Connor’s Senior Year Ch. 03

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Big thanks to SpotInTheSand for spotting some pretty nasty inconsistencies between this chapter and the previous two.


I ate dinner as quickly as I could, mumbling answers to Mom and Dad’s questions about school today, and barely pausing to taste the mean pork chops Dad had done up on the grille. Kaylee had promised a video chat session tonight and for bonus points her roommate was going to be with her. Whether that meant what I hoped it did I was yet to discover. Even when it became obvious that Mom was playing with Dad’s cock under the table my curiosity concerning how far they might take it with me sitting right there wasn’t enough to slow me down from hurrying up to my bedroom.

Since the beginning of school and the advent of my full-blown sexual relationship with Mom and Martha, I was still a little unsure of how or even if Dad fit into the equation at all. Clearly Mom was still having frequent and enthusiastic sex with him (they hardly ever closed their bedroom door anymore and they weren’t shy about making all the noise they wanted), but so far Mom had never made any kind of move while Dad was home, so I wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep our activities a secret from Dad or not. Plus I was fairly certain at this point that Dad was having sex with Martha on a fairly regular basis, considering the noises I’d heard from my parents bedroom that night after coming home from Megan’s. But as far as having sex with Mom, I was going to wait until she initiated something in front of Dad, just to be sure.

I caught a quick look of mild disappointment from Mom when I excused myself from the table, and before I even made it to the stairs I heard her tell Dad to stand up and take his pants off. Good for them.

“So what happened at school today?” were the first words out of Kaylee’s mouth once we’d established a video chat. She looked incredible as always. Today she wore what looked like a work-out top that was little more than a bra, as far as coverage went, leaving most of her beautifully tanned torso bare, and her cleavage tantalizing. So far she was alone at her desk, and I could see her or her roommate’s unmade bed behind her. Her hair, light brown and highlighted with sunny blond, was down, but had clearly recently been pulled back, and as the connection between our computers improved, I was able to make out the sweat on her forehead and chest.

I smirked at the young woman who’d been my summer fling. “You want to hear all of the lurid details?”

“First of all, yes,” she said, then gave me a smirk of her own. “And second of all, ‘lurid’? That’s a pretty decent word choice, Connor. I see you guys actually study a little bit in your study group.”

“Yeah a little,” I said. “But not too much.”

“So give me the details,” Kaylee said.

“Alright,” I said. “So right after lunch is my free period…”

* * *

It was a dumb-fuck idea, sure.

But it had been almost four hours since Mom and I had brought each other to orgasm in the shower and my cock was starting to take over the decision-making duties. Plus with Megan and Madison leading the way, their plump luscious asses swaying in front of me, I was becoming less and less tentative.

Plus everyone knew Miss Miller went to the gym after lunch, so her classroom should be quiet and empty for forty-five minutes or so.

Madison looked back over her shoulder at me with fire in her eyes. Our study group had over the last few weeks developed into an almost daily event, all of us taking turns hosting depending on the day and the presence (or absence) of parents. So I was having frequent sex with not only my best friend Megan, but also Madison and a couple of the other hottest girls in our senior class, Brianna and Lisa. But beyond that, Madison’s formerly standoffish, aloof behavior around me and Leo had almost disappeared. Maybe not completely, but she had been starting to treat us like equals. Was it because each of us had become recently adept at giving her mind-shattering orgasms? Maybe.

It was a week into October, and the temperatures had begun to reflect it. Except for today. Today it was just over eighty degrees, and the girls had taken full advantage of the forecast when planning their wardrobes. Megan wore a long skirt, swirling down around her legs, but hugging tightly to her plump round bottom. Her top was white, and stretched beautifully around her huge tits. Madison’s skirt was a lot shorter, and a lot tighter, showing off her long tanned legs. She was considerably taller than Megan, and leaner, but still blessed with a generous ass and big firm tits. Her platinum blond hair fell to her shoulders and framed her gorgeous face.

I don’t think it had occurred to any of us that classroom doors don’t lock, and that there are no shades or blinds on the glass in the upper half of the doors. But keeping to the hallway-side wall of the classroom away from the door we would be hidden from anyone passing in the hallways. We were staying as quiet as possible, as the next classroom down was occupied, and we were supposed to be either in the library or the designated study room.

“Is your Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort cock ever not hard?” Madison asked in a low voice as she pressed her body against mine, leaving room for Megan to squeeze in with us.

“Not when I’m around you two,” I said. I kissed Madison first, and her tongue was in my mouth faster than I would have thought possible. I could feel both of them rubbing their hands up and down the cock-shaped bulge running down the right leg of my jeans.

My own hands searched up their shirts and over the skin of their tummies, seeking out those soft mountains above, only to be stymied by the enclosures of their bras. My lovers were swift to remedy the situation, both of them pulling back from me and peeling off their tops in unison. Megan’s bra was white, but more decorative than functional, and her huge melons fell slightly on her chest when she reached behind her back to unfasten the clasp. Madison was just a second or two behind her, and I stood slack-jawed gazing at the two naked sets of tits.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the door flew open and Megan and Madison both reacted by clapping their hands over their tits, although in both cases, coverage was so minimal from their own hands, that it made hardly any difference. Leo smiled his big stupid grin when he closed the door behind him and saw the three of us standing there, the girls topless and wide-eyed in surprise and me with a raging bulge threatening to tear my jeans.

“You fucker!” Megan hissed to our other best friend. “You scared my fucking tits off!”

“They look like they’re still attached in the standard way to me,” Leo said, grin still splitting his face as he unzipped his pants and extracted his big and still-growing member. My own cock was too hard and too long to try to get it out through my unzipped fly, so I pulled down my pants and boxers and my prick sprang up and pointed out straight at Madison in front of me.

“Fuck that never gets old,” Madison said, dropping to her knees in front of me and wrapping both of her hands around my thick shaft. “I’ve lost track of how many times this thing has been in my mouth or my pussy and I’m still always surprised by how big it is.”

“You and me both,” Megan said, smiling up at me before turning to Leo and dropping to her knees to suck his cock.

Madison looked straight into my eyes as she dragged her tongue up and down the length of my cock, stopping at either end to suck my big dangling balls or my bulging purple cock head. Her big tits jiggled and swayed with every move she made and I stood enraptured as I watched her work my cock.

Next to us, Megan was already doing her best to get Leo’s big dick down her throat. Leo took off his shirt, exposing his lean torso with its well-defined abs and solid pecs. His cock stood up almost to his navel, at least when it wasn’t stuffed in Megan’s mouth, and his balls dangled and swayed below. I had about three inches in length on him, and some girth too, but Leo knew he had a bigger cock than virtually every other guy in the school and he wasn’t afraid to show it off. I had never quite appreciated the immensity of my own cock until Kaylee and I had started fooling around at the beginning of the summer. I knew I was bigger than a lot of porn-cock, but until I’d met Kaylee, that had been more of a source of embarrassment than anything else. Not anymore.

“Fuck yes, Madison,” I growled. “Suck my cock.”

Madison had been practicing with me on a fairly regular basis, but she still couldn’t quite manage to deep-throat me. Regardless, she sent lightning bolts of pleasure shooting up my spine as her tongue twirled around my cock head.

“Let’s switch,” Megan said, tapping Madison on the shoulder.

Leo and I watched the girls stand up and finish taking off their clothes before dropping down once again, this time Megan sucking my cock and Madison sucking Leo’s. My beautiful best friend launched herself at my cock. She sucked hard on half of it while stroking her saliva around the rest with her hands and stopping to lift and play with my balls.

“Oh my god, Megan,” I moaned. “You suck my cock so good.”

“Will you suck my pussy for me?” she asked, holding my cock against the side of her face as she looked up at me.

“Get up on that bookshelf,” I said, nodding to the half-height bookcase where Ms. Miller kept loaned copies of classics like Moby Dick, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Song of Solomon. The bookcase was built with the chaos of the classroom in mind, and easily accommodated Megan’s weight as she hopped up and set her bare ass on its cool top with a little surprised squeak.

“Cold,” she said. Then only moans as I knelt between her legs and glued my lips to her delicious pussy. I couldn’t see what Madison and Leo were doing behind us, but judging from the muffled sounds of their mutual moans, I’d guess they’d wriggled into a sixty-nine on the floor. I licked and sucked my way up and down Megan’s pussy, fucking her with my tongue when I wasn’t lashing the tip of it against her clit.

“Holy fuck, Connor!” Megan groaned. “You’re gonna make me cum already!”

I redoubled my efforts, and reached up with my right hand to hold her big left breast as she started to buck her pussy against my face and cum in my mouth. I held her to make sure she didn’t tumble off of the bookcase while she came, and when she looked like she was ready to move under her own power, I took her hand and led her to a nearby chair and sat down, pointing my cock straight up in the air. Megan straddled my legs and spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers and lowered herself until my cock head was against her opening. As she impaled herself on my cock, she slowly exhaled as she adjusted once again to my invading girth.

“Oh fuck I love having this cock in me,” she gasped. “I love your cock, Connor.”

“Your pussy feels so fucking good, Megan,” I said. “I love how it squeezes my cock when I’m inside you.” Her cum was already starting to leak down the exposed portion of my shaft and onto my balls. She pressed her tits into my chest and her mouth against mine. With our tongues completing our connection, she began to hump herself up and down on my cock with my help, holding her plump bottom as she moved up and down.

On the floor in front of us, Madison was quaking with orgasm on top of Leo, who was smiling with satisfaction at getting the statuesque blond to cum, and watching my cock disappear into Megan’s pussy. Madison rolled off of him and ordered him to fuck her. Leo pulled another chair over in front of mine, and sat down facing me and Madison backed into him and lowered her pussy onto his cock.

I watched my oldest friend throw his head back in mind-erasing pleasure as our new friend worked her pussy up and down on his big prick. I watched Madison’s fantastic tits swing and bounce on her chest as she moved.

I started to cum without warning, deep in Megan’s pussy and her orgasm followed immediately. Her cunt squeezed and spasmed around my cock, milking out blast after blast of hot creamy cum. Megan buried her face in my neck to muffle her cries of pleasure, and I held her tight against me as both of us rocked through the explosions of our orgasms. We remained that way, with Megan’s big boobs pressed against my chest, until our breathing had returned to normal.

My cock was still hard when Megan climbed off of me, and it slapped wetly against my stomach, covered in a mixture of our cum. Over the last few weeks, it seemed the more often I had sex, or even pleasured myself, the more often my cock stayed hard and the more I wanted to keep cumming. And what’s more, my friends (and my Mom and sister) had started to experience similar effects. So when I watched Madison stand up, I wasn’t surprised to see Leo’s big rock-hard cock slap against his stomach or Madison and Megan simply trade places to continue our activities.

Madison leaned over just as I was standing up and started sucking the cum off of my cock. She licked my entire shaft up and down slowly, and methodically sucked both of my heavy balls clean when she was done, until eventually my entire cock and my dangling balls were covered with her spit instead of Megan’s cum.

“I know it hasn’t even been a whole day since you fucked me,” Madison said. “But I need your massive cock in me so fucking bad.”

I watched as Megan and Leo got into a comfortable position for him to stuff his cock into her cum-dripping pussy while Madison gave my cock a couple more long slow sucks before putting her hands flat on the top of the bookcase and pointing her perfect ass back at me.

“Fuck me,” Madison said. “Put that fucking monster in my cunt right now.”

“Not so fast, Connor,” a voice came from the front of the classroom.

Stunned, I spun toward the teacher’s desk to see Miss Miller leaning against it with an unreadable expression on her beautiful face. I stood for several long seconds completely still, my cock pointing long and strong directly at my English teacher.

My friends in those long seconds had been scrambling to locate and put on their clothes, but Miss Miller stopped them. “Leave them off,” she commanded, and Leo, Megan, and Madison all stopped what they were doing and joined me in dumbfounded stillness under Miss Miller’s gaze.

She didn’t say anything else for what had to have been thirty more seconds, and it became clear that she was slowly looking us over, one at a time. My cock twitched at the idea of my gorgeous teacher staring at it in all of its throbbing glory.

Finally she spoke. “I’d heard the rumors,” she said, “but I have to say Connor…” She trailed off for a few more seconds. “Wow,” she finally went on. “That is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.”

Clearly you’ve never been to a Bonfire Orgy at the lake before, I thought.

“You guys can’t do this in here,” she said, her expression finally cracking into what I was surprised to see was more amused than horrified or angry. “Okay, go ahead and put your clothes back on, then follow me.”

* * *

“Are you fucking serious?” Kaylee interrupted my story. On my computer monitor I could see her only from the waist up, but the view was stunning. She’d taken off her clothes in a little striptease for me just as I’d started my story, and now her perfect tits were on display for me as I described my day’s adventures. “She made you all stand there so she could just check you out?”

“Yeah,” I said, slowly stroking my cock and checking again to the miniature window in the corner that showed me the view that Kaylee was getting, making sure that she could see the whole thing in the frame. She’d instructed me to move the camera so that my cock dominated the foreground of her view on our video chat. “But don’t interrupt,” I said. “I haven’t even made it to the best part.”

* * *

With my raging erection tucked uncomfortably into my pants, I followed Miss Miller out of the classroom and down the hall, with my three friends trailing right behind me. Megan and I shared a look of both curiosity and concern, but we did as we were told and followed.

Miss Miller was quite a bit shorter than me, so I kept my stride casual as I watched her amazing ass move in the skirt she was wearing today. Her sunny blond hair was pulled back in a pony tail which hung down to just between her shoulders. In the classroom, despite the awkwardness of standing under her gaze completely naked, I’d been treated to a glorious view of her cleavage between the open sides of her button-down shirt, nothing outlandish, but perhaps just a little more presentation than her usual attire for teaching.

She led us past the gym and down toward the facilities end of the south wing of the school, stopping at a door that said “Staff Only,” where she knocked and waited. The door opened a crack and the face of one of the principal’s office assistants, Mrs. Whitmore, appeared in the dark.

“Four of them?” Mrs. Whitmore asked with obvious surprise.

Miss Miller simply nodded and Mrs. Whitmore opened the door and waved us into the inner darkness. I immediately wondered if this was just a closet, but quickly realized that a large curtain had been hung from the ceiling, boxing off the space just inside the door. Where the panels of the curtain met just in front of us, there was light from beyond. Mrs. Whitmore hurried us into the cramped space, and Miss Miller told us not to try to step through the curtain until we were told to do so.

Mrs. Whitmore closed the door, darkening the little space even further, and I heard the sound of a dead bolt sliding into the door frame. Finally Miss Miller slipped through the opening in the curtain and we followed.

I was still trying to get over the shock of being caught in a foursome with my friends and had no idea what to expect in this weirdly secret locked room, but my mouth fell open when I saw the room beyond the curtain.

I saw Coach Barnes first, Leo and I’s basketball coach for the last two years. He was tall and gangly and a former college player, and as cool of a guy as you could hope for running your team. He was fiercely competitive, but never cruel, and most of the guys I had played with respected him a great deal. And here he was, standing in the middle of the room naked while someone sucked his cock. It took a few seconds to realize that someone was Katie, our presumptive valedictorian and one of the haughtiest rich kids in the school. To see her kneeling naked on the floor with Coach Barnes’s cock in her mouth was almost too insane to believe. Her figure had always been something of a mystery, but now nothing was left to the imagination. She was also nude, and her big boobs wobbled on her chest as she bobbed her head up and down on Coach’s long, thick cock.

Tearing my eyes away from that astonishment, I was greeted by another. Principal McCauley herself, naked on all fours on a large sofa, sucked Cory Mackie’s huge cock while behind her, one of Cory’s football teammates stuffed his own cock into her pussy. Cory had become part of our circle of fuck-buddies that day Madison and Megan had settled the bet over the size of our cocks. I couldn’t remember his friend’s name, but I thought he might have been a linebacker. His muscles certainly fit the bill. His cock was clearly not as big as Cory’s either, or even Leo’s. But Principal McCauley seemed to be enjoying it anyway. She howled onto Cory’s cock and her big tits swung wildly beneath her.

“I caught these four fucking in my classroom,” Miss Miller said, although to whom, I couldn’t be sure.

“That’s excellent,” Mrs. Whitmore said. “It’s always nice to bring on new recruits.”

Mrs. Whitmore resembled what most people might imagine instinctively if they hear the word librarian. She wore thick glasses of a style that might have been common in the seventies, and her gray hair was always pulled up into a complex bun on the top of her head. She dressed almost as conservatively as a Laura Ingalls Wilder character, and it had never occurred to me to look at her any more closely than it took to wave hello when she greeted us coming into the school each morning. But as she studied the four of us, her “new recruits,” I began to notice how beautiful she was, and not just for someone I’d always assumed was older than my grandma. In this room, she suddenly looked much younger, despite the gray hair and the fine wrinkles at the corners of her eyes and mouth, smile lines that drew the eye the more one looked.

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