt down in the middle of the bed and spread her legs, giving me a view of her hairy vulva. She reached between her legs and started stroking her pussy, running a finger up and down her labia, parting the pink lips and sinking her finger inside. Linda was a wonderful lover, gentle, thoughtful and accommodating, but this overt sexuality was unusual. I stripped off and climbed onto the bed behind her, hand grasping my cock. Kneeling between her legs I rubbed my swollen cock head up and down her labia, feeling the wetness inside. It was as I had thought; she was very turned on. I sank my meat inside her, right up to my balls, and started fucking her with long, hard strokes while Linda masturbated herself with one fingertip. She was hot and liquid inside and I felt the walls of her vagina grip me as I pounded into her, my hands on her hips. Then she surprised me even further.

‘Why don’t you put it in my naughty hole and do me there?’ Linda rarely used bad language, even during sex. Instead she used a set of euphemisms, like naughty hole for her anus.

I wasn’t going to turn down an offer like that. Pushing her flat onto the bed I grabbed the lubricant from my bedside table and squeezed a big blob straight onto her anus, working it in with my fingers with the confidence of experience. Linda mewled with pleasure, her hand working at her cunt. I guided myself to her and pushed against her sphincter.

‘No, Jack,’ she said. ‘In the other position.’ We’d experimented with different positions for anal sex and concluded that few were as easy or felt as good as with her lying face down. The exception was the missionary position. Penetrating her anus in that position was highly erotic and enabled me to look at her and kiss her and suck and bite her nipples as I fucked her arse. Now she turned over and drew her knees almost up to her shoulders, demonstrating her suppleness and exposing her cunt and anus to me. I guided my cock head to her and pushed it against her little brown pucker. Linda knew what to do and relaxed herself allowing the head of my penis to slip inside.

I still took it gently, sinking slowly in, allowing her physiology to adjust to my invasion. The awesome experience of fucking my gorgeous elderly lover in her arse while she masturbated had not tarnished with time. It felt so good inside her and I was, as always, entranced by the sight of her red-nailed fingertip circling and stroking her clitoris, occasionally diving into her hairy muff so that I could feel her finger against my cock. I’d never known sex like this before. Never known or shared such intimacy. It was extraordinary.

Now she smiled shyly up at me as I thrust into her rectum. ‘Does that feel good, Jack?’ In reply I leaned over and kissed her and felt her tongue slip into my mouth. My balls were making a soft slapping noise against her buttocks and my cock was making a squelching noise as it went in and out of her heavily lubricated passage. I was aware of the fingers of her right hand playing with her clitoris, now I felt her slide at least two fingers into her pussy and curl them, as if seeking her G spot. But instead of massaging her vagina, she withdrew the fingers and held them tantalisingly under her nose, smelling her own scent. This behaviour was definitely new. And very exciting. As I watched she put two of her red-tipped fingers into her mouth and licked them clean of her cunt juices. ‘Would you like some, darling,’ she breathed to me. I nodded mutely and she slid her fingers back into herself, bringing them out again and holding them up to my mouth, pushing them between my lips so I could taste her musky, salty, silken secretions. I sucked her fingers clean and as I did so my climax was on me like a summer storm. My stomach turned to jelly and my legs shook as waves of intense pleasure flooded my brain and my cock pumped its load into Linda’s anus. I was dimly aware of her Linda gasping and moaning beneath me as her orgasm flooded through her pussy and viscera and left her slack and limp escort gaziantep bayan on the bed.

I withdrew slowly, as always, and semi-collapsed next to her. Our sex was always good, but this had exceeded all previous limits of eroticism. I’d never heard her directly ask for anal intercourse and I’d never seen her lick her own juices off her fingers or offer her sopping fingers to me. ‘Bloody hell, Linda, what just happened? Was it watching those two women on the television?’ She went pink with embarrassment and I felt a bit of a pig. She was silent for a few moments and then she began to speak.

Linda told me that yes, she had been very turned on by the scene in the film. She had a fantasy going back many years about having a sexual encounter with another woman. ‘I could never have initiated anything,’ she said. ‘I’d have been too frightened. And I’d probably run a mile if a woman made a pass at me. But I’ve always wanted to find out what another woman feels like and tastes like. Is that awful, Jack? I’m not gay or anything… well, you know that! It’s a fantasy, just that.’

I lay back and stared at the ceiling, a thought forming in my mind. Should I say anything? Would I dare to suggest it? My stomach gave a little flip of excitement and I took the plunge. ‘I know someone who would probably satisfy your desires. A woman, I mean.’

‘Are you serious?’ said Linda.

‘Yes. She’s a friend of mine. Helen. I think I may have mentioned her. She’s bi-sexual. Thing is, she prefers younger men, like me, but when it comes to women she prefers something a bit more mature.’

Linda was blushing furiously now. ‘Oh, Jack, I couldn’t possibly. I’d be much too embarrassed. Besides, I don’t even know her.’

‘Well, we could have dinner together or something. Give you a chance to meet her. We don’t even have to tell her, so if you don’t fancy her then no harm done.’

Linda’s breathing rate had increased again and her face was pink. ‘I don’t know, Jack, I really don’t think I could go through with it.’

‘Ok,’ I said, ‘let’s drop it for now. But if you change your mind, let me know. I’d like you to meet Helen anyway, she’s a lovely girl.’

‘One of your ex’s?’

‘Hm, not really. More like friend with benefits. We used to sleep together occasionally, when we were between partners.’

Nothing more was said on the subject that evening, or indeed for the next few days. But the following Thursday, after we’d cleared the dinner stuff away and were sitting watching the late news, Linda broached the subject.

‘About your friend Helen.’ Suddenly I was all ears. ‘Could we just meet her with no strings attached?’

‘Of course.’

So I called Helen the following day and we had a long chat and I told her all about Linda and she was very intrigued. ‘How old did you say she was, Jack?’ she asked, in the accent of the country west of the Pennines, where she came from.

‘I didn’t.’ I’d said she was much older than me but left it at that. ‘If you must know she’s sixty-two.’

‘How interesting,’ drawled Helen. ‘My friend Jack with an older lover. I thought that was my province.’

‘I’d like you to meet her,’ I said.

‘I would very much like to meet her too,’ replied Helen and we settled on a date a couple of Saturdays hence in a little bistro on the outskirts of the town centre.

Linda, predictably, was a bundle of nerves in the days leading up to the meeting. I assured her that everything would be fine and that she and Helen would get on well, but I couldn’t pacify her. She had her hair done on the Saturday morning and spent the afternoon putting on dresses and taking them off and pacing around the house in a state of agitation. In the end I marched her into the bedroom, hiked up her dress and fucked her over the dressing table while she masturbated herself. That, and a hot bath, settled her down nicely and she let me choose her outfit — a dark-blue cocktail dress. I also suggested she wore stockings and suspenders.

Linda took a long time over her makeup and the taxi had arrived by the time she came downstairs. But I had to admit she looked good. Slim and shapely, her fabulous legs encased in black stockings, her hair shining and loose and her makeup subtle and carefully applied. The essence of sexy maturity.

‘You look gorgeous,’ I told her, and I meant it.

‘How old did you say Helen was?’

‘I think she’s thirty-five or six.’

‘Well she’ll look a lot better than me.’ I told her not to be silly and bundled her into the taxi.

Although we got to the bistro on time, Helen was already there; she was always punctual and considered it a discourtesy to be late, which it is. She stood up when she saw us come through the door and came over with a big smile.

Helen is an attractive lady; tall and slim with long, dark-brown hair and deep blue eyes. She’s also got small but deliciously firm and pert breasts and long, slender legs. A generous, full-lipped mouth in an oval face pretty much completes the picture. This evening she was wearing a white blouse and a black pencil skirt which made her look as if she’d just come from the office. It also made her look rather ravishing and I had a brief, remembered vision of what she looked like naked.

She kissed us both on the escort gaziantep bayan ilanları cheek and we went to the table and a waiter appeared and we ordered drinks. I won’t dwell on the evening except to say that it was an outstanding success. Helen is great company, and she straightaway made Linda feel comfortable, which was typical of her. We ate well and drank rather a lot of wine and talked about everything under the sun and Helen and Linda discovered that they knew a lot of the same places for walking, not just locally but nationwide, and they were chatting like old friends as the dessert dishes were being cleared away. Shortly after that Linda disappeared to the toilets and Helen and I were left alone.

‘She’s lovely,’ said Helen. ‘And very attractive.’ She gave me an enigmatic smile. ‘Was there some special reason for inviting me to meet her?’

I was glad the bistro was dimly lit as I felt the blood rise in my cheeks. ‘Yes,’ I began hesitantly, ‘I suppose there was. But I can’t talk about it now,’ I added as I saw, with some relief, Linda returning to the table.

We said goodbye on the pavement outside. Linda and Helen hugged and Helen kissed Linda full on the lips. Then she did the same to me, whispering, ‘I’ll be hearing from you then,’ in my ear as a parting shot. It didn’t sound like a question.

Linda was fizzing with excitement in the taxi home, asking questions about Helen and how pretty she was and what a nice figure she’d got and how interesting her conversation was. We went to bed soon after getting home and Linda was all over me: kissing me, stroking and sucking my cock. She even moistened a finger and slid it into my anus as she fellated me, something she very rarely did. Eventually she straddled me and rode herself to a gasping, sweating climax before collapsing into my arms; a long way from her normally submissive role. I rolled her over onto her back and penetrated her with a long, hard thrust, holding her arms down and kissing her as I fucked her, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth as I squirted my spunk inside her.

Afterwards we lay together, our bodies cooling in the mild August night. ‘So I should go ahead and set something up?’ I asked. ‘Something with Helen, I mean.’

‘I don’t know, Jack. I’m not sure I could go through with it.’

‘But you did fancy her,’ I suggested.

‘Oh God yes! She’s just the type I’ve fantasised about: slim and dark and those lovely full lips… Gosh, I’m getting all excited again. Oh, Jack! I want to but…’ She thought for a few moments. ‘Would you be there with me, Jack?’

‘Of course, if you want me to be.’

‘I think I’d be alright if you were there.’

We talked for another half-hour. Linda was excited and nervous in equal measure but the upshot was that she agreed I should call Helen and sound her out. ‘She might not fancy me,’ she pointed out. I didn’t think Linda had any worries on that score, but I just said I’d ring her the next day.

‘Hi Jack,’ said Helen, answering my call. ‘I was sort of expecting a call from you. Let me see if I’ve got this right: you’ve persuaded Linda into a threesome and you wondered whether your old bi-sexual friend Helen might be up for it. Am I close?’ She sounded amused.

‘It wasn’t my idea actually, I said. ‘Well, it was my idea to ask you, but it was Linda who said she was interested in other women.’

‘You surprise me. She doesn’t come across as the type.’

‘Well, no,’ I replied. ‘That’s part of what I love about Linda. She’s very conventional on the surface but she’s becoming less and less inhibited in bed. I think she’s surprised herself.’

‘I see. And I assume from your call that I passed the inspection.’

‘With distinction,’ I told her. ‘In fact she wouldn’t stop talking about you and how pretty you were and how interesting.’

‘The secret passionate sort is rather my type,’ said Helen after a pause. ‘And she is very attractive.’

‘And you’ve got a bit of a thing for the more mature lady,’ I added.

‘And I’ve got a bit of a thing for the more mature lady,’ she agreed. There was another pause and I waited anxiously. I was becoming increasingly turned on by the idea of a threesome with Linda and Helen. The possibilities seemed endless. But if Helen wasn’t interested there was no one else I could turn to. ‘You’re in luck, Jack,’ she said at last. ‘I’m not seeing anybody serious at the moment and the idea of sex with your friend is very appealing. The idea of getting reacquainted with your cock is quite appealing too. I assume you’re going to be present?’

‘Yes,’ I confirmed. ‘Linda was very insistent on that point.’

‘I can understand that. This will be her first time with another woman I take it.’


‘Ok, I’m up for it. But let me take charge. I’ll be much better tuned to how Linda’s feeling. And sorry to sound gross, but does she do anal?’

‘Yes,’ I replied, feeling a bit guilty.

‘Good,’ said Helen, we can introduce her to the delights of a double penetration.’

We agreed a date and a few other details and disconnected and I went in search of Linda, who was pottering about in the back garden. ‘How did it go?’ she asked quickly, as I came up behind her and put my arms around her, my hands cupping her gaziantep bayan escort reklamları small breasts.

‘We’re on. Helen’s coming round next Saturday.’

‘Oh God! I’ll be a bag of nerves all week! Is she coming for dinner?’

‘Yes, but she suggested we could have dinner afterwards. It would be too awkward before. The plan is that we have a glass of wine when she gets here and then we just go to bed.’

‘All three of us?’

‘All three of us,’ I confirmed.

‘I think I might be having a few drinks before she gets here.’

Linda was right; she was a bag of nerves all week. She also wanted sex more than usual, which is to say that she wanted it when I got home from work as well as when we went to bed at night. She seemed to be in a constant state of arousal. One morning I told her that I was going to have her over the kitchen table the moment I stepped through the door. When I got home that afternoon she was waiting in the kitchen and as I came through the doorway from the hall she leaned over the table and lifted her skirt right up over her back, revealing the fact that she had no knickers on. This display of lust and wantonness in my reserved and mature lover was exquisite. My cock was out in a flash and I put a hand on her back to hold her down while I guided myself to her slit. She was a sea of hot liquid and I sank my seven inches in and fucked her hard while she gripped the edge of the table with her red-tipped fingers, her knuckles white.

Late Saturday afternoon found us sitting in the front room, in silence, consulting the clock every thirty seconds or so. ‘I hope she won’t be late,’ said Linda, gnawing at a knuckle.

‘She won’t be,’ I promised.

Linda gave me a small smile but said nothing. She was wearing a sleeveless cotton dress and she looked very slender and vulnerable and I felt a twinge of guilt before reminding myself that this was essentially her idea.

The doorbell announced Helen’s arrival on the dot of four and I went to let her in. She was wearing a white summer dress which contrasted beautifully with her long, dark hair. She was bare-legged and had applied her makeup carefully; and she had an overnight bag with her. She looked very lovely.

She gave me a long, full-lipped kiss and, leaving her bag in the hall, I ushered her through into the front room where Linda stood to meet her. Helen went straight across and kissed Linda on the lips. ‘How lovely to see you! And what a beautiful house you’ve got!’ I poured drinks and handed them around as Helen said, ‘I’ve heard lots about your garden. May I see it?’ It was the best thing she could have said and I silently applauded my friend’s tact and judgment. She took Linda’s arm and they went through into the dining room and out through the double doors into the big, private back garden and I stood at the window and watched them stroll round, Linda pointing to things as she explained what everything was.

By the time they got back into the house, Linda was looking considerably more relaxed. I filled up their glasses and said, ‘Right, shall we…’ motioning upwards with one hand.

‘If Linda’s ready,’ said Helen.

‘I’m ready,’ said Linda, quietly, and we went upstairs into our big bedroom at the front of the house, Helen stooping in the hall to pick up her bag.

The bedroom at the front of the house, our bedroom, was a big, well-appointed room with a bay window, where Linda’s dressing table stood, a big old bed with an old-fashioned brass bedstead, a couple of easy chairs, and a door which led to a little dressing room and an en-suite bathroom. Helen dropped her bag on the blanket chest at the foot of the bed and looked around approvingly.

‘Jack, why don’t you go and make yourself comfortable in one of those chairs while Linda and I get a bit better acquainted?’ Linda looked a bit uncertain, in fact she looked downright nervous. I sat down in one of the chairs, feeling a bit superfluous.

Then Helen stepped forward to stand in front of Linda. She looked at her with serious eyes for a few seconds, her mouth slightly open, as if assessing her. ‘You’re a very desirable lady,’ she said, evenly. ‘I desire you very much.’ Linda blushed, still looking faintly worried as Helen slowly raised her arms and put her hands on Linda’s upper arms and drew Linda gently towards her. Linda put her arms around Helen, a little awkwardly, her red fingernails bright against Helen’s dress. They were both tall ladies, five seven or eight, and both were wearing two-inch heels so their faces were very much on a level. And now they looked at each other from about a foot away, saying nothing, the tension in the bedroom building until I felt like screaming, ‘Kiss her, for Christ’s sake!’ Helen broke the tension, as I had anticipated. She put a hand behind Linda’s head and stroked her blonde hair. Then she drew Linda’s head to hers, tilting her face as Linda’s red-lipsticked lips met her red-lipsticked lips. The scene was devastatingly erotic: the younger, dominant female with her much older, but inexperienced, protégé. Helen kissed Linda softly and gently, her lips slightly parted her eyes closed. Linda’s eyes were closed too and, sitting in my chair, with an uncomfortable bulge in my trousers, I saw the moment of acceptance as Linda opened her mouth to invite Helen’s tongue in, and stroked Helen’s back with her long, slim fingers. Helen’s arms went around Linda’s slender frame and they were kissing, properly, exploring, their red lips mashed against each other, sucking at tongues and lips, mouths working, heads moving, eyes closed, hands either pressing themselves together in a fevered embrace, or twining fingers in each other’s hair: Linda’s shining blonde contrasting with Helen’s dark chestnut.

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