BabySitter’s Panties

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Sally was our baby-sitter and she was quite a nice young lass of about nineteen. She was reasonably intelligent, appeared to be popular, generally had a boyfriend, and was very pretty. Dark hair, hazel eyes, and creamy olive skin that was absolutely flawless.

Her taste in clothes was a bit iffy but that was just my opinion. Kate, my wife, found nothing unreasonable about the way she dressed. It was a hot summer day when she last came around to sit for us and, quite frankly, I thought she was a trifle underdressed.

“You know she’s not wearing a bra,” I pointed out to Kate, and got laughed at.

“Well, look at her,” Kate said, gently deriding me. “If I had a figure like hers I wouldn’t wear one in this weather, either. It’s not as though she need the support at her age.”

Which was true enough. Her breasts were firm and stood proud, as plainly showed when she passed between me and the sun. They might have been covered but they were still on display. Still, she was not my daughter, so I wasn’t going to have a heart attack over the way she dressed.

If Sally had one major fault it was gullibility. She would believe what you told her, mainly because she was a lazy thinker. Stories that wouldn’t stand up to even a second of analytical thinking were swallowed whole, as thinking for herself was too much bother.

Oddly enough, this trait wasn’t obvious when she was dealing with children. She seemed to see them from a different viewpoint, not trusting the little devils one solitary inch. If they told her something then they’d better be able to prove it with factual references and witnesses. Affidavits signed in blood wouldn’t hurt. I’ve never seen a child put one over on her. It was a strange dichotomy.

We left her that night and went out to our party. I was the designated driver for the night (damn it) and had to stay sober, but Kate was able to let her hair down a little. She quite enjoyed the night.

When we returned home Kate was feeling no pain. Not that she was drunk, just slightly tipsy. She gets mischievous when she’s at this stage. We rolled up at our place and entered quite quietly. Kate called out softly to Sally to let her know we were home but got no reply. The TV was on in the front room and so we wandered in there.

There was Sally, dead to the world on the couch. Nothing wrong with that but I was amused to see that at some stage her dress had ridden up. The dress wasn’t all that long to start with and it didn’t take much movement for it to have risen a bit more than Sally would have liked if she’d known. As a matter of fact it had ridden high enough that it was bunched around her waist, leaving her panties on display.

This, of course, is when Kate’s mischievous streak got the better of her.

“I bet you that you can’t remove those without waking her,” she said.

“You’re kidding?” I said.

“Um, no, not really. She’s got a nice figure and it would be fun to see her naked. Is it a bet?”

“Depends,” I said. “Exactly what are we betting?”

“Oh. Can’t have a bet without stakes, can we. Um, if she wakes up you’ll have to apologise and pay her double her fee. If she doesn’t wake up you can screw her after we wake her up.”

“You’re Gaziantep Oral Escort kidding?” I said. I know I was repeating myself, but what the hell? “You don’t suppose she might object to having me fuck her?”

“Um, she might, but she’ll do it if I tell her she should.”

Now I knew she had to be kidding. I could just see Sally saying, “Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full,” when advised that she had to spread her legs for me. Still, it would be fun to peel her panties off.

I slid my hands inside her panties, spreading my fingers and lifting the panties away from her skin. Then I gently drew them downwards. The only places where the panties actually touched her were across her bottom as I slid them down and between her legs. Her skin I noticed was smooth as silk, which helped, with the panties just gliding over her. Sally slept on, blissfully unaware that she was now showing her all.

Kate was giggling.

“I just knew that she was the sort of girl who would shave herself,” she said, indicating a smooth mons. “She’s so smooth that I’ll swear she must have had a wax job. Painful thing to do. Let’s wake her up.”

I gently shook Sally’s shoulder until she stirred and opened her eyes.

“Oh, hi,” she said. “I guess I just dozed off.”

“You might say that,” I agreed, and then Kate chipped in, telling Sally all about the party. I just sat on the edge of the couch, enjoying the view, as Sally hadn’t yet realised the state of her clothing. I could hear a touch of mirth in Kate’s tone and knew that she was also enjoying the situation.

I think Sally noticed Kate’s eyes flick down to where she was somewhat exposed because she glanced down at herself. Instant blush. She made a sort of squeaking noise and her hands darted down to push her dress into position. I had to move quite smartly to catch her hands before she could hide the goodies.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. “Oh, dear. Where are my panties?”

“Oh, I had a bet with Michael as to whether he could take them off without waking you,” Kate said airily. “It turned out he could and we lost the bet. That’s why he stopped you pushing your dress down. The bet says you’ll have to be naked.”

It did? News to me, although I wasn’t objecting.

“I have to be naked?” asked Sally. “Why me?”

“Because I place the bet on your behalf. You wouldn’t want me to go back on my word. We have our honour as women to think of. We can’t let a man think that we don’t respect our word just as much as they respect theirs. You know how funny men are about debts of honour.”

“But exactly what did you bet?” Sally asked in a half wail.

“Um, you, actually. I said that if he could take your panties off, he could take advantage of you. Ah, you have to take off your dress and then he’s going to, ah, you know?”

Sally’s face was an interesting shade of red.

“Do you really expect me to let him. . .?” Her voice trailed away.

“Ah, yes, dear. You’ll find he’s quite good at it. I’ll tell you what. So you won’t feel rushed, once you’ve taken off your dress Michael will lie down and you can settle down on top of him. That way you’ll be in charge of him taking you. Let me help you.”

With that Kate was helping Sally stand and was lifting her dress over her head for her, leaving her standing there naked. (Like I’d observed earlier – no bra.)

Kate and Sally were both looking at me, Kate with hands on her hips.

“What are you waiting for, Michael? A written invitation? Get undressed and lie down.”

Not believing that this was happening I hastened to obey. I did not for one moment think that Sally would let me screw her just because Kate told her should. Still, it did give me a chance to check out a lovely young woman naked, and let me show off my own personal attributes.

Liking a little bit of room around me I didn’t bother to lie on the couch, instead choosing to settle down on the rug in front of it. My, ah, personal attributes were well and truly on display, and Sally was staring at them, looking somewhat nervous.

She turned and hissed something quietly to Kate and I assumed that this was where she was jacking up. From the way Kate giggled and whacked Sally lightly on the arm I guess I was mistaken. Then Sally said something else and Kate laughed.

“It’s easy,” she said. “Just sit on his tummy, knees either side of him. Then you can wriggle back a bit until you feel him. Then just do what you feel like. You’ll see it comes naturally.”

Now it seemed to me that Sally could in no possible way be a virgin, otherwise she’d have flatly refused. It also seemed that maybe she didn’t have a plethora of experience. Maybe woman on top was new to her. Hopefully she’d gain something from this little episode.

Moving nervously Sally sat, straddling my stomach. Then she eased herself back towards my groin, coming to an abrupt halt, blushing, when she felt my erection touching against her backside. She only paused for a moment, though, continuing to press back until I could feel my erection being forced high.

She stopped at that point, seeming to be considering the situation. I didn’t say anything, letting her work it out for herself. (And I didn’t want to frighten her off.) Coming to a decision she leaned forward until her dangling breasts were brushing against my chest. This new position also meant that my cock was, instead of pressing between the cleft of her buttocks, pressing against her cleft proper, her lips brushing against me.

She moved slightly, rubbing herself up and down against the length of me. I could feel her heat and her moisture. I have to admit that surprised me a little. She was far more aroused than I’d have expected. Even her nipples were erect, and I hadn’t even touched her breasts. Yet.

She rubbed herself against me a few times before stopping and taking a deep breath. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth and a look of concentration came over her face. She raised her bottom, letting my cock slide along her slit, continuing to lift until my cock, following its natural inclination, started leaning back towards me. This brought its head brushing along her slit, coming to rest where her inner lips were puffed and seeking it.

Still concentrating, she pressed back and down, her lips parting, my cock easing up between them. Once this had started, Sally straightened, sitting erect, letting her posture help drive her down onto my cock, engulfing me with a fluency surprising in such a young woman. Not that I was complaining, mind you. It was an interesting experience being taken like this. Here I was, cock firmly in place, and I hadn’t had to do a thing but lie there and suffer manfully.

Once again her lack of experience showed. Here she was, straddling a man, nicely impaled and ready to go, and she wasn’t quite sure what to do. I waited, giving her a chance, over-riding beast-man who wanted to roll over, taking her with me, and pound away until I came.

She finally made a decision and started to rock, her breasts moving nicely as she swayed. She wasn’t doing much, but the motion she established was making her slide up and down on my cock. I started to give her a bit of subtle encouragement, pushing up slightly in time to her rocking.

She stayed like that for a while, gently rocking while she considered the matter. Apparently finding it to her liking she started rocking harder. I considered that my cue to reach up and capture her breasts, fondling and caressing them, while at the same time starting to drive in harder.

Things were going quite nicely now, Sally moving along quite briskly, breathing hard and enjoying herself. The trouble was, I wanted more. I wrapped my arms around her, crushing her against me, at the same time starting to thrust up into her more strongly. She responded beautifully, lifting her bottom high before pushing down, giving me room for a longer stroke.

I let things continue like this for a while. Sally was making eager little noises as she busily twerked her bottom, making the most of what she had. I was breathing hard myself, but I still wanted more.

Sally was, I finally decided, ready for an end-play. I twisted over, bringing her around and under me, still frantically plying her hips as she rolled. Now I was in a position to give free rein to my passion and I seized the opportunity. I drove into her lustfully, sinking in hard and deep, my hands grinding against her breasts as I did so.

Her eager little noises were taking on a touch of desperation. She wanted more and was frantically humping her bottom in a desperate reach for that little bit extra. I was delighted to assist, driving in relentlessly, giving my all.

Fortunately, my all was enough, driving her into a crashing climax, the way she clamped down on my cock giving me the impetus I needed to have my own climax, happily releasing my seed inside her.

Sally sagged down against the rug and I sagged down against Sally. Not for long though. A pointed shoe started poking me in the side.

“Move over,” Kate told me. “Give the girl a chance to breathe.”

I obediently rolled over, watching as Kate helped Sally to her feet. The pair of them departed, Kate nattering about having a shower and what did Sally think of the experience.

I was feeling too buggered to move so I lay there, thinking of the inconsistency of women. I mean, take Sally, for instance. Last time she sat for us we found her asleep on the couch. Before we could wake her, one of the kids cried out in their sleep. Sally was awake and sitting up just like that, head turned towards the children’s bedroom, listening for another cry. Compare that to tonight, where I could take of her panties while she slept blissfully onward. Makes you think, doesn’t it.

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