BP Post: Houseboy Needed Ch. 01

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Chapter I

Ebony Goddess Princess needs a houseboy

It was a simple post in the help wanted section of Backpage but it made my heart skip two beats. The picture attached made it skip a third! It was a gorgeous ebony goddess that was simply breathtaking. I couldn’t begin to convince myself that this was actually the person who created the post but if she was even half as hot, I would be quite lucky!

Houseboy Needed: Ebony Princess needs hard working houseboy for daily chores and tasks. Must be perfectly submissive and mindlessly obedient. Email for application and further instructions.

I could not believe it, my palms started sweating. Serving an ebony goddess princess had always been my dream but the reality of doing it was something entirely different.

I had to do it, I had to try. I never thought I might get the chance. I was almost content jerking off at my computer over these fantasies, getting fatter and lazier every day. I was really quite embarrassed about the way I looked, but what the hell. To my computer I went, crafting my very best introduction and request for an application.

Dear Ebony Princess Goddess,

My name is Mark and I am replying to your post regarding the houseboy position. I have many years of experience doing Pendik Olgun Escort house work and take pride in doing impeccable work. My attention to detail is second to none and I guarantee will exceed your expectations.

I humbling request an application for the houseboy position. I have always dreamt of serving an ebony goddess and know, if given the chance, you will not be disappointed. Given my current work schedule, I’m available up to 12 hours a day and throughout the weekend. I assure you that I am hardworking and very reliable.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


I nervously held my finger above the send button for at least 2 minutes before finally striking down. For the next three days I held my breath and constantly checked my email account for a reply. Finally, on the third day at 4:15pm, I got one.


Congratulations! I have chosen you for further consideration. Complete the attached application and follow every instruction. Send the $100 application fee immediately. If I am pleased with your application, you will be schedule for an in-person interview. Any hesitation or incomplete information will automatically disqualify you from further consideration.

Ebony Princess

Overjoyed and nervous as hell, Pendik Sarışın Escort I opened the attached application and immediately became dizzy. It looked like I was applying for Harvard graduate school. It was extensive and thorough. She demanded every detail of my life and wanted to be clear the level of commitment the position required.

With lightning quickness, I went straight to work completing every piece of the application. With diligent thoughtfulness, I completed a five-page essay and paid my $100 application fee through Google Wallet. I then submitted my application as instructed, and once again, sat vigil by my computer waiting and praying this ebony princess goddess would give me a chance. Three days had passed and nothing. Butterflies raging in my belly, I continually checked my email hoping to see a response. The fourth day came and passed and I was starting to lose hope when finally, on the fifth day at 10:30pm the email I was hoping for arrived.


Congratulations again!

You have been chosen for a personal interview. Arrive exactly at 1 p.m. on the 24th of July at 420 Queen Street, Main Line, Pennsylvania. Keep your phone close as further instruction will come.

Ebony Princess

I couldn’t believe it! I was on my Pendik Şişman Escort way to meet this ebony princess goddess! I was so committed to doing whatever I could to convince her I was the right boy for the job.

The interview was a week away so I went to work doing everything I could to make myself a better candidate. Although I should have started months before, I ate better and exercised more than I had in months.

The night before my interview I laid in bed restless, tossing and turning all night. My clothes were all laid out and everything was planned out perfectly so I could be there at least 10 minutes early. I dressed as sharply as I could and made the 30-minute drive.

Sitting in my car about a block from the address, I had fifteen minute before my interview. I was so excited but also gut wrenchingly nervous too. I thought for sure I was about to throw up. I keep repeating to myself the words from her posting, perfectly submissive, mindlessly obedient, over and over and over again. Finally, my count down reached zero and it was time to make the walk. I figured it would take me three minutes to get to her door.

It was a beautiful neighborhood a few blocks from the University of Pennsylvania. The homes were single family with large lush yards. Finally arriving at the address I turned and walked the last 50 feet to a beautiful Swiss alps styled house, with beautiful dark brick and exposed oak boxed framing. A high slant roof opened to a red wooden door that I was taking the last steps to like a man heading to the gallows. I reached up to knocked.

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